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  1. Hello! First time AI F flyer.
  2. Jet Airways now charging INR 50 per e-ticket printout
  3. PJs on 9w12? BOM-SIN?
  4. AirIndia Flights disruption
  5. Air India deploying A332 on DEL-MAA?
  6. Kingfisher Pilots Go On Strike
  7. Award help request to check for availability
  8. Air India Sacks Pilots, Derecognizes Union
  9. Wonderful 9W Op-Up
  10. 9W Suspends BOM-JNB
  11. Pleasant surprise at IGI T3
  12. 9w: Insane Prices in Premiere - India-US??
  13. DEL-SXR: Advice needed
  14. Jet Airways check in baggage rules ? Anything specific for TV's ?
  15. JP and Taj Inner Circle wins at Freddies [merged]
  16. Crediting SQ miles on 9W
  17. Jet Airways Domestic Biz Config
  18. JP Site Typo?
  19. 9W award availability on AA
  20. Anybody done BRU-LHR-BOM with BRU-LHR on SN (Brussels Airlines) & LHR-BOM on 9w (Jet)
  21. JP miles posting...
  22. Del to ORD - Emirates or United
  23. Need info on Air India "companion travels free"
  24. Short Domestic Hops - IC vs Jet
  25. 50000 Expiring Air India Miles? What to do?
  26. conversion offer for JP miles
  27. Most comfortable flight between US and India - AI 191
  28. 9W award availability using skymiles
  29. flying returns customer service....an absolute joke....
  30. 9W Reconfigured 332's
  31. Error when submitting online partner award ticket request
  32. Kingfisher DEL-VNS??
  33. Redeeming JP miles for United flights...
  34. Why do check in agents lie?
  35. Best Jet Airway business class seat/service?
  36. Sneaky Spice
  37. US domestic connection for Air India flight
  38. Air India / Continental
  39. Jetprivilege, King Club, Skywards
  40. ORD-DEL-BLR help pls
  41. Jet does not honor international baggage allowance on domestic leg unless.....
  42. "India Based Airlines"
  43. should I switch FF to Jet Airways?
  44. Aircraft in the old Indian Airlines livery
  45. Reduction of Indian Service Tax on Flight Tickets?
  46. Does Jet Airways Offer Upgrades for Cash during OLCI?
  47. Will Kingfisher become Shuddh Bharat (Virgin India)?
  48. Baggage Question - JFK - BOM - BDQ
  49. Question with the infant on a round trip
  50. 20% less for JPMiles redemptions
  51. Why will Jet do something like this ?
  52. Transfer DXB UA to Jet Airways (9w)
  53. Kingfisher Airlines flies towards point of no return
  54. Crazy thought experiment: Using the Air India Silver
  55. Kingfisher are back in the black.....make £757m profit!
  56. kingfisher ticket refunds....
  57. 9W HKG Check in Time and In-Airport Ticketing
  58. is this a decent Miles redeem rate for 9W
  59. Need 6 Sector points on 9W for Silver status, will Jet make this exception?
  60. JetLite and JetKonnect to merge from Mar 25th
  61. Indigo changes Intnl flight sched- Can I claim a full refund & book something else?
  62. Volks, there’s a new airline coming up..
  63. A look at Air India's to be launched 787 service
  64. No Go Air at Chennai?
  65. Bom international to domestic
  66. Flying BKK-DEL-KTM on AI - what to expect?
  67. Airbus predicts bright future for Indian aviation
  68. Subramaniam Swamy to take up Air India muddle next
  69. How many miles will you lose as Kingfisher goes bust?
  70. Air India Domestic, what to expect?
  71. AI rob peter to pay paul :)
  72. Travelling with Expectant Mother
  73. Air India to get INR 6750,00,00,000
  74. Stopped from boarding - Appendicitis. But difficult to get a new flight (Jet Airways)
  75. Determining the right strategy
  76. Combining air india flying returns for a flight
  77. RJ to 9W interline: is it reliable and what's my limit?
  78. 9w iata accounts attached for non payment of tax
  79. Kingfisher Has found an investor! Or have they....
  80. Mallya pumps in £20m to fuel force india’s f1 drive
  81. AI Is Loving IT's Problems
  82. Kingfisher a goner
  83. Jet Airways falls to a new low...
  84. Oneworld and India
  85. Pyjama in Jet Airways Premiere (Business) from LHR to BOM
  86. Its back: KFA suspended from IATA again
  87. Air India and *A Resume Membership Talks
  88. Cashing in miles with KF for this week fingers crossed
  89. Need 5000 miles on AI without flying
  90. 9w 354, DEL-BOM Upgraded to 322 from 738?
  91. Travel insurance with Booking on Kingfisher for Intl travel
  92. Kingfisher Management Threatens Closure
  93. Completely Off-Base Air India Advertisement
  94. GOI-BOM--BKK on 9W
  95. April Domestic travel - Is it Safe to book Kingfisher or JetLite ?
  96. One Fare M-Class?
  97. BLR "closed" from 10:30-17:30, Mar 11-Apr 3
  98. SpiceJet pilot denies travel to handicapped man
  99. BOM-SIN-BOM on 9W: What to expect
  100. 9w: Friggin Joke (But True!): "No Supervisors Work on Sunday" - 9w Call Center
  101. Any way to upgrade on AI
  102. Air India Announces First 787 Route
  103. domestic transfer at BOM on AI?
  104. Transfer to internal flight, Check in again at Mumbai ?
  105. AI 975 MAA-GOI (GOA) non-stop
  106. what will happen to partner redemption tickets if kingfisher shuts down????
  107. Missing Mileage for Flight rebooked to other carrier
  108. Will Kingfisher survive?
  109. Earning miles EWR-BOM on AI
  110. IFE..???
  111. kingfisher miles transfer bonus
  112. What to expect on AI 472?
  113. How Kingfisher flew high on taxpayer money [merged]
  114. What's going on at DEL right now?
  115. Is 9W that bad on SIN-DEL-SIN route?
  116. STPC at BRU by 9W ?
  117. Bangalore to Delhi suggestions?
  118. What are your views on Air India losing exclusive rights for international flights?
  119. Where to buy tickets for AirIndia
  120. After Reading This Article, I Feel Extremely Proud Of Air India
  121. Chennai may become first city with two international airports
  122. Air India publishes traveler details on their website
  123. FFP Recommendation
  124. 14% discount on www.jetairways.com on 14 Feb
  125. Air India Intl to Domestic transfer at Delhi
  126. question regarding amex kingfisher renewal
  127. Kingfisher Keeping All Refunds!!
  128. Jet flouted safety norms; will take action: DGCA
  129. Jet please fix your partner redemptions
  130. Flight Change email from IT last night
  131. Cockroach Found In 9W Business Class Meal
  132. Air India online purchase - foreign transaction fee
  133. Aircraft Fuel Import
  134. One way tix India-US
  135. AI Domestic Travel back-up due the KingFlusher
  136. Airlines of India Scorecard
  137. Does the JP credit card waive International Currency Conversion Transaction Fees?
  138. Mumbai to Guwahati - Which Airline? advise
  139. Fireman Plays ATC at Tirupati After Controller Forgets To Show Up
  140. Kingfisher and Oneworld - Not meant to be
  141. IATA Clearing House Suspends, Reinstates Kingfisher Airlines
  142. Lyon saint exupéry--to London heathrow--to Bombay
  143. Ai187 atq-del
  144. Mumbai Transit: ZRH-BKK with LX + Indigo
  145. JP Miles - Upgrade Redemption (LHR-BOM-LHR)
  146. Terminal 2: International to International layover 2.5 hours enough?
  147. Which US FF# to use on Jet and Kingfisher (flying Indian domestic)
  148. Luggage Transfer at Delhi with Air India (Domestic to Domestic)
  149. A Kingfisher experience not to be repeated
  150. anyone flown on IT reconfigured aircraft with 8 Seats in Kingfisher first?
  151. AI Express
  152. Small Pilots- BIG EGO'S
  153. IT flight reschedule procedures
  154. Cash Upgrades on Jet Airways?
  155. AI J seat, fare and connection questions
  156. 9W or TG in CCU-BKK sectors ?
  157. Jet Airways - Notify Me - A Joke?
  158. Kingfisher service New low. Jan 20 BLR-DEL Trip report.
  159. Quick advice please:Transit Visa, Interline Agreement for JFK-DEL-KTM on AI and Jet?
  160. Widebody Aircraft
  161. Emirates > Jet Visa-free transit at Mumbai?
  162. AI Finally reveals how status is attained
  163. How do Indian airline deal with missed domestic connection because of delay
  164. Air India Status Match?
  165. IT on LHR-DEL in Feb - good or bad idea?
  166. Are Global Alliances and Indian Carriers jinxed ?
  167. Jet Partner Award Forms? (Now Links to Jet Award Form! :eek:)
  168. How to obtain a IT lounge pass, Cost?
  169. Now AI pilot lands at the wrong airport!
  170. Do i get just 1 sector Point or more for DEL to KTM flight on Jet aiways?
  171. Which airline/flight is best between DXB and BOM?
  172. 15% discount code for Jet Airways
  173. KingClub - Family Club Question
  174. King Club new cards with oneworld logo
  175. AI or CO in J from DEL->US
  176. Jet Airways orders 17 Boeing 737s
  177. 9W Baggage Interlining
  178. New FT name needed for JP miles (entertainment value post)
  179. Most/least likely Kingfisher cancellations
  180. Non-stop to America
  181. Question about 9w BOM-CMB Y award
  182. Air India Paid ~$110 Million Per Boeing 787, Including Engines
  183. 6E 377 Indigo flight
  184. BLR Lounges/PP
  185. Questions about DXB-KTM flights with IT and 9W
  186. Air India Cleared For Restructuring Plan
  187. Jet Airways dumb new baggage allowance policy for International connections
  188. Domestic Connection at Delhi: Baggage Transfer
  189. Kingfisher (IT) given 3 days to come up with safety plan
  190. Anybody flew the Nokia Lumia branded Jet airways flight
  191. Safety concerns on Indian Carriers
  192. Quick feedback on AI domestic morale
  193. AI Miles / V Class Economy
  194. Air India hostesses get younger
  195. Air India offers NRIs, foreigners domestic travel scheme
  196. Redeeming AI Miles for F - YYZ to DEL
  197. NYC to MAA 9Wvs EK
  198. Transfer Time between Intl & Dom flights at BLR
  199. Chennai airport travel time
  200. AI380
  201. 15K 9W miles to be used.
  202. Kingfisher Domestic Luggage Question
  203. Jet Konnect serving food with next days manufacturing date
  204. IT - Now earn and redeem with Bangkok Airways
  205. AI 118 YYZ-DEL delayed 3 days! [merged]
  206. 9W: 1000 miles for 30USD for Activating Regus Business Club Meembership
  207. 36 IT FA's join AI
  208. Change or Cancellation of the partner award ticket: possible
  209. 9W Changes: Should I be concerned?
  210. Recent experience with Jet Airways
  211. Further network-wide domestic lounge cuts on 9W
  212. Jet Airways Ruckus at MAA domestic boarding
  213. BOM T2 DOM/INT Transfer
  214. Air India economy upgrade question
  215. IT gets slots cancelled for lack of use during "reconfig"
  216. Trip Insurence in India
  217. BOM Jet Lounge
  218. MKE - HYD help
  219. Kingfisher to Join OW on Feb 10, 2012
  220. JetAirways -Citi Companion Vouches
  221. DEL T3 Luggage Storage
  222. post on AA forum involving 9W and DEL
  223. J worth it ? KTM-DEL JAI-DEL jet airways
  224. Challenges in redeeming Kingclub partner award on American Airlines
  225. CCU Lounge Help
  226. Air India award check?
  227. flying with baby on AI
  228. Checkin Counter for Domestic Flights (Jet and Kingfisher) at International is closed
  229. INTL/INTL Connection at BOM
  230. award ticket for child
  231. AI, IT bank accounts frozen
  232. booking awards using 9W miles a real nuisance...
  233. Jet Lite Mumbai-Rajkot
  234. 9W BRU-BOM Query
  235. 9W Hikes fares ex USA and introduces minimum stay
  236. How does Kingfisher handle flight cancellations?
  237. CAT III operations restored, Delhi airport ready for foggy weather
  238. Standby on Kingfisher
  239. Flying Kochi-Mumbai-Delhi - Transfer Time and Checks
  240. 9W WEB-CHECK IN Bonus warning
  241. Kingfisher Lounge at LHR
  242. Suggestions plz Herringbone seating Jet Airways
  243. 9W - Delhi - Singapore Business 1-1-1
  244. Jet Airways - Beware
  245. Who killed Air India?
  246. FlyerTalk Awards: Kingfisher Air King Club (ME/Asia/Oceania) benefits nominations
  247. FlyerTalk Awards: Jet Airways JetPrivilege (ME/Asia/Oceania) benefits nominations
  248. FlyerTalk Awards: Air India Flying Returns (ME/Asia/Oceania) benefits nominations
  249. Bloodbath in the offing :Air India offering airport upgrades (up to 15 December 2011)
  250. How seriously should AI pilots strike threat be taken?