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  1. Dissappearing Activity and Statements
  2. What does "Advance seat assignments are restricted for this flight" mean?
  3. MXP-ZRH-MIA - how the security/passport control work?
  4. Does the new Mileageplus program have lifetime status for million+ miles earned?
  5. lol. so I tried to book a IAD-LHR for this week
  6. Comp for sitting on tarmac after landing?
  7. Be careful to your SWU and RU
  8. Viewing buckets, upgrade, and waitlist status info?
  9. Labor Day Weekend Bumping Strategy
  10. Waitlist on Saver Award First Class? Agent Said Not Allowed
  11. How does this make any sense?
  12. UA Ceases Flights To/From OAK on 4 June 2012
  13. Tip of the day: How to get to the 1K Line with a short wait time
  14. ex Continental to LHR T1
  15. What is business class like to/from LHR on UA?
  16. Miles if you buy a ticket for someone
  17. Booked in R(NC) on a 3-class 777, domestic. Am on F wait list?
  18. WN wants to expand HOU with international ops against UA at IAH
  19. GPU maximum connection time
  20. UA SDC a one day MR
  21. Disappointed with United merger
  22. United New Website will Not "Remember Me"
  23. Equipment integration starting to happen
  24. Dropping Virgin Partnership???
  25. R / PZ Avail changes depending on how you search flights
  26. Less Frequent Upgrades
  27. What happens to UA850 (diverted to SFO) on the 17th?
  28. Miles all posted, but EQM/EQS balances all wrong
  29. Miles, anyone?
  30. SWU Fare class question
  31. MileagePlus Chase Promotion?
  32. Upgraded Flights Posting with 150%/Incorrect/Zero Credit, and Incorrect PQM's
  33. Rules at new GS checkpoint in EWR C3?
  34. How do I book with Regional Premier Upgrades?
  35. Hawaii Opinion
  36. COPA questions re instant upgrade
  37. Upgrade with Miles
  38. For now, where is best place to complain about service issues (bags, delays etc)
  39. Award Change Fee
  40. RPUs are not clearing automatically either!
  41. Consolidated "Delayed/Cancelled" International Flights (2012/13)
  42. How rarely do SWU's clear EWR-TLV?
  43. Does UA let 1k's nominate someone to silver like US does?
  44. So, where are the credit card miles ?
  45. PMCO to PMUA Equipment Changes: IAH
  46. Issues printing boarding passes for lap child?
  47. Award Travel Question - Punta Cana
  48. Fog in Beijing causes misconnect at LAX btwn CA/UA , but tickets on separate PNR
  49. Houston CSRV; are you still there
  50. On Boarding Pass, "Gate: HOLD"
  51. On Boarding Pass: Gate: HOLD; what does that mean
  52. Itinerary on UA.com - just a glitch or a real problem?
  53. YCA on LH (UA Codeshare) Question
  54. Accessing the United Club at LAX When not Travelling on UA
  55. Award Travel on New Service to GNV
  56. Has Anybody Been Offered Any Y to A Buy-Ups Since The Conversion?
  57. award fare code on paid ticket -- another integration glitch?
  58. Should I wait for buy up offer or pay higher fare with GPU (R=0)?
  59. Germany is still divided!
  60. Email from [email protected]: Subject United Customer Care
  61. Maximizing UnitedPlus & BA Avios miles for RTW
  62. "New Policy" - Miles will NOT Post for 5 Days
  63. Moving Reservation from Inactive to Current on .com
  64. Holding an award ticket with United
  65. Numerous service problems with UA during my travels this year
  66. If you cancel an award how quickly do the points come back to your account?
  67. 15 March UA 240 [IAD-SAN] Returns to IAD
  68. UA vs US
  69. How to Find Int'l SWU(GPU) Upgrade Space for 3 people?
  70. Bad IAH Experience
  71. No Changes Allowed
  72. Upgrade Hierarchy
  73. air canada business or united business
  74. "Touch" reservation to reflect new status?
  75. What? Already accrued EQM & EQS get changed?
  76. How good is First/Business for ORD/HNL on 777?
  77. UA~Chase Choices Program
  78. 1st baggage free for travel companions when fares purchased with credit card?
  79. Acronyms used in forum?
  80. Best Lounge Options for UA/* Gold at IAD?
  81. Switching out a systemwide %off code for domestic cert equivalent
  82. UA Club passes - Can I use one even though I am on a different *Alliance Carrier?
  83. Comparison to US/AW migration.
  84. Why even bother contacting ‘UA Insider’ via Flyertalk, or call United Mileage Plus???
  85. 767-400ER Lie Flats Configuration
  86. Call center incompetency regarding layovers or am I missing something?
  87. Complimentary United Club membership for European G, P, and 1K?
  88. CDG Access No 1 broken?
  89. Emirates Launches DXB-IAD service September 2012
  90. MPM between LAX and BKK?
  91. Is there such a thing as an instrument-supported upgrade at the gate?
  92. New GS upgrade process (devaluation...)
  93. Does System Limitation Dictate Business Practice?
  94. Web site redirect loops?
  95. My upgrade cleared, but I'm showing seat assignment in First and Coach
  96. Abandoning 1Ks, "point of no return"
  97. Comments Made by UA's Jeff Smisek at JP Morgan Aviation Conference
  98. Delays in Mileage Posting
  99. How do I find a PMUA aircraft's reg. number based on aircraft # on flight status page
  100. True INdication of UA Concern of How Customers Feel
  101. What is the PQM-Earning Rule for MP When Flying a Codeshare on Other Carrier's Metal?
  102. Unknown reservation showing up to my future reservation list
  103. Flight post oddly: no 500 mile minimum, wrong segment count, no PQM?
  104. Miles+Copay TATL, what if only dom leg clears?
  105. UA PQM CON Game?
  106. Help save me 3 hours tomorrow morning (standby/upgrade priority)
  107. Despite my best efforts, I wasn't bumped off an overbooked flight today
  108. United expects 24% of award miles to expire or go unredeemed (and other data gems)
  109. Overheard comments made by CEO Smisek on the website and reservations ...
  110. Co-Pay to Domestic BusinessFirst for 1k?
  111. Introducing the "Untied" (sp) MileagePlus Presidential Plus (+) Card"
  112. Learning the new website: How to find SWUable fares
  113. A "cut and paste" reply from United Customer Service to my email
  114. Same Day Change Fees - Companions
  115. Global Entry Fee
  116. Any solution for booking flight where all coach seats are "blocked" (not sold)?
  117. "This flight segment can be confirmed. Please contact UA Reservations for assistance"
  118. Anyway to use a MileagePlus Explorer card retroactively for free baggage?
  119. Silver to Gold After OLCI
  120. When to arrive at airport for a delayed flight? How to account for un-delays?
  121. MR advice for a UA nobody
  122. Getting COPA (CM) Flight Credit for MP
  123. Thinking of Jumping Ship To Another Forum
  124. How Far in Advance to Book Saver Awards
  125. Customers vent on United-Continental switchover
  126. Question About Getting Spouse United CC
  127. Money Talks: CO & the Military
  128. Astonishing debacle. UGS thinking of defecting.
  129. 15-March: UA943 CDG-ORD diverts to LHR-lands heavy with no fuel dump
  130. A Phone Agent Insisted I could Un-Checkin Online?
  131. Refaring Question
  132. earning PQM on a Regional Upgrade
  133. Negative Premier Qualifying Miles Displayed in my Account?
  134. Direct Distance miles rather than miles flown
  135. Independant clearing of GPU for each segment
  136. Why am I still elite?
  137. Problem getting seat assignment on new site ("not sticking")
  138. UA Merger Changes in the light of the attached Article
  139. Routing question for international redemption
  140. Premier Access Boarding Pass?
  141. "Wasting" an SWU on a TATL flight when only domestic leg clears
  142. Computer problem cancels lots of United flights (SFO)
  143. Denied Lounge Access After Arriving on p.s. Flight to SFO
  144. Help booking reward flight with stopover/transfer/notsurewhatitscalled
  145. UA Insider "thank you" thread...add your appreciation!
  146. Can I Access the NRT United Club Upon Arrival From EWR in Business Class?
  147. Got my 25% Pres Plus Bonus and 150% EQM!
  148. 1K on USAir - *Gold Seating benefits?
  149. Waitlist expired for SWU supported UG?
  150. Is it possible to do ticketing at JFK?
  151. Economy Plus- Does anyone know when/if the 757-300 planes will be refitted?
  152. Equipment change - how are seats reassigned?
  153. HNL-DEN BusinessFirst?
  154. Can someone provide a simple overview of upgrade buckets under new system?
  155. Same day change + CR1 upgrade
  157. Same day change + CR1 upgrade
  158. Award ticket help & rules?
  159. Proposal:Use miles for E+
  160. UA Upsell Offers to Business/First at Purchase and Day of Departure (TOD) [Archive]
  161. Terrible Terrible Customer Service
  162. Consolidated "Waitlist for Award Seats Questions/Issues [ARCHIVE]
  163. Using paper travel credits post-merger
  164. The new United: no baggage fees and Premier Access
  165. 200$ to be an employee's companion?
  166. Is there any easy way to cancel a flight after checking in?
  167. US Miles not posting
  168. What to expect on new UA ORD-NRT-IAH?
  169. PQM purchase option
  170. When did the definition of "Premier Access" change for Silvers?
  171. Beware buy up glitch
  172. Unable to use Continental RewardOne Points on UA
  173. UAL stock - Does anyone think this is a good or bad investment right now?
  174. United/Continental miles
  175. How helpful is the NYC Ticket Office (in Penn Station)?
  176. MP Membership Delivery (Fraud?)
  177. "Delivery failed" to [email protected]
  178. No new flight activity shown since system conversion?
  179. Is it possible that the merger will mess up Global Services selection
  180. Segment mileage lowered since 3/3/2012?
  181. I got quoted in the Houston Chronicle on UA's shrinking mileage tables
  182. Horrible check in at ORD 3/11 (heads up for those who need to check in with a human)
  183. How to build EQS?
  184. Account problems /telephone problems
  185. Consolidated Connection time/logistics-Domestic & International at EWR {Archive}
  186. Advice: 1 hr maintenance delay posted 10 hrs before flight - should I SDC?
  187. New website: where are the details of upgrade redemptions?
  188. ps Y post-merger: only E+ eligible pax can get seat-assignments
  189. March Merger Madness
  190. Educating United agents about their policies
  191. Website indicates change to reservation, 1K desk says everyhting OK
  192. UK call centre plays long advert for the MP Explorer Card during hold
  193. Domestic US upgrades with miles & copay: website confusion
  194. UA Doesn't Show *Alliance Award Availabity SIN-ICN-SIN, but AC Does
  195. ewe - pvg 3/19 BF oversold?
  196. Canceling a RPU cleared reservation
  197. Global Services Checkin @ IAH
  198. Positive Post-Integration Experience with UA...
  199. More than 6 segments?
  200. Does web-support still exist?
  201. Large Block of Seats on UA Flights?
  202. Lost Status - Any Way To Buy Back Up?
  203. Any way to cancel a "Premier Instant Upgrade" on-line?
  204. Is cabin of UA Flights into EZE still sprayed with pesticide before landing?
  205. why does UA continue to fly those abysmal 763s to South America?
  206. "D" Fare, charged a change fee?
  207. Sponsored Upgrade - Waitlisted on CR1?
  208. E-Certificate and flight change?
  209. UA MileagePlus Cards - New Products?
  210. Chase ponies up 5000 miles
  211. Travel Certs Not Working?
  212. Anybody missing their February FEQM?
  213. 2P's How is the E+ Lottery?
  214. Why did United move to CO SHARES?
  215. Booked as Flexible, Receipt says NONREF
  216. Seating Advice (EWR to HKG with Infant) Continental 777-200ER
  217. What's the best way UA has tortured you with their buy-up program?
  218. SWU is still there even upgrade is confirmed!
  219. Do 500-mile minimums count towards challenge?
  220. Full-Fare Platinum Can't Get on Upgrade List
  221. Premier Global (SWU) on US Airways?
  222. Full Fare Platinum Can't Get on Upgrade List
  223. where to see posted miles/segments
  224. Equipment Change Seat Re-Assignment Dysfunctions!
  225. Booking with miles - going standby on same day flight
  226. Pres Plus eliminating flex miles? A friend indicated Chase rep told him this?!?
  227. can RT award be separated into its OW parts?
  228. How to claim miles flew on a partner airline?
  229. Novice question - anyone able to save me an hour on hold?
  230. Every FlyerTalker has a right to his or her opinion about the new UA, IMHO
  231. Flight challenge if didn't re-qualify for 1K?
  232. Award reservation never ticketed by UA, now missing segments.
  233. Do you get refunds when you BuyUp?
  234. 500miles for online booking?
  235. Change in award routing, UA will not giving me my miles back
  236. Consolidated "United SYD/MEL Flight Delays or Cancellations" Thread [2012]
  237. Missing the M-up for Plats
  238. Upgrade went to wrong flight
  239. missing EQM emails from [email protected]
  240. Cape Air (9K) - Earning miles, booking awards, elite benefits, ....
  241. Persisting Post-Integration Issues at United
  242. Ridiculous handling of 973 ORD-SFO
  243. Presidential Plus CC - Problems with Chase/United Communications
  244. New Mileageplus Rules for over ocean segments
  245. How does the new UA calculate fare difference/penalty for changes?
  246. Why would a GS vent on FT? Isn't there a red line to someone at United?
  247. Good IRROPs handling?
  248. Change routing on award ticket?
  249. I need a phone number for 1k customer relations.. can anyone help?
  250. New MP number with Hilton