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  1. Sao Paulo - looking for graffiti wall arts
  2. Amazon Burnig
  3. Any Brazilian beach/coastlines as good/better than Rio's Copacabana and Ipanema?
  4. Gold bullion theft at GRU
  5. Questions re. Iguazu & Buzios
  6. “The Edge of Democracy” documentary film on Netflix
  7. Embu das Artes - transportation
  8. Nova Lima: restaurant recommendations?
  9. Brazil itinerary advice please
  10. Visa not needed for US, Canadian, Japan and Australian citizens starting on June 17
  11. Sao Paulo Metro Tickets
  12. GRU intl->domestic, one ticket, collection of luggage?
  13. Uber - GRU
  14. Brazilian customs when you stay 16 hours due to transit at airport
  15. Big event(s) in Sao Paulo Feb 25-Mar -3?
  16. Visa question
  17. Current (2019) situation in Rio?
  18. Visiting Iguaçu Falls
  19. Short Connection in GRU
  20. Visa Issue for Brazilian Ports of Call
  21. Intl-Intl connection GIG
  22. attending a concert in Brazil
  23. Need help regarding transatlantic GIG connection from AEP-GIG flight.
  24. Connection time at GRU international->domestic
  25. CPTM Airport Express in operation?
  26. Norwegian plans Rio flights in 2019
  27. Uber does not work at SDU for short rides.
  28. GRU Layover Plan
  29. One day in Brazil. Which city?
  30. Why no direct flights from West Coast to Brazil?
  31. World Cup weekend in Rio
  32. Where to Watch 2018 World Cup Final in São Paulo
  33. Sheraton Grand Rio becoming a Marriott?
  34. Riocentro Conference - Where to stay?
  35. Travel buddy to Rio? June 29 - july 10
  36. Departing from GRU, can you go between T2 and T3
  37. Rio "mini do" anyone ?
  38. Brazil Visa- Difficult situation
  39. First Timer in Brazil - SAO/RIO/IGU/SSA
  40. Brazil- either Rio or Sao Paulo to Johannesburg
  41. Vitem I (cultural visa) - FBI background check?
  42. Where to get Rio 2018 airport bus
  43. Foz do Iguaçu (IGU) to Porto Alegre (POA)
  44. Is an offline transfer from Passaredo to SAA viable in 1h55?
  45. Getting from GRU to Campinas on December 24
  46. Rio hotel location recommendation
  47. GIG airport worker destroys gate 29 after suffering a breakdown
  48. Anyone here watch........."Brasil a Bordo" ?
  49. Ceará - suggestions for visit
  50. 7 hours in GRU - what to do?
  51. Finally open skies
  52. Getting UA MP benefits honored on Azul AD in Brazil?
  53. Any tourism guidance for Manaus?
  54. Uber from GIG
  55. Using 99 App in Brazil
  56. E-visas Available for Brazil
  57. Where to buy a Brazil SIM/Chip at GRU - Answer
  58. Priority Pass at GIG: Gol or Plaza Premium?
  59. GOL airlines carry-on rules: strict or lax?
  60. changing money at the GIG airport
  61. connection time
  62. Best use of points/miles from US to Brazil
  63. NYE in Rio
  64. Any tricks for buying intra-Brazil airfare/award tickets?
  65. Driving safety out of Brasilia
  66. Hiring a guide for an affordable Pantanal trip
  67. Airport Hotel GRU
  68. GRU Terminal 3 to 2 transfer Lanside
  69. Fingerprint
  70. GRU Lounge access - Brazil domestic
  71. Question: GRU Quick Connection Time Terminal 2
  72. Book a multi city ticket with 3 hours in GRU
  73. Rampant crime in Rio - absolute chaos!
  74. How things have changed in GIG for layovers.
  75. Walkable Brasilia?
  76. Where can I get Fumo de Corda/Rope tobacco in Brazil?
  77. Traveling to Brazil:expenses
  78. What's with the netting in the new GIG T2?
  79. Help with planning Recife area visit
  80. General strike in Brazil Friday April 28
  81. Delta check in counter hours at GIG
  82. Int'l to Int'l Connections At GRU Without Visa
  83. Which lounge at GIG: AA or BA?
  84. Sao Paulo airports
  85. Arrival at GRU T3: place to freshen up
  86. Transferring money from Brasil to US
  87. The Brazilian Recession is Over ! ?
  88. Separate tickets and visa-free transit at GRU?
  89. Rio-NY Aircraft
  90. GRU Layover
  91. Potential FT do in Brazil?
  92. Approx 9hr layover in GIG -- what to do?
  93. Rio to Ilha Grande to Iguazu Falls
  94. Where to buy Champagne in Rio?
  95. Favorite Hotel on Copacabana Beach?
  96. Pre-clearance potentially coming to GIG and GRU!!!
  97. Lounges at Rio Galeao (GIG)
  98. GRU VIP Assist
  99. Tourism Minister proposes to waive visa requirements for some nationalities
  100. 8hr layover at GRU - going into the city?
  101. Which lounge to choose at GRU?
  102. How to fly cheap with a lot of excess baggage domestic Brazil? (RIO -> BSB)
  103. Buying prepaid SIM card at GRU?
  104. Dual citizen, no Brazilian passport question
  105. Getting from Porto Alegre/POA to Sao Leopoldo
  106. Flights to South Africa
  107. Lounge access at GIG with UA's Gold or Priority Pass?
  108. New GOL lounge Guarulhos
  109. Getting to Iguazu falls from Porto Alegre
  110. JFK-GIG for NYE
  111. Why are all planes out of GRU so full in September?
  112. Star Alliance lounge access at GRU on arrival
  113. Trip to Belem
  114. Currency restrictions
  115. Transportation Tips for Rio airports
  116. Common phrases , english - airport lounge
  117. Going from CHG to GRU
  118. BRT at the Olympics in Rio
  119. Travelling to Rio and Iguazu Falls after Olympics (Safety)
  120. Paying with cash or card
  121. Azul - New York route?
  122. Best deal in Rio?
  123. Jogging at GRU airport
  124. Real Zika risk in Rio in the Winter
  125. Am I going to make it at GRU
  126. TIM store at GRU
  127. A June Night in Manaus
  128. 35 minutes transfer time at CGH
  129. Sao Paulo and Rio
  130. Conection in RIO (GIG-SDU)
  131. TAM transfer desk at GRU
  132. Need a place to store luggage at the GIG Airport
  133. Airport bus service to/from GRU
  134. Day trips near SP or Rio?
  135. Luggage collection?!
  136. Overnight layover in GRU. What's best?
  137. Data plan in Brazil
  138. AA suspends flights Miami to Recife & Salvador
  139. Looking for access to Lounge in GRU Tues Mar 29 (1730-20:15)
  140. American Consulate recommends that tourists do not visit slums in Rio
  141. GRU Intl to Intl connection, not on same ticket
  142. Connecting at SDU, how much time?
  143. Minimum connection time at GRU
  144. Formalities to visit Brazil
  145. When to go to Rio: Easter or May/June?
  146. GRU Connection Question
  147. Churascarria near GRU Airport
  148. Places to stay in Rio de Janeiro
  149. Private Guide in Sao Paulo
  150. Baggage checkin Domestic Flight Brazil
  151. Domestic Flight in Brazil
  152. Best way from the copacabana to "Pedra do telegrafo"?
  153. Transfer at GRU: ASU (TAM) to DXB (Emirates)
  154. GRU transit: duty free?
  155. Rio Carnaval: See part of Sambadrome parade and make 1 AM flight?
  156. Uber from Sao Paulo city to GRU airport?
  157. Zika Virus: CDC advises pregnant women to avoid 13 LA countries
  158. Brazil Visa: OK if in expiring passport if I have a 2nd passport?
  159. Recommendations for Rio de Janeiro
  160. Carnivals of Brasil
  161. RT vs. One-way tix to Rio & Sao Paulo
  162. Official - Visa Free Travel June 1 - Sept. 18 (US, CAN, AUS, JPN)
  163. Priority pass lounge access for domestic brazil flights?
  164. Suggestions for 9 days for repeat visitor
  165. Car rental with Localiza & GOL discount
  166. TIM Visitor SIM @ GRU T3? or anywhere?
  167. Brazil Visa in less than 72 Hours
  168. Everyone participating in the Olympic water games will enjoy being number one & two!
  169. GIG/GRU international to international transfer
  170. GRU -Terminal and Gate Name Changes
  171. Delta arrival GIG terminal?
  172. GRU luggage process and lounges
  173. visa processing time in Miami
  174. RIO airport guide - english
  175. Transfers from GIG to Copa, recommendations??
  176. AZUL no-show fee
  177. Getting from Santa Teresa to GIG in the afternoon
  178. Help with which lounge I can use at GRU transit
  179. change pounds in Brazil or UK?
  180. Rio trip - 2 days (suggestions appreciated)
  181. Stroller Gate check with TAM and GOL
  182. Rendezvous with a friend @ GRU--help with best location?
  183. Domestic to International connection - BSB
  184. 8 days in Rio Nov - advice on fittin in trip to Iguazu Falls?
  185. New Lounge in VCP
  186. GRU Airport Lounge
  187. Porto Alegre connection time?
  188. Using 2 Passports in Brazil
  189. Suggestions for GRU hotel with early flight
  190. Has anyone flown GRU-SDU on Azul with a United Codeshare?
  191. How to get cheap flights to northeast of Brazil?
  192. 36 hour layover, will be hungry
  193. Transfer from GRU to VCP?
  194. Sao Paulo for repeat / frequent visitors
  195. Solo Traveler - Rio for Weekend
  196. Azul Brazil Airpass: U$299/399 for 10/21 days' unlimited flying
  197. New GRU Terminal 3 Airside Airport Hotel !
  198. Requesting input for trip to Rio in October
  199. ? Visa needed if transiting at GRU Fast Sleep Hotel
  200. Minimum time GRU/GIG - domestic arrival to international departure
  201. Layover time in GRU on MIA-GRU-SDU?
  202. TAM reduces 8 to 10% domestic operations
  203. What to do on long layover at GRU?
  204. Rio Carnival 2016
  205. A bit of Brazil to SEE
  206. Just two days - Iguacu or Rio and Iguacu
  207. Conference in Belo Horizonte
  208. Short connection at GRU
  209. booking brazil domestic flight, CPF ,foreign credit card
  210. GIG: Lounge options not obvious
  211. Brazil may exempt Americans from visa requirement to attend Olympics
  212. TAM domestic in-flight service
  213. Passport Fine (On Exit) for Losing Immigration Card
  214. ITA (itasoftware) & TAM airline prices
  215. SIM card for Rio trip
  216. GRU Airport Transportation
  217. Relaxing, low key towns near Sao Paulo?
  218. GRU day lounge/hotel for crew on private travel?
  219. Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes -- if this is smart, what is stupid?
  220. Petrópolis Day Trip
  221. Best Airline from GRU to RIO??
  222. Rio private tour for 9 - recommendations?
  223. American Airlines Lounge at GIG
  224. Europe-GRU-Europe in 48 hrs plus some questions...
  225. Possibility of Brazil Visa Processed Early (NYC Consulate)
  226. Suggestions for 15-hour airside layover in GRU
  227. Be very careful in Major Brazilian cities
  228. Natal + Fortaleza airport transport
  229. Florianópolis -- any suggestions on what to do there?
  230. Hand Sanitizer forbidden?
  231. Connecting at GRU
  232. 15 hours at GRU. What to do?
  233. Looking for early check-in advice on GRU day stay hotel
  234. Rio hotel with very early check-in?
  235. NYC to GIG Questions
  236. GRU to Grand Hyatt
  237. Getting to Ilha Grande... or somewhere else?
  238. any Brazil based wine lovers...?
  239. Driving from CGR to Bonito
  240. Two full days: Rio, Iguazu or more time in Bahia?
  241. How many days in SAO vs RIO
  242. Shipping items to Brasil
  243. Rio Olympics
  244. VCP, UA, and AD
  245. Lounge Access at GRU
  246. Rio de Janeiro weather 6-13th March
  247. New and future hotel openings in Rio
  248. Connecting at GIG - T2 to T1
  249. Best case scenario: GRU T3-T1 transfer in 1 hour doable?
  250. Connecting at GRU