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  1. travel with TRT medication
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. suggest Foods that can enhance running endurance
  4. Fellow archers - checking in archery equipment
  5. CPAP Tag
  6. No refrigeration travel meals
  7. Exercise day today--Fitness Walking in Airports
  8. Surgical treatment in india
  9. Drugs (medicine) and flying
  10. Fitness and Health While Traveling
  11. Best choice for a pregnant
  12. How do you avoid potentially becoming ill while flying?
  13. Can you sign up a gym for a month?
  14. Staying in shape while traveling?
  15. Smart Running Shoes?
  16. Fitness Options at Airports Worlwide (add yours)
  17. Shortness of breath after flights
  18. Getting a little exercise on long trip
  19. Anyone heard of Sanctifly? Airport hotel gym membership
  20. Stand up paddleboarding
  21. Best mosquito repellent?
  22. Johnson's Baby Creamy Lotion for Mosquitos?
  23. Running for Road Warriors
  24. Working out on Road ?
  25. Exercise and gym during travel
  26. Best place for bodyweight workout in Newark?
  27. Finding nice runs in different cities
  28. Flying with a perforated eardrum
  29. rowing machines:Matrix vs Concept2
  30. Your Medical Travel Experience For My Dissertation
  31. C25K
  32. Swimming pool hygiene practices
  33. Please take a few minutes to paricipate in a survey on prospective medical toursts' o
  34. Runners toe. Any advice on how to avoid it?
  35. Yellow Fever Vaccination Cost (USA)
  36. Cosmetic surgery and treatment in Thailand
  37. Request to share experiences of 777 long haul cabin health related conditions
  38. abs roller recommendations?
  39. Frontline (PBS) Story on Supplements
  40. Travelers: Zika (and dengue, chikungunya) virus issues (2016)
  41. Costco discount on 24 Hour Fitness
  42. Fitbit goals
  43. PT/INR selftesting machines vs. local doctor / clinic when travelling
  44. is it normal to have blood in semen after a long 15-hour nonstop flight?
  45. Med tourism in Costa Rica
  46. Medical Traveller to Thailand
  47. Medical treatment abroad
  48. Lidocaine Patches and security?
  49. Masters swimming article in today's WSJ
  50. Medical tourism survey
  51. Medical Tourism - India, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore
  52. Moov Now
  53. Nudity in German Hotel spas!!!
  54. Information about travelling with a chronic disease
  55. Best National Gym Chain (USA)
  56. running while traveling
  57. Lost Yellow Fever Certificate - Get Booster or not?
  58. JFK-HKG: Sleep & Time Zone Adjustment
  59. Best hotel gym in the Americas
  60. Antihistamines and Alzheimer's
  61. Gymsurfing app
  62. The Traveling Ear Health / Eustachian / Sinus / Pressure / Etc. Thread
  63. Help with protection from extreme insect and mosquito bites In Sri Lanka?
  64. smartest way to travel with protein powder?
  65. 2015: The 10,000 step challenge
  66. Best pre-packaged food diet for road warrior?
  67. beachbody question??:)
  68. Good western US airports for a run
  69. Running Vacations/Tours - Recommendations?
  70. jet lag - preventing long haul jet lag
  71. Jet Lag Appsand
  72. how and when to sleep DFW to HKG
  73. Bed Bugs...hotel or airplane?
  74. Help structuring a gym routine
  75. Hotel gym in the tropics?
  76. New York City gym day pass
  77. Any runners from YQR!?
  78. Tube travel fitness
  79. Bike helmet for travel
  80. weekend trail running destination suggestions please
  81. Couch to 5K?
  82. Enjoying Fitness, Spa and Gorgeous Landscapes! Where: Carribean, Canary Islands?
  83. Virtual therapy?!
  84. High intensity interval training
  85. allergy reaction?
  86. Ebola end of the world?
  87. NYC best hotel/fitness center?
  88. Tips to Prevent Swollen Feet During Air Travel
  89. 2 Week Fitness Boot Camp Suggestions - Latin America or Suggestions
  90. How to track strength training
  91. how long for a bruise to heal?
  92. Hotel Towel etiquette
  93. Overactive bladder only on a plane?
  94. natural allergy remedies?
  95. City Running Tours - Guided running tours when on the road
  96. Hotel fitness room etiquette question
  97. Anyone have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction?
  98. Runners: how often, and how far do you run?
  99. Anyone here experienced/ using a Non-Allopathic Big Pharma health & medical system?
  100. localeikki, the traveling athlete's solution
  101. Inducing Niacin Flush to get Free Stopover
  102. Standalone natural disaster insurance
  103. Health clubs in airports
  104. The Swimming Thread
  105. Travel Insurance over 70
  106. Cold/Flu symptom relief?
  107. How not to get sick on planes
  108. Premature Ventricular Contractions
  109. Do airline meals contain enough calories for you?
  110. Tough Mudder
  111. Fitness classes?
  112. 5 ways to turn your hotel room into gym...
  113. How to manage travel and gym
  114. Healthy, Shelf-Stable or Non-Perishable Foods
  115. Frequent flying and marathon training
  116. ORD 5k / 10k Run on the Runway
  117. Good brochure on DVT for travelers
  118. Healthy Travel Summit
  119. Head ache while flying
  120. Broken Foot with Cast - What can I do for cardio?
  121. Post weight loss surgery
  122. X-Ray body scanners
  123. Disrupted internal clocks (jetlag) play role in disease
  124. Training Shoe Suggestions
  125. Fitness Activity Monitors
  126. Special meal onboard "fresher" ?
  127. YOGA
  128. Nutrisystem?
  129. 5 ways to lose weight
  130. Bike box recommendations
  131. Anyone ever gone on vacation for exercise?
  132. let's play guess my ailment!
  133. Probaclac
  134. Hash House Harriers
  135. No gym - long-trip -what to do?
  136. bouncing back from a disappointment?
  137. Medical Tourism
  138. Thyroid Issues?
  139. Does the YMCA have a "national" membership?
  140. side effect of donating blood?
  141. "I Need Gluten-Free" cards in 50 languages (Celiac Disease)
  142. Planning eating during long work days on travel
  143. Stop the Lunch & Learns!
  144. Unjury Protein
  145. Probiotics
  146. Omni Bicycle Clinic: What's wrong with my tire?
  147. Running Suggestions in New Orleans?
  148. Who brushes teeth with bottled water?
  149. Post-flight dizziness
  150. Cyber Monday - Polar RS100 - REI @ $59.99
  151. Glycemic Index diet
  152. Health Insurance with VISA
  153. Westjet refuses to take our training bikes to Jamaica
  154. Flyertalk has gotten into my head!
  155. Travel with PICC line
  156. 500 mile month.....
  157. Histamine anomaly???
  158. Do travel insurance plans cover prescriptions?
  159. How do you keep your gym clothes from stinking up your luggage?
  160. Break a sweat at the top hotel gyms
  161. Ironman Mont Tremblant
  162. Airport travel - a heated issue (how to keep cool)
  163. Anyone else using the Nike Fuel Band?
  164. juice cleanses
  165. New research sheds light on the physical effects of business travel
  166. Golf in Vegas?
  167. Running in Boston
  168. Tap water and ice in South America
  169. Losing too much weight during travel
  170. Air conditioning and hot weather & perspiration
  171. FlyerTalk Fitbit Fans group...
  172. Gyms on the road
  173. Blood sugar reading down when travel
  174. Anyone else have Plantar Fasciitis AKA Planters Heel?
  175. Massages when on the road...
  176. long run suggestions in Amsterdam?
  177. 5 fitness gizmos for athletic travelers
  178. Airport Gym Business Idea - Feedback requested
  179. Travelling on long haul with hemorrhoids
  180. Memory / Assisted care facilities / homes abroad
  181. Flying from US to Canada- Vitamins?
  182. Biking Season?!?! In March...wow
  183. Walking poles in hand luggage?
  184. flying with a bad cold
  185. 11 Foods That End Bad Moods
  186. Need a gym in NYC..upcoming week.
  187. planning meals well in advance?
  188. Lactic acid build-up due to travel?
  189. Great book related to exercise and mental state/capabilities
  190. Suggestions for a heart rate monitor
  191. Travel w. Distilled Water - CPAP Machine
  192. Shake Weight, Are they any good?
  193. 2012 Race Thread
  194. lifetime fitness
  195. Using your bodyweight: Calisthenics & Minimal Equipment Fitness & Workout Guides
  196. Best way to incorporate strength training into workout
  197. Exercises in the hotel room
  198. SQ421 -- how did the 5k go?
  199. What do you think about the food and the experience of eating on board?
  200. 2012 Resolutions
  201. Keeping weight off when travelling
  202. Bringing a bicycle into the USA? Homeland Security demands that you have a helmet!
  203. personal training in Dubai
  204. Passenger dies after eating inflight meal
  205. How I prevent colds/flu before flights
  206. LA hotel gives discount for walking
  207. How much fitness crap do you travel with?
  208. Anyone travel with a blender?
  209. How to boost the immune system during frequent travel?
  210. Dogs while out running
  211. Running After Marathon?
  212. Do you take the flu shot?
  213. Crossfit
  214. sprained ankle rehab?
  215. Help! . Staying healthy on the road
  216. P90x
  217. Interesting article on weight loss
  218. diet when sick
  219. A review on the Nike LunarGlide+ 3 , running shoes.
  220. Do you want to fly like these guys?
  221. A Runner's Tribute to Steve Jobs
  222. Anyone on Fitocracy?
  223. any particularly good running routes from downtown Seattle?
  224. Your Favorite Topical Pain Relief ?
  225. Is there life (flying) after CABG
  226. Do you eat 5-a-day?
  227. Do you eat healthy on planes?
  228. Hotels bring the workout to your room
  229. The cycling thread
  230. Weight Watchers e-tools - free to a good home
  231. Grrrr...stupid beach vacation....
  232. Fascinating study of diet and weight gain
  233. Emergency Contacts While Traveling
  234. Biking in Rome
  235. CNN: "With family life as goal, man drops 177 pounds"
  236. Running while traveling
  237. Health Clubs while Travelling
  238. Anyone try ART? (active release technique)
  239. help me find a new scale
  240. Losing weight when traveling?
  241. Do you have a special "binge"/"cheat" day?
  242. body adapting to new "diet"?
  243. Pregnancy and Travel to the UK
  244. I wish airports had gyms
  245. Filling and Flavorful Breakfasts
  246. Bowflex Heart Rate Monitor Watch $20 delivered
  247. knee band?
  248. Training for travel exercise - climbing mountains
  249. Depressed by lack of progress
  250. Does Permethrin have an expiry date?