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  1. Is Virgin the best 'upper class' airline in North America?
  2. Last day of the VX Safety Video + Red/Grey Uniforms
  3. Question on meal service SFO-EWR
  4. The Boarding Music
  5. MVPG+ Free Drink /Chocolate
  6. Alaska: You are on MCS waitlist. Virgin: Nope
  7. Blankets in F thru 4/24
  8. Is VX still using GoGo Inflight for WiFi?
  9. VX Social Channels being scrubbed by Alaska
  10. Changing seats on not full flight
  11. Airline Points - First Class Virgin America
  12. VX Farewell Flight 1948 - 24 April
  13. Is the "live" Dish Network news feed gone?
  14. Bidding for f still?
  15. MCS / First upgrades when booked through AS
  16. Sfo-den
  17. Palm Springs flights - food??
  18. From Cool to Cruel. AS downgrades VX food snacks
  19. F food options SFO-PSP
  20. An Update on the Alaska / Virgin America forums
  21. In-Flight - NOT
  22. Virgin Travel Banks Lost After Jan 1
  23. Change Fees post Jan 1 for Tickets Bought with Premium Card
  24. Flew VX F (for last time) MCO-LAX last night. Blankets? Pillows?
  25. Looking for New Airline that Offers Status for CC Spend
  26. Is $240 a good deal to upgrade MCS to F LAX-MCO
  27. Have To Pay $57 To Cancel Flight?
  28. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Virgin America Elevate benefits nominations
  29. Why don't Virgin staff use priority tags correctly?
  30. Lounge options at LAX now?
  31. Are Dallas Love (DAL) flights nearly empty?
  32. Child carseat unusable b/c reclined seat
  33. Pricing differences - glitch between VX and AS?
  34. Alaska MVP upgrades on Virgin America flights
  35. VX flights won’t count towards AS lifetime status
  36. LAX-SFO-MCO - redeye arrives SFO at 1 AM - connect 8AM
  37. Elevate Gold crediting VX flight to AS - T-24 F Upgrade?
  38. Revisiting VX merger with AS instead of B6
  39. Transfer in from international to domestic
  40. Can i transfer miles from MY Virgin Elevate to my wife's Alaska MP?
  41. Reward Booking - Can You Upsell to First Before Check in?
  42. Qualifying for VX/AS Elite - Status Points Merge?
  43. Can a round trip be split into 2 PRNs
  44. Indolence of VX Gate Agents at LAX
  45. Nicely done. VX and AS thoughful gesture to Vegas victims
  46. Were any of the A319s upgrade to ViaSat WiFi?
  47. VX Policies That Rub Me Wrong - Hope They Change...What are yours?
  48. Self-upgraders to Main Cabin Select
  49. VX Partner Earning and Redemption: Most Ended 9/30
  50. Companion Fare on AS Routes?
  51. Where to credit post-Jan. 1?
  52. Standby/Seat assigned MCS
  53. What is the fare class for MCS comp upgrades?
  54. My recent MCS upgrade experience - Silver level success
  55. VX1295 CUN-LAX arrival gate
  56. Inflight charges post as Alaska or Virgin?
  57. Window seats in MCS rows
  58. Channeling Spirit - Can't Reserve Anything But Middle Seat Without Paying Extra
  59. Is there a 72 hour rule for an International VX point redemption?
  60. Best Restaurant SFO T2
  61. how do you know if you have a VX plane?
  62. Flight delayed - refund to form of payment?
  63. Change Fee benefit on Alaska Visa?
  64. Buying up to MCS
  65. Going through security twice to access Lounge at Logan from C?
  66. Observations from an AS Elite trying VX
  67. Which boarding group for exit rows ?
  68. How difficult are MCS upgrades lately?
  69. A319 F - where to sit?
  70. Refusal to transport; is this IDB or what, exactly?
  71. LAX International Transfer Question
  72. Alaska Air CEO weighs in on replacing Virgin America's Airbus fleet with Boeing jets
  73. VX Summer 2018 Flight Schedule
  74. How to use up VX travel bank?
  75. VX Status Segments on Reward Flights
  76. Late to understanding VX to AS changes
  77. virgin mobile inner circle
  78. Elevate Gold Upgrade Fee Schedule?
  79. Overbooked flight - how not get bumped?
  80. Seat Selection Issue
  81. VX24 SFO-JFK returns to SFO 6/27
  82. Companion ticket + cancelling credit card + flying
  83. VX no longer allowing automatic Gold upgrades to MCS?
  84. VX refugees: where do you want to land?
  85. Last days for partner redemptions and 30%+ transfer rate announced
  86. Status for 2018
  87. VX 357 On-Time Performance
  88. Confusion over points expiration
  89. A321 Neo Interior
  90. First class preference A320
  91. How long does Alaska flight credit take to post to Elevate account?
  92. Bids for first class?
  93. Can't check in online - agent won't/can't help
  94. How can i pay fee to upgrade from MCS to F after check in
  95. VX Booking Engine now shows AS routes
  96. Can Elevate GOLD upgrade from Main Cabin to MCS on award booking?
  97. AK codeshares on VX metal - Main Cabin Select?
  98. In-flight Seat Change
  99. May the Fourth be with you
  100. Canceled Flight...Even Exchange?
  101. How ling will BOS-SFO-OGG stay VX?
  102. Has Alaska Airlines taken over the reservation call center?
  103. Please welcome dayone as new mod
  104. Transfer time for miles VX to AS
  105. any guesses as to when VX flies its last flight as a separate carrier?
  106. VX and the new Airbus a321neo
  107. Does VX honestly expect to sell at these prices..
  108. Does Travel Bank credit earn rewards miles?
  109. Thoughts on the current state of the VX Experience?
  110. Using Virgin America travel bank on Alaska?
  111. Can't Check In to Virgin America Flight?
  112. What's in VX first class amenity kit?
  113. VX adding DAL-SEA, AS adds DAL-SEA/PDX/SJC/SAN
  114. At&T Park Virgin America branding gone
  115. VX Redeye LAX-IAD F food?
  116. LAX Loft Closed on May 10
  117. AS 60 Day rule applies to VX fares
  118. Best option for SFO/ord, after VX?
  119. Latest VX first class long haul menu
  120. Lax - JFK first class red eye 11pm....
  121. Alaska First vs. VX First SEA-LAX
  122. Lounge in lax for vx F?
  123. After VX, best airline between SF Bay Area and Las Vegas?
  124. Virgin first class inventory
  125. Elevate ending 31 Dec 2017
  126. Richard Branson: Dear Virgin America
  127. Virgin unable to book partner awards on HA?
  128. Transferring points
  129. Alaska ditching Virgin's great first class
  130. SFO-FLL will fares come down?
  131. Main Cabin Select Upgrades
  132. LAX Terminal move
  133. VX "Plans Change pass" option
  134. Experiences checking in for VX/HA itinerary?
  135. 2017 Elevate Gold/Silver welcome package
  136. VX adding SFO-MSY, KOA, RDU, BNA and others
  137. Changes to Comp MCS Upgrades?
  138. Which row in MCS?
  139. Group reservations/OCLI is a cluster F
  140. Can someone provide a quick rundown on Main Cabin Select MCO-LAX
  141. FA tells pilot how to treat pax who tweet
  142. So Does Virgin America not Notify Passengers of Delays?
  143. Flat Tire Rule/Missing A Flight
  144. Operational Upgrades?
  145. How do I Figure Out Which Wifi is on a Flight and the Pricing?
  146. Selling Miles?
  147. Unassigned seats for three kids and parents
  148. Using AMEX Points to Get VX Status and then Alaska Status
  149. More expensive at the group desk then online?
  150. VX A321 Seats Loaded
  151. Is the VX Call Center normally this bad??
  152. U.k fa wanting to apply for virgin america?
  153. Points expired, despite transfer activity
  154. Is It Possible to Change FF Number on VX Reservation?
  155. Wholesale Flight # Changes - October
  156. VX movie
  157. How early can bags be checked in?
  158. For those of you poo-pooing AS - here's an award story
  159. Can you transfer SOME of your Elevate points?
  160. Booking SQ through VA Elevate
  161. VX Gold: cost of F UPG from comp upgraded MCS
  162. So have you taken an Alaska (AS) flight yet?
  163. Velocity FF Platinum Treatment
  164. They're mailing it in
  165. Never got the Alaska Airlines email - now what?
  166. SFO to jfk / nyc - how do VX F and B6 F compare?
  167. availability of award redemption for LAX to Syd
  168. Which seat in F ?
  169. Good summary of AS Mileage Plan for VX folks.
  170. Adding a Reservation?
  171. Seeking advice: Earned Silver, but apparently didn't
  172. How many points will I earn on this AS flight?
  173. Any experience buying upgrades when booked thru Alaska?
  174. Boston Logan terminal change
  175. Boarding Process for VX/AS Elites
  176. Email this morning from alaska
  177. Elevate Gold in 2016 - Am I now Gold 2017 and also Alaska MilePlan Gold
  178. Elevate Rollover Status Points
  179. VX call center down for last 28+ hours???!!!
  180. Virgin America Elevate and Alaska Mileage Plan merge (Updating)
  181. Elite membership card + baggage tags
  182. Elevate in 2017
  183. SPG/VX Officially Toast after 6 Jan 17 per Starwood Lurker
  184. Cancelled rewards booking - how long until Elevate points post back to my account?
  185. Greetings from your new moderator team!
  186. Change FF#
  187. Possible to redeem for new AUH-PER route on VA?
  188. Throwaway ticket on award travel
  189. Alaska now shows VX flights but there is a discrepancy
  190. Elevate Gold status expiration?
  191. 1.3 is conversion rate to Mileageplan
  192. Flying Different Together
  193. Ideal MC>F Upgrade Process?
  194. Question on booking HA tickets with Elevate points
  195. Checked Baggage on Overnight Connection
  196. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 Virgin America Elevate benefits nominations
  197. Embarrassing lies and incompetence by Elevate
  198. Infant booking, 2016 not a option for birth year?
  199. MC Select advice needed; VX "you may be downgraded or denied boarding at gate"
  200. 50% off for Thanksgiving on MCS and First
  201. Seat Assignment Shenanigans
  202. Main Cabin Select (Exit Row) Perks when Booked on Main Cabin Only
  203. 14 Dec. 2016 - Alaska Airlines closes on acquisition of Virgin America.
  204. Virgin America ending partnership with Virgin Atlantic on November 13th
  205. Booking partner award on new VS SEA-LHR flight
  206. Flight cancelled by system
  207. Can I buy a la carte extras later, after ticketing?
  208. Do companions get to board early if 1 person buys priority boarding a la carte?
  209. Booking award with directly w/ VX directly vs partner redemption with HA
  210. Virgin America F is better than UA, but not twice as good
  211. VX lost item returned
  212. F meal services on the SFO/SEA route
  213. Sir Richard Branson reaffirms commitment to re-start VX if AS kills the brand
  214. Double points and status credits thru Nov15
  215. Will merger affect future flight in May?
  216. Upgrading partial itinerary
  217. Any way to convert Elevate points to hotel points?
  218. Gold Status Retention Question
  219. Gold status perks for traveling companions
  220. Can I book for osmeone else using VX Gold 25% discount?
  221. Virgin America moving in with Alaska @ BOS
  222. Credit Card Status Rollover
  223. Fees on Canceled Partner Awards?
  224. Petition: Stop the Alaska Airlines Virgin America Merger
  225. Checked bags - interline with JAL - Separate Tickets
  226. Volunteered to give up overbooked flight, was promised a voucher
  227. Did Virgin America get rid of Gold Desk?
  228. Other ways to earn status points?
  229. Alaska Acquisition - DOJ deadline extended
  230. VX-VS LAX connection?
  231. Getting Elevate points for past flights retroactively?
  232. Status segment run
  233. Companion tickets
  234. No dates available LAX - HNL - LAX (mid Jan - May first week)
  235. Suit to stop the Alaska / Virgin merger
  236. Amex MR point transfer: 80K = Gold
  237. Virgin Atlantic award same saver bucket as VX?
  238. movies?
  239. Same-day standby for earlier flight
  240. Gold Upgrades Without Seat Assignment
  241. Can you change or cancel a return leg after starting a trip?
  242. Layoffs coming soon
  243. Virgin America MCS - Row 3 vs. Row 10
  244. Using Points - Pay Upgrade?
  245. Why VX has turned to crap well before AS take-over
  246. Last minute booking with Elevate partners
  247. Elevate Credits/Segments Question
  248. Transfer points
  249. VX LOFT LAX update
  250. Does VX have same availability on SQ as saver awards