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  1. JFK Lounge
  2. LH Upgrade vouchers not to be used as SH Upgrades?
  3. Avios on Finnair
  4. (not) cleared Upgrades
  5. Passport control somewhat caotic
  6. What do you use amenity kit pouches for?
  7. 200k tier point gift possible with non-flown points?
  8. Lockers at HEL?
  9. Blueberry juice
  10. Finnair allotted 1 slot to Tokyo Haneda from March 2020
  11. AIr Baltic is matching Finnair gold, plat. and lumotic into their highest status
  12. Finn Air award travel bucket
  13. No more priority security at CDG
  14. Free hot spring for departing AY passengers at (near) KIX--any experiences?
  15. Free drink for OWE in SH Y
  16. Finnair and Air Tahiti Nui To Offer RTW Ticket
  17. Different prices on ITA vs. Finnair.com
  18. Bag checking across tickets
  19. 45 mins enough to make lhr connection?
  20. Changing options on through ticket leg?
  21. What is Nordic Regional Airlines?
  22. ATR hub at HEL aka Lapland satellite terminal
  23. Why the 8kg limit on cabin baggage and poor AY staff knowledge of size limits?
  24. Cancelled TLV flights - options?
  25. WBA - Finncomn
  26. Why do you choose J or F?
  27. Finnair and Air Italy have signed Special Prorate Agreements
  28. SH J and same day changes
  29. sfo-hel in business class no IFE
  30. JFK-HEL-HKG Sales Question
  31. American vs Alaska to VBY
  32. Should I sign up Finnair Plus or continue to use British Airways Avios?
  33. LH vouchers to points
  34. OWE booking seats for partner in different PNR
  35. Moving from Finnair Plus to BA Execeutive Club
  36. Japan Transocean Air
  37. Carry-on luggage on Finnair/Norra flights
  38. WDL Aviation for Finnair, upgrade question
  39. Trade vouchers?
  40. AY1581 (HEL-CDG) schedule change
  41. Bag weight on AY for BA Gold in Y
  42. Does AY protect separate bookings?
  43. Juneyao becomes Finnair Plus partner
  44. Helsingin sanomat interview
  45. FinnairPlusRep
  46. How to optimize Heathrow Terminal 5 transfer
  47. Aurinkomatkat & use of status
  48. Finnair aims for five stars in Skytrax
  49. AY in Beijing ?
  50. AY Silver, BA flight from LHR and priority security
  51. Can't login to account
  52. Security at HEL T2
  53. Helsinki-Busan Summer 2020
  54. Isn't QR earning chart weird?
  55. Radisson points to AY+
  56. Point history?
  57. AY Platinum Wing is now open
  58. BA flight on Finnair metal to LAX
  59. Hintsa Performance now gives AY+ points
  60. Jfk arrival on AY5
  61. Finnair Booking Issues... Maintenance?
  62. Are all seats now chargeable on Finnair?
  63. Finnair availability on Expertflyer
  64. Turku Airshow 15-16.6.
  65. Change rules on award tickets (AY)
  66. Confused with Finnair CAN-HEL loads
  67. AY plus keeps screwing me around
  68. 75 Bike Fee - Enforcement?
  69. Is booking code U not being openly/publicly shared by AY?
  70. Ten seasons of platinum
  71. BA Gold flying AY
  72. Is there a change in AY price strategy?
  73. Aeroflot codeshare benefits
  74. Combining mileage run with trip to JPN
  75. Checked bag size question...
  76. Point question codeshares?
  77. Stoping a few days in HEL?
  78. AY: ORD - HKG/PVG/PEK - no more?
  79. Plaza Premium Lounge at non-Schengen side
  80. Likelihood of Finnair Premium Lounge Project Termination
  81. Do you compensate your CO2 emissions?
  82. Finnair (on JAL flight number) and Icelandair (codeshared by AY) interline?
  83. Booked a flight - System Cancelled in 48h later - Rebooking costs more
  84. Yle Culture cocktail about mileage runs
  85. Finnair Sales
  86. Dilemma
  87. Struggling with Finnair
  88. Seat selection on code share flight , not AY aircraft
  89. AY website worse than ever before :-(
  90. Tight connection in hkg / alternate options
  91. Plane delayed likely to miss connection? What should I do?
  92. Best AY LH deal in J?
  93. One world benefits to Finnair?
  94. SIN and HKG services cabin crew
  95. Most effective way of getting Finnair award points
  96. moving through AY tiers & tracking period resets
  97. OneWorld Emerald/Sapphire Baggage on AY?
  98. AY142 structurally delayed?
  99. Can I use Finnair vouchers for duty free in advance?
  100. Why can't I price out a fare for SVO-KAJ-HEL?
  101. Finnair SEB Diners gone 31.5.2019 and so is 3p/e yield for good
  102. Changes in the ex-Hel itienary baggage handling
  103. My experience in business
  104. Buying duty-free at TLL before TLL-HEL-LHR flight and HEL's PP lounges
  105. Take your fellow passengers into consideration - suggestions
  106. Locked out from Finnair Plus website
  107. Change final destination
  108. SZX-???-HEL
  109. Is 1 hr sufficient for arrival in HKG and then departure on KA on separate bookings?
  110. J Check-In at LHR
  111. Connection at HEL ex-Asia liquids
  112. Damaged suitcase - compensation
  113. ORD with AY in J?
  114. EMER benefit baggage?
  115. No points after three months
  116. Sudden BIG price bump for my route rest of the year - pricing error?
  117. The best use of 0.5M, 1M, 1.5M, 2M, etc., points for 1 nice experience for 2?
  118. Which ARN-HEL flight to choose
  119. CSeries / A220 replacement for NoRRA E90?
  120. Day trip to LHR
  121. AY+ Hotel Vouchers
  122. Finnair's Nordic Interior
  123. Carry on Baggage Size and Weight - Is is Strict?
  124. Long Helsinki Layover Questions
  125. AY / QF codeshares
  126. Finnair website booking does not show all options on a given day
  127. Finnair youth ticket
  128. Boarding Airbus at gate via rear stairs in HEL?
  129. Iberia wetlease MAD-HEL-MAD
  130. AY-points to Marriott points
  131. Poor On-Time Performance AY142 [BKK-HEL]
  132. name change
  133. Sale Promo Fares - where to find them - best TP
  134. questions about Connecting in HEL
  135. Cathay E Class Earnings
  136. Pakistan air space closure
  137. Rescue Vouchers?
  138. Unofficial Oneworld partner accrual rules
  139. 2 passports, different name spellings
  140. Tier points near end of period
  141. Silver seat reservation
  142. Transfer times at Helsinki Airport? 35 mins enough?!!
  143. The NRT thread
  144. Just a little DYKWIA story
  145. Efficient ways to earn Platinum
  146. Linking separate bookings for Economy Comfort benefits
  147. Neptune Air
  148. Row 1 a321
  149. HEL left luggage
  150. Using Gift Voucher
  151. Free AY+ Gold for Visa Infinite holders...
  152. Delay of AY5 -11.01.2019- claim
  153. [OT] JU announced BEG<->HEL
  154. KA check-in at LHR on AY?
  155. Changing flights for only one passenger
  156. Finnair, stop waitlisted upgrades!
  157. Difficulties finding award flight on Finnair.
  158. Near miss at HEL (TK & D9)
  159. Short haul seat maps
  161. Premium economy codeshares
  162. Shower - Arrivals lounge? and (observations from last flight)
  163. A330 J Class Bulkhead
  164. AY launching Sapporo-Helsinki?
  165. Pre select meals J class
  166. Upgrade and seat advice on upcoming HEL > EDI trip
  167. Constant delays on AY5 HEL-JFK
  168. Tibet Airlines (TV) launching LXA-TNA-HEL
  169. New Finnair website
  170. Finnair is safest airline in the world
  171. A320 and 12 rows in C
  172. SGN-HEL: meal service?
  173. Cheap(er) business class fares on short haul flights not possible?
  174. Asian strategy
  175. Wrapping up 2018
  176. 2019 Promotions
  177. Gifting a Gold card?
  178. Widebodies on non-longhaul flights
  179. China Southern and AY codeshares
  180. AY1723 HEL-LPA delayed today 19DEC
  181. Is 1 hr 15 min at ARN stockholm from T2 to T5 enough for iceland connection (AY6823)
  182. TP8356 [Codeshare on AY1739]
  183. EBBaward with AYpoints
  184. Help! FinnAir Gift Voucher
  185. Royal Air Maroc will join Oneworld - good news also for Finnair!
  186. Customer behaviour
  187. baggage delay 'double claim'
  188. Upgrade vouchers when getting promoted
  189. Can anyone use a Finnair voucher?
  190. Change from status holding FF number after selecting seats
  191. NoRRA pilots not working overtime - industrial action
  192. Mess in HEL to continue until 2022
  193. AY Check-in Heathrow
  194. check through baggage?
  195. Seat block for golds?
  196. Baggage through check HKT DOH HEL MAN
  197. AY Black Friday Deals
  198. Carry On Weight Enforced?
  199. No upgrades for the moment on long haul flights
  200. Speculations of new Finnair routes or frequencies
  201. Baffling Finnair Baggage Issue
  202. Reply from AY+ CS... Hidden option?
  203. Widebody service to Dubai DXB
  204. Give away AY+ Gold for newly turned Platsku
  205. Premium economy comming 2021
  206. How to book J fare
  207. NoRRA miles never seem to post for me without having to retro-claim
  208. AY12 SFO-HEL departing from a G gate today
  209. Spoiling kids with travelling
  210. Baggage Wait After a Finnair Flight to JFK
  211. Chinese carrier to Helsinki (again)
  212. State of Platinum level service
  213. Strike at HEL airport
  214. Meeting with Finnair team 28.11 @17:30
  215. Booked AY Light - AA Gold Status - Do I receive any benefits?
  216. Finnair took the points
  217. Finnair Plus or BAEC
  218. Change in miles accruals based on delays and re-routings...
  219. New competitor on the Moscow route
  220. ORD-HEL Air Italy replacement - smaller J cabin Downgraded to Initial Y+
  221. AY A330 wetlease from Air Italy for ORD and MIA flights in Oct
  222. Stockholm Bromma (BMA) lounge
  223. AY Longhaul Redemptions
  224. Arrivals lounge in LHR
  225. Weird J meal selections
  226. Awards on other companies than Finnair - can you explain it to me?
  227. Finnair Seat & Meal
  228. Flying with a kid in LH J? Experiences, hints etc.
  229. Blocked seat (sometimes yes others no)?
  230. AY2 LAX-HEL inaugural flight on 31-March
  231. Finnair enhances all alcoholic beverages to buy on board on several longhauls
  232. ExpertFlyer and Seatguru vs Finnair
  233. U/G Bidding amount declined, offered U/G at lower price 24 hours later?
  234. Quick Question on Fare types...
  235. Going to reach Plat but uncertain on the last 2'299 miles?
  236. Economy comfort A330 v A350
  237. AY102 later STD on Saturdays in Nov-Dec
  238. MAN - NRT 13th october
  239. Earlier flight with AY (BKK)
  240. AY5 delay today 20SEP
  241. Jfk-hel-svo skip
  242. bye bye Finnair - your flights are so expensive
  243. Finnair operated by Nordic Regional Airlines - codeshare or not
  244. Premium Lounge closure and renovation?
  245. No OH-LWJ ?
  246. Online check-in when departing USA
  247. Plaza Premium Lounge opening at HEL
  248. MAN-BKK outbound economy inbound Business
  249. Route to ROR
  250. Finnair appoints Topi Manner as new CEO