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  1. CO/UA linked accounts-where are my CR1's?
  2. CO code-share (operated by EVA) LAX *A Lounge?
  3. Beware - PresPlus MC Double Ticket Miles not posting correctly
  4. UA/CO to Begin Crossfleeting Operations to/from Caribbean in Winter 2011
  5. Lost Ticket Number
  6. Free flights in retirement and parking for SMI/J
  7. Chase Onepass Plus Card
  8. Travel Option Miles/ Extra Miles Cost
  9. Need Help with 1 Pass Point Flight
  10. million mile program EQM vs BIS
  11. UA has instant ticket issuance. Why doesn't CO?
  12. What is a passenger entitled to when bumped from overbooked flight?
  13. Sad observation ... wish I had known when I started...
  14. What are the typical cheap C class markets ex NRT
  15. What makes UA/CO worth it to you?
  16. Any advantages/disadvantages to going ahead and moving my Continental miles to UA?
  17. Differing flight availability
  18. Award routing through Canada?
  19. How often do you login to MP?
  20. UA/CO Reservation "Sync"
  21. Question on star gold
  22. Has UA/CO come out with any sort of plan for requesting a refund for federal taxes?
  23. When I call call CO and use OP miles to upgrade UA flights?
  24. Air China ticket on LY metal do you get Star Alliance (United) miles?
  25. Is new UACO turning into best airline ever?
  26. is UACO devolving into a domestic Mileage Runner only carrier?
  27. Same Day Changes or Standby for Award Ticket
  28. New International First Class Lounges (IFLs)
  29. Jeff Smisek has destroyed a great airline.
  30. Argghhh! The joys of flying in the USA
  31. How to get hold of someone airside at ORD (moderate urgency)
  32. ticket changes
  33. Check available mileage upgrades online
  34. Dual Status folks: AA vs UA/CO in LAX-JFK-LAX upgrade rates and international
  35. Mileage Plus Survey for Star Alliance thinks I'm GS
  36. Continental President Plus Card baggage fee waiver
  37. Presidential Platinum Welcome kit
  38. Continental reward fees for United elite
  39. NYC-SYD with a $6k budget
  40. need advice on flight selection
  41. CO to UA at EWR - Security Line
  42. OnePass Plus (25000 miles bonus) vs MileagePlus Explorer (50000 bonus)
  43. One day Presidents Club Pass for Red Carpet Club?
  44. Miles and More vs. MP
  45. New York/Istanbul: CO/UA or Turkish airlines?
  46. Departure and Arrival Lounges in Shanghai (PVG) for UA/F and CO/J
  47. United MileagePlus Explorer Visa
  48. Just what do you spend per year on Mileage Runs?
  49. Buying an extra seat
  50. CO reward tix are now complimentary upgrade eligible?
  51. Changes to Reward Ticket for Someone else.
  52. A Tale of Two Seats
  53. CO/UA Status Match - am i thinking correct on this?
  54. Help with upgrade strategy
  55. Questions about UA Credit Card EQM Earnings
  56. Cannot Use Miles to Rent A Car
  57. Best economy metal WAS-PAR?
  58. United employee accidentally shot by passenger at New Orleans airport
  59. The new United MP program - appears that your OP number likely the one to survive?
  60. Has anyone ever purchased an award ticket and they didn't deduct the miles!!!
  61. Elite Upgrades- UDU Timeline Variations?
  62. Status Match: SAA Voyager to UA Mileage Plus.
  63. Next Year's Status = CO EQMs + UA EQMs?
  64. Award ticket seat selection on Singapore
  65. 36 minutes for a name change
  66. Need Advice-WAS->SFO Christmas Travel
  67. award ticket fiasco!
  68. UA's award ticket, CA's flight, who to contact in case of IRROPs?
  69. Which way from Washington DC to HKG?
  70. UA vs SW for weekly SFO-SAN commute?
  71. When's the best time to call for award trip?
  72. Different metal on same PNR - how to align with FF program?
  73. UA or AA? Looking for clarity in the haze.
  74. Guaranteed F transcon or possible upgrade on a 3 class flat bed...which would you do?
  75. CO side of UA charging for Snack Boxes in F
  76. Unsolicited change of Mileage Plus address
  77. One Pass Plus Converting to Chase MileagePlus Explorer?
  78. Pricing and Booking a Revenue Stopover
  79. Onepass parter credit question
  80. Trusting FlightStats for Irrops
  81. Possible tax free tickets after midnight? (Merged)
  82. The cost to UA if 1Ks take their business elsewhere?
  83. Unaccompanied minor stuck in DC until Monday?!?!
  84. Reedeming Miles
  85. Hey UA 1Ks...amid all this CO bashing, aren't we forgetting that UDUs were CO's idea?
  86. DEN vs. IAH (regional to mainline)
  87. United Continental Holdings Second Quarter Results
  88. Best lounge in HKG for UA Travelers? (HKG UC closed for remodeling Spring 2016)
  89. Second SFO-FRA flight gone for 2012?
  90. Help needed with award booking - Flights Cancelled
  91. Need advice on travel to Costa Rica
  92. SWU use on LH
  93. What Credit Card Should I Choose? (Looking For Help)
  94. Close in award fee for Premier Exec on UA booking on CO?
  95. 2012 Award Tickets
  96. Chase CO card benefits question
  97. How Do I Reserve Exit Row on CO Codeshare?
  98. CO Gold "Not Eligible for Upgrade" on UA flight
  99. UAL Q2 2011 Earnings Conference Call Thread [Discussion, Highlights, etc.]
  100. Presidential Plus Card Changes
  101. Confirmed Change - Premier/Silver Members Can Now Pre-Book Exit Row Seats on UA
  102. Purchase with United CC or Continental CC?
  103. NEWS: Continental Flights Staying at LHR T4 Until 2013
  104. PIT Flyer - Any others seeing their routes/times shift dramatically?
  105. Continue with UA or not?
  106. Can I use AMEX Business Gold Rewards Card offer for UA miles?
  107. United iPhone/iPad App-Questions, Answers, Bugs and etc [CONSOLIDATED]
  108. Using CO\UA miles to upgrade Air New Zealand flights
  109. Likely 100k UA and 100k CO. Maybe I shouldn't have linked my accts?
  110. seat release
  111. I screwed up: Advice on award booking
  112. Where is SGN-HKG for week of Nov 22-29??
  113. Changes to Chase Presidential Plus Card
  114. Customer service reps at PC and RCC's - anyone have really good or bad experiences?
  115. Partial Miles Upgrade?
  116. first CO flights tomorrow, where to credit?
  117. 100K EQMs with CO/UA combined, get SWUs?
  118. Chase MP Explorer Card (Q&A, Benefits, Bonuses, Discussion, ....)
  119. does the majority really think UA was better than CO pre merger?
  120. Baggage allowance on a multi-city intinerary
  121. UA CO Codeshare/ Website FF number question
  122. Award ticket changes: can you trust the waitlist?
  123. Will the new UA re-start LAX - HKG non-stop?
  124. LAX T6 security question
  125. Help with new Premier Boarding line? When should Prem Exec hold spot or step aside?
  126. Upgrade chances as a 1K on CO metal
  127. IAH-PEK routing options
  128. SFO-IAH in First Class : UA or CO metal?
  129. 100,000 EQMs in CO = 1k next year
  130. Twitter PC/RCC Access
  131. Spending 230K in miles for summer 2012
  132. I dont have my Prez Club membership card, traveling on UA - will they let me in RCC?
  133. What do former DL/NW elites think of the CO/UA integration?
  134. No More ICC for Elites!
  135. Converting AM EX to CO/UA
  136. Unable to check in online or kiosk when upgrade clears
  137. Booking several flights at once - advice?
  138. Longterm on CLE AS A HUB
  139. Seems like Tilton is dumping his stock
  140. Now MP and OP are merging, when can UA SWU be used on CO flights?
  141. CO Silver flying UA - my OP# in res. - if I put in MP# instead am I higher pri 4 EUA
  142. 1k/Plt flyting paid D class on NZ: better to credit to CO?
  143. award: ORD-DEL and TRV-ORD in Business
  144. fco-iad->sfo with kids/luggages
  145. Mile transfer costs
  146. Linking accounts + Name mess up
  147. Question RE Merged Programs.
  148. International Flight Questions
  149. Lifetime Flight Miles
  150. What does it take for FA to be Language Qualified?
  151. Sponsoring SWUs for CO Codeshares Operated by UA
  152. United E+ VS CO Economy
  153. CR7 E+ seats on CO website?
  154. New UA FF Booking class questions and general advice?
  155. Continental "Presidential Plus" credit card
  156. Infinite Platinum Elite Spouse Level
  157. Is United Mileage Plus Merchandise Rewards program ending?
  158. North American Upgrade use
  159. Help ANA tool
  160. Dumb question about linked FF accounts (UA and CO)
  161. Question about award ticketing validity
  162. Miles for throw away segment ticket on a through flight
  163. J and Z Class on LH -- Do I use CO or UA?
  164. MP historical data on CO.com!
  165. Booking and rebooking -- what would you have done? (tl;dr)
  166. CO to offer jobs to furloughed UA pilots - with ALPA support
  167. UA/CO Travelers to LAX Beware
  168. Experience the current CO and UA International Premium Cabins: F/C/BusinessFirst
  169. UAL Cabin Fare Code Numbers?
  170. Need Help Booking BF IAH <-> BNE
  171. How to UG 2012 TPAC flight?
  172. Expert Mode survives!
  173. CO fare classes on United's Website
  174. First class sad
  175. EWR-SFO Hell Trips--Are SJC or OAK Viable
  176. SAN consolidation
  177. Which FFP (CO/UA) for UACO mixed flights.
  178. Shanghai to USA -- UA836 or CO86/UA1004
  179. Any chance of mixing CO & UA partners on awards?
  180. Found a way to move miles to Delta
  181. Need Advice - Best Routing/Least Expensive [PHL-BLR]
  182. Is United getting an Android App?
  183. Bad sign for New Milage Plus vs. OnePass Redemptions?
  184. Will CO EQMs count for UA 1K status?
  185. UAL EQMs for Copa flights after Jan 1, 2012?
  186. List of Policies and Products That Have Come From UA vs CO
  187. Taking Volunteers (a new meaning)
  188. Did I messed up my upgrade opportunity?
  189. UA or CO to PEK?
  190. A new lounge low for UA
  191. We're The Administrators of UA's Channel 9 Facebook Page
  192. The "check-in" about face
  193. CO Award Routing
  194. United Domestic F Baggage Question - Codeshare Checkin
  195. To use a SWU or not to use an SWU?
  196. Q: CO returning miles deducted for upgrade not completed
  197. Sino Group Hotels
  198. Best service ex-nrt
  199. Have a Question About the New United? Ask UAInsider for reply 12 Jul. 2011
  200. What would you rather have: 4 systemwides on all fares or 6 on W or higher?
  201. Getting *G status immediately
  202. *A awards booked via UA not in 'My Itineraries'
  203. Re-ticket Refundable Ticket with Additional UA Voucher
  204. Transfer UA Status to CO & Upgrading Seats on Continental using miles
  205. refer a friend to MP or OP?
  206. OLCI: UA ticket includes NH codeshare
  207. Will CO be the only *A carrier with non-stop SGN-HKG in 1/2012?
  208. SFO-LAX-PVG swapped for SFO-PVG direct - Unusual situation?
  209. New United a low-cost carrier?
  210. Charge for gate check bags coming?
  211. Is it cheaper to change ticket before or after departure?
  212. Baggage Fee Payment Options Question
  213. CO Same Day Confirmed change connecting flight for UA 1K
  214. Is There Any Benefit to 75K Now?
  215. how many zero-UDU UACO elites are on this board?
  216. *A Award Travel: Business one way and Economy the other way?
  217. Are fare class "B" tickets fully refundable?
  218. One Pass Plus Card
  219. Passenger tried to enter the cockpit on UA flight ORD-FRA
  220. 2 cabin domestic B763 -> 2 cabin intl B763
  221. And now for the next speculation thread: routes for the B787 AC
  222. UA CR1 on CO?
  223. UA 1K booking an award on CO?
  224. Dog guard as hand luggage...
  225. RewardOne or Perksplus? any updates
  226. 4 Airlines, Including UA the most Hated Companies in America
  227. CC FEQM
  228. Rumor: UA/CO will announce IAH-HKG?
  229. Combining travel credit coupons and ecert?
  230. OT but....
  231. DCA Gate Consolidation and Clubs
  232. UA/CO now uncompetitive on many routes from IAH
  233. Rising cost of UA F to Hawaii
  234. Unable to check-in online with Continental and United on a LH issued ticket
  235. One Pass service center nightmare- linking One Pass and MP
  236. Best way to book reward travel to Asia
  237. Bad Decision to End Partnership with Emirates
  238. Buenos Aires Cancellations?
  239. Free upgrades for non-elites
  240. How often do seats open up for rewards travel?
  241. Question about miles/EQM's with SQ
  242. Booking a reward R/T flight - one segment at a time. Risky?
  243. UA Vs CO miles
  244. VDB at ORD: Is UA obligated to honor its VDB offer?
  245. Marginally humorous signature on customer svc. correspondence
  246. ALB to IAD this afternoon - already delayed
  247. Advice on booking reward travel: SFO-BOM (RT)
  248. Premier Access at ORD Terminal 2 vs Terminal 1?
  249. 500 mile minimum on Hawaiian Airlines
  250. CO rebooking issues to mixed CO/UA itin after schedule change