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  1. Chicken and Egg Question - Transfer Miles from Marriott and Partner Award Booking
  2. Pay $200 to get 15K miles back or $0 and hope they come back for free?
  3. 98k miles in 5 months (but 2 calendar years) still Silver
  4. United Passenger: 'We felt like we were hostages'
  5. How to tell when UA/LH itinerary will be ticketed as 016 by corp travel agent?
  6. Partner awards chart confusion
  7. Any way to book flight + car on UA website with non-US origin?
  8. Are UA ORD Employees Not Allowed to Tag Passengers' Bags if AirServ are Present?
  9. Delta to Wall Street: Drop Dead
  10. Denied Online Check-in, Told It Was My Fault
  11. BCN,MAD,TXL,HAM getting 763s year-round & Intl 752 redeployed domestically (reporter)
  12. Elite Benefits: UA Flight issued on Other Airline Stock
  13. KWA-GUM-HNL-EWR Immigration Question
  14. Buy miles and "Save 30%" or pay taxes with United CC and save 60%
  15. Irrops, rerouted but bags still on original flights -- how to get bags?
  16. Trying to book a strange itinerary
  17. Changing reservations: Why does it only show me connecting flights?
  18. Looking for LX- ZRH-LAX segment; shows up on Award Nexus but not United website
  19. UA leads in DOT consumer "opinions" (DK pricing issue) for February
  20. United Discontinues Priority Pass Alliance
  21. Booked w/ SQ, how do PQMs make it to MP?
  22. "Maryland Family claims UA made them sit in vomit on flight" or fly next day/flight
  23. Cheapest fare D, but economy seats are available (min stay/fare rules)
  24. Two rants
  25. Price Match
  26. Upgrading UA Reservation to BusinessFirst
  27. What is UA's policy on limiting alcohol drinks?
  28. Switching to Singapore--how to handle current UA reservation?
  29. UA - 1K, Mile Run suggestions PHL, EWR, BWI
  30. Free Beer and Wine Back at United?
  31. Turkish Codeshare with Virgin not UA
  32. United Airlines - 2 experiences
  33. Update on Upgraded International Long-haul United Economy Dining [Eff 1-June 2015]
  34. "Airline XX did AAA. Will UA follow?" threads...
  35. Advice on Award Bookings in the modern age
  36. WN Widens 737 Y Seats for More Comfort - Will UA Follow?
  37. Asiana Airlines skids off runway
  38. UA at CDG -gate Z3?
  39. Anybody know who is the supplier of kosher meals ex SFO?
  40. Why the 744 on UA218 (HNL-ORD) recently?
  41. United Reservations forcing code shares vs partner flight #s?
  42. Has United discontinued nonstop EWR to POS flights?
  43. UA miles for SK (SAS) flights in spring-summer
  44. "United Continental's Turnaround: Real or a Mirage?" - Investopedia
  45. Seat 2A Blocked as Crew Rest on 3-Cabin 777 (Domestic flight)?
  46. Booking date error led to me paying change fee.
  47. United Express/Regional On-Time Performance - OO vs EV?
  48. Silver Goes from 9 out of 10 to Upgraded at the Gate. Theories?
  49. Question about changes to Award Ticket
  50. Astoundingly, horrifyingly, mind-bogglingly rough baggage handling at EWR
  51. United at bottom of annual Wichita State Airline Quality Rating Poll (reported CNBC)
  52. Stopover NRT - fare rule issue
  53. UA1545 off the taxiway at IAH [13 APR 2015]
  54. Alton Brown asks UA why he paid $50 to sit on UA Club floor
  55. TPE/SFO Anniversary Bonus (TB9M81)
  56. Good deal or no? UA award ticket 230,000mi+$109, HAN-AMS on Thai Air, 1st class A380
  57. When will, OR will UA offer codeshare flights on NH's flights between NRT-IAH?
  58. connecting flights at newark UA-VS (PLS-EWR-LHR)
  59. MileagePlus Partners for domestic Aussie flight
  60. Help Needed: 747 Global First vs Dreamliner Business
  61. Upgrade: Eligibility contradiction on offer page
  62. Should I stay with United Flyer program?
  63. Why do some 73G overwing handles say Jale and others say Hale?
  64. ANA/NH change to Amadeus impacts–UA not showing NH award space/ANA award tools broken
  65. Access lounge at ICN after arrival?
  66. How to request credit UA flights with proper fare class to AC?
  67. Missed conx, Paid F, GA would not bump upgrader on next flight?
  68. Subscription to Economy Plus gets 2X purchase miles?
  69. MileagePlus account mileage is off (due to changes after travel started)
  70. Baggage Fees
  71. PQD showing up for first time for non-USA member
  72. Was any one able to book *A award on ZH (Shenzhen) airline lately using MP miles?
  73. Cancellation/refund to credit card, last 4 digits "0001" not matching my card?
  74. GSP-IAD-STT award won't price (due to MCT)
  75. Can United Adjust a CC Charge for a Ticket After Purchase?
  76. UA flight benefits while crediting miles to a * partner
  77. High amount of E+?
  78. LAX to HNL in F one way- What do you think?
  79. Who is the worst star alliance partner that consistently posts UA miles late?
  80. FAA says "Systemic" hazard at UAL
  81. United.com LAX-FRA only EWR connects?
  82. Proof that UA selling upgrades to kettles and elites are impacting upgrades
  83. newguy here... trying to fly ORD->AKL on UA
  84. March 2015 Operational Numbers are out
  85. Bizarre - deadheading an entire crew to IAD
  86. IAH-SCL how to make the tickets cheaper?
  87. Email From UA Requesting Action and Non-Fillable Form After Lost Luggage Situation
  88. The Consolidated "Is United 1K Status Worth It? [2015]
  89. The Offical United A319/A320 Power Mods thread
  90. Partial Refund on P class moved to Q?
  91. "Important update about award travel" - STATUS NO LONGER CARRIES OVER to awards tixs
  92. USA to Europe Summer Y-Fare (& now BF) "sale" 2015
  93. United Cracking Down on Mistake Fares
  94. *A ticketing high booking class
  95. First Segment Not Showing in New (Confirmed/Ticketed) Reservation
  96. UA vs AA F NYC-LHR
  97. Virgin America to start SFO-OGG/HNL flights. Impact to UA?
  98. United to PLS (Turks & Caicos)
  99. <700mi city pairs not pricing out at 10K (eg, RNO-DRO)
  100. Stockholm (ARN) counter hours
  101. SFO-AKL award ticket?
  102. Buying UA Tickets: UA Credit Card or Chase Sapphire Preferred?
  103. Leap Year 2016 Cannot Ticket Feb 29
  104. Miss tight connection last flight of day on purpose?
  105. United Advertisement Orchestra Music
  106. Purchased * Alliance Upgradeable Fare for ANA but no Confirmable Space Available
  107. (Why I Think) Flying UA is for experts only (monitoring reservations and upgrades)
  108. Applying UA Elite Benefits When Flying with companion from different airport
  109. Award Tickets
  110. Weird Flight Schedules? Long Layovers? High Prices? Regional Aircraft?
  111. Conflicting Information on UA Baggage Allowance for my Trip
  112. Analyzing Beverage Voucher Barcode Sequence Numbers to Determine Elite Member Counts?
  113. United and Alaska Airlines question
  114. UA-Codeshares: Changing 4U / Booking away from 4U (Germanwings 4U Flight 9525)
  115. FA makes incorrect announcement saying DirecTV is available after 10,000 ft
  116. 1K, H Fare SEA-SFO 23 hours to go #7 out of 12
  117. Concerned about UA's scheduling of aircraft for our flight
  118. "Dynamic Award Pricing" coming to UA MP (Nov 1 2017 for standard awards)
  119. Miles & canceling united card
  120. HNL to AKL or SYD Non-stop Award availability?
  121. United is too survey-happy
  122. why does UA publish the award price for pairs that they do not fly?
  123. Honeymoon Trip Dilemma for fiance's ticket: award or paid & M+ upgrade?
  124. Mileage Plus Award - Check in UA/TK
  125. Is it possible to convert UA miles into TK miles?
  126. Targeted promo? Register and earn up to 25,000 miles
  127. TheStreet: UA (& AA, DL, ..) ... Stocks Tumbling Today After Downgrade
  128. New (?), detailed survey about potential future service upsells
  129. United, you've lost the plot.
  130. Best way to burn UA Travel E-certs?
  131. UA Launches Flyer Friendly Customer Service Training Initiative - Dated 1 April 2015
  132. *A Honeymoon Trip Help
  133. United April Fools: IAD-DXB but not DXB-IAD
  134. Fewer Flights Eligible for Premier Instant Upgrade?
  135. Can you mix and match airlines on awards?
  136. RPUs and Baggage Allowance
  137. Why can't I buy TK ticket with UA miles?
  138. Wall Street Likes United but Support From Pilots Continues to Lag
  139. Multi-city help
  140. IRROPS on MP Award Flying OZ/TG
  141. Why did I get priority luggage?
  142. MileagePlus RDM for Amtrak Acela Travel?
  143. United.com activity not "live" according to corporate
  144. 20% off saver awards to hawaii during ltd. April-May 2015 period.
  145. Fog - minimum threshold for visibility for take-off for CLD
  146. HNL-IAH - couple of questions
  147. HOW TO BEST Maximize UA Miles... as a Canadian
  148. Best J Product for Australia Award to SYD/MEL
  149. Agents Always Try To Refuse to do ANYTHING to a Meetingswork Ticket
  150. 218 HNL-ORD; 3:55 pm depart marked "lunch"
  151. which lounge in FRA I listed in lh tread but no reply
  152. Access1 Card for CDG arrival
  153. Reaching MP Gold: Need 4 flight segments ex-BUF
  154. why does Skype call quality seem so low when using it on UA ORD-NRT flight only?
  155. "World's 9 best lounges" United makes the list
  156. Does any *A airline give full miles for UA K class?
  157. Advice: Cancel or wait to see if overbooked/oversold
  158. MP status incorrectly downgraded on address change - Options? [UA can restore status]
  159. To United.... or to not
  160. airline switch recommendations?
  161. Mileage Upgrade w/ Companion Question
  162. EWR-RNO early April no snow need to cancel
  163. My 1st int'l experience as a 1k
  164. Upgrade offer is higher than buying First outright
  165. Help determining total travel time vs experience using award miles
  166. New Napkins!!!
  167. Hawaii Inter-island award OGG-LIH
  168. United Can't Sell Me a Ticket on SAS, but Expedia Can
  169. Award Flight Search not working?
  170. Large Number of German-Speaking Customers and Agent at SAT United Club
  171. Applied a GPU 3 weeks aheaod, but not on the list
  172. LAX-ADB (Izmir, Turkey) Routing Advice?
  173. Seeking Advice on SFO-DUB Award Travel Using Avios/MileagePlus Miles/Points
  174. Work Around for Canadian Departure?
  175. GPU Failure Report
  176. Interesting buy up offer
  177. Is UA lowering its prices?
  178. {Incorrectly told} Trumped on GPU by pax with lesser fare "traveling further"
  179. Award Calendar / Search Issues 25 March 2015 {Resolved}
  180. Booking United FF economy Paris how close to departure safe?
  181. What surveys does UA management listen to?
  182. United Gold Questions for Others on Same Ticket
  183. United feedback survey request -- LAX-MEX
  184. Q for those with Foreign Addresses (FX & PQD/RDMs)
  185. Unable to select seats for UA portion of mixed UA, LH & OS award ticket?
  186. American Is Called Top Social Media Airline; United Lags on Facebook
  187. New premium cabin 'partnership' + look / feel?
  188. Cash Upgrade Question
  189. Bumped to different airline due to a possible mis-connect
  190. WX waiver for ORD -- 23 March 2015
  191. How does lapchild in UA lie flat seats work out?
  192. When will UA flights start from IAH to St Thomas?
  193. Turkish Airlines Availability Down?
  194. boarding passes don't show year
  195. Does United Club Membership Give Access to * Gold Lounges in the USA?
  196. Using saver award miles from ORD to SIN
  197. What are the plans to replace the lousy 2-4-2 Business Cabin on the PMUA 777?
  198. Check Historical Load factor on a flight?
  199. Help with NYC-S.Africa/LVI, Feb'16
  200. Trade A3 Star Gold for UA Premier Gold?
  201. Why are *A program redemption rates different?
  202. Change in wine glass size for GF?
  203. Espresso Machines on pmCO Widebody and pmUA 2 Cabin 763's discontinued April 1, 2015
  204. ual.com Not Returning Economy Fares When Y Bucket Shows Availability?
  205. United's MP Magazine for Miles - Questions and Warning
  206. Looking for non-red-eye West Coast-Ord, arrival by 11am
  207. Address at EWR for sending token of thanks
  208. Regaining Premier Gold Status with second status match?
  209. Does United Still Fly DEN-FAI?
  210. Rebooked from B Fare to Lower Bucket With Upgrade Pending - what's going to happen?
  211. 20 March - ATC Strike in Italy; UA Has No Travel Waiver to Assist Impacted Travellers
  212. PQD/PQM for only one MP traveller showing on same record?
  213. Nonsensical Weather Waiver for 20 March NE Storm and Lack of Protection
  214. What's so Special About August 25 When Doing my-dates-are-flexible Searchs?
  215. More info required to OLCI
  216. Possible to change first segment of RTW last-minute
  217. Why UA delay the delayed?
  218. United oneway SQ award layover policy
  219. UA reservations now showing KM distance
  220. Extraneous leg on an United award ticket
  221. expert mode doesn't work for upgrade
  222. Star Alliance Turkish Upgrade Issues
  223. no lounge for UA passengers at RDU airport?
  224. "25,000 bonus miles can be yours" Email and Registration Issues
  225. Need help booking using award miles one way and money the other way
  226. UA paid/award tickets affected by LH strikes [2015] - who to talk to? Options?
  227. "Can United Continental Beat Its Bad Reputation?" - Investopedia
  228. UA charged me more for an upgrade 2 weeks AFTER my flight!!
  229. In What Program Should a United Kettle Flyer Park Their Miles
  230. UA79 NRT-ICN on-time performance?
  231. Left bags? Delayed connecting flight
  232. Why won't United sell me a BF seat?
  233. Stopover charge for stopping at destination- code 1S
  234. United Flies the Slowest (According to Nate Silver)
  235. RNE Presents UA Forum's 1st Annual St. Patrick's Day Limerick Extravaganza
  236. Passenger disturbance on UA1074 IAD-DEN -- returned to IAD 16 March 2015
  237. Does UA grant request to change MP# with Devil's number? ***15666 looks like "IS666"
  238. Website error trying to purchase w Cash option, now fare gone, any way to recreate?
  239. United flies at new low -- high upgrade copays
  240. Refund Complete" does not mean refund complete
  241. UA website award rebooking engine error is customer's fault
  242. AC A-fare bucket booked through United: discounted first class?
  243. ORD-Asia 747 vs 777
  244. No assignable seats in F but have reservation / seats available for sell? 752/772
  245. United Upgrade Voucher/Air Canada/International?
  246. LH Premium Economy -- Upgradable?
  247. Best way to *burn* UA miles in F
  248. 2nd Drink Service - when full and when is water only? Ways to serve water cleanly?
  249. iPad App and Web show different prices
  250. Iah-Lhr in J. pmCO 763 or 788?