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  1. ORD - Domestic Priority Security Access
  2. Troubles with Continental and United CCs
  3. EWR, IAD, SFO, ORD, and IAH; Which CO/United Clubs?
  4. United - Meanest Major Carrier
  5. Weird Z fare booking experience
  6. UA AB flight certificate valid for flights op. by CO?
  7. Spafinder Gift Certs no longer available on FTD.com to earn UA miles?
  8. April Itnernational movie schedule
  9. International Award Redemption Experience - CO vs UA
  10. Book domestic through CO or UA??
  11. Old drink coupons still good? {Archive}
  12. QN on getting to 1K after status match
  13. IT support desk calls are transferred overseas?
  14. Will HNL fares come down?
  15. EWR Intl flight change "In transit" time
  16. Would you like to see this in the consolidated fleet?
  17. Complex Star Alliance Award Intinerary - Book through United or Continental??
  18. 100K for BA Visa card. Worth getting?
  19. Newbie query about EQMs and Premier status
  20. Intl travel with flight change in US
  21. Travel on US...Better as a UA 1K or CO Plat?
  22. United Club Meet-Up Post [ARCHIVE]
  23. New 757 Configuration (seatmap shows exit rows as 16 & 17)?
  24. Using United Miles for hotels in Hawaii
  25. 1K flying UA codeshare on CO, how to upg?
  26. OLCI - bags?
  27. Another dumb upgrade question
  28. So...how do we think the UA/CO integration process is going so far?
  29. Consolidated "No Saver Award Seats Available" 2011/2012
  30. Onepass Redemption Issue
  31. Booked L Fare on CO SEA-FLL, fare not showing on ExpertFlyer
  32. United Vacations: Electronic Vouchers Okay, But Not With a UX Flight?
  33. PremExec - CO OnePass Award Reservation Question
  34. Booking reward travel with miles first time, could use some help
  35. Upgrading UA metal, CO code out of EZE
  36. Help! Connection problem at IAD
  37. CO/UA Merger Equipment Changes & New Service
  38. Open Letter to Our Son, Excellency, President Smisek
  39. getting ANA tool to display more than 20 flights
  40. Losing B-Up on CO Metal by changing from OnePass Plat to Mileage+1K?
  41. The new United at IAD
  42. US Airways club membership $259 (3-day sale). Will UA match?
  43. Worthless offers from UA
  44. US Club for $259 on Sale for 3 Days Only - Will UA Match?
  45. Upgrade International CO codeshare on UA metal
  46. UA 1k - Upgrading a companion on CO metal
  47. Cancel Award Flight?
  48. Will the new UA/CO order the 380 or 748i?
  49. What routes do you wish UA/CO flew/Which cities do you wish UA/CO served?
  50. When can I use UA travel certs for CO travel?
  51. Loss of credit and using e boarding passes
  52. Mixing Star and non-Star partners on an award?
  53. Potential Shena?
  54. DL -> CO Status Matched: UA cannot see status?
  55. Snack in F on UA means something different than Snack in F on CO
  56. I DO NOT like it! SWU / CR1 changes. Where should I post my flights after 100k?
  57. UA/CO codeshares: is "the rule" changing?
  58. Chase CO and UA Biz cards possible to get both?
  59. IT Frustrations- CO cannot assign seat on UA coded CO Operated flight
  60. Need Help from the Experts in Finding Award Seats
  61. No bonus miles for elite members when flying Swiss?
  62. Bad Luck
  63. UA frequent flyers: Avoid CO to/from Hawaii
  64. WARNING when using the Forum Tool - Mark This Forum Read
  65. EWR, Terminal C: Which Lounge? RCC or PC?
  66. Beechcraft 1900 - Does UA/UAX fly this aircraft?
  67. No more miles for Chase debit transactions in July!
  68. An open question to moderators RE: this United consolidated forum
  69. Add ANA to broader eite benefits, including bonus miles for elites!
  70. Mainline for Elites Only! (April Fool's)
  71. FlyerTalk.com Launches World's Largest Single Airline Discussion Board (April Fool's)
  72. Is this an announcement of the name for the combined program?
  73. Add to / Improve / Update the United FAQ
  74. United FAQ - Your Guide to United and Life's Greater Mysteries
  75. The United Club Meet-Up Thread
  76. Welcome to the Consolidated United Forum (and Tips on Which Forum to Post In)
  77. Lounge Options When Travelling on UA/EI Codeshare ORD-DUB?
  78. United Center in Chicago no longer showing old "Tulip" logo (updated)
  79. The Penalty Box
  80. my constant challenge: book on CO or UA? (NYC - DUB/LHR)
  81. [Archived] Have a Simple Question About United Airlines/MileagePlus? Ask Here...
  82. Have a Simple Question About United Airlines/MileagePlus? Ask Here [2014 Thread]...
  83. Million Miler Program: What do you want the combined program to look like?
  84. Consolidated Connection time/logistics-Domestic & International at IAH [ARCHIVE]
  85. Guy standing on the Red carpet for almost 1hr so far!!lol
  86. 767-400ER Business First - flatbed installation schedule
  87. Sneak Preview: New Mileage Plus/OnePass mileage transfer and Elite status tools
  88. UA flights replaced by CO flights - unable to reaccomodate
  89. Help with finding *Alliance (Northeastern US to IST) flight???
  90. We're all United - Mini-DO in Chicago April 2 [Updated Details Posted 9 March]
  91. Consolidated "Official Announcements from United Airlines' UA Insider" Thread
  92. Customer Day One (Updated - now June 15)
  93. Throwaway Tickets , such as book RT but only use OW - any issues with UA?
  94. Differnce btwn BF on CO and First or Bus on United?
  95. UAX at CLD (Carlsbad)
  96. UA/CO to Begin Crossfleeting Operations on Some Trans-Atlantic Flights - June 2011
  97. Cheaper Fares on CO.com for United Flights
  98. Searching for W fares
  99. BWI Airspace Lounge (Former RCC Location in Concourse D)- CLOSING May 27 2016
  100. UA+CO together in Boston?
  101. UA expecting 787 delivery in early/mid-2012, on what routes?
  102. Do the Verizon Airfones on UA Aircraft Still Work?
  103. New United Website - keep current United or use CO's?
  104. Consolidated "Check Your Itineraries for Schedule Changes" Thread (2011)
  105. Changes coming to US-LHR (routes, aircraft, schedules, etc) [Merged]
  106. Consolidated "I Need XXX EQM/EQS by Year End" Thread - 2011 Edition
  107. UAL Flyers' Game: FlyerTalk Member Sign in Hemispheres [2011]
  108. EQM/EQP reset to ZERO. Happy New Year!
  109. SQ SKL access @ SFO permanently denied for *G domestic
  110. Everything you wanted to know about where to sit on a United Express CRJ-200
  111. Will CO and UA Million Miler Programs Merge?
  112. Question about United vouchers on Continental
  113. The Consolidated "Is United 1K Status Worth It?" Thread [2010-12 Posts]
  114. United Country Channel Playlist
  115. Consolidated Connection time/logistics/lounges - Domestic & International at ICN
  116. Can See Award Seats, But Can't Book Them
  117. Thanksgiving Travel
  118. Is United First worth it?
  119. CO Business First vs. New United Business
  120. Why is a codeshare cheaper than UA metal? Any minuses?
  121. Should I 'remove' a CR-1 that hasn't cleared as the UDU window approaches?
  122. RCC/PC annoucement - free WiFi and snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  123. Consolidated Connection time/logistics at NRT
  124. United's Family Day Employee Open House: October 10, 2010 - "Fleet Week"
  125. Boston Logan UACO Terminal after March 3
  126. Qantas using S. African metal, *A earn?
  127. Red Carpet for the office? United: Sure!
  128. The Latest Liquor License Victim - HNL RCC
  129. Consolidated Systemwide Upgrade (SWU) questions
  130. What's the Stupidest, Least Substantive UA-Related Thing You Can Complain About?
  131. General questions: SFO/LAX-SYD/MEL and vv (service, food, connections, etc) {Archive}
  132. Premier members who have Chase-issued credit cards are eligible for award ticket upg.
  133. When to use miles? When to purchase instead? How do you value miles? [ARCHIVE]
  134. New Service To AKL
  135. It doesn't sound good for CLE
  136. UA Operations/Gates at BOS
  137. UA Heathrow Terminal 4 Lounge Access for Star Gold (*G)?
  138. List of *Gold Lounges in the United States for UA Travellers
  139. List of *Gold Lounges in the United States that are Accessible to UA Travellers
  140. UA Electronic Travel Certificates (ETC): General Q&A, ... {Archive}
  141. Row44 WiFi Now Enabled on N593UA (non-p.s. 757)
  142. Empty F seats even with CPU (EUA/UDU)?
  143. Upgrading p.s. (SFO/LAX-JFK) Flights on UA - Questions and Experiences
  144. Consolidated Connection time/logistics-Domestic & International at FRA
  145. Does UA Still Provide Hotels to 1Ks for Weather Delay/Cancelation/Misconnect?
  146. SFO United Red carpet access with Prioritypass
  147. Consolidated "When do PQMs from Chase Credit Cards Post?" Thread [Merged]
  148. Consolidated "Bicycle - Related Fees, Policies, etc. on United" Thread [Merged]
  149. UA and CO Fleet Tracking Thread
  150. United MP Club Card / PresidentialPlus - 2 for 1 Business Tix benefit: Fare Question
  151. Missing e-cert #, who ya gonna call?
  152. to the ua employees working on christmas eve and christmas day
  153. ua1flyer - A "Real" Up-In-The-Air GS
  154. When was your last op-up on United?
  155. Consolidated "When can we use our UA SWU/CR1s on CO?" Thread [Merged]
  156. LX ticket operated by Edelweiss...still okay to earn/redeem?
  157. to the ua employees working on thanksgiving
  158. Which UC is better at LAX: T6 or T7?
  159. TSA PreCheck Program - Questions/Experiences for United Airlines Travellers
  160. 1.1 million miles expired 6 wks ago
  161. UA Premium Lobby at SFO and Security Lines - Information, Experiences, Etc. [Merged]
  162. UA and TSA security at IAD (premier line does not work)
  163. Tracking 772 [752 and 764] aircraft Flat Bed installation
  164. Lounge access at DME
  165. Consolidated Connections, MCT and logistics at HKG
  166. HKG-US/US-HKG (mileage/SWU) Upgrade chances? [Merged Threads]
  167. United - iPhone app - Coming soon perhaps? (Updated Oct 2010)
  168. Sign the Guestbook in the LAX United Club in Terminal 7!
  169. Consolidated: XXXX miles short of award- how to get them quickly? [Merged Threads]
  170. Lufthansa Lounge Access in DTW/Detroit
  171. Consolidated "Lounge Options at NRT" Thread [Merged]
  172. How Many UA Mileage Plus Members/Elites are There? {ARCHIVE}
  173. Which UA stations still issue card stock boarding passes?
  174. Consolidated "Access to Lufthansa Lounge at IAD" Thread [Merged]
  175. Consolidated Connection time/logistics-Domestic & International at IAD
  176. Original Routing Credit (ORC) After Involuntary Re-Routing/Re-Booking (Archive)
  177. Consolidated Connection time/logistics at SEA
  178. Trip Bora Bora using Star Alliance miles
  179. Consolidated "Channel 9 Availability" Discussion Thread [ARCHIVE]
  180. Lap Infant Ticket Pricing with Upgrade/Award Seat
  181. UA/Aer Lingus Service Between IAD and Madrid [Service Ends 30 October 2012]
  182. UA emailed me another person's info / sent my info to wrong email
  183. United's IAD-DXB flights [Experiences, Questions, Etc.]
  184. 1Ks - please ask UA to make GPU's good on *ALL* fares, due to new co-pay deal
  185. UA Economy Plus (E+) - Questions/Worth It?/Experiences [Archive]
  186. UAL & Visa for Australia
  187. United Credit Card for Canadians?
  188. Annie is a rock star (aka United in Australia)
  189. UA will not Short Check bags (but some loopholes)
  190. Overseas/traveling 1K members can call US 1K line for free from abroad
  191. Consolidated SFO-FRA/FRA-SFO Upgrade Thread [Merged]
  192. Seat Assignments changing even when equipment doesn't? [Merged Threads]
  193. Misspelled name / wrong order on ticket [Archived]
  194. Is RCC Membership Worth It? (Merged)
  195. United Pilot Q&A Thread
  196. "Please Accept Our Apology" (Online Replacement for Skykit) Thread [Merged]
  197. Singing the Praises of Captain Molly Flanagan [Merged]
  198. Everything You Want to Know About Where to Sit on a sUA 767 (3-class International)
  199. New Manifests-Full Fare Customers Meal Orders will be Prioritized @ Same Level as 1Ks
  200. UA Million Miler/Multi-Million Miler Roll Call Thread
  201. Arrivals by United Eligibility/Questions/Experiences [Merged Threads] (Updated 2010)
  202. Which United Club (UC) at DEN? {Archive}
  203. Airports with Priority Screening Lines [Merged Threads]
  204. Consolidated "MP Plus Visa Zone Fare Certificate" Thread [Merged]
  205. Yet another stupid Ebay auction - UA related [Merged Threads]
  206. United Mileage Plus Platinum Class Visa
  207. Availability of ATC Communications on Channel 9 thread [2012] Flights
  208. Everything You Want to Know About Where to Sit on a United 747
  209. Consolidated "Business Class and *G Lounge Options in FRA" [Merged] (Updated 2010)
  210. Still a full waiver for 1Ks of $140 annual fee for MP Visa? (Merged) [Updated 2009]
  211. How many types of past and present UA mainline planes have you flown?
  212. EQM for flying Lufthansa Cityline?
  213. Transferring at LHR [Merged threads]
  214. The Insider Will Be Out
  215. Consolidated "*G/1P/1K/GS on US Airways Benefits" Thread [Merged]
  216. Everything You Wanted to Know About Where to Sit on a pmUA 3-Cabin 777 Version 1
  217. Everything You Wanted to Know About Where to Sit on a pmUA 3-Cabin 777 Version 2
  218. Consolidated Connection time/logistics-Domestic & International at LAX
  219. Consolidated "New Premier (2P) Member" Thread [Merged]
  220. Consolidated Connection time/logistics-Domestic & International at ORD
  221. Consolidated "Refunds/Cancellations Due to Illness/Death" Thread [Merged]
  222. Listening to Channel 9 on September 11, 2001
  223. This Captain Should Be In Charge At UA [Merged Threads]
  224. Britax Marathon Car Seat on United Aircraft
  225. Consolidated "How to Keep/Refresh Expiring Miles" Thread [ARCHIVE]
  226. The Passenger Logbooks are coming!
  227. The Consolidated "Interesting Things Heard on Channel 9" Thread [Merged]
  228. UAL's Captain Denny Flanagan (In-Flight Experiences, Sightings, Schedule, etc.)
  229. Everything You Want to Know About Where to Sit on 763 (Reconfig2-class International)
  230. Everything You Wanted to Know About Where to Sit on a United ERJ-145.
  231. Everything You Wanted to Know About Where to Sit on the UnitedExpress ERJ-145
  232. United-Amtrak Codeshare FAQ - Including ZFV (Philadelphia) {Archive}
  233. Everything You Wanted to Know on Where to Sit on the EMB-170
  234. Everything You Wanted to Know on Where to Sit on the 777 (Domestic and Old Config)
  235. Everything You Wanted to Know About Where to Sit on the Airbus A319
  236. Everything You Wanted to Know About Where to Sit on the Airbus A320 {ARCHIVE}
  237. Everything You Want to Know About Where to Sit on a 757-200 (28 lie flat seats)
  238. Everything You Want to Know About Where to Sit on a 767 (Domestic) [Consolidated]
  239. Everything You Wanted to Know About Where to Sit on a United Express CRJ-700
  240. Halfway to Hawaii Contest ... [merged threads]
  241. Consolidated "UA Lounge Access in Shanghai (PVG)" Thread [Merged]
  242. LA-bound flight makes emergency stop in American Samoa