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  1. Special Offer on Air India - First & Executive Class
  2. [Air India Celebrates] Womens day
  3. Spotted: Kingfisher aircraft at OAK
  4. Help - jet airways refund
  5. Kingfisher First international companion free offer....
  6. Jet offers upto 78% off on Première fares on select domestic routes
  7. Jet Airways says "No alliance" yet
  8. Kingfisher Status Match for Jet Airways
  9. New Accrual Structure for Air India
  10. Confessions of candid cabin crew
  11. 9W rumored to be reinstates BOM-PVG-SFO
  12. Which FFP?
  13. Anyone fancy a mileage run on IT (LHR-DEL)?
  14. Service Tax Instated on Domestic Tickets!
  15. 9W - Upgrade on voucher gives Biz miles?
  16. Air India Reservation Engine
  17. HSBC Premier / Jet Airways status bump
  18. How many days for 9W miles to post to JP website?
  19. Air India has announce new route from DEL-MXP-IAD
  20. What's the Deal With Jet's Discounted Awards?
  21. Kingfisher King Club Qualification Requirements
  22. JET mishap
  23. Slipping standards and brand confusion with Konnect
  24. Kingfisher to join OneWorld
  25. AI Flying Returns - Can You Really Redeem the Miles?
  26. 9W Op-ups
  27. How is 9W's lounge at T4 in LHR? (Showers?)
  28. If travelling on IT RED, aim for the first few rows!
  29. More money for AI
  30. Jet is supposed to be awesome?
  31. Ease of redemption on JetPrivilege
  32. Luxury Tax for tickets purchased in India
  33. Which airlines departing from DEL, do not give creeping delay announcements?
  34. Duty Free Shop at Arrivals in DEL?
  35. Optiontown uograde on kingfisher unsuccessful despite empty Biz seats
  36. Knife on Kingfisher flt
  37. Which would you choose - Lufthansa or Jet Airways
  38. 9w sin-maa-sin
  39. Kingfisher gets approval for 7 new routes.
  40. Delhi Terminal 3
  41. 2-2-2 J seat map on 9W 330-200 to YYZ. Is this old J back!?
  42. Ic lko - dxb/ shj
  43. Air India or Etihad? Which is better with slight cost difference?
  44. 9W offer - 25% miles off when booking awards / upgrades
  45. Jet to start BOM-JNB
  46. Delhi or Jammu airport luggage storage?
  47. ExpertFlyer now does Kingfisher award search
  48. Need to know the customs limits
  49. [Jet Airways] Cancelling the first leg of a flight
  50. Sleeping at lounges at BLR and HYD?
  51. Jet Copies Lufthansa's Baggage Allowance TATL in Y (Bad)
  52. Duty free shop in Kolkata
  53. Finance Ministry wants to DEMERGE AI and IC
  54. Domestic baggage allowance, separate international business and domestic economy
  55. Booking on IC
  56. Through check in on BA for 9W?
  57. OT: Transfer at DEL and ground transport at LKO
  58. HT-MARS Survey on Indian Aviation
  59. AA Elite status (points) for domestic flights in India
  60. Indian parliament standing committee says "AI/IC merger done in haste"
  61. intl transit at BOM
  62. Is this a makable connection in BOM?
  63. BOM intl to domestic transfers
  64. "AI breaks Sarods"
  65. 9W suites
  66. AI Fleet
  67. Jet Airways - Asia's worst...
  68. Interlining bags on 9W to UA - 2 separate tickets?
  69. Join any global alliance.. jet & KF
  70. Paramount Air GOI-COK? Still operating?
  71. Goodbye 9W, Hello IT?
  72. Air India bumping Swiss codeshare customers
  73. Need to redposit 9W Award Ticket
  74. Air India Limo @ BOM
  75. The mood swings that 9W flying creates - rant
  76. IT (kingfisher) announces changes to its FF program
  77. [9W] Mumbai airport 6 hour layover - Please help, first time travelers
  78. Very limited no of award seats on flights
  79. MEGA Bonus JPMiles Offer
  80. Spicejet
  81. BOM-LHR in Business: Jet,Kingfisher,or AirIndia?
  82. Need cheap way to fly from MAA or BLR to Goa. Advise needed
  83. Jet redemption bookings
  84. God help AI. Arvind Jadhav is an Ayn Rand fan .. thinks he's Howard Roark?
  85. JP account screw up? Shows blanks/wrong data!
  86. BA Miles for purchasing a 9W flight..
  87. Jet sucked in Biz on MAA-BOM-SIN-BOM-MAA - Crib report
  88. View itinerary in Kingfisher Red?
  89. Happy New Year!
  90. Mumbai airport transfer question
  91. celeb observation
  92. Air India miles can be added to CO
  93. Pax beaten up on board a Indigo flight for harassment
  94. SFO-AMD
  95. PK flights between Pakistan and India
  96. baggage requirement: Jet and AA combo
  97. Air India / SIA Codeshare suspension
  98. Lost baggage SAN (San Diego) to MAA (Chennai) with UA and Jet Airways (9W)
  99. Best place to get Forex - INR to USD
  100. Questions about domestic to international transits in India (Mumbai)
  101. Jet - miles error or something else?
  102. Air India First Class Bombay - New York
  103. Award seat availibility (9W) for 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th JAN)
  104. Jet Airways & Skyteam
  105. Transiting international to domestic in BOM - is there a good lounge?
  106. Food offering in F on 9W
  107. Up to 5,200 9W miles for hotel reviews on tripadvisor.in
  108. The 9W desk at DEL international (just outside Customs)
  109. Kingfisher Interline Baggage
  110. terminal 4 to terminal 5, JFK
  111. Dec 17 2009 JetAirWays (9W)
  112. carray on allowance on SpiceJet
  113. AI is a nightmare
  114. I gotta admit so far my AI experience has been pretty positive.
  115. Comparing 9W and QR for DEL-JFK
  116. The JP solution for the Premium 9W Flyer
  117. Lhr-del-lhr 777-200
  118. Air India LHR Limo service.
  119. Use Delta Miles to Redeem Tickets on Jet Airways
  120. Connect between MAA and Chennai Bus Station
  121. J meal service Air India DEL to BKK
  122. Intra-India (UDR-DEL), advice needed
  123. What to expect from Kingfisher from their BOM - HKG flight
  124. Why does Jet bother with giving 50% miles for such high fares?
  125. Jet Airways Lounge EWR?
  126. Trip Report - Air India LHR-YYZ in Executive Class
  127. Jet & Kingfisher Alliance Partners for domestic
  128. 9W Jetairways Lounges
  129. 9W check pilot pulls circuit breaker "to test pilot"
  130. Trip Report for 9W from BRU-EWR.BRU ?? Any ?
  131. AI "relents, allows staff to change from economy"
  132. tricky question about baggage
  133. 9W tickets & Amex payment (auth code still holding onto funds)
  134. DEL fog delays...is it better these days?
  135. Terrible experience on AI (IC)
  136. transferring between different airlines at Mombai airport
  137. Arrivals Lounge Brussels
  138. Question: Meet a friend at BOM
  139. Need fresh air? Just open the door!!!
  140. Booking AI First Class (Reward) JFK-BOM
  141. AI First vs LH Business
  142. Kingfisher-site booking problems
  143. User Development Fee for BLR?
  144. A pax Bill of rts?
  145. Internet access in Kolkata
  146. Parmount question
  147. Any Promo Codes For Kingfisher?
  148. Air India's full-year loss doubles
  149. Unable to check in online on AI
  150. F/J Mileage Tix on AI YYZ-ATQ
  151. Which to choose for intra india
  152. IT ATR skids off runway at BOM
  153. Will Jet Airways open up first class awards for the 77W EWR-BOM?
  154. I've heard nothing but bad press from AI lately, should I be scared away?
  155. Kingfisher: What does MAAS mean?
  156. Fare search websites
  157. Need to change dates on AI
  158. 9W JetAirways Good or Bad ???
  159. AI on stops MAY get canned
  160. AI BKK-EWR in first
  161. Question about [Air India's] seats - JFK to DEL
  162. MR on the MAA – SIN - MAA sector anyone…??
  163. MR Options to make Silver on Jet Privilege
  164. Great brunch venue - mumbai
  165. Advice needed from any 9W experts out there...
  166. Kingfisher introduces E-coupons
  167. AI 348 & 349 on J Class
  168. Arrivals lounge at SIN
  169. MR to earn 25 tier points to retain 9W Plat
  170. Questions about Transit
  171. 9w 77w Back on EWR Route!
  172. AI in the news
  173. What's it with BOM ATC?
  174. 700 AI pax (3 TATL planeloads) stuck for a day in CDG
  175. Another Air India day of chaos on the horizon!
  176. AI to retire its 744s citing "low fuel efficiency"
  177. Switching 9W flights in BRU
  178. How to Book IC?
  179. Runway maintenance at BOM between 11 AM - noon every tuesday
  180. Is there any website that can help me find decent J and F fares ex-BOM?
  181. India's aviation potential hits an air pocket
  182. BOM Int to Dom Transfer in 1hr 55mins - Any Chance of making it?
  183. Take-off under jeep headlights?
  184. Please welcome Babu as moderator
  185. Free Wi-Fi in BOM?
  186. AI ORD-FRA in First. Why so cheap?
  187. AI change of schedule
  188. Does AI have lounge access at Singapore Airport?
  189. AI to fly to IAD
  190. 9W new FFP partner = DL
  191. Air India B777-200LR Economy
  192. Domestic lounge access in DEL, CCU, BOM etc
  193. travel to Chennai [MAA]
  194. LKO and BOM trip from BLR
  195. Is AI viable - Indian government to lend 50 billion rupees (US$1.1 billion) to AI
  196. Survey: Do you use the terms "air hostess" for female flight attendant? AI does.
  197. Full body scanners - Will this ever work in India, if it comes through at all?
  198. 9W 18: DEL-SIN J meals
  199. Miles for KF or Indian Airlines on AA or United?
  200. Kingfisher Seatmaps - Anyone Have Access?
  201. AI to deploy 77w for US, Canada, Europe and Japan routes
  202. Jet Airways 77w Flying BOM-DEL??
  203. SAA and Air India sign code share agreement
  204. Air India: LHR-DEL-BLR
  205. Air India: Hong Kong to Osaka
  206. DEL-JFK: 9W or AI? help me decide
  207. CEO of Jet Now Joins BMI!
  208. SQ expands partnership with AI
  209. Seat question on jetairways yyz to lhr
  210. BOM same day turn
  211. Curious flight timings for CCU-AMD
  212. 9W connecting to US in YYZ
  213. 9W trying to lease out two more 777s
  214. “Fight Club” at 30,000 Feet: Air India Must Be a Joke
  215. Baggage limit and transfer on Jet
  216. Anyone use Kingfisher to MR on CO?
  217. 9W has the worst seat in economy from SIN to MAA
  218. IT Red to charge for food from 10th Oct.
  219. IT ordered to return parts leased from LH Technik
  220. Any recent transit experience BOM/DEL?
  221. Air India Express : Any consolidators?
  222. Air India likely to suspend operations at midnight
  223. Accounting problems for KF now...
  224. AI ATQ-YTO flight held up 11 hrs - rat got on board [merged]
  225. Flying from Chicago - Bangalore. Want to stopover in Dubai
  226. Kingfisher (IT) Advance Seat Assignment/Web or Tele-Check-In
  227. Jet Moving to LHR T4
  228. 9W DEL-HKG from 9/30, using 332
  229. AI changed flight timings
  230. Multi City Itinerary
  231. Any 9W promo code?
  232. Looking for help from Jet Airways
  233. Domestic Lounge access at BOM 1A
  234. Who handles Jet Airways in YYZ
  235. Lounge Access to non Premiere members
  236. Can I still earn NWA miles on Jet (9W)
  237. west coast suggestions
  238. Air India seat maps/advice
  239. 9w or BA?
  240. 9W & QF Only SIN why not (BKK,HKG) ?
  241. 50% off Jet Domestic- Next week only
  242. Can you cancel a Jet Airways ticket without penalty.
  243. May be best not to buy any tickets right now
  244. Jet Privilege - New Tier/Earning/Elite Structures
  245. Does Kingfisher do status matches?
  246. Need advice on SIN-DEL-SIN ticket (mid October)
  247. Lawsuit on KF: Will KF buckle down and fold up
  248. Jet airways strike
  249. 9W 12 BOM-SIN 30 Jan - pricing?
  250. Redeem on AI