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  1. Covid 19's effect on regional (TER) trains in France?
  2. sbb saver day pass pricing after June 8, 2020
  3. SBB 6 PACK DAY CARD expiration issue
  4. Club Eurostar Extension to Membership Year?
  5. Eurostar: train cancelled but no refund?
  6. DB Deutsche Bahn Refunds or Vouchers
  7. sbb refunding "tickets" purchased through mobile or on line
  8. Help with refund of Thalys ticket purchased via SNCF
  9. Trains between Zurich and Milan(o) Centrale
  10. Help with Deutsche Bahn ticket
  11. Baku - Tbilisi - Yerevan
  12. connecting in Bern, Switz. on Sunday around 6 pm
  13. Nightjet Vienna-Venice
  14. OBB Nightjet new cars?
  15. Booked Paris-Brugge but Thalys ticket only shows Paris-Brussels
  16. Thalys -- Brussels/Paris for E25 each way if booked by 18 Nov
  17. OBB Railjet booking late Dec 2019
  18. Zurich HBF rail timetables question
  19. Venice to Rome
  20. Baggage on Railjet Business Class
  21. 3.5 hr train delay = compensation...?
  22. Global rail travel forum?
  23. Eurostar - Increased requirements for Carte Blanche
  24. DB Purchase - Your data is not complete error.
  25. Disneyland Paris to London St Pancras - seats availability
  26. ICE 1st Class - No Seats Available for reservation -- Should I worry?
  27. UK out of Interrail from Jan 2020
  28. Problems Purchasing Mixed Ticket on Oui.sncf
  29. Thalys first class AMS-CDG for €32 (cannot ticket)
  30. Skipping first of two trains on restricted ticket?
  31. UK travel agent for rail bookings?
  32. Frankfurt to London Train Questions
  33. TGV Refund process vs CC dispute for TGV canceled train
  34. Copenhagen to Stockholm by train
  35. Swiss Rail Pass - Rail Europe
  36. How to buy SNCF/OuiTGV Advantage card in US?
  37. Getting to Bern from GVA
  38. Eurostar London to Amsterdam, stop at Rotterdam
  39. Collecting train ticket at LHR-T5?
  40. CDG to Brussels ticketing question
  41. Help with itinerary Netherland, Switzerland, Italy
  42. Eurostar Standard Prem ticket change
  43. Any reason not to take an OBP?
  44. OBB Nightjet: How to Book Deluxe Sleeper?
  45. No AVE from Barcelona to Madrid in June?
  46. Zurich to Klosters
  47. Escalators/Elevators at Ealing Broadway Great Western Railway station
  48. England: Chunnel to France/Belgium then Eurorail through Europe?
  49. Other options besides Eurail?
  50. Switzerland Trip Help Needed
  51. Odd question re SNCF booking
  52. Best Train Options: Paris CDG to Bruges
  53. Train from Vienna airport to Bruneck, Italy
  54. Thalys Boarding Mid-Journey
  55. SNCF Advent calendar
  56. Renfe Rail Pass vs Individual Tix
  57. Seat Map for ICE-4
  58. Carte Blanche shortfall
  59. Taking advantage of DB's stops feature
  60. When are DB and Thalys Tickets Released?
  61. No direct trains between Schiphol and Amsterdam Centraal on 9/15
  62. Renfe and Fiesta Nacional
  63. Train travel requirements - Germany
  64. sbb saver day pass VS Leisure Travel Card ques.
  65. from AMS to Europe for 10 days
  66. Krakow to Prague - Best way to go
  67. Transferring a one-way Thalys ticket to my husband
  68. BritRail M-pass
  69. USA Today: 10 European routes where train is faster than flying
  70. Passport, baggage check in Domodossola
  71. Sarajevo-Bihać Reinstated
  72. Cannot book Thalys/TGV on certain days
  73. Is Thalys Comfort worth 2X the price of 2nd Class seats from Paris to Dortmund?
  74. No Thalys trains on weekends in September.
  75. PKP Lounges in Poland?
  76. France rail strike- Reliably over June 28th?
  77. Portugal Rail AP/IC 2018 summer timetable
  78. Why won't SNCF book this trip? (now within 60 days)?
  79. Thalys Lounges
  80. Deutsche Bahn and Spar tickets
  81. If My Flight is Late and I Miss a Discounted Fare European Train, I'm SOL, Right?
  82. Eurostar London Lounge
  83. Thalys E-ticket
  84. Eurostar Paris Lounge: When is the cocktail bar open?
  85. Bizarre seat & class reassignments on Eurostar
  86. SNCF Strike and London-Paris Trains
  87. Vienna to Munich
  88. Krakow Poland to Prague by rail
  89. Thalys: How to select forward-facing seats at time of purchase
  90. Eurostar 9128; 10 March
  91. Luxembourg to Mannheim - best options?
  92. July- hamburg to berlin to prague to vienna
  93. Flam Railway - CAN NOT book oneway Myrdal to Flam?
  94. Train from Schiphol to Leeuwarden
  95. Eurostar launches direct London-Amsterdam route, 3h41m, 2x daily from 4 Apr 2018
  96. Do you have to take liquids out of your bad to get through Eurostar security ?
  97. RENFE Spain Pass
  98. Madrid to Seville Fast train?
  99. Trenitalia - change reservation
  100. RENFE's AVE 25 EUR anywhere sale - book tonight, 22/12
  101. DB BAHN: Munich to Berlin on ICE
  102. Compra Múltiple - Multiple Train Ticket Spain
  103. Hotel Train Lisbon-Madrid
  104. sbb saver day pas
  105. Train line app and fares in Switzerland
  106. Bought 1st class ticket ob OBB RJ, can travel in 2nd class
  107. GoEuro website
  108. Thalys Semi-Flex Exchange
  109. Train: Horgen to Geneva
  110. EuRail query -- most traveling in 2 countries but transiting via a third
  111. Flying into Amsterdam on a Friday; Need to be in London Tuesday. WWYD?
  112. Eurostar New Frequent Traveller Scheme
  113. Book tonight: Renfe25 sale. 25 EUR one-way tickets for AVE and Alvia trans
  114. Eurostar SNAP!/Sale
  115. Serious service interuption in southwest Germany
  116. Luggage storage in Faro, Portugal
  117. Connecting Brussels Gare du Midi to Brussels Luxembourg
  118. Thalys departure from Schiphol
  119. London to Vienna in the 1980s
  120. Quick question re: OBB train schedule
  121. How early to book trains?
  122. France, Switzerland, and Germany in a day!
  123. Thalys Cologne to Paris
  124. Porters/Luggage at VIE
  125. Flying to FRA, train to Paris, when/how to book?
  126. VIE to Salzburg train question
  127. Danish Railways and European trips
  128. Lille Europe
  129. Help: trying to book train tickets on Mtr Express, Sweden
  130. Wassen Church on old Gotthard route (Switz.)
  131. Punctuality of DB-Swiss trip
  132. Avignon TGV to CDG to US : Advice Request
  133. France - how to get luggage delivered from "lost and found"?
  134. Belgian Trains
  135. Verona to Maranello
  136. SNCF Senior+ discount card questions
  137. Re : Trains Düsseldorf to Hagen
  138. Zagreb to Vienna Train - Early Sept
  139. SBB nicety
  140. Spain Night Train - Granada to Barcelona or Fly?
  141. Advice train VIE-PRG
  142. Early October: Where To Settle In (French-Speaking), Using Paris Airport, 5 days?
  143. Karlsruhe HBf to Karlsuhe Bahnofsvorplatz
  144. Spanish Intercity Trains?
  145. Milan to CDG
  146. bourg st maurice to frankfurt
  147. Munich Airport to Salzburg
  148. Eurostar from London St. Pancras
  149. Italian Train Stations should I use?
  150. New Eurostar lounge at Paris Gare du Nord
  151. No Thalys PAR-BRU trains on 28/4?
  152. Spain Renfe questions- thank you
  153. Most Scenic rail route from Strasbourg to Vienna
  154. Train from Berlin to Warsaw
  155. Eurostar Paris to London
  156. Luxembourg to Trier train fares.
  157. Stockholm to Oslo by train & Norway in Nutshell booking
  158. Eurostar joins Inter-Rail - pass fares from €30/Standard, €38/Standard Premier
  159. Germany - machine takes Money, does not print Ticket
  160. Thalys - refund according to 1371/2007, where to apply?
  161. Bulgaria - train tickets
  162. Vienna to Salzburg and Return?
  163. New, cheap train to Ukraine from Poland
  164. (US) Eurostar Standard Premier Cyber Monday sale - LON-PAR from $80 OW
  165. Eurostar Business Premier Refund
  166. Bavaria Ticket with kids
  167. Accessing Pullman Restaurant from Standard Class on GWR?
  168. CDG->Paris
  169. Brussels, Bruges, Paris
  170. Riding "local" Monteux to Laussane issue
  171. Schiphol to Zwolle with stop in Amsterdam
  172. Thalys TheCard - questions about benefits when travelling with non-cardholders
  173. Broad questions for Florence to MXP train???
  174. Overnight train from Milan to Paris
  175. Porto -> Lisbon by Train?
  176. Zurich HB transfer time of 8 minutes, enough?
  177. Joining a train at a stop after that ticketed
  178. Best place to buy train tickets
  179. Rail Advice for Planning Trip to Germany and Italy
  180. Need rail advice Milan-Geneva-Zermatt-Laguno/Lake Com
  181. Help with Zürich to Paris, then Paris to Amsterdam
  182. Overnight trains from Zurich to Budapest
  183. Train AMS-ANtwerp
  184. 1st or 2nd class train travel
  185. Marne la Valle to CDG
  186. Munich -> Innsbruck -> Rome -> Munich> Help me come up with the best plan?
  187. GWR New IEP Train
  188. Thalys TheCard for TGV/SNCF travel?
  189. travel as group of 6, driving or rail ?
  190. Travel -1st time as backpacking group of 2 adults-4 teen
  191. swiss rail note re 1st class
  192. Swiss rail question
  193. Swiss travel question
  194. Belgian Rail Strike? -- June 2016
  195. Eurostar Cart Blanche Elite?
  196. 22 days with eurail global pass
  197. Virgin Trains -- Can I exchange for a earlier time?
  198. 20th Anniversary Thalys - €20 sale on May 20th
  199. Eurostar Frequent Traveller start expiring 30 Sep 16
  200. Swiss/German border near Schaffhausen
  201. Eurostar - Paris to London - ontime? delays?
  202. Train/MXP connection planning question??
  203. SNCB / NS machines
  204. Germany Train help!
  205. Credit card payment on Austrian Railways website
  206. Braunschweig to Berlin ICE Construction - does it impact IC/ENO?
  207. Train logistics help?
  208. London St. Pancras International to Milano Porta Garibaldi
  209. Night trains in Italy
  210. Deutschland Pass
  211. Train from AMS - LUX
  212. Izy - a new lowcost highspeed train between Brussels and Paris
  213. Have ScanRail Pass. How do I book Finnish sleeping car beds online?
  214. Euro-Rail Discounts through credit-card program?
  215. Zagreb - Ljubljana
  216. Frecciarossa
  217. Dus-Datteln planning
  218. NEW Gotthard Tunnel set to open June 1, 2016
  219. Helsinki to Rovaniemi NightTrain Berth No.s
  220. Everything about trains in Portugal
  221. Brussels to Liege - Reservation vs. 10-Trip
  222. cannot book eurostar on uk site
  223. Airlines win: DB throws in the towel - end of European night trains?
  224. Leaving luggage at Amsterdam Centraal
  225. London Spezial by DB?
  226. Budapest to Salzburg via OBB Website
  227. train from Glasgow to Edinburgh in mid-February 2016
  228. Bruges to London via Train
  229. Belgian Railways strikes 6th and 7th of January 2016
  230. BCN to AMS
  231. looking to go from london to paris to Amsterdam
  232. New Thalys Security in Paris starting December 20th
  233. New Eurostar e320 trains now in service
  234. Renfe Preferente meal question
  235. CartaFRECCIA
  236. How to Find Lithuanian Train Information
  237. Paris to London Booking Site
  238. Lunchtime on Paris-Amsterdam Thalys Train?
  239. Venice Simplon Orient Express
  240. Britrail pass - reservations in advance?
  241. Buying a UK railcard online with a US billing address?
  242. Photo Trip Report: Paris - Berlin in a Sleeping Car Train
  243. TGV 2369 Test Train fire & derailed Vic. Strasbourg - 5 dead (Nov 2015)
  244. 11.000 Thalys tickets for 11 euro - Tomorrow 9h CET
  245. Munich-Rome City Night Line equipment any change?
  246. Amsterdam to Brussels
  247. Refugees and the train stations in Vienna and Munich
  248. Tbilisi to Yerevan-odd/even days?
  249. ZVV day passes
  250. Thalys finally improving the onboard WiFi!