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  1. Flight shows 17 BC seats available but United will sell only 1
  2. Do extra PQD have any value?
  3. Thinking of buying miles to redeem for last-minute saver tickets
  4. Can't book Canada-Asia flight unless you have a Canadian address credit card
  5. Do some new service items (i.e., free snacks in Y) signal a U-turn for UA?
  6. SIN-AKL-CHC award in C/F - what are choices?
  7. UA345 Taxies 10 Dec 2015, then returns to gate to escort passenger for making threats
  8. RPU/ GPU Success Rates
  9. FlyerTalk Awards 2016 United Airlines Mileage Plus benefits nominations
  10. Better choice for SFO-SYD business class routing?
  11. Award Booking: Connect in Beijing or Shanghai?
  12. Is it better to pay more to get the miles? Or better to go for the cheaper flight?
  13. Award redeposit when buying tickets for others?
  14. Brilliant way on iPhone to see actual F and C bookings in advance
  15. Inconsistent carry on baggage policy or just gate agent having a bad day?
  16. Abundance of Asiana Biz Class on United.com
  17. Seasonal equipment swap for SFO-HNL 764?
  18. Free snacks are back for United Economy
  19. Bye Bye DXB...[Service ending January 23, 2016]
  20. "Nose to tail review" of business class
  21. How many of us regularly buy First Class?
  22. Help with Star Alliance Gold Checked Bag Fees
  23. United Evaluating U.S. to Singapore Nonstop
  24. Claim UA or AC QM/QD
  25. Anyone here fly on their own dime
  26. Connecting LH operated UA codeshare business class check in and seat reservation
  27. View PQM/PQD Accrual by Flight
  28. United's reliability promise for larger company customers
  29. United to launch "No-Frills" fares in 2016 according to Credit Suisse analyst
  30. Recent changes to award availability?
  31. First step toward replacing IAD C/D Concourse? VA Gov proposes $50m investment
  32. United calls me to tell me I cleared CPU
  33. Desktop vs Mobile app inconsistencies
  34. Linking two one-way award tickets to get freebie third one way?
  35. NRSA paid baggage?
  36. United's November 2015 Operational Results
  37. How to check remaining ecert value on the new United website?
  38. LAX-MRY Diverted to SJC - No Transportation Provided?
  39. United App won't let me check in (due to old app version on older phone)
  40. 2016 Premier Kits are Shipping-Have you received yours? post 1 Feb -- have you not?
  41. Complimentary access for UA elites to *A partner Premiun Economy?
  42. Questions on first award travel
  43. LH Eco Light fares booked through UA
  44. Tantrum & Police Escort Off UA87 PVG-EWR 06 Dec 2015
  45. abandon United for European-based airline
  46. Help With Last-Minute Xmas Trip (SFO-Anywhere) Looking To Clear Immediately w/ SWs
  47. eTicket Itinerary and Receipt Security
  48. Fickle Fast Track
  49. AC to UA match?
  50. Moving to SEA from YYC - United won't status match Air Canada?
  51. FA confusion between vegan and vegetarian concerning buy on board food
  52. Speed of Hilton points posting?
  53. If a delay causes you to miss your return flight, are you protected?
  54. Flying GF from IAD to LHR - what is the best lounge I have access to?
  55. Cheapest UA Long-Haul Business fares?
  56. Booked expensive fare, why ineligible for PQDs?
  57. PSA: United silently [re-?]removed Lufthansa K class from earning chart
  58. Help with Very Last Minute United Award Travel
  59. Does purchasing economy plus upgrade change fare class?
  60. SNA to IAH midnight departure?
  61. Which has a quieter cabin: the A319 or the 737-800?
  62. Known first class seat glitch on two routes?
  63. Why am I not added to the upgrade list?
  64. no buy-up avail, only miles -- can I waitlist the latter & be offered the former?
  65. BOS flyer valuating change away from UA
  66. Ticket Price Mystery
  67. Why don't we simply trust what United says?
  68. UA Bus.First vs LH Bus. vs ANA Business Class IAH-BKK
  69. Need card to enter LH lounge?
  70. Advice on rebooking a flight leg or whether to just eat the cost
  71. sUA and sCO- How to tell which crew and aircraft is which?
  72. Using UA award miles for SQ first class Suite
  73. United enjoys a record setting Thanksgiving
  74. Unable to view (and then change) my seats under "manage your reservations"?
  75. Purchasing points
  76. Quirk in Reported Status When Booking Star Alliance Flights
  77. Intra-US First Class Availability (no A, Z, P?) {seems restored}
  78. Should I be hesitant to book an award or provide GPU/RPU for family / friends?
  79. United to give iPhones to agents at U.S. hubs
  80. Do United Lounges have DirectTV for NFL Games?
  81. "We're going to divert to SLC and get a fresh plane"
  82. Empty flight UA32 LAX-NRT January 8, 2016?
  83. LH award for infant in seat turns into lap baby at checkin
  84. [Denied by UA Insider]: BIG changes to Million Miler program imminent
  85. More United Airlines Customers Say 'Salud' to New Dining and Beverage Experience
  86. UA award cancelled at last minute
  87. RUMOR: all-aisle access int'l J coming
  88. Global Services name origin
  89. Save up to 25 percent on UA Saver Award travel between Europe & the U.S./Canada
  90. UA's 2015 holiday video
  91. Blankets in Y - Domestic red-eye!
  92. Status from MilegePlus Explorer credit card spend?
  93. Un-uniformed FA or random pax serving drinks?
  94. FA contract proposals
  95. Your UA/MP (and other airline) history
  96. Meal Service In The Dark: I Like It
  97. P class not bookable on beta site?
  98. UX E175 Catering: Water bottles
  99. Unfriendly skies? How United became the airline flyers love to hate
  100. ticketing UA metal on AC stock: Mileage Plus implications?
  101. *G vs Premier Silver upgrade
  102. United Miles - MBNA bank delay ?
  103. RPU problems - RPU never correctly applied and pax apparently skipped over
  104. Upgrade confirmed --> No seats in F
  105. Stranded in Kiev (UA cancels award ticket due to mistakenly suspected fraud)
  106. Status Match from United to United?
  107. Different Prices for United App vs Website (resolved - missed currency conversion)
  108. Will I earn MP Miles on Ethiopian Airlines operated by ASKY?
  109. UA operated by Swiss. Class P is Business or First?
  110. Death on UA 995 SFO-ORD Arriving 5 AM [26 Nov, 2015]??
  111. Issuing/Marketing/Operating Carrier for RW Tickets
  112. LAX-DEN one way First for only $187?
  113. Help with Award Booking to VCE
  114. Choosing a Credit Card
  115. Bad ETC Math? [Resolved by OP]
  116. Award pricing confusion (F, Asia-US)
  117. Predictions on CyberMonday fare sale?
  118. Switching an RPU for a mileage upgrade
  119. Flights w/ R>0 but PN=0
  120. United's New A350 and CSeries Cabin Interiors
  121. What happens on inbound(return) flight if I lose my premier status
  122. Line checkers @ UA's EWR Terminal C limiting access based on departure gate?
  123. Does a contract employee at security have authority to deny carry on bag?
  124. Fare Rules Confusion
  125. US MR from EWR, 20K needed for 1K, any ideas......
  126. Traveling with daughter/child on a separate PNR
  127. Global Services Qualifications 2016
  128. Consolidated No Gate Available on Arrival at LAX
  129. Did YOU switch TO UA MP in 2015? Are you happy with your decision?
  130. Why is there no/extremely limited upgrade availability on PS routes?
  131. signup for bonus on PS flights
  132. Flight Cancellations due to terror threat?
  133. Who to go to if non ua metal connect issue
  134. United Responds to VX: 15x SFO-DEN
  135. United Global First SIN to HKG
  136. Change Flight and Upgrade Class
  137. Can I earn MP miles on Jet Airways codeshare of Etihad metal?
  138. Itinerary change by UA 8 hours before departure to avoid VDB/IDB compensation?
  139. Could someone please PM me the PLAT #
  140. Honolulu booking advice
  141. What is a"Delayed due to flight preparation"
  142. Help on reusing part of a cancelled ticket
  143. Problem Getting UA Certificates via Email
  144. Forcing United to book AA flights
  145. Considering a pretty taxing mileage run...
  146. Paris security waiver; but not Brussels?
  147. [Rumor] Hotel for Things {Irrops} within UA's control
  148. Are there any direct flights on United from LAX to Miami?
  149. Christie: Presidential Candidate’s UA Flight From SFO Delayed Due to Disruptive pax
  150. logistical question with crazy itinerary
  151. Getting to NCL from ORD and getting 100K
  152. Would bringing back free standby privileges to everyone help out operationally?
  153. Re-Issuing tickets online - why so difficult?
  154. Using ETCs in Canada (outside of US) on new United.com
  155. IAH 5k PQM run
  156. United and ALPA Reach an Agreement in Principle to Extend Pilot Contract
  157. 16,173 PQM MR Needed from SEA
  158. Gov. Chris Christie's flt. delayed to remove pax (UA 1108 SFO-BOS 20NOV15)
  159. What would you do? (flexible fare vs non-flexible & potential change fee)
  160. Flying PHX-DEN on UA & DEN-FRA on LH-do I check in with UA for all my flights?
  161. PETSAFE: Year-round embargo on French Bull dogs??
  162. UA.com flight search errors
  163. UA mileagePlus feel its pain...
  164. United Midwest Snow Weather Waiver - Nov 20-21, 2015
  165. United.com/corprequest
  166. Any reason to change flights rather than cancel?
  167. Children booked as adults
  168. Winter 2016 Award Sale US-EU
  169. Future redemption option? 1 Miles = 1 Cent
  170. United to Let Travelers Use Miles for In-Flight Wi-Fi
  171. United doesnt want my help on an oversold - offered early to take different flight
  172. Cleared business first and also on waitlist for global first?
  173. Question: Changing fare class in hopes of using GPU worth it?
  174. Coming soon to United: illy’s world-class coffee
  175. Thankfully switched my seat from 26F to 12F. 12F became E+ overnight
  176. Quick Question, what are the rules during a delay
  177. Why All the Offers to Buy Miles?
  178. Flight Number Question..
  179. GPUs applied to LH flight expire in 2017 but have GPUs in account that expire in 2016
  180. Reveal your mystery offer: Get up to 75%, 80%, 85% or more bonus miles
  181. Should I book a 14 hr layover and hope to get standby flight?
  182. Upgraded after aircraft change?
  183. Moving to MileagePlus - upcoming segments
  184. UA PQDs When Booking "Circle Pacific Ticket" via Star Alliance Website? (Yes*)
  185. R availability on international flights
  186. United Incorrect Reissues Award Ticket and Demands More Miles. What do you do?
  187. iPad found in seat pocket
  188. Award Redemption by Market vs Actual Saver Availability
  189. UA vs. AC business class
  190. Seat map LAX-CLE showed full 2 days ago, then 3 full rows opened up?
  191. [Targeted Promo?] Bonus RDM miles for Higher Fares
  192. apple deals on united mileage plus
  193. DEN/COS/GJT Weather (snow) waiver issued 16-17 November 2015
  194. Weekend Specials - No Airmile Purchase Option
  195. Risk of no status paid F being downgraded for status upgrader?
  196. UA WX Related Travel Waivers
  197. Booked in F - Flight oversold - Advice
  198. Marriott Buying Starwood: Will the UA/Marriott RewardsPlus program be affected?
  199. Not allowed to wait in the aisle for the lav??
  200. Mailing (not email) address for UA refund
  201. UA gave my seat to someone else
  202. Purchasing UA ticket: united.com or third-party?
  203. on flight cancellation refund, should $300 change fee be refunded as well?
  204. PS promotion registration question
  205. Access to the GFL at NRT on Arrival
  206. UC Bos decides to close early?
  207. How one time is "one time"?
  208. I got sprayed with anti-icing chemicals!
  209. Questions: PVR via EWR to YOW
  210. United To Frankfurt, DE - Pricing question
  211. using miles - NH or LH in F?
  212. flyunitedps1 promotion
  213. CDG Change Fee Waiver Issued [Nov,13-21 2015]
  214. United points/miles, the best value? (2.5X - 3X)
  215. United seat ate my headphones - what should I do?
  216. A tale of two wifis [UA vs DL] ...
  217. Inside Look: New UC @ ATL
  218. do people really pay 60k mi. + $1200 in order to use mileage to upgrade TPAC flights?
  219. Why does United have a daily flight from Chicago that arrives Raleigh at 3:17AM?
  220. AC *G denied entry to BR/SQ SFO lounges on domestic itin
  221. Australia flight
  222. Help with international United mileage booking - limited inventory?
  223. Chase CC miles posting WAY late this month?
  224. Error on Cancelling of Reward - Disappearing Act
  225. YXU to/from ORD Reduced Schedule 9 Dec 2015 thru 6 March 2016
  226. Congratulations UA Employees! (Recieiving bonus for ontime ops/customer satisfaction)
  227. AUS computer systems down 11/11
  228. 5000 miles for LifeLock trial?
  229. Any easy way to get a list of all unused credits/vouchers?
  230. Bumped from first by a Global Services passenger flying standby?
  231. 270k miles for 4 economy tickets to OGG, would you do it?
  232. Rebooking return from SNA to LAX
  233. DOJ seeks to block United/Delta EWR/JFK slot swap deal
  234. United Mileage Plus versus Miles and More
  235. Domestic std F awards now pricing at 70K o/w in some cases
  236. United added an extra digit to Aegean FFN - should I worry?
  237. PQD when booking not matching after I've booked - $600 short of PQD
  238. A rant?
  239. CURIOUS: Is this a mistake on the PQD/PQS/PQM Amounts
  240. DEN -> MNL on UA or *A Metal
  241. Corporate travel agent and tour codes?
  242. united.com encouraging cabotage
  243. DEN to LHR - through IAD or EWR?
  244. Using the app to check in for tomorrow's flight -- not working?
  245. Hope this plane has enough fuel to fly for 84 hours LOL
  246. Where to credit UA miles as infrequent traveler on discounted econ fares?
  247. CommutAir To Grow And Add Jets Under United Express Agreement
  248. YEG MLL and US Quick Connect
  249. Titles printing on BP
  250. Premier members: How do you use your tags/card?