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  1. Shower at LHR - better in UA or AC lounge?
  2. how best to book award travel for non-MP member?
  3. Help: UAL IST-AThens Stopover
  4. united miles for staying at MGM Hotels
  5. Codeshare experience w/ Island Air OGG-HNL
  6. Amex Platinum Gift Registry Credit + Voucher?
  7. 3419 IAD-CMH rejected takeoff May 22, 2015
  8. Award difficulties deliberate?
  9. Do we have a Consolidated thread about where to find best seats in BF on the 787/789
  10. LIM caterer out of business?
  11. Getting RTW D-Class Seat on Singapore Airlines
  12. 22 May 2015 ORD ground stop due to emergency landing?
  13. United Lost Credit Card Authorization Code!
  14. FAs messing with my cashews
  15. San Diego SAN Airport Elite Security Line?
  16. DL vs UA for travel to ORF
  17. DXB-IAD - Departures Passport Controll is a Mess
  18. UA922 [EWR-LHR] Poor Experiences with BF Cabin Crew - Normal service or not?
  19. How to hide/keep secret a surprise trip/upgrade from another traveler?
  20. Receiving Personalized Thank-You Note From Pilot
  21. Advice on award with long connections: BKK-ICN to GMP-HND vs SIN-BKK-HND
  22. MileagePlus miles vs Aeroplan miles
  23. How is 150% of PQMs figured on segment less than 500 miles?
  24. What would you do: miles+copay vs check-in UFC?
  25. Advice about messing with an award itinerary upgraded while GS, but I am now 1K?
  26. Boarding Group/Premier access and security for companion award ticket
  27. mileage posting times
  28. united.com reservation on hold that I have absolutely no knowledge of booking/holding
  29. UA Calls me about survey but e-mails me about PNR changes?
  30. SFO-NYC(PS Business First vs. EWR First)
  31. MileagePlus Award CDG-HAN 24 June on TG: can't find the CDG-BKK A380 flight
  32. TATL 752 and the Crew Rest Seat
  33. Canadian blogger reviews United Global First Class - in the style of Jonathan Swift
  34. creative ways to dodge award redeposit fees?
  35. United App redesigned flight booking (iOS)
  36. UA miles on LH code share flights
  37. Mileage Plus Explorer Card questions, confusion and frustration.
  38. Complimentary gold status?
  39. Help me understand UA's math, please
  40. Do I get the 2x points for buying my friends plane ticket?
  41. Free beer and wine, upgraded Economy dining long haul as of 6/1
  42. Check-through luggage. Transfer between UA and TG - different weight limits?
  43. Fare Class (and instant upgrade) drop when return selected???
  44. Booking a flight from Europe to Asia on united.com
  45. Newbie need advice - TLV - MSY --> YYZ --> TLV
  46. SQ (paid not award) inventory available through LH but not UA?
  47. RTW Ticket - how'd I do?
  48. Struggling with MileagePlus
  49. On award ticket. Any chance of TOD?
  50. Is Honolulu the call center for Asia?
  51. Gifting a "duplicate" Lifetime UC membersip - not longer possible?
  52. No Jury Duty Change Fee Waiver?
  53. Another last place finish for UA (Airfarewatchdog.com)
  54. First segment economy, Second segment First -- what checkin, security, ...
  55. Targeted - Boost your Premier qualifying miles & segments for $$ [Consolidated 2015]
  56. What is 'International Surcharge'?
  57. Crediting miles after registering to the program
  58. Ticketing Deadline--unused mileage plus award
  59. Seeking Advice on Finding/Booking Business Award Travel IAD-DEL With Stopover in DXB
  60. Check- in text with emoji-- weird!
  61. Deciding between UA and AA
  62. Blocked economy plus seats
  63. 3-Cabin Domestic P and Upgrade Mileage Earning
  64. Fare $250 higher when trying to use flight credit!
  65. What Am I Doing Wrong : Haneda Flight Search
  66. Return of Mainline to ABQ - Is this happening anywhere else?
  67. Phone agent booking fee when the desired itinerary is valid but website error
  68. Lufthansa versus Swiss in economy, SFO->EU?
  69. WSJ (May 14): UA beats AA and especially DL in saver-award availability
  70. How many are REALLY leaving UA?
  71. UA emailed to let me know no wifi; offered diff flight - impressed
  72. Bwi and Dca no longer sister airports?
  73. Award booking on NZ?
  74. moving United flights at SAN from commuter terminal
  75. United IT Rewards Program for Hackers
  76. Gov't tickets - _CA and DG class
  77. No standing on Tarmac at EWR waiting for green tags
  78. United Airlines Bug Bounty Program - Up to 1,000,000 points
  79. Group Travel Discount
  80. UA801 GRU-IAD, one day only?
  81. I can't tell time? TSA Random Audit? No! It's United's Flyer-Friendly Service!
  82. Flight canceled due to aircraft change?
  83. Will United waive change fee if another ticket is purchased for another passenger?
  84. Critique my redemption plan please!
  85. 2015 NA Airline Satisfaction Study | JD Power: United Continental ranks dead last.
  86. Groundbreaking for the Redevelopment of T7/T8 at LAX
  87. Upgrade options (SFO-FRA on United and LH Flights)
  88. UA Takes Lowest Rank (of majors) in JD Power 2015 and other surveys
  89. United not honoring fares on website {of partner flight}
  90. Inventory vs. Seat Map
  91. Strange condition on new low offering
  92. over and hour to boook a domestic ticket
  93. Any thoughts about United-Chase renewal coming up?
  94. Fantastic Preflight Lecture - Who was that??
  95. Any way to travel biz class - LAX-VIE
  96. Seatback On-Demand issues on UA long-haul Flights?
  97. PQM with mileage upgrade on CM?
  98. Best option for getting to London from Denver
  99. 78...9? Iah-fra
  100. Edelweiss Award with UA Miles?
  101. Earned MP miles equal to the distance flown, not a multiple of my spend on LH flight
  102. In Memorium @ FLL-Station Manager passes away
  103. Unable to Check a Bag Today, Reason Given was my Complicated Routing
  104. united got rid of military leisure travel option?
  105. United Express 5316 [MRY-LAX] landing gear collapses on landing [May, 11 2015]
  106. Can a lap infant travel with you for only the domestic leg of US to Europe Itinerary?
  107. Number of points from Hertz not credited at UA
  108. Inbound aircraft times
  109. Question about Saver Vs.Standard Upgrade to First Class.
  110. Juliet Beegle thrown off United Flight
  111. Getting to Oconomowoc, WI without a CR2 or RJ 145
  112. UA Pilot Diverts to Remove Autistic Child From Plane for Safety Reasons
  113. PQM accrual for upcoming direct flight shown 2 segments
  114. 1k lines recognized most recent search on united.com
  115. Changes in equipment for IAH international flights [ Effective August, 2015 ]
  116. Hidden united.com fare buckets?
  117. Take on the UA/Co merger
  118. "Priority" check-in
  119. united.com was unable to charge your card as the authorization has been denied
  120. CDG-EWR-SFO Award tix strategy (tie up saver on one leg?)
  121. Award Ticket Help needed MSY-GEG/PSC/ALW
  122. Are UA Employee exempt from Exit Row questions?
  123. Getting yelled at by FA "when seatbelt sign is on but need to get to bathroom"
  124. Wife gets upgrade-I do not. We swap BP's and the gate agent yells "not allowed"
  125. [Question] Alcohol in a checkin bag?
  126. Activity Posting To M+ Acct: What Takes So Long?
  127. Recommendations for booking Split Itinerary on Same PNR
  128. Why is UA 449 [BOS-ORD, May 8, 2015] operating with a PMCO B757-200?
  129. UA EWR-OSL/ARN going seasonal - no winter service 6 Sep. 2015 - 4 May 2016
  130. United sent me someone else's boarding pass
  131. Availability disappearing pre-flight
  132. United No Longer Offers Military Discount (May 2015)
  133. Odd exchange with a FA heading to KOA
  134. UA Cancelled More Than 1 Out of 50 Flights in April
  135. Checked Bag Issue-missed bag check cutoff time
  136. N.J. woman suing airline for $5M after her in-flight video didn't work
  137. Is it worth 25K miles and $500 co-pay to Upgrade to BusinessFirst IAH-GIG?
  138. Underseat storage area on CR7 taken by flight attendant's bag
  139. Remaining vestiges of United (pre-merger)...
  140. docs check for pre-cleared flights to US?
  141. "we are the brand"
  142. Any insight on the 20,000 feet plunge of UA949 today? (likely bad reported data)
  143. using a travel voucher on award fare
  144. Help with best way to cancel/rebook a flight
  145. This reservation has been refunded
  146. Platinum gets less upgrade options than no status flier?
  147. Decent Redemption to Europe?
  148. Help! United Canceled my booking
  149. United Airlines- PayPal payment
  150. is themileageclub safe to buy Miles
  151. United MP Card / mobile app
  152. Elite Upgrade Notification email (compare to US Airways...)
  153. Impact of "Change Itinerary" Option Offered in Itinerary Relating to PQD's
  154. UA CEO Jeff Smisek: Here is an idea - for FREE. Take it or leave it!
  155. LAX to LHR on Air New Zealand using United miles?
  156. United, on landing A3xxs and 737s, to leave one engine operating vs using APU
  157. bought a UC 1-time pass from #1 eBay seller and was Denied Entry
  158. Plastic wrapping child car seats on UA?
  159. Why is there no United specials this week?
  160. UA on Wayback
  161. United Mileage Plus Rewards Saver vs Standard
  162. Is LAX to PVG so competitive that fares are lower than usual?
  163. How can I reach the ICC?
  164. Had United Explorer last yr - when can I get it again?
  165. United Social Media (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook)
  166. Chase MP Club Card not recognized as valid for phone purchase
  167. Need clarity before I escalate...
  168. Glowing write-up of Rhapsody magazine
  169. 8 Family Members Preboarding with 1 Wheelchair
  170. Military report date changed - does UA have a policy to accommodate?
  171. Why are RJs' windows dirtier / more worn?
  172. Using gift certificates to buy-up to E+
  173. What Would it Take For You to Finally Leave United?
  174. Search criteria when changing flights / fare class
  175. Why can't I see summer LH award SEA-FRA on united.com anymore?
  176. Do waitlisted SFO-LHR upgrades ever clear?
  177. Would you ever work for United?
  178. United Club Renewal Emails
  179. Too Funny - From Today's NYT. I Think They Called It The "Chairman's Flight"
  180. Same-Day Turn Check-in
  181. Ouch - Freddie Awards diss UA pretty badly
  182. What's the best way to credit this set of flights?
  183. PVG kiosks not accessible when check in counters closed?
  184. New Standby Option at OLCI
  185. Why Not Android for your new releases?
  186. Question about different Origin, same destination companion ticket
  187. Does UA Status show on *A manifest?
  188. Pricing award travel
  189. New safety video coming
  190. Does UA/MP have a (iPhone) Passbook member's card?
  191. should UA/LH tix be allowed to rebook to Alitalia (or other non-*A) when delayed?
  192. Should I switch from Miles & Smiles (TK) to MileagePlus?
  193. [CONSOLIDATED] United WiFi and phone calls: WiFi Calling, VOIP apps, & etc discussion
  194. Missed Connection on Award Flight - What Will UA's Response Be?
  195. SFO-ICN UA Economy Plus vs. SQ/OZ economy
  196. Targeted promo - additional RDMs -- 3x/4x fare (PQDs)
  197. Sheer Marketing Brilliance [UA marketing non-existent E+ Inventory to Silver]
  198. Is status priority "enhanced" by YTD activities?
  199. UA1604 Today - Very Strange Routing LGA to DEN
  200. Help w/Complex Reservation-Use canceled flt credit, use miles, purchase separate tix?
  201. Connecting to Silk Air (MI) in SIN from a United (UA) Flight
  202. 764 in Cancun
  203. New UA video, starring UA CFO John Rainey
  204. United Express emergency at PHL April 28th 2015
  205. Don't eat the UC Skittles
  206. Capt'n: "This is just the wrong plane for this route" (DCA-SFO)
  207. A New Culinary Partnership with The Trotter Project
  208. How to get medical emergency fare on United
  209. UA refusing cash -- legality?
  210. United to Hawaii in First Class - What to Expect?
  211. United and Nepal Relief -- contribute and recieve up to 1,000 RDMs
  212. United new culinary partnership to be announced
  213. Change fee paid with old money!!!
  214. My idea and discussion for earning RDM's on UA
  215. You're invited to enjoy complimentary Marriott Rewards Gold Elite status
  216. Different flight times reported -- left gate, takeoff, ...
  217. Changes to Award Tickets cause Segments to Drop
  218. Drinks on UA4477
  219. Using MP for hotels
  220. How do we stop Mileage plus from getting worse?
  221. Seasonal DEN-OTH (Coos Bay/North Bend Oregon) this summer
  222. Upgrade to E+ When Going to hit Silver Status
  223. Add MP to booking made with points from another *A programme
  224. True confessions: Is UA/ MP your ally or enemy?
  225. Starring... UA Aircraft Interiors
  226. How does BF go from 12/36 to 36/36? HODs?
  227. Is this an FAA violation? What should be done?
  228. MCO-EWR flight w/ disabled passenger
  229. More on United's approach to Apple Watch
  230. Check out our latest iOS app release
  231. Online Award Redemption -Cannot Complete
  232. Dynamic revaluation of RDM/PQD for tickets bought in non-USD?
  233. United Club authentication, security concerns
  234. United club card $0 annual fee first year
  235. United Club Wifi at EWR is mitm'ing docs.google.com
  236. Says I requested not to be upgraded when I didn't
  237. Can my companion on a different UA reservation use my Premier Access?
  238. Unable to Order Multiple Beers at SFO United Club
  239. UA award booking questions / issues / experiences for ANA (NH)
  240. UAL Reports 1Q-2015 Earnings of $508m Net, 77W Orders, Other Fleet News
  241. United blasted on Twitter by Youtuber with 3m followers
  242. Why don't "Any seat, any time" standard award flights show up on UAL website?
  243. LAX United Club completion targeted for December 2016
  244. UA5622 [22-April,2015] ORD-BDL: Emergency landing @ BUF due to ill psgr.
  245. Are taxes and fees paid on a UA ticket always refundable?
  246. Redeeming miles for premium economy on LH
  247. Using UA Lounge on Overnight Layover at NRT
  248. Insurance on international ticket?
  249. Is that Vomit? Family Forced to Sit in Soiled Seat on Flight
  250. Will a United Club hold your bags?