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  1. Lowest Airport Fees of EU Airports UA Serves?
  2. Granted 2016 MP Elite Status even though short of PQM/PQS/PDQ [actual cases only pls]
  3. Ticket change or cancellation + reissue?
  4. MP Earnings when doing bid / cash upgrades with *A partners [Consolidated]
  5. Year end. What (UA MP) mileage runs are you doing and for what status
  6. Slippers are coming back to all Asian Flights
  7. What are the regional's on-time performance vs. mainline UA?
  8. Spurious bonus "beginning balance as of 01/01/2015" PQM? (from 22 Dec 2015 flights?)
  9. United/*A flights to SYD
  10. UA Gold and RDU (Raleigh Durham)
  11. 2016 new PQM
  12. CPH-LHR-SFO-SAN Food, transit and club?s
  13. Have less than 5,000 UA miles, how to use? [Consolidated]
  14. Xmas travel help
  15. How bad are these economy seats on ANA codeshare?
  16. The 2016 “Who, When, Where, What and How” thread!:)
  17. I just realized that I haven't flown UA in Y all year!
  18. Ability to book different cabin class on united.com?
  19. Paper Reservation Confirmation
  20. Shortened Expiration of Chase United Club Passes?
  21. Vikings (Norwegian Air Shuttle) invade Bay Area (OAK-LGW)
  22. Any suggested improvements to this itinerary?
  23. LAX to TLV in Business Class (LH?): Just Double Checking
  24. All passengers' luggage delivered to wrong claim area, any compensation possible?
  25. OO (Skywest) MCI-YVR nonstop ?!?
  26. 2 CLT workers accused of embezzling checked baggage fees
  27. L.A. will transfer ONT airport ownership back to Ontario. Hoping UAL "returns"
  28. IRROPS and Premium class tickets
  29. Will I get home? - SFO IRROPS/SNA Curfew
  30. Short connection Sfo-Hkg-Sgn
  31. Searching for B upgrades
  32. Booked business fare, connection was 1-class Y, now 2-class, shouldn't I be put in F?
  33. How We Spend Our Holidays - high level of UA forum activity?
  34. 1000 MP miles per stay at La Quinta
  35. Award Rebooked into Y/J INVOL, PQM/RDM?
  36. United vs. Brussels Airlines in Economy
  37. United Airlines / SWISS booking issues ...
  38. Last leg of award reservation disappeared. Ugh!!
  39. Has UA Conditioned Me (Us) to be Skeptical? - Overly? concerned about UA reliability?
  40. Why no refund on taxes/fees on a nonref ticket
  41. New route: SFO-BNA (Nashville)
  42. Why no earnings on this booking?
  43. Snowshoes - carry on or Checked?
  44. LAX *A Lounge Access
  45. 20 Dec 15 UA1280 Returns to EWR after takeoff, then diverts to DEN due to WX @BZN
  46. Upgrading a flight booked through flex perks
  47. UA ticket - How to determine / verify luggage allowance?
  48. Slide deployed at the gate!
  49. Domestic flight in First
  50. Award Inventory Search Returns to ExpertFlyer!
  51. Can you still go TATL & TPAC on a US-Asia award?
  52. Chance of getting empty row in E+?
  53. What Movies are Shown on Planes with DirecTV?
  54. Holiday Gift from UA (appears to be just for GS)
  55. United Airlines Timetable PDF gone? - YES
  56. WSJ - Is United Operating on Autopilot?
  57. United bans hoverboards
  58. Lounge Holiday Entertainment
  59. What could I use a soon-to-expire $100 VDB voucher for (other than buying a ticket)?
  60. UA 915 IAD to CDG help
  61. United to Drop Dubai 23 Jan 16 (IAD-DXB-IAD)
  62. Was my food on a United flight moldy, what to do?
  63. United Announced 2nd Daily flight EWR-BRU
  64. Can an award ticket waitlist for SDC to direct flight?
  65. Booked in P on a 2-class flight, itin shows "R Requested"
  66. Price of my flight tomorrow, booked yesterday, just cut in half
  67. Tax on Award Ticket Doubles from $5.60 to $11.20 for 4+ Hr Connection. Why?
  68. 2016 Earn More PQM's
  69. Vegetarian food on United
  70. Presidential Plus Card PQD waiver?
  71. Inside United Airlines’ Ultra- Exclusive 4 Million Mile Club
  72. WSJ: Is United Operating on Autopilot?
  73. Instant Y/B/M upgrades limited to 1K members after 1st Feb 2016?
  74. transferring from UA to TG in HKG
  75. PQD credit card waiver - "no change" for 2016
  76. Earn more PQMs for premium cabin travel starting in 2016
  77. Thoughts on Redeeming Miles
  78. Gate Pass for United Clubs Being Discontinued on January 1, 2016
  79. economy full, can still be booked ?
  80. Inflight entertainment
  81. Nilshomer's future flight status/upgrade status tool {No longer available}
  82. Getting help with UA Award Travel
  83. Question re: Fare Buckets for Points Upgrade of Purchased Coach Ticket
  84. Introducing Big Metal Bird
  85. 15 Dec 2015 winter weather waiver for mountain states
  86. Inside the eye-watering cocktail lounges onboard planes in the 1970s
  87. United Airlines sudden regime change was one of 2015's biggest shockers in Chicago
  88. AUS/PVG 7 Jan 2016 Mandarin speaker advice
  89. PayPal back as a payment option
  90. logistics of travel to be booked using others' points
  91. United Airlines says it will beat its competitors or reward its corporate clients
  92. Drunk man punches captain at IAD
  93. Segments already flown on *A partner show as unflown in UA res
  94. Refund of fees to closed CC account
  95. Holiday propeller card from United
  96. Direct flights to Rome
  97. sCO 757s to LIH experiences
  98. Goodbye SEA-ORD redeye flights?
  99. UA Failed to issue new ticket after flight change
  100. Partner Segment Suddenly Shows as Waitlisted
  101. Incorrect date on codeshare checkin email
  102. ExpertFlyer - UA (non-elite) & Star Alliance Awards/Alerts Return
  103. Wky is Premier 1K "loud and proud" on boarding passes?
  104. Question for IAH-DFW MP Premier frequent flyers on Friday afternoons
  105. Booking S* partners on united.com, unable to comfirm?
  106. Can't get A class inventory for RTW even though it is visible on united.com ...
  107. Fare Class Bonus line on United app?
  108. Unaccompanied minor on Transcon not fed.
  109. Flight shows 17 BC seats available but United will sell only 1
  110. Do extra PQD have any value?
  111. Thinking of buying miles to redeem for last-minute saver tickets
  112. Can't book Canada-Asia flight unless you have a Canadian address credit card
  113. Do some new service items (i.e., free snacks in Y) signal a U-turn for UA?
  114. SIN-AKL-CHC award in C/F - what are choices?
  115. UA345 Taxies 10 Dec 2015, then returns to gate to escort passenger for making threats
  116. RPU/ GPU Success Rates
  117. FlyerTalk Awards 2016 United Airlines Mileage Plus benefits nominations
  118. Better choice for SFO-SYD business class routing?
  119. Award Booking: Connect in Beijing or Shanghai?
  120. Is it better to pay more to get the miles? Or better to go for the cheaper flight?
  121. Award redeposit when buying tickets for others?
  122. Brilliant way on iPhone to see actual F and C bookings in advance
  123. Inconsistent carry on baggage policy or just gate agent having a bad day?
  124. Abundance of Asiana Biz Class on United.com
  125. Seasonal equipment swap for SFO-HNL 764?
  126. Free snacks are back for United Economy
  127. Bye Bye DXB...[Service ending January 23, 2016]
  128. "Nose to tail review" of business class
  129. How many of us regularly buy First Class?
  130. Help with Star Alliance Gold Checked Bag Fees
  131. United Evaluating U.S. to Singapore Nonstop
  132. Claim UA or AC QM/QD
  133. Anyone here fly on their own dime
  134. Connecting LH operated UA codeshare business class check in and seat reservation
  135. View PQM/PQD Accrual by Flight
  136. United's reliability promise for larger company customers
  137. United to launch "No-Frills" fares in 2016 according to Credit Suisse analyst
  138. Recent changes to award availability?
  139. First step toward replacing IAD C/D Concourse? VA Gov proposes $50m investment
  140. United calls me to tell me I cleared CPU
  141. Desktop vs Mobile app inconsistencies
  142. Linking two one-way award tickets to get freebie third one way?
  143. NRSA paid baggage?
  144. United's November 2015 Operational Results
  145. How to check remaining ecert value on the new United website?
  146. LAX-MRY Diverted to SJC - No Transportation Provided?
  147. United App won't let me check in (due to old app version on older phone)
  148. 2016 Premier Kits are Shipping-Have you received yours? post 1 Feb -- have you not?
  149. Complimentary access for UA elites to *A partner Premiun Economy?
  150. Questions on first award travel
  151. LH Eco Light fares booked through UA
  152. Tantrum & Police Escort Off UA87 PVG-EWR 06 Dec 2015
  153. abandon United for European-based airline
  154. Help With Last-Minute Xmas Trip (SFO-Anywhere) Looking To Clear Immediately w/ SWs
  155. eTicket Itinerary and Receipt Security
  156. Fickle Fast Track
  157. AC to UA match?
  158. Moving to SEA from YYC - United won't status match Air Canada?
  159. FA confusion between vegan and vegetarian concerning buy on board food
  160. Speed of Hilton points posting?
  161. If a delay causes you to miss your return flight, are you protected?
  162. Flying GF from IAD to LHR - what is the best lounge I have access to?
  163. Cheapest UA Long-Haul Business fares?
  164. Booked expensive fare, why ineligible for PQDs?
  165. PSA: United silently [re-?]removed Lufthansa K class from earning chart
  166. Help with Very Last Minute United Award Travel
  167. Does purchasing economy plus upgrade change fare class?
  168. SNA to IAH midnight departure?
  169. Which has a quieter cabin: the A319 or the 737-800?
  170. Why am I not added to the upgrade list?
  171. no buy-up avail, only miles -- can I waitlist the latter & be offered the former?
  172. BOS flyer valuating change away from UA
  173. Ticket Price Mystery
  174. Why don't we simply trust what United says?
  175. UA Bus.First vs LH Bus. vs ANA Business Class IAH-BKK
  176. Need card to enter LH lounge?
  177. Advice on rebooking a flight leg or whether to just eat the cost
  178. sUA and sCO- How to tell which crew and aircraft is which?
  179. Using UA award miles for SQ first class Suite
  180. United enjoys a record setting Thanksgiving
  181. Unable to view (and then change) my seats under "manage your reservations"?
  182. Purchasing points
  183. Quirk in Reported Status When Booking Star Alliance Flights
  184. Intra-US First Class Availability (no A, Z, P?) {seems restored}
  185. Should I be hesitant to book an award or provide GPU/RPU for family / friends?
  186. United to give iPhones to agents at U.S. hubs
  187. Do United Lounges have DirectTV for NFL Games?
  188. "We're going to divert to SLC and get a fresh plane"
  189. Empty flight UA32 LAX-NRT January 8, 2016?
  190. LH award for infant in seat turns into lap baby at checkin
  191. [Denied by UA Insider]: BIG changes to Million Miler program imminent
  192. More United Airlines Customers Say 'Salud' to New Dining and Beverage Experience
  193. UA award cancelled at last minute
  194. RUMOR: all-aisle access int'l J coming
  195. Global Services name origin
  196. Save up to 25 percent on UA Saver Award travel between Europe & the U.S./Canada
  197. UA's 2015 holiday video
  198. Blankets in Y - Domestic red-eye!
  199. Status from MilegePlus Explorer credit card spend?
  200. Un-uniformed FA or random pax serving drinks?
  201. FA contract proposals
  202. Your UA/MP (and other airline) history
  203. Meal Service In The Dark: I Like It
  204. P class not bookable on beta site?
  205. UX E175 Catering: Water bottles
  206. Unfriendly skies? How United became the airline flyers love to hate
  207. ticketing UA metal on AC stock: Mileage Plus implications?
  208. *G vs Premier Silver upgrade
  209. United Miles - MBNA bank delay ?
  210. RPU problems - RPU never correctly applied and pax apparently skipped over
  211. Upgrade confirmed --> No seats in F
  212. Stranded in Kiev (UA cancels award ticket due to mistakenly suspected fraud)
  213. Status Match from United to United?
  214. Different Prices for United App vs Website (resolved - missed currency conversion)
  215. Will I earn MP Miles on Ethiopian Airlines operated by ASKY?
  216. UA operated by Swiss. Class P is Business or First?
  217. Death on UA 995 SFO-ORD Arriving 5 AM [26 Nov, 2015]??
  218. Issuing/Marketing/Operating Carrier for RW Tickets
  219. LAX-DEN one way First for only $187?
  220. Help with Award Booking to VCE
  221. Choosing a Credit Card
  222. Bad ETC Math? [Resolved by OP]
  223. Award pricing confusion (F, Asia-US)
  224. Predictions on CyberMonday fare sale?
  225. Switching an RPU for a mileage upgrade
  226. Flights w/ R>0 but PN=0
  227. United's New A350 and CSeries Cabin Interiors
  228. What happens on inbound(return) flight if I lose my premier status
  229. Line checkers @ UA's EWR Terminal C limiting access based on departure gate?
  230. Does a contract employee at security have authority to deny carry on bag?
  231. Fare Rules Confusion
  232. US MR from EWR, 20K needed for 1K, any ideas......
  233. Traveling with daughter/child on a separate PNR
  234. Global Services Qualifications 2016
  235. Consolidated No Gate Available on Arrival at LAX
  236. Did YOU switch TO UA MP in 2015? Are you happy with your decision?
  237. Why is there no/extremely limited upgrade availability on PS routes?
  238. signup for bonus on PS flights
  239. Flight Cancellations due to terror threat?
  240. Who to go to if non ua metal connect issue
  241. United Responds to VX: 15x SFO-DEN
  242. United Global First SIN to HKG
  243. Change Flight and Upgrade Class
  244. Can I earn MP miles on Jet Airways codeshare of Etihad metal?
  245. Itinerary change by UA 8 hours before departure to avoid VDB/IDB compensation?
  246. Could someone please PM me the PLAT #
  247. Honolulu booking advice
  248. What is a"Delayed due to flight preparation"
  249. Help on reusing part of a cancelled ticket
  250. Problem Getting UA Certificates via Email