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  1. Best case scenario: GRU T3-T1 transfer in 1 hour doable?
  2. Connecting at GRU
  3. Connecting T3 T1 at GRU
  4. Declaring Goods in Brazil
  5. GRU Transfer T3-T3
  6. GRU T1 to T3
  7. Going to Rio with my son - Sheraton or J.W. Marriott?
  8. Would my passport still admit me to Brazil?
  9. 6 Hrs in GIG
  10. Brazil air traffic controller strike - Jan 22?
  11. Manaus cruise to airport transfer
  12. Banking?
  13. SFO - Brazil help (maximizing points)
  14. SFO to RIO, Mexico City layover, customs?
  15. International-to-International Transfers at GRU?
  16. Getting from VCP to São Paulo
  17. TAM purchase with PayPal - no CPF - REALLY WEIRD problem, help much appreciated
  18. Visiting Iguazu Falls from Argentina
  19. Two weeks with three kids - what to do?
  20. Rolling the dice with a tight connection in GRU
  21. GRU layover customs process
  22. Where to Hear Choro Music
  23. Transfer from GOL to TAM at Sao Paulo CGH - security?
  24. Transiting JNB-GRU-SDU
  25. Flight confirmations?
  26. Connection Time in GRU
  27. Brasilia trip, where else to visit (besides Rio, SP)?
  28. where to stay in Rio and IGU
  29. Visa Required for Same-day Turn in GRU from USA?
  30. Exchange in Iguassu Falls
  31. Any plans for Delta to move to Terminal 3 at GRU?
  32. Any issues using the last few days of a business visa?
  33. AF442 unscheduled stop over in BR-Natal
  34. Connecting UA to Azul
  35. Award tickets for GRU, CGH or GIG next summer?
  36. Canadian and Polish dual citizen travelling to Brasil
  37. Porto Alegre and vicinities
  38. TAM Seat Assignment
  39. Why only coach class in Brazil?
  40. GRU shuttle vs taxi
  41. Need help on a GRU transfer.
  42. Flying with alcohol OUT of Brazil
  43. 16 Hours Transit at GRU Airport
  44. Help required for a Transit Stay at GRU
  45. GOL sale this weekend
  46. How to get from MIA to RIO cheapest?
  47. GRU T3 T2 transfer
  48. United Club at GRU: gone? moved?
  49. 5 Days in Rio (GIG), 3 Days in IGU next week! :)
  50. Brol Brazil Airpass
  51. Arriving in Belo Horizonte Confins
  52. One World - TAM award flights
  53. New Management for GIG
  54. Spending the night at GRU
  55. Fares Brazil-US just went up by 50%
  56. Need help with Brazil itinerary
  57. 11hr connection GRU, Fast Sleep?
  58. Flights to Punta (PDP)
  59. GIG arrival area - where are bank ATMs?
  60. T-Mobile Unlimited international data & text in Brazil
  61. Terminals 1+2 in GiG
  62. First time in Brazil - itinerary
  63. Hotels in Rio
  64. Money!
  65. Flying To Brazil from Miami
  66. Cash at Rio Airport
  67. GRU Intl to Domestic connection during the Cup
  68. Azul Airline Belo Horizonte-Confins
  70. Used Corcovado Tickets
  71. Business lounge in Manaus
  72. Int'l transit thru GRU: T3 question
  73. Brazil honeymoon ideas 7-8 days
  74. Belo Horizonte connection time
  75. Connection Flights TAM
  76. Taxis Rio watch fares
  77. Roof collapse at Manaus airport
  78. day trip to IGU + MAO
  79. GRU Terminal 3 opens
  80. air canada yyz - gig direct
  81. Connection time domestic to int'l at GRU
  82. Prepaid SIM cards at GIG or in Rio?
  83. Best Airline Rewards Brazil-USA?
  84. Carry On Baggage Liquid Restrictions
  85. IlhaGrande-->Ilhabela-->Sao Paulo
  86. Less wait at GIG or GRU immigration?
  87. Iguazu Falls: 2nts/3days, thoughts?
  88. Accommodation cuiaba during the World Cup
  89. AZUL announces Brasil-US flights
  90. Buying WC Tickets from Second/Third Parties
  91. Additional World Cup Ticket Collection Points
  92. Gol Lounge at GRU: any imporvements in the past year?
  93. Iguazu falls: Brazil vs Argentina : Hotel Cataratas vs Sheraton
  94. Worth doing a day in Sao Paulo?
  95. GRU Int'l Transit
  96. World Cup DO
  97. Traveling US-Brazil before new permanent residency card arrives
  98. honeymoon planning- World Cup, beach
  99. How strict is the 7-hour TWOV limit?
  100. Best websites for Apartments in Brazil
  101. Consulate processing time for a Brazil visa?
  102. Cool Rio de Janeiro 'tilt-shift'video
  103. Where to stay in Sao Paulo?
  104. GOL or TAM
  105. Limos at GRU, GIG, other places? Cuiaba?
  106. Sao Paulo connection - CGH or GRU?
  107. Where to Get Sambodromo Tickets?
  108. is there a all you can fly within Brazil ticket?
  109. Travelling from Iguassu -- Connections
  110. Sugar loaf Recommendation
  111. For those who have been to Iguazu Falls
  112. Pantanal tour operator recommendation
  113. what should I expect to pay for ticket from USA to Brazil during the World Cup ?
  114. My fun 12 hours spent at the GIG airport
  115. 6 hour layover at GIG...Leave terminal 2 or not?
  116. Hello Brasil!
  117. Carioca Semifinal match Rio - Questions
  118. Lounges outside security at GIG (for arrival)
  119. How much alcohol can be brought?
  120. Can I get miles from redeeming tickets with credit card points?
  121. Car rental in Natal
  122. Driving from Recife to Fortaleza
  123. Besides Rio and Sao Paulo, whats 3rd best place to visit in Brazil?
  124. United 860 GIG-GRU-IAD - Change in Schedule?
  125. Any way for a US citizen to avoid/workaround Brazil Visa reciprocity fee? [NO]
  126. Gol or TAM transfer from Delta at GRU
  127. Fortaleza Airport Reforms: 3 year delay
  128. A Brazilian's Pictoral Guide to International Visitors to Brazil for 2014 World Cup
  129. Sao Paulo Neighborhoods
  130. Looking for a decent hotel in Rio
  131. Travel Agent, Brazil
  132. Extra flights during WC [World Cup]
  133. World cup accommodation/camping
  134. June 29, 2014 - Help finding reward ticket from Rio or Sao Paulo to Greensboro, NC
  135. Only Brazilians allowed in TAM exit rows?
  136. Brazilian Bank Machines
  137. Minimum Connecting Time in Brasilia (BSB)
  138. Rio Airport (GIG) Question
  139. Another possible flight option between the U.S. and Brazil
  140. Brazil Chief Of Staff Says Foreign Airlines Under Consideration For 2014 World Cup
  141. Brazil World Cup Sticker Shock and Itinerary Help
  142. Travelling to Brazil with dual nationality - do I need a visa?
  143. GOL comfort class
  144. GRU long layover - what to do and storage?
  145. Short-Term Apartment Rental in Cuiaba
  146. TAM bus from GRU to CGH with stopover?
  147. Golden Tulip bought the Marina Palace Hotel
  148. Question: Congonhas (CGH) Airport Transfer
  149. Domestic, then intl. flight w/overnight layover
  150. Potential Good News for GIG
  151. changing currency in GRU: min $ required?
  152. GIG VIP Club
  153. GRU: connecting on separate tickets International/Local
  154. Brazil contemplates changes to visa requirement for Americans
  155. No A/C in GIG Terminal 2
  156. Best Banking Options for Brazilian 4 Mos Overseas
  157. Positive Experience with lounge access at GIG
  158. How can I purchase a domestic air ticket as a foreigner?
  159. Going to RIo - Why no AA Business miles avail
  160. Under a grand to Brazil?! Crazy deal or will it come again later?
  161. Question about customs at GIG
  162. GRU International to International Connection
  163. Salvador pousada suggestion
  164. Question about GRU Entry and Luggage
  165. Another GRU connection question
  166. Foz do Iguacu worth the US$160???
  167. Belo Horizante restaurants
  168. Brazil to EZE - looking for FT Courier.....
  169. New Admirals Club at GIG?
  170. Transit Visa
  171. Hilton or Intercontinental in Sao Paulo?
  172. New Hotel at GIG
  173. Need Help with Brazil 8 day Itinerary
  174. Best way to get to GRU from Rio for night intl. flight
  175. GIG - Thoughts on terminal transfers
  176. Transit in GRU
  177. How fast can I get a visa for Brazil if I go to the Consulate in Boston?
  178. Iguazu Tours
  179. 12 hours in GRU
  180. CPQ airport to Sao Paulo
  181. Santos Dumont Airport (SDU)
  182. Foz de Iguacu Border Crossing: Beware of... not getting passport stamped on entry
  183. Gig,modest hotel for weekend stay.
  184. 11 hour gru transit - Canadian citizens
  185. Places you'd pick from this list to visit in Brazil
  186. Transfer Desk at GRU? TAM Int'l to UA Int'l Connection
  187. Looking for Sashimi by Kilo Copa or Ipanema
  188. What does subsequent entry to Brazil like?
  189. Brazil's Airports ground employees strike
  190. Beware of Copacabana Transit Interdictions
  191. Brazil / Argentina - border crossings by LAND
  192. short time between flights (GRU): do we have to run? :)
  193. International connection times in GRU?
  194. One Way Flights - Very expensive
  195. Best airline GRU to DEN. Can't stand United anymore.
  196. Special Attention getting to GRU July 11 [2013]
  197. Salvador - where to stay?
  198. GRU in transit - louge question
  199. transfer GRU to CDH
  200. GIG in transit - lounge situation...?
  201. 20% off flight to brazil on AA
  202. Safety, anything else I need to know?
  203. Brazil Easter 2014
  204. I have a 20% off coupon for flights to/from Brazil on AA, free to anyone who wants it
  205. Does the current protest interrupt daily life?
  206. 1 day at Iguazu Falls, Please help plan
  207. Cheapest way to get visa for Brazil
  208. Delta/Skyteam Lounge at GRU?
  209. Where to stay in São Paolo?
  210. Is the Fastsleep hotel airside at GRU?
  211. LAX to GIG redemption
  212. Do flights ever go on sale from US to Rio later in year?
  213. Iguazu Falls - half day
  214. GRU Connection
  215. Sao Paulo (GRU) Helicopter Transfer
  216. Suggestions for one day in Sao Paulo
  217. Any Brazil based bloggers on Flyertalk?
  218. 6 hr layover in GIG, Whats there to do other than waiting?
  219. Brazil to loan $176 million for airport work
  220. Import Duty in Brazil for Traveling Tourist / Researching Writer?
  221. Going from Iguassu in Brazil to Paraguay
  222. Rio this June
  223. Help with Lost & Found at GRU
  224. Flight from Rio de Janeiro
  225. Rio Carnival 2014 Dates?
  226. LAX-GRU non-stop starting in November
  227. AF/KL reducing number of code shared flights with GOL??
  228. using miles for domestic flights in Brazil
  229. Brazilian Economy?
  230. Where are ATMs on arrival at GIG?
  231. IGR-IGU transfer
  232. Connection time and other questions
  233. Why so low carry-on limits or Brazilian airlines?
  234. Brazil Visa Question
  235. Brasil Travel Websites Don't Allow MultiCcity
  236. Inexpensive tours in/around Manaus
  237. Weather in Brazil
  238. Anybody have been to Porto Alegre(POA)?
  239. So, just how expensive is Rio for a vacation?
  240. Customs/Immigration Time at GIG
  241. ATM cash withdrawals using international cards
  242. Brazil Airpass, price?
  243. GRU flight connection time
  244. A couple of Rio questions please
  245. GRU Transit
  246. Sheratons at Rio - which one to choose?
  247. Showers at GIG
  248. Rio hotel advice please
  249. Brazil World Cup 2014
  250. Transit with mexican passport. Please help.