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  1. 9w cuts several domestic routes
  2. AI/TG Code Share - Checked baggage
  3. Flight Plans Changed Coming back from India
  4. JFK-BOM Business Class: Jet Airways or Qatar?
  5. Jet Airways standby policy?
  6. Thank You Jet Airways!!
  7. Fly Kingfisher using Delta skymiles?
  8. what are the realistic chances of Indian Carriers serving SFO?
  9. Expedia & Air India Flight for Shanghai to Bangkok
  10. Imagine if 9W hub didnt exist:
  11. Enough Connection time? Bom International Airport
  12. Jet Airways Fare difference question
  13. Earning UA miles on 9W SFO-PVG-BOM route
  14. Transit in BOM (HEL-BOM-SIN)
  15. Kingfisher booking problem
  16. Kingfisher to fly daily from BOM to LHR & HKG
  17. What happened to our moderator?
  18. Good biz class fares:BLR-KUL @ $708 on 9W, BLR-KWI @ ~$1000 on EK, etc
  19. Indian Airlines Through-check Luggage Question (two separate tickets)
  20. Flying Pittsburgh to Mumbai
  21. Lounge Access in YYZ for 9W business class?
  22. Eastern US to Pune?
  23. 9W: transit in mumbai
  24. New AI routes to US
  25. Air India Frequent Flyer Program
  26. How is Executive Class on Air India from EWR to Mumbai?
  27. Seat assignment on Air India and KingFisher?
  28. Kingfisher Wants Nod For Foreign Stake Sale
  29. Is Jet cutting Brussels to Bangalore flights?
  30. AI--13 y.o. flying alone
  31. Jet Air: Advice on Lounge access at JFK - long layover
  32. MAA and BLR airport overnight connection options
  33. How is Executive Class from EWR to Mumbai
  34. Jet Consolidators in London
  35. G8 (Go Air) introduces Economy + type product
  36. IT LHR-BLR Experience
  37. Mumbai airport: transit question
  38. Do Jet Airways or Air India flights qualify for UA or Star Alliance miles?
  39. stockholm to Delhi suggestions?
  40. Jet 25k point bonus to london
  41. Mumbai Airport transfer -- Will Air India transfer my luggage for Delta flight?
  42. Air India Enhances Privileges for Frequent Fliers
  43. 9W: NYC to BRU fares --- help needed
  44. jet baggage services sucks
  45. Tricky weighing machines at HYD
  46. Minister assaults Kingfisher station manager
  47. Delhi Airport questions: overnight transfer, reporting time etc
  48. Excess baggage fee on Jet Airways?
  49. SIN-BKK-SIN on IC858/857 in C experience?
  50. Great BLR-East Coast fares: ~$800 in Eco & ~$3800 in Biz
  51. Jet Blr-BRU??did it start service
  52. Use Jet mile for ANA
  53. Jet Airways and foreign credit cards
  54. chenai jet dom-int jet transfer
  55. transit visa transfer flight london
  56. BOM-BLR-CDG, through baggage check-in at BLR?
  57. Any Jet or JetLite deals, promo codes?
  58. effect of fuel tax cut?
  59. Cabin pressure problems on A320
  60. Any way to beat YQ in domestic flights in India?
  61. How is King Fisher Red (formerly Deccan)?
  62. Flying Returns
  63. UL schedule change - what can I do?
  64. Portals for booking domestic flights
  65. Dr Mallya does not like Y seating!
  66. Domestic flights in India - hand and checked luggage rules
  67. Nightmare - trying to get miles posted...
  68. jet stewardess fell tarmac while closing door
  69. KLM axes AMS-HYD service
  70. Fly 4x IT F flights = 1 x BLR-LHR rtn free!
  71. Jet Airways - The worst experience
  72. Air India ORD-FRA -- 77W?
  73. 9W and S2 to codeshare
  74. Connection time Kingfisher to NW in BOM?
  75. DEL connections
  76. DEL-AMD or DEL-BDQ on miles?
  77. Any Consolidator's to recommend?
  78. Kingfisher Airlines freezes pilot hiring
  79. 9W DEL-LHR F brief TR no pics
  80. kingfisher LHR-BLR business first report
  81. JET reverses decision on sacking staff
  82. YYZ-CCU in Biz Jet v LH
  83. Air India considering leave without pay for 15,000
  84. Can I visit Agra and still make these flights?
  85. Union threatens to ground 9W flights unless all layoffs reversed
  86. How to transfer from IT domestic to CX intl. at BOM
  87. Jet lays off 600 employees
  88. Recent J-class Experience: YYZ-BRU-DEL 9W 229
  89. Jet Airways-Kingfisher may align services
  90. kingfisher bangalore int-dom transfer
  91. Will we ever see ORD-HYD nonstop?
  92. 9W upgrade using voucher
  93. Jet Airways suspends San Franciso
  94. Upgrade on 9W from SFO-BOM-SFO
  95. New routes from BLR in 2009 ??
  96. Power on 9W in F
  97. H class on 9W mileage earning on a partner?
  98. lax-bom/blr..best business class
  99. Miles for IC?
  100. AI vs EK
  101. Jet reviews flight plans for Shanghai, London
  102. Jet reviews flight plans for Shanghai, London
  103. luggage checkin
  104. Domestic flights
  105. 9w 118 bom-lhr seat redemption availability?
  106. AI further changes to LHR and ORD ops in Winter
  107. American Express / Air India upgrades
  108. BOM-SFO.. Need Your suggestions
  109. F in 9W from SFO-PVG
  110. 9W YYZ-DEL in J: What to expect?
  111. Seat assignment on int'l 9W flights?
  112. Lounge access at Bombay Airport
  113. S2 job cuts etc to integrate it with 9W
  114. It Just Keeps Getting Better... (AI - Cobra Found on Board!)
  115. Airline switch in BOM
  116. AI crew shoplifting at FRA, fined for lifting inflight booze, meals & dutyfree at LHR
  117. Kingfisher BOM-LHR from Oct 26 + mention of CMB, MLE & BKK
  118. New 9w Magazine For Elites (Gold/Plat): "JetWork"
  119. 9W misconnect policy / practice
  120. DN now renamed "Kingfisher Red"
  121. How to upgrade using 9W miles from Y to C?
  122. Jet Airways -Bassinet assignment
  123. Any reviews/advice for EWR-CDG-BOM (AI 144 & AI 191) Round-trip?
  124. Jet Scouting For Secondary Hub - Semi-Official
  125. Air India questions
  126. 9W J class JFK - MAA not as good as DEL
  127. How long before AI Flying Returns Miles post?
  128. Int'l to Domestic: Duty Free?
  129. How's Air India?
  130. Consumer court pulls up Kingfisher Airlines
  131. Do 9W allow cash upgrades?
  132. Jet to fly BLR-BRU
  133. Ai C
  134. Which AI flights operate new flat bed suites in First
  135. Upgrade for an award ticket
  136. Kingfisher, IT launches BLR-LHR on September 3rd, A330
  137. SFO-DEL on 9W or CX?
  138. 9W: Retro-upgrade on "downgraded" sectors using AA miles award ?
  139. Can I book a Jet airways ticket by AA miles
  140. Advice on BOM-DEL-CAI
  141. JAI to COK
  142. AI CHI-LON Codeshare
  143. Praise for Air India Special Handling
  144. Best way SFO-BLR?
  145. 9W attitude
  146. Advice for flying AI JFK-DEL-HYD this weekend?
  147. Intl phones past security in MAA domestic terminal?
  148. Air India Schedule Changes (sensible ones finally!)
  149. Need some info on AI124 ORD-BOM
  150. Connecting LHR Jet Airways, T3 to BA, T5
  151. AI/IC seat maps
  152. Jet Airways Code Share Brussels - Berlin Tempelhof (THF)
  153. Jet to fly to DXB
  154. Baggage Question : CDG to EWR with Air India
  155. Air India 744 EWR-CDG
  156. Long layover at BOM
  157. Showers at the Oberoi Lounge in BLR
  158. Jet Airways MAA to NYC
  159. 9W - int'l transit in BRU
  160. 9W SIN-DEL downgraded to 737?
  161. Terminal Transfer at Mumbai
  162. 9w225 now jfk-maa intead of del?
  163. What to do with AI miles?
  164. Standby rules on 9W
  165. Air India : PJ's still in FC in 744?
  166. Jet or Kingfisher - which should I choose?
  167. JET to PVG in business from USA
  168. Best Y Seats in AI 777 JFk-DEL/BOM
  169. Jet Airways - SFO-BOM question
  170. Kingfisher A330 2-class interior revealed
  171. Jet Airways Excessive Fuel Surcharge
  172. 9W - Manage Booking Problems?
  173. TOTALLY BUMMED: 77W switched to 744. Three sad FC flyers.
  174. Recommended Consolidators for Jet Airways - origin Canada
  175. Different reqs for 9W elite if in India?
  176. Is there a LCC on the BLR-SIN route?
  177. Rumor: 9w Selling (Sold) Their 77w's?
  178. Jet Airways refund (or lack thereof!)
  179. better seat 9W economy..bom-lhr JET
  180. Should Jet do BLR-BRU-SFO instead?
  181. How long will it take for 9W Gold package to reach?
  182. What to expect in 9W First
  183. JetLite shelves plans for international expansion
  184. Air India Timetable
  185. Jet to Code-Share With United...
  186. Jet Airways domestic Economy vs. Première?
  187. AI will replace 74D to 77W on BOM-DEL-NRT from Jun 1
  188. Air India pilots fall asleep at controls (why I disrespect Air India)
  189. Air India pilots fall asleep at controls
  190. OT : Why i respect Air India!
  191. Upgrade at check in on AI
  192. Jet Airways 9W seating question
  193. Jet Airways 9W plane and seating chart question?
  194. Kingfisher First A321 seating
  195. Our 4.5 month old Baby died on an international Jet Airways Flight ...
  196. Seating on Air India
  197. From ET: Air India discusses reducing flights to New York, decision likely soon
  198. Air India,Indian Airlines, AI Express
  199. How many VS tier points when flying 9W in J
  200. Air India Companion Free Scheme
  201. BOM - Transfers, luggage check etc (cross posted)
  202. Air India Promo NY to India for $550
  203. Flying DEL-BOM and BOM-EWR with a Six Hours Gap
  204. MAA - priority immigration line for J/F pax
  205. Update on New Delhi Airport
  206. Calling all TAs, is the AI KHINYC JR fare subject to the HIP check?
  207. Flying BOM-PVG-SFO in J late June; Any advice?
  208. 9W travel in business vastly more rewarding than BA
  209. Court allows grounding of "fat" FA's
  210. Seating Preference
  211. How bad is IC in C?
  212. Elite mileage reqs on 9W
  213. hotel for 5 hours near BOM international airport
  214. AI 136 LAX-FRA-DEL Status of 77W?
  215. Checked Bags for Domestic Segments on 9W
  216. Jet Airways One Fare Coupons (and/or Fare Discounts)
  217. Air India executive class
  218. Indigo Airlines - Takes you to hell
  219. The new Bangalore airport (BLIA): Design glitches?
  220. AI: CDG-EWR and FFP
  221. Jet Airways Award Booking Class?
  222. Comparison between 9W and IT FF programs
  223. Carrying a travel-Guitar + Laptop + Bag as Cabin Baggage
  224. Possible near miss mid-air?
  225. JET & AA FQTV partnership
  226. Help with these transit visa Q for indians
  227. just booked in F on AI LHR-JFK and back!!
  228. Unfortunately we are flying Air India!
  229. Jet and ANA sign up
  230. DN fined 50K for "misleading pax"
  231. Jet Airways spreading the love among all three alliances
  232. when does the 9W sfo-bom flight start
  233. 9W - do business class bonus miles count towards elite status
  234. AI aircraft has nose gear collapse at Mumbai
  235. 9W JP program questions
  236. Travelling SFO-DEL-COK, COK-BOM-SFO, Delays at DEL/BOM ?
  237. 9W domestic award fees?
  238. Can we accrue AA miles on 9W flights
  239. Any Info on HYD Intl flights: ORD and LHR
  240. Good Value Business Class from West Coast to India?
  241. Indian Airlines Point Trading Value?
  242. International to International Transfer @ BOM
  243. Jet & Cathay to become partners
  244. 9W lounge access in HKG?
  245. AI Toronto Chairman Info needed
  246. 9W status match?
  247. min connection time at BOM?
  248. 9W prevents house maids on its bus
  249. 500 Bonus Miles per Sector on 9W, One Day Only
  250. Schedules for the SFO-BLR non-stop??