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  1. Nice/Monaco Rail or Air?
  2. Welcome to Airport Railways of the World
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  8. Heads Up: SNCF strike 26 May 09
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  11. DB Mailing Question
  12. It's the stations, not the trains!
  13. Italy, Switzerland, France - cross border confusion
  14. Spain: " estrella" rate is usually cheapest?
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  16. Major new Thalys announcement coming
  17. Unable to reserve a seat only on db.com
  18. New Thalys 1st class
  19. Zurich to Salzburg
  20. Switzerland (Basel) to Italy
  21. National Express East Coast have a sale
  22. Swiss rail strike?
  23. Rail from CDG to Brussels midi
  24. Left Luggage Facilities at Lille?
  25. Rail Europe $125 5 day 3 country railpass
  26. Help with booking train for London-Bath from US
  27. Eurostar to have a sale?
  28. ITA Software Prices One-Way Eurostar Ticket at $88; eurostar.com $175-where can I buy
  29. 6 Deutsche Bahn Tickets 160 € via Tchibo / Jun 15 - Aug 30, 2009 / sale starts May 3
  30. FRA to DUS on ICE where?
  31. TGV Connection at CDG
  32. Friday Afternoon Thalys Beer tastings!
  33. Best options to get from Amsterdam to Paris
  34. I know Swiss trains are punctual, but am I being silly?
  35. Serbian Rail
  36. Berlin to Poland overnight : DB/PKP
  37. Thalys: question about collecting tickets from station.
  38. German trains 29€ discount tickets: Can I board from a different station
  39. Railteam lounge in Zurich opens June 8, 2009
  40. Railjet Vienna to Budapest - how to book ticket online?
  41. London - Paris in 1 Day... is it doable?
  42. Madrid Toledo rail service
  43. Train Berlin to Warsaw
  44. Most Scenic Train: Milan to Geneva, or Milan to Zurich???
  45. (UK)Government denies rail services take-over
  46. Italy train help
  47. Hard copy timetables
  48. Flying into FRA - taking train to Dusseldorf - Please help?
  49. milan to rimini July 2009
  50. Connections from Eurostar to TGV guaranteed?
  51. Help to travel from koln/bohn flughafen to saarbrucken
  52. what formula is used to pay countries for eurailpass
  53. Help Rail Travel from Frankfurt Airport
  54. TGV Fares
  55. CNL from Amsterdam to Copenhagen
  56. Tips on getting cheap ICE tickets.
  57. Train: Brussels to Paris
  58. Help with booking on SNCF
  59. CHF10 discount on Swiss rail packages
  60. Fly Rail Baggage to Switzerland, Fast Baggage?
  61. rail industry newsletter - are there any?
  62. swiss return ticket
  63. Looking for the best deal on Swiss travel......
  64. Tight connection at Gare de Lyon
  65. Highspeed Link from Amsterdam to Brussels?
  66. Looking to save a little money on two trips: Paris to Geneva and Lugano to Florence
  67. Trains Brussels and Amsterdam
  68. Eurostar/Times offer: 2 return tickets from £90
  69. "Kurswagen" ( Direct Coaches )
  70. Spain's High Speed Trains Faster Than Planes
  71. Other operators to adopt NXEC booking engine?
  72. Rail from Budapest to Italy
  73. What if a DB ticket gets lost in the mail?
  74. Gare du Nord to Gare du Lyon - will I make it
  75. Eurostar: Paris - London
  76. Virgin FC, NEX FC, or bmi cattle from LON to GLA?
  77. Totally lost! re rail travel Prague-Krakow-Budapest-Vienna
  78. German Bahn rail ticket validity
  79. The Netherlands Rail Way system - NS - No Service !
  80. Edinburgh - Birmingham (Megatrain ??)
  81. Lausanne to Zurich Rail?
  82. Eurostar as IATA carrier
  83. Vienna to Prague and back on rail
  84. Napoli Centrale Train Station
  85. National excess? New uniform wears patience of women rail staff.
  86. Eurostar return ticket
  87. Rail pass or car in the UK?
  88. Charleroi-Luxmebourg-Brussels-Charleroi
  89. for rail buffs only: Gottard tunnel route in Switzerland info
  90. Geneva - Aix les Bains
  91. Hight speed train from Barcelona to Madrid?
  92. Train Travel from Amsterdam to Bocholt, Germany??
  93. Help Needed for Lost Ticket Scenario on D-Bahn
  94. SNCF Tickets
  95. Paris to Valognes France
  96. Eurostar - St.Prancras station quiet area?
  97. Train service from CDG?
  98. deeply confused
  99. Modified Itinerary Better?
  100. Rail Pass vs. Individual Tickets
  101. Paris-Rome-Naples
  102. Grand Central
  103. Night Train: Vienna to budapest
  104. Budapest/Vienna/Olomouc/Prague
  105. another note on using Swiss Pass on Cross Border trains
  106. Cheap Eurostar/ICE fares London <-> Germany
  107. Prague to Italy (Rome or Florence)
  108. Is this rail travel itinerary doable?
  109. Mannheim - Köln via Bonn or Frankfurt Airport
  110. Using Swiss Pass on a cross-border train
  111. Buying Swiss Pass in U.S.
  112. Train from Paris to Naples
  113. Eurostar and Free Travel in Belgium
  114. railpass question and swiss day card ques.
  115. Rail&Fly misconnects
  116. Eurostar: nonflex tix, connecting from a flight. What happens in case of a misconnect
  117. Question re collecting booked tickets
  118. Geneva - Zurich tips
  119. UK Rail and Eurostar FAQs
  120. Budapest to Istanbul by train
  121. Train Advice Please - Lviv - Krakow - Prague Return
  122. Electrical powerpoints on Sleepers/Recommendation for an interesting
  123. Strasbourg to Frankfurt Airport and "Rail Europe" site
  124. Geneva - Lyon
  125. NXEC Customer Panel
  126. SNCF & Railteam?
  127. Amex no longer accepted on East Coast line
  128. Is it worth getting a 5 day EuRail Benelux pass?
  129. Railteam Reciprocal Lounge Access
  130. Deutsche Bahn: Ticket system down 14.01.09
  131. FRA Bahnhof - can I use a reservation ticket an hour earlier?
  132. FCO to AMS via train?
  133. Any RENFE (Spainish Rail) experts out there?
  134. Train from Budapest to Prague??
  135. Eurostar to the Alps.
  136. Frecciarossa high speed train
  137. Travelling by Train thru Several Countries for the First Time - A Few Q's
  138. trains in Italy
  139. Eurostar London to Paris, newbie needs advice on Luggage etc
  140. Absolute Record from FRA Train Station to Gate
  141. Need advice re booking train
  142. ZRH to Luzerne and Interlaken by train
  143. train from berlin to prague
  144. The City Night Line (CNL) thread
  145. train from cdg to brussels midi
  146. HSL Zuid (NS Dutch high speed train)
  147. Munich to Prague Via Train. How Do I Pre-Purchase tickets with a EURail pass?
  148. Excellent source for buying advance Italia train tickets from the USA.
  149. AV or ES* train Rome to Florence?
  150. Train 311/310 from Lisboa -> Hendaye
  151. Proposed major overhaul to RER, including CDG express train
  152. Naples from Sorrento by train
  153. Information on train travel please
  154. Last train to Stuttgart...
  155. Need to book train tickets in Italy-- need US agent
  156. Paris to Rome by train?
  157. Train from Vilnius to Minsk
  158. Train from Prague to Athens
  159. InterConnex Train Online Ticket
  160. Eurostar
  161. Advice for train between Budapest and Krakow?
  162. Train Travel Time
  163. Tipping on a DB night train
  164. Deutsche Bahn: Associate online booking with user account?
  165. Make the most out of your rail travel in Germany
  166. Collecting points on Thalys for my Eurostar account?
  167. Eurostar - Earn Miles??
  168. Train ticket purchase between FRA and Hagen
  169. Questions about Train Travel from Florence to Cinque Terre
  170. Buying international train tickets at the HBF
  171. TGV Online Bookings
  172. Land in Rome FCO, train to Rome, train to Venice - timing?
  173. Train Venice to Rome
  174. When does the train schedule open up?
  175. Master thread/FAQ/Sticky for Italian train travel?
  176. 1st class on ICE Trains
  177. Eurostar Frequent Traveller "enhancements"
  178. German Rail Pass Explained
  179. Rome - Train to FCO
  180. eurostar question
  181. Why Paris-Brussels on Thalys so expensive?
  182. Sevilla to Madrid via AVE Train on Renfe - Tickets in advance?
  183. Eurostar question
  184. SNCF on the web
  185. OT: Does the German railways offer frequent travllers card?
  186. Brussels to Amsterdam by train $$$$
  187. Train Travel from Krakow to Budapest
  188. Eurostar
  189. Is this possible? Leave Zurich at 6AM, train to Jungfraujoch, return to Zurich by 5PM
  190. Barcelona - Italy (Portofino) via Train
  191. new elite level for Grand Voyageur?
  192. Rail Pass help for Germany/Austria/Prague
  193. Germany - ICE 3 routes?
  194. Eurostar tickets
  195. Grand Voyageur (SNCF)
  196. France - SNCF 12-25 Pass