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  1. Twitter Analysis = UA Worst Airline
  2. Simplicity to do UA DEN bag handling-650 SkyWest jobs lost& now reports of bag delays
  3. STL-SFO in E-175
  4. Short connection UA to 9K at SJU
  5. Problem with hold on cc
  6. UA MP Claim from email: #1 in award seat availablilty
  7. [Consolidated] "I need XXX UA PQD's/PQMs in 2014 for Elite Status in 2015
  8. 60k Premier Miles flown 2013 - 2014 no status?
  9. Can't change award online (shows as available with new search)-no problem with agent
  10. What's up with the UA Website???
  11. Award Travel Booking on united
  12. New and clueless [using flight refund credit]
  13. No UA Agents at HKG UC ?
  14. ORD - LGA going 100% mainline Beginning October 26th
  15. PQD Still Earned on Missed Flight?
  16. is there weight limitation for Carryon (UA)?
  17. United Reports August 2014 Operational Performance
  18. Using RDM's for PQM's at end of year
  19. Need some advice on business/first-class award travel - Thailand to ORD
  20. Chance of GPUs clearing IAH-LHR-IAH
  21. Carry on then check bag at connection?
  22. Standby on Award Tickets?
  23. Acronym neophyte
  24. WWFTD? SIN to ORD in Coach
  25. Can I book a paid ticket and an award ticket for myself on the same flight?
  26. Purchase UA mileage by Chase Sapphire Preferred
  27. United's Shrunken (pitch reduction) First Class (On new 737-900)
  28. The best time to buy tickets to Manila
  29. Online profile and reservations are showing empty
  30. Need a Cheap Unrestricted Fare
  31. Explorer Card Trip Delay Coverage
  32. LAX/DEN - NRT Award Availability?
  33. Hoping to change award tickets from E to J on LH
  34. Trying to download a copy of Hemispheres magazine
  35. United - move seat to first class but pay a change fee ?
  36. Swapping upgrade (GPU for Miles) woes
  37. Using Points vs Cash for Intra-Asia Travel? (Hong Kong - Thailand)
  38. Paid for economy plus upgrade, but somehow got seated in economy
  39. Mixed Cabin Checked Baggage Rules?
  40. Singled out for document verification on an international flight?
  41. Help with Award reservation
  42. SFO to CMH $1000??
  43. UA still showing F award BKK SYD after downgrade
  44. Award Tix: WAS-HNL-MNL[stopover]-BKK[destination]-HSV
  45. Change of IAD-PEK flight number?
  46. Reservations empty online (Sept 6 10pm Pacific)
  47. Google Flights shows cheaper fares than UA.com
  48. UA 738 with only 32 rows and 10 seats in F
  49. List of UA's US-Europe departures for January, 2015
  50. Am I United's "model" domestic customer?
  51. First time flying United. My humble thoughts
  52. United now blocking Brussels (SN) Award space?
  53. Ethiopian-UA codeshares - did UA forget to load the flights into the system/website?
  54. United Airlines Plane Returns to DC-Area Airport Over Child Custody Investigation
  55. New Targeted Triple RDM Promo
  56. Anyone else HAPPY about PQD? (And not because it keeps out riff-raff)
  57. Advice on Europe Y booking MSP-HAM
  58. Worth the risk to buy W fare to use Global Upgrade?
  59. LAX-ATL 4/2015 - Is it too early to book?
  60. Is this booking (award travel from Colombia to Cuba using UA points) a good deal?
  61. UA 99 MEL-LAX Oct 28 loads (chance of oversell)?
  62. Refundability of upgrade fee if travel plans changed?
  63. Codeshare segment cancelled on UA ticket - options?
  64. Weird mileage accrual base on fare class change
  65. Is streaming TV going to stay free?
  66. R class available as part of a one way itinerary but not available on round trip
  67. UA Customer issues "Townhall Discussion" - UAInsider please feel free to send to UA
  68. Last seat availability not available for standard award?
  69. Award Ticket on German Wings (4U)
  70. When did United drop the margarita?
  71. Award ticket *A Partner sched chg, obligatory to reissue?
  72. PQD Problem ($0)
  73. 777-200 seats 6A and 6B flipped around!
  74. No longer a printed wine list onboard
  75. Out of Date OLCI Boarding Pass Notices (SEA)
  76. LOT flights on United ticket stock
  77. CNBC CEO Swap Suggestion: Alan Mullaly for Jeff Smisek
  78. UA CFO Rainey on Bloomberg: Global First "Effectively the Same" as J
  79. Will United ever launch service to South Africa?
  80. Can I apply credits from 2 cancelled Tickets to a new ticket?
  81. *A Lounge Access via Amtrak Select Plus
  82. Are there ever award seats to Tortola?
  83. Can you get original itinerary miles?
  84. Something is clearly wrong with the prices now. Did anyone notice?
  85. Can I transfer United Mileage Plus miles to Virgin Velocity!?
  86. What will happen if you drop the last segment of a direct but not nonstop flight?
  87. Delusional pricing to PER
  88. Not enough coach meals for everyone on trans-pacific flight!
  89. Knee defender
  90. Just booked my first award ticket on United...
  91. Is this considered waitlisted Business?
  92. Expired RPU options?
  93. NYC-BOM Suggestions
  94. UA flies EWR - LHR, and DL follows
  95. Virgin Atlantic to Increase TATL Service
  96. Is this misleading re: Wifi
  97. Is 6JK at risk for being moved on 777 business class?
  98. United Codeshare on Austrian... Will I get miles/PQD?
  99. When will UA move to Terminal 3 @ MNL?
  100. Use United Club One-time pass at PVG
  101. Low price UA city pairs
  102. pmUA planes on pmCO routes?
  103. Relocating to SNA-more UA mainline or more UX?
  104. Trying to upgrade online, lots of seats, non-available
  105. UA over DL anyday for me
  106. So my award flight got downgraded from O to I
  107. Buy United Miles with upto 100% bonus
  108. UA or EK from SIN to ORD (could also be phrased, what is UA thinking?)
  109. Booking separate reward connection flight
  110. Free bag if protected on other airline?
  111. Economy+ for companion on separate res in different cabin
  112. Seat assignment - after check in
  113. I wonder if they did this purposely to make slimline seats feel better?
  114. Multiple - person reservation upgrade
  115. (Nearly) free upgrade
  116. Confused about seat plan
  117. DL forces ExpertFlyer to remove ALL data pertaining to DL flights- Will UA copy this?
  118. Problem with Reservation made through 1k Line
  119. Oceania - which countries?
  120. Force hipmunk output to ua.com? Cheap SFO-JRO flight
  121. Global Services...for an Hour...
  122. TLV Dan Lounge using united club membership (flying OAL)
  123. Wait listed for an upgrade, but flight status says no customers waiting to upgrade
  124. UA - a global airline but not for "foreigners"?
  125. How does the new Mileageplus credit the miles to another *A airline?
  126. Canceling non refundable air fare
  127. How many miles to add a stopover to a one-way TPAC award reservation?
  128. How is check-in at POS/Trinidad?
  129. Chances on AMS-IAH R space opening up?
  130. Partner is Plat but didn't receive EQMs yet...
  131. To reduce delays, why doesn't UA schedule FAs and pilots off the same flight?
  132. Are you able to merge reservations ticketed on same account?
  133. Accessing ekectronic club passes on ua.com or mobile.com
  134. Cleveland Air Show
  135. booking Copa on UA
  136. GPU versus Miles w/Co-pay upgrade on split PNR - what happened?
  137. Question about changing flights
  138. California to Atlanta redeye routing
  139. Let's play a game... How many years out-of-date is united.com?
  140. Question on a United Partner (Lufthansa) booking
  141. 1K Status Does Me Little Good During Recent IRROPS
  142. UA reservations/MP phone lines closed?
  143. KOA - BRU: safest transfer?
  144. MAJOR Change coming {delayed} to GPU redemption on Lufthansa
  145. Best time to buy tickets: ORD-SEA in Sept
  146. Best Chance of GPU UPG to EWR...NRT or HKG?
  147. Baggage Fee Refund Request Denied After UA Rebooks me on Delta
  148. Somebody took my carry-on! What do I do?
  149. Google maps satellite image of DEN terminal B
  150. Interlining Virgin Australia to United
  151. DEN-CVG: Frontier adding 320s to UAs RJs
  152. Booking ANA
  153. Using UA Mileageplus miles on other airline
  154. Air NZ Premium Econ using Mileage Plus
  155. MP redemptions as of now. Sad :(
  156. United connection to Alaska on 016 ticket... Who's responsible?
  157. Some observations from my recent Intl' trip
  158. upgrade flight display - what would happen in this case?
  159. Will United follow Etihad's lead in creating "Residence" class of service
  160. R class requested -- or is it?
  161. Why did UA send 100+ IAH-ABI passengers to hotels when delay was caused by weather?
  162. $1000 economy to Costa Rica?
  163. Star Award Additional Mileage Question
  164. Strategy: UA booking on Other Airline/ Codeshare how do you get the best seats
  165. K class mileage credit
  166. Whats the worst On-Time Performance on ual.com?
  167. Upgrading From E+ to Business?
  168. Flight 5 weeks out - still cannot assign seats
  169. Charity, Baggage Allowances, and Operating vs Marketing Carrier
  170. Average Age of 737-800s IAH-EWR and IAH-LGA
  171. Tips on Effective complaint: Help Please!
  172. Am I right/is it worth it to question 25%?
  173. New UA BF seat research
  174. Did UA make another MP change?
  175. Mixed Class Partner Ticket? (TK)
  176. New Timeline for TG F award availability?
  177. UA 91 24, August 2014: Good and bad
  178. How to Cancel/Redposit Mileage Upgrade? Fee?
  179. DirectTV Fox Network
  180. Beware of how your flight is waitlisted...
  181. Photo Essay: How Your United Airlines Meal is Prepared
  182. UA GA Passport Security Check Mistakes
  183. Boarding pass shows my seat assignment but my itinerary shows no seat assigned
  184. Hotel Vouchers - Cancelled & Rescheduled UA ORD-GRU
  185. upgrade options for travel to India, BKK
  186. what info can the premier desk give us about upgrade lists?
  187. Getting seat assignments 24 hours ahead
  188. United will Serve Sarasota (SRQ) from Newark Starting 12 Feb 2015
  189. Are there different "tiers" of agents at the MPSC?
  190. United flight diverted over seat recline issue
  191. Thai/United cancelled my leg and never told me. Now what??Need suggestions
  192. UA offers more true First Class seats than AA
  193. United Seat Selection Screen with wailtisted upgrade questions
  194. Baggage weight allowance change on code share?
  195. With the "Wright Amendment" set to expire @ Dallas Love, will UAL change service ?
  196. Which mileage accrual chart is accurate: flight operator or rewards program airline?
  197. Why can't I find seats BKK-PER-JNB-BKK on UA Award?
  198. 20% discount on Economy Plus randomly given
  199. Purchasing United Miles - Pls help
  200. some arcane issues of award fees for non-elites
  201. How likely to get domestic award flights to connect to int'l award?
  202. Beta testing new IFE devices
  203. OZ or UA BKK to HNL?
  204. Expert Flyer Mode - getting preference to "stick"
  205. Global Premier Upgrade (GPU) certificate was only partially applied to EWR-LAX-MEL
  206. Ouch. Might spend 90K each to Hawaii - which plane
  207. UA flights on LH stock - do I get normal MP miles?
  208. At LAX, Delta Has 10 Passport Kiosks, American and United Have None
  209. Own Premier Benefits on Someone Else's Award
  210. 764ER Seat 5D Service
  211. UA Providing Advance Notice (multiple days) of Delays/Cancellations
  212. Too much social networking, too little e-mail response?
  213. code share on AC, purchased in W, re-mapped to T (with mileage credit reduction)
  214. Booked w/UA Miles on LH F - how to protect if possible LH strike causes IRROPS?
  215. Maybe this is why we're losing our seat assignments?
  216. Bay Area Earthquake Waiver?
  217. United Customer Care - Complaint
  218. Which of these routings would you choose OZ, LH or NH?
  219. ANA to UA in NRT - some questions
  220. Redeem upgrade not showing for US-SIN-PEN reservation
  221. United MP Explorer Sign on Bonus
  222. BWI-EWR-LHR R/T for 130K + $250, worth it?
  223. 737-x00 - seatmap only showing 8 F seats???
  224. Bad service the standard in United F
  225. Has anyone been able to get PQDs for NZ flights?
  226. Award Ticket issued by LM on UA flights paid by UA Visa card
  227. Air Canada Jazz or United Express? (Saver Business Award IAH-YYZ)
  228. Waitlisting reward travel - no longer allowed?
  229. Despite lots of J availability, UA won't reroute to *A in J During Oversold Condition
  230. FLL - No Flights after 3 PM today (Saturday)
  231. Customer Service email doesn't allow special characters
  232. what's the point in signing to the explorer card?
  233. YEG-EWR Cancelled as of October 25, 2014
  234. Your United experiences - in verse
  235. tips on RPU use with stop-over
  236. PQD how will this play out for 2015?
  237. award options for NYC-ATH: AC Rouge or Tyrolean
  238. Maintenance delays for #986 CDG to ORD on August 23 2014
  239. Missed UA Connection to YEG-8 hr layover in DEN - other options possible? solutions?
  240. Can I stand by or SDC to shorten a layover on an award ticket?
  241. Global First SFO>ICN Experience
  242. Frustrated by a premier agent
  243. award ticket changed, tax refund to a closed credit card
  244. FRA-MRS on LH, Aug 30: award or purchase?
  245. Bad Service By Premier IAH Based Phone Agent
  246. ORD-SPI Flight Canceled With no Same-Day Rebooking Available - Other Options/Refund?
  247. Can I merge two separate reservations from A->B and B->C into A->C thus skipping B
  248. Help - I now have two near-identical reservations
  249. Possible to book an award ticket using miles from multiple passengers
  250. How rare are on-plane upgrades?