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  1. United screws loyal customer: delay of Int'l. checked baggage
  2. UA Miles: Is More Better?
  3. Travel on NZ early in the New Year - which program?
  4. Why UACO F sucks
  5. 767 F Product Upgrade
  6. Question about UDU oddity for a CO Flyer
  7. E+ seat sales stopped when not full
  8. Google CEO’s Ex-Mistress Says She Was Attacked by UA Flight Attendant
  9. Expert mode and NC NF search
  10. Change of Planes - Same Flight Number - does that count as One segment, or Two?
  11. Which hub do you prefer -- ORD or IAH? Why?
  12. 1 NOV 2011 HNL-GUM / GUM-NRT goes DOMESTIC 777
  13. NYC-LAS p.s. dilemna
  14. Booking COPA flights using a Type B voucher?
  15. SFO RCC/Terminal 2 Question.
  16. UA, CO, or AC to London or Paris from IAD
  17. Shoes Now Have to be Stored in C
  18. United / American / Delta @ SFO
  19. Newbie needs advice re: partial cancellation of mileage award trip.
  20. Jeff's speech at Deutsche Bank Aviation and Transportation Conference
  21. Wow, United (Not Continental) Plane Actually Flying From EWR-ZRH Now
  22. EWR-ZRH on UA - What's it Like?
  23. Thinking of switching to CAL/United
  24. New service IAH-PSP - what's happening?
  25. Saver Award but J Fare Code?
  26. Best routing, *A partner for SFO-TPE
  27. Checked baggage limit IAD-DBX and JNB-CPT-MUC-IAD
  28. Switching seats from Economy to Business/First with Non-Upgraded Companion
  29. Booking Int'l Award Trip in Between Passports
  30. 2P/Silver traveling with non-status companion
  31. CR-1 upgrade on UA flight ticketed with CO flight number
  32. Status Challenge with EK Gold/Other Foreign Status?
  33. Windows-based Schedule
  34. Which lounge SFO/IAD/SEA?
  35. Arrivals Lounge in LHR for T4 Flights?
  36. "You can't associate 2 FF# for one reservation." "Yes you can"
  37. UA/CO Credit card giving upgrade priority over non-holders
  38. Mileage Award now available in saver--can rebook?
  39. Downgraded on award Travel-now what?
  40. LH M&M member - moved to the US
  41. Using SWU on UA operated CO codeshare made e-ticket dissapear
  42. "Are you driving?": FA on serving alcohol in F
  43. Possible to book two seats, 1 as award, in separate cabins?
  44. Does *G have any waitlist priority?
  45. Will we be able to use a CR1/SWU on an S fare in the new two-cabin p.s.?
  46. CO.com & UA Select Visa EQM
  47. UA M+ Awards with QR (Qatar)
  48. Are flight on CO considered towards UA MM status
  49. UA vs CO award booking, different number of miles needed?
  50. UA and CO Sale: 20% off Saver Awards
  51. Does UA/CO Still Participate in Starnet Blocking of Award Inventory?
  52. Is this possible on one *A RT award ticket?
  53. United Priority security line access
  54. Suggested Next Steps for UA/CO Merger
  55. good news for travelers
  56. Any credit cards (or ways other than flying) that earn United EQMs?
  57. paying to upgrade at check in?
  58. any idea when UA will upgrade their IFE?!
  59. airspace lounges alliance with CO/UA
  60. Finding Saver Award Availability
  61. A modest proposal for revising elite benefits
  62. Upgrades on Re-Deployment Flights CO/UA?
  63. United/CO Z fare to China
  64. Who to write the letter to? Caught in the UA-CO no mans land...
  65. A n00b Premier with a n00b Question
  66. Mileage Upgrade to Bangkok?
  67. 20k trip coming up--put miles in US or start with UA?
  68. 1K with 75,000 miles?
  69. Will the UA/Lufthansa relationship change?
  70. Starnet Hiding?
  71. United files petition to fly to the Philippines
  72. Review of US New Envoy v CO/UA New C/J
  73. United Chase Card - How long for miles to deposit? Any way to expedite?
  74. CO FEQM help with UA status next year?
  75. 500 Mile Min change?
  76. Ridiculous # of MP Explorer Card Apps
  77. Status of UA877/878 LAX-PVG, has United stopped serving this route?
  78. Refunds for Economy Plus fees (upgrades, seat changes, cancellations, ....) [Merged]
  79. Alternative to UA to fly CDG-IAD coach with *A Silver card
  80. Transferring miles from OP to OP account - instantaneous?
  81. (1P) MileagePlus or (Gold)OnePass for Intra-Europe Travel
  82. IRROPS question - cancellation of UA289 BWI-DEN
  83. Revised Upgrade Order on United?
  84. TPAC UA F or Asian carrier C (Award Travel)
  85. Elite status on code share flights resulting in upgrades
  86. United Airlines plane skids off Ottawa runway
  87. Purchasing "Premier Travel" for multi-city booking?
  88. Is anyone else getting REALLY tired of the "We're not fully integrated yet" excuse?
  89. Is the 24-hour cancellation policy valid on codeshares?
  90. Two months past 75K EQM, still no CR-1s
  91. e-ticket changed to paper ticket on CO :(
  92. Urgent Q (travel in progress): new IDB rules and "destination" vs. "first stopover"
  93. Question re: Using UA or CO # on El AL
  94. Erroneous "The following flight time has been revised" messages
  95. Are UA and CO miles being added for CR1 and SWU upgrades?
  96. Stopover on award booked with UA/CO
  97. Redeeming Miles: How Many Transfers Are Possible?
  98. Status downgrade
  99. Hemispheres Ad: Place your expectations in the upright position.
  100. Updated Booze Selection
  101. AUS-PEK-HKG-NRT-AUS on Continental Saverpass F - Routing suggestions?
  102. Unable to use regional upgrade, frustrated
  103. Is it advisable to keep all the miles in one pass account???
  104. Assistance with UA vs Singapore Economy question
  105. PMUA & AFA Start Expedited Mediation Process
  106. UA v CO routing restriction/fare rules
  107. CO doesn't know what to do with UA upgrade
  108. Presidential Plus Card no longer available for LT PC members?
  109. Co award ticket first legs on usair-where to check in?
  110. Great trip, until the last leg on United
  111. SFO-KOA service reductions?
  112. Best time to buy tickets???
  113. IAH now the most expensive airport due to UA/CO
  114. New Smisek video Sep 1
  115. Help from 1K for Saver Award Availability
  116. Can I get United Miles on US Airways Flight?
  117. Award question
  118. Domestic flight upgrade formula (for those at the same status level)
  119. "elite access" on bp - confused
  120. First Bad Experience with United: Recommended Change
  121. booking engine for fare specific
  122. A Change I Would Like (Award Search)
  123. ORD-HKG double RDM promotion thru 31 January (updated)
  124. Strategies for getting aisle seat on United aircraft?
  125. 75 dollar flight change fee
  126. Details of 2012 MP Program
  127. Question regarding airline adding a stop
  128. Multi Leg VS codeshare question
  129. IFE - What Do You Want From The New UA?
  130. how do I force a connection? (want to fly on p. s.)
  131. Unable to check in
  132. Are we being invited to join the UA Family Day Oct 9, 2011 during Fleet Week?
  133. totally confused about planned classes of service for new United
  134. Exit ROW on CO extra for Elite?
  135. Can I use miles for H cabin MCO-FRA on an LH flight?
  136. Post-Merger: Continental PRESIDENTIAL PLUS World Mastercard - any good on UA?
  137. PHX Lounge Access/Gate Pass?
  138. Kindle left on plane Great PR for United!
  139. DFW Lounge access
  140. Continental OnePass card
  141. UA/CO Status - Linked Acct
  142. UA -> CO status match snafu and poor customer service from OnePass
  143. reward booking cancellation question
  144. When will we see $999 J to Europe for Xmas?
  145. New UA gates at PHL
  146. Booking with OP CC or Sapphire Preferred offers additional benefit to NON-REFUND tkt?
  147. UA/CO mile redemption help: possible OS one-way award?
  148. Need help. Objective: travel in business class SFO to DEL
  149. Upgrades for travel out of Guam
  150. Which lounge at FRA for UA F pax?
  151. Switching to different flight on award (different route, same destination) possible?
  152. plan on using my first SWU - need some clarifications
  153. What if One Passenger on a Shared Star Award PNR Can't Make It?
  154. One Way vs. RT Fares
  155. Good News: CO Award/Upgrade Inventory Available on ExpertFlyer
  156. Lounge for First Class pax at BRU?
  157. "UA says- CO Says"
  158. UA shows combined status but still waiting for CO
  159. Not showing up op FC Waitlist on UA Android
  160. How likely is it that better seats open up close to departure on UA/CO?
  161. Star Alliance partner question from a UA/CO noob
  162. AA upgraded FC and BC to offer Turn-Down Service, PJ's, Slippers etc - UA to follow?
  163. Question on elite Y up when switched from another airline
  164. Strategies for flying pre-merger
  165. Claiming Miles question
  166. Using 1-day Red Carpet voucher in a Star Alliance Lounge
  167. No More MasterCard?
  168. Boeing Delivers 737 Test Bed To United Airlines
  169. Just saw Jeff Smisek in the hotel lounge
  170. UA201 ORD to HNL
  171. FastShares delayed, but SHARES isn't
  172. United App vs. CO App
  173. International Baggage Fee
  174. Best family (2 elites, 3 non-status) upgrade strategy for a CO plat on UA metal?
  175. two UA ZRH touchdowns in sequence
  176. Unable to change seats, need suggestions
  177. United Mileage Plus vs. US Airways Dividend Miles
  178. Mixed UA/CO/LH itinerary - pros/cons of booking via UA, CO or LH?
  179. Trying to acces a PNR with a last name that has a space in it
  180. UA club for CO/*G question
  181. Do Premier (25K) earn minimun 500 miles x segment?
  182. Confirmation: EWR-DCA earns 500 EQM's for elites, right?
  183. trouble with a CO/UA combo
  184. UA 2P Can't Book Into CO "Reserved Seating" on united.com
  185. The role of US in your travel plans as UA elite
  186. EWR Terminal B
  187. New United Song Coming?
  188. One Way Award Question
  189. Would *A Partners Continue to be More Generous with Award Inventory if UA is not?
  190. I'm Considering Trying to Fly 3 Million Miles on UA/CO in a Short Period of Time
  191. United 1K First Class Upgrade on Continental
  192. Booking CO flight (rather than UA codeshare) on ual.com
  193. United App-Questions, Answers, Bugs and etc for NON-iPhone and Android [CONSOLIDATED]
  194. UA 777-200ER First vs CO 757-200 Business
  195. Combining Miles
  196. Travel certificate has no value once used?
  197. 30th Anniversary 2012 (AUG)
  198. Anyone else missing purchase category on chase.com for MP Visa
  199. Onepass Plus CC "book any seat, any time using miles"
  200. Should I Accept Comp Offered for 4 Days Without Luggage?
  201. Hurricane Irene - Impact to CO/UA's Operations & TRAVEL WAIVER
  202. Presidential Plus Companion Mileage Ticket - Upgrade Eligible?
  203. Elite status policy change?
  204. Is the LiveTV internet offering cursed?
  205. Newbie Question - Check In, but not actually board
  206. No more problems upgrading UA/CO codeshares!
  207. iPads coming to the cockpit
  208. FlexEQM require active CC ?
  209. United Revenue tracking with CO FF# and Vice Versa
  210. What does *S mean on my boarding pass?
  211. General Questions re: MileagePlus Flex PQM
  212. Help with strategy for upgrade to HNL?
  213. United Continental to Spend $550 Million on Upgrades
  214. Merger Update: Details about our $500M in onboard product improvements
  215. Which to use, MP or OP?
  216. Tickets changed from UA to CO by whom?
  217. Presidential Plus MasterCard from Platinum - Any Promotions?
  218. any aussie mileageplus credit cards??
  219. How does a UA elite call CO?
  220. an SWU on UA vs CO
  221. EWR/LAX upgrade probability
  222. Will I earn UA miles on Star Mega Do 3?
  223. Hey, UA Insider, say it isn't so. . .
  224. Creative Gate Management
  225. prem exec upgrade on intl CO flight
  226. Reward change from e+ to first-52.5k CDG-ZRH-IND
  227. UA 1K Booking Award on CO.COM
  228. COS-IAH CRJ 700 not upgradeable using a CR1
  229. Splitting (or not) mixed UA/CO res and applying CR1's/Systemwides (SWU)
  231. Best Way To Earn MP/OP Points w/o a CC
  232. using SWU on Lufthansa ?
  233. Belize requires a CR1 or SWU?
  234. UA elites flying other *A carriers
  235. Regional Upgrade Deposit - How Long After Combined UA/CO Miles?
  236. Award availability help
  237. UA metal swap to CO metal on one segment - EUA question
  238. United Global Services Question
  239. Can I belong to both MileagePlus Dining and SkyMiles Dining at same time
  240. Should F/C $ avoid SFO-LHR-SFO?
  241. International Open Jaw Mileage Ticket
  242. 1 way fares (for maximizing voucher use?)
  243. Booked Non UA/CO For 1st Time in Years: Thank you UA!
  244. A flight for free?
  245. DCA/IAD to ARN CO, (UA Codeshare) or AC/LH
  246. Would this work? (buying CO EQM to bump UA status)
  247. Help! Need info on what flight to book without traveling at LAX
  248. Argument for using miles for upgrades vs. 'free' tickets
  249. 2011 UACO WeCare Employee Fund Holiday Donation Drive
  250. MileagePlus tips on how to make the most of your upgrade benefits