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  1. Miles for companion?
  2. Cancellation fee on paid itinerary?
  3. Frustrating experience trying to get refund of miles & copay
  4. RTW Ticket Questions
  5. Award ticket not rebooked on other *A?
  6. Maintenance problem: flight returned to airport
  7. Premium Dining Upgrade 1st June 2012
  8. Stopovers and Open Jaws on United
  9. "DO I have Time to upgrade this passenger?
  10. Baggage fee change effective June 1 2012, $100 second bag fee to some international
  11. UA Said: PEK-IST is not internentional flight!
  12. United.com upgrade display
  13. Copa: PTY - VVI code?
  14. Award ticket advise
  15. Q1 MP statements are gone
  16. United Paid Business / First - Involuntary Downgrades
  17. GPU Waitlisted Delhi to Newark
  18. Global/Regional Premier Upgrades questions
  19. Help! UA Challenge w/o Current Status?
  20. How does Air France "Premium Economy" compare to UA TATL E+?
  21. Why Isn't my Name Showing on the Upgrade Waitlist?
  22. Mixed fare classes
  23. Help figuring out use of miles for a trip
  24. United Airlines flight #1337 ONE-HQS
  25. Can now book fully non UA flights on ual.com!
  26. [TARGETED] United MileagePlus Explorer Card: 50% Bonus until July 9
  27. Using United miles to book US Airways flights on United.com
  28. Work Purchased Ticket but I have the Chase CC
  29. Has any one been successful using UA miles to upgrade on Singapore?
  30. DOH-IAD w/ Y fare: Use miles?
  31. flight show 1R seat available but i'm still waitlisted for the upgrade!
  32. Is it true US isn't ticketing reservations with gift certificates until 72 hrs out?
  33. No more Lie-Flats IAH-NRT???!!!
  34. United Continental Sued by Black Pilots Alleging Bias
  35. R space available, #1 on the CPU list, should I call?
  36. flight nos. changing
  37. Strategies for BusinessFirst Upgrades with Miles
  38. Am I reading my fare info right?
  39. Award Tickets Status and Lounge Access
  40. Re-Booking Fees When Using UA Partners (not *A)
  41. Am I supposed to find the lounge on my own??
  42. Auto-appreciation emails for delayed flights?
  43. Procedure to get 2 free bags at check-in with United MileagePlus Explorer Visa card
  44. Not Eligible for Elite Upgrade? Huh?
  45. anyone ever upgrade explorer to club crad without credit pull with chase.
  46. No COS bonus on sub-500 mi flights?
  47. Silver - Paying for E+ before T-24/Upgraded to F - any refunds?
  48. M fare upgrade to C for 1K's
  49. SFO International UC: Two drinks? "I need to see one more person."
  50. EWR-YHZ 2-class cabin?? Since When?
  51. Same-Day Standby Instead of Upgraded Flight
  52. SFO-CDG in C - use AF & Elite Maximizer or fly with ual?
  53. New policy on ticketing a lap child?
  54. Question on Segment Cancelation
  55. Help! August 2012 trip to Florence or Rome
  56. If you misconect on last flight of the evening does UA give you a hotel voucher?
  57. Will MP let me book Qatar if both segs available with separates seaches?
  58. iphone upgrade list
  59. Does US offer 5-Star airport service for purchase like AA?
  60. Will UA enhance Economy Plus on A319/A320's to have Economy Wide?
  61. Best way to book this multi-continent trip?
  62. Policy to cancel one ticket when I booked two at the same time.
  63. Change departure city from DCA --> IAD
  64. ex-EWR transcon in F: Club access?
  65. New Employee customer service program
  66. booking flight that meets up with friend in another city?
  67. United gave me a sex change!
  68. What? No lounge access in Doha?
  69. How to book paid ticket & award ticket
  70. Lag time in Premier status level change?
  71. R availability differs per connecting UA/NH flight
  72. Stopovers and open jaw allowed on intra-Euro roundtrip?
  73. Maximizing United Airlines open jaw & stopover rules to Africa
  74. This is going to be one looooong flight
  75. How to Monitor Saver Award Availability?
  76. LH upgrades back on UA website -- but with a bug?
  77. How to contact specific club lounge directly?
  78. Reward Booking question: fare class (I)
  79. If a RPU-upgraded non-status pax does SDC to non-F, does baggage allowance remain 3?
  80. Award Trip on One PNR Split into Two-Why?
  81. Buy up to United First
  82. E+ charges for kids on award ticket (parents 1P)
  83. Bought award accelerator miles to krisflyer
  84. 5-28-12 UA 857 SFO-PVG took a detour?
  85. LH points b4 UA
  86. Constant "Acknowledge Schedule Change"
  87. In flight Wi-Fi on international flights ??
  88. Schedule Change on IAD to ZRH from 767-300 to RJ145
  89. United Seat Bumping
  90. United offering to sell me an upgrade when there is none..?
  91. Travel certs more user friendly
  92. First Time in BusinessFirst (SFO-LHR) - Questions About Service, Lounge Access, Etc.
  93. How many times do you have to press the FA button before you should get some help?
  94. Sometimes you really wonder ...
  95. United.com now only shows UA Club locations along with only link to *A
  96. Mileage Upgrades
  97. No longer showing as wailisted for upgrade
  98. Badly designed "Premier Access" signs for checkin
  99. Can Reservations Be Combined
  100. Domestic Red-Eye in F -- Would You Prefer Snack or Breakfast?
  101. again, IAH-EWR-BFS connect time
  102. Another United Fail
  103. UA award ticket iten change by UA
  104. Receiving updated premier credentials after reaching new status post 3/3
  105. Questions about UA117 and UA852
  106. Flight leaves 3hr earlier - what options do I have?
  107. BF Waitlisted, Miles not taken
  108. Upgrade international Y-C SURPRISE priority
  109. Big Problem ticketing, I need assistance
  110. Extended Network Lounges Gone from United.com
  111. KIX-PER-AKL one way possible?
  112. Was not allowed to volunteer for a Y bump when upgraded to F
  113. SFO - FRA UA 747 vs LH A380 in C?
  114. Will someone explain the caveat behind credit card deal?
  115. extend fare lock from 3 to 7 days?
  116. Rest of itinerary cancelled after first flown segment - United IT strikes again!
  117. Booking NYC to EZE question
  118. Changing an award itinerary
  119. Is SBUX back?
  120. booked intl F award, portion in Y now IN2
  121. COPA Upgrades for United members?
  122. Seat Assignments on US using UA Miles
  123. Are there any Americans still working for UA Customer Service?
  124. UA111 (lhr-ewr) Cancelled tomorrow, some questions
  125. UA Check-In Desk Mini-Meltdown @ DCA 25 May
  126. Chicago Tribune: Merger pains for United Airlines leave passengers hurting
  127. Auto-upgrade foulup loses both upgrade AND original seat assignment!
  128. 18-seat F cabin on PMCO 738
  129. UA 903 is a A330-300?
  130. Fully refundable ticket out of MNL to anywhere
  131. Upgrade question, it will clear? what is JN in expert flyer?
  132. Berlin tickets need to be reissued
  133. Chase UG/Companion/Award/Status
  134. Advice Needed - Equipment Downgrade to RJ145=No First Seating
  135. Mileage for Partner Flights? Help Please
  136. ualsurvey.com - would data help identify trouble spots?
  137. Best Award Ticket I Think I've Ever Booked
  138. What are the UA provided hotel options for misconnects at IAH?
  139. Widow of UA93 captain passes away...
  140. Anything Wrong with this Award Routing?
  141. Can't short-check bags knowing there will be mis-connect? Pulling bag out at IAH?
  142. EWR-SEA upgrades on fridays?
  143. EQM on UA codeshare with Qatar?
  144. Rough day for HNL-bound passengers from DEN
  145. 5% Off Code
  146. "Where is this aircraft coming from?" comes and goes on mobile.united.com?
  147. FLIFO - How does the data flow?
  148. ExpressJet Flight Time Estimates - Not an Exact Science...
  149. IRROPS - Reason Unclear - You get everything or nothing?
  150. Do Elite members get CPU (EUA/UDU) on International Flights?
  151. Even pmCO agents are confused about the system and procedures
  152. Does UA drop fares to meet AC?
  153. Going NYC to Shanghai, China. Help me add Stop overs & open Jaws Please
  154. Missing Mileage New Twist: UAMP credits me 2 flights I wasn't on...
  155. Connecting ORD-LHR-DUB on BD vs. EI. Any advantage?
  156. Refund after Cancellation
  157. So what's the secret to actually using MP upgrades from economy to business?
  158. Complaint about the baggage area at IAH E Intenational got me $100 voucher!
  159. UA options LAX-PUJ (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)
  160. Bluey ??
  161. Reservation Cancelled when RPU's credited
  162. Would you give up a short Int.leg in F for a RJ145 [email protected] destination 3 hrs earlier?
  163. Flying Econ on business ticket?
  164. United in the News/Blogosphere this past week
  165. Best deal on United Mileage Plus Club Card?
  166. rude comments just becoming the norm?
  167. Question re. Connecting flight
  168. United can't find a spare crew in ORD for nearly 4 hours???
  169. Use My Account to Buy Ticket and Upgrade for Others
  170. Trying to Decide Between UA [JFK-LAX-SBA] or US [JFK-PHX-SBA] in Economy
  171. Different results in UA and ANA *A award search
  172. Recording of UA First Class Customer being ignored by Customer Service in IAH
  173. United catering at DEN - Chelsea or LSG Sky Chefs?
  174. Baggage allowance on UA after US
  175. I Get the Upgrade But Not My Son?
  176. Million Miler Sues United [Judgment for UA Jan 2014] Judgment Affirmed Dec 2014
  177. Reason why I can't book this saver award?
  178. Itinerary appears changed - any way to look up original itinerary online?
  179. Luggage storage at United Clubs?
  180. Airport X cannot add me to standby list for airport Y
  181. How do the PMCO-style e-certs work if a flight is refunded?
  182. UA CEO Smisek letter to pilots
  183. Can I add a companion to the upgrade list online?
  184. EconomyPlus Access for More Than One Additional Passenger (Premier Gold Status)
  185. UA Customer Experience: Lost Wheelchair
  186. Difficulty finding awards to Brazil
  187. Getting Upgraded on a XN Booking
  188. Is this reported security breach the reason a chunk of my award miles are missing?
  189. Removing PHL leg from reservation?
  190. five award tickets, not enough points, split reservation?
  191. Snarky comment - should I report it?
  192. why are there so many connections from Japan to Guam?
  193. Elite benefits on UA while earning US miles?
  194. SFO -> JNB with LHR stopever
  195. One way and round trip on same res?
  196. Cuick OLCI Question
  197. "AC and NH cannot be used on this reward, only UA and US"
  198. United is charging me $0.38 to get my 1K Card this year.
  199. You can buy United miles for 25% less until May 31
  200. Defecting United flyers seem to choose American over Delta. Why is this?
  201. No travel waivers for Hurricane Bud yet?
  202. Loyalty has its rewards: think again.
  203. Please Bring Back UFCs!
  204. Which flight to pick from NRT to GRU
  205. Does anyone know if UA plans to bring back International Svc from JFK.
  206. AVOD online guide available?
  207. GPU confusing as hell!
  208. Upgrade email from UA: You've been upgraded but your seat is still in coach
  209. Refundable IAH Tix Destinations Suggestions
  210. where on new website can I link MP# and reservation?
  211. ANA Availability on ANA Website but not available to UA? And ANA vs. UA biz seat
  212. IAD United Clubs now open at 5AM
  213. Should we overentitled pay for FF miles like AirCanada
  214. Real Quick First/ BusinessFirst Award Question
  215. Changing FF details in reservation
  216. Advice on RPU/GPU use on SFO-HNL
  217. Lounge Access in ORD When Flying BusinessFirst to HKG?
  218. United Flights/Charters for Sports Teams (once 18XX, then 22XX, now 25XX}
  219. UA 55 from CDG canceled, where can I find out why?
  220. Upgrades when first leg is not operated by UA
  221. What are the odds I get upgraded on my USA-CDG flight?
  222. EWR - can I access the lounge in C3 when flying from Gate C90?
  223. Does United comply with the IATA interline Most Significant Carrier baggage fee rule?
  224. Long Lost/Forgotten shopping miles appear in account!
  225. What did you spend (revenue) on another airline that UA would have normally received?
  226. Does higher status = greater sense of entitlement since the merger?
  227. need help with specials booking
  228. UA Or LH in Biz as a UA tix?
  229. Fun new "feature": R, RN availabilty varies based on routing!
  230. Upgrade Question - Still earn miles?
  231. WSJ - United's Merger Turbulence Hits Elite Frequent Fliers
  232. Top WSJ.com Article: United's Merger Turbulence Hits Elite Frequent Fliers
  233. Do United First Class arrival passengers to FRA have an express line...?
  234. I want to be on the first UA 787 flight
  235. United to launch DEN-Grand Forks, ND
  236. DEN-HNL to become a 752?
  237. UA Mileage vs LH Miles and More + some questions
  238. How early to book an award ticket?
  239. Question about in-flight purchases with CC
  240. My Observation on Recent Flight Loads
  241. Status of IAH-AKL flights?
  242. Cannot book award with NH (ANA) metal, will not price online or on phone
  243. IRROPS Rebooked in Y
  244. GPU or 20K miles for SIN upgrade?
  245. How Does DL's Adding FL 717s and More 70+ Seat RJs Strike You UA Folks?
  246. Consolidated "Wait for this fare to drop?" "Buy now or later?"
  247. Asia, the US and Australia for 65k United miles
  248. UA is being affected by "McDonalds Syndrome"
  249. No traditional Annual Report for UA?
  250. Travel Planning Questions on UA from EWR in 2013