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  1. Can you pay for an extra legroom seat when you book with miles?
  2. No longer premium economy feeder flights in business class?
  3. Refused access to eGates at LIN with UK Passport
  4. FCO-LAX Non stops?
  5. FCO-BEG - Airbus A320 Economy
  6. Using miles for someone else
  7. Alitalia new business class seats look?
  8. Need copy of boarding pass for University
  9. Reset of Millemiglia program
  10. Ryan Air vs Alitalia domestic (labor issues, cancellations, reliability 2020)
  11. 10k Miles what to do with them?
  12. Strikes on friday 13th and early saturday 14th
  13. Is wifi on all 777's?
  14. Impossible to upgrade (with cash)
  15. Booking business class with miles?
  16. OCI Frequent Flyer bug?
  17. Strike by various caregories of staff, including ATC, from Sunday 24th to Monday 25th
  18. FCO-MRU cancelled on two dates
  19. What is e booking class?
  20. JFK Business Lounge Access
  21. Alitalia (Short haul) on board struggles
  22. Call center availability different from website
  23. Did AZ renovate the LIN lounges during the 3 months closure?
  24. EC261/2004 Compensation + luggage delay
  25. Booking/Reservation up to 300+ days availability
  26. Fast track for J with star Alliance in ROME
  27. No flights from OLB to Rome?
  28. Flight change on AlItalia stock ticket but operated by Etihad
  29. Gate checked our bags - now may miss connection - help please
  30. FCO & Alitalia Fast Track
  31. Changing coupon-code discounted flight
  32. Lounge access in Rome for Business Class
  33. What should I bid for this upgrade?
  34. MCT / minimum connect time @ TLV / AZ flights
  35. Status match M&B -> MM
  36. When Does Check-In Open At ORD?
  37. Names Change within 24 hours of Booking - USA to Rome
  38. Alitalia Korean Air code sharing
  39. luggage/carryon sizes
  40. Five (5) Hour Layover - What could I do?
  41. Is it possible to upgrade an Alitalia flight with a Delta connection
  42. Star Alliance Lounge @ FCO
  43. Why does Alitalia show duplicate flights for us?
  44. Domestic Connections at FCO from Norwegian (85 min)?
  45. A320 Business Class Meals with Alitalia
  46. Baggage interline with Ukraine Airlinea
  47. Economy seating on a long haul flight
  48. Business class food choice questions....
  49. "The Username does not comply with the specified criteria. Please enter again"
  50. Is phantom space an issue with AZ?
  51. PRG to NRT with Airitalia
  52. Transiting at MXP with a weird AZ ticket
  53. Cancelling Alitalia flight - what refund do I get?
  54. O - Economy Class
  55. Alitalia counter in Schiphol
  56. Does AZ interline separate PNRs?
  57. Recognise Skyteam Elite Plus status
  58. Lost item left on AZ 848 at JNB this morning seat 3G, help?
  59. MileMiglia Mileage Upgrade on Delta Codeshare Ticket
  60. Alitalia MilleMiglia Status
  61. Current State? Safe to book for June?
  62. How early to arrive at LIN?
  63. Ulisse questions
  64. Overlapping tickets?
  65. Using MM Miles to upgrade on other carriers
  66. Alitalia Rome Airport
  67. Refunding an ticket after departure
  68. Redeeming Chase Ultimate Rewards points (SkyMiles or Flying Blue miles) on Alitalia?
  69. General strike: Mon 25th Mar
  70. DUS-FCO-BDS Questions as FB elite + member
  71. AZ coded flights Croatia Air operated where can I credit.
  72. jacket stranded in Milan Linate Lost Property Office
  73. Urgent Help Request - Booking Segment Deleted due to 'Duplicate'
  74. JNB lounge access
  75. Help! My LAX-FCO Biz Class ticket will expire next week
  76. Traveling JNB-FCO-CMN in business class 1st time, what to expect?
  77. FCO T1 to T3
  78. Upgrading Award Ticket
  79. How reliable is ALITALIA
  80. CTA to Jfk via Fco
  81. Searching for Multi City Award Tickets?
  82. Sardinia to FCO - Different booking adult/kids to use discounted fare
  83. Millemiglia credit for Z class on DL operated KL flight
  84. Short TR - LHR-FCO-GRU, Magnifica
  85. AA to AZ connection @ FCO (Separate PNR's)
  86. FCO Checkin Time - recommendations
  87. "Service Error"
  88. Impressive first experience
  89. Overnight baggage connection at FCO?
  90. Upgrading at the Airport
  91. Alitalia Flight "Cancelled", or Alitalia Being Alitalia
  92. Oran
  93. AZ Premium Economy Experience?
  94. LAX Etihad lounge access
  95. Alitalia lost my CPAP, advice? Whats fair compensation?
  96. AZ flights to Mauritius
  97. TLV to FCO in coach: what to expect?
  98. Urgent: 24/7 phone number for AZ?
  99. SkyTeam Elite Baggage Allowance on HBO Fare
  100. A321neo to join the fleet
  101. Delays at FCO/LIN today
  102. two word about new catering
  103. Wifi: can you purchase more than one bundle? And which aircrafts have wifi?
  104. Advice after being "bumped"
  105. Membership Rewards Still Instant?
  106. Alitalia flight 154 (LIN to BRU) 5 Nov
  107. Awards with 100% transferred miles
  108. Is 2 hours 10 minutes enough time to connect flight
  109. Issues with BP's and seat changes
  110. Alitalia to launch FCO-IAD
  111. Information on SOF-FCO (AZ521) flight
  112. Wine in economy
  113. Seat Allocation
  114. Where can I phone when no SMS as promised and luggage not delivered
  115. Checked baggage as a Skyteam Elite
  116. Is one hour layover sufficient at FCO?
  117. MilleMiglia - Soft Landing?
  118. Is it safe to book Alitalia for 2019?
  119. Alitalia check through policy with two separate tickets
  120. upgrade an Award ticket from Premium to Business
  121. MilleMiglia points for code shares
  122. How reliable is LIN-FCO shuttle (in August)?
  123. Claim for flight cancellation
  124. Departing form Linate - how quickly to go through?
  125. Medical Emergency on AZ608 on 6/12/18... How does treating doctor contact Alitalia?
  126. New Alitalia redemption table valid Aug-Dec 2018
  127. Anyone having success in using miles?!
  128. Early 2019 booking question
  129. No free lounge to C passengers?
  130. MM Award Booking on KLM/Air France
  131. 777-300ER
  132. Where has the beer menu gone?
  133. Lounge Invite FCO
  134. [OT] FCO | Passport E-Gates | US Citizens
  135. New route: LIN-GVA
  136. Reschedule notification
  137. Upgrade Alitalia using Etihad guest miles?
  138. Alitalia A319 Seat Chart FCO>FLR
  139. Downgraded from Premium Economy to Economy
  140. Alitalia or Korean air Business class ???
  141. Booked on non-existent flight
  142. May 8 ATC Strike
  143. Boston to Rome 950P
  144. Check In
  145. Alitalia - System vs Flight Ticket
  146. travelling with pets
  147. Overnight connection at MXP - short check bags?
  148. Alitalia Boarding Zones
  149. connection time
  150. AZ Trip Reports
  151. There is a Freccia Alata Plus card waiting for you!
  152. Light Fare classes
  153. 4x AZ flights before 31/03 to carry over MM points?
  154. Alitalia sweet spots?
  155. Any use of 8485 miles (13-17 version expiring 31/03)
  156. FCO connection
  157. Skyteam partners no longer bookable via MM?
  158. Using Alitalia Miles on Delta -- Time sensitive
  159. Best use of 28k miles
  160. Booking Award Ticket for non-Account Holder
  161. 777 Business Class - Mini Cabin or Forward?
  162. Oneworld offensive: Air Italy
  163. Why can't I book this at alitalia.com?
  164. AZ loses a bag for 5 days on a paid business class ticket from FCO to CDG?
  165. Flying Alitalia-- credit to milemilgia or delta?
  166. Alitalia website booking issues
  167. Cash and Miles. What can you do?
  168. Disabled toilets on AZ long haul aircraft
  169. Bonus miles when a tier change is achieved?
  170. Alitalia being Alitalia?
  171. Date Change for flight
  172. Strike 19 January 2018 - list of AZ cancellations
  173. Infant Limit Reached
  174. Cabin baggage on E190
  175. Miles 2013-2017 program
  176. AZ lounge recommedation at FCO
  177. New edition of the Millemiglia Program 2018
  178. AZ award ticket
  179. Economy Classic Ticket Change Fee
  180. Seat selection. AZ code, KE operated
  181. "Customize your travel" on booking review throws error
  182. Is it safe to fly in january 2018 and where to credit?
  183. Hand luggage on bulkhead seat floor during taxying/take-off/landing
  184. Which FFP to credit?
  185. Reward flights - Surely this is an error?
  186. New Classica Plus/Premium Economy with GEVEN seats on the 777s
  187. Orphan miles
  188. Alitalia & flyBE - Some questions
  189. Alitalia strike, Friday 15 December
  190. Upgrade Premium Economy -> Business
  191. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Alitalia MilleMiglia benefits nominations
  192. Compliment for Alitalia
  193. Possible to use discount code with multi stop booking?
  194. Incorrect award pricing
  195. Seating advice: B777
  196. FCO to INDIA
  197. New route from FCO: VLC
  198. 43.000 miles, what to do
  199. Viewing AZ reservation in another booking engine?
  200. Alitalia launches Johannesburg & Nairobi
  201. Cannot book Comfort seats CDG-LIN
  202. Transferred Amex points but still can't book award ticket
  203. Is it safe to book?
  204. New Routes from LIN
  205. Urgent advice regarding change to award ticket made by Alitalia
  206. Italy General Strike 10th November?
  207. Does Alitalia do waiting lists?
  208. Surprised about no availability on FCO - LHR in February. What could be the reason?
  209. Booking with Alitalia in advance
  210. FCO question from infrequent AZ flier
  211. Newbie question on LCY-FCO service
  212. CFP: Rollover qualifying miles?
  213. Are all miles going to expire on Jan 2018?
  214. LH confirms AZ bid
  215. National flight on award international tkt
  216. Question re AZ connection to DL at JFK
  217. Awards only on Codeshares??????
  218. MilleMiglia Gallery closing September 30th
  219. We have circa 420,000 miles ... what to do?
  220. Misleading wording in OLCI process
  221. MilleMiglia for an upgrade on China Western
  222. ideas for award ticket redemption
  223. Future of MilleMiglia
  224. Ryanair is preparing takeover bid for Alitalia, says Michael O'Leary
  225. Help needed as to how to change to correct name of ticketed passenger.
  226. Air Berlin + MilleMiglia Points/ qualifying Fligyts
  227. [Long Haul] Business Class Rebranding
  228. My Sad Review
  229. Luggage pick up at LAX
  230. Cancel AZ award ticket
  231. Which Lounge would you recommend?
  232. Trouble selecting a seat
  233. Lost baggage
  234. Alitalia-Flybe | Code-Sharing Agreement
  235. One good news (at least)
  236. PNR for award ticket
  237. No US domestic segment award?
  238. Alitalia Companion Ticket Question
  239. CDG-BOS Terminal and Global Blue Desk question
  240. Alitalia Transatlantic
  241. Taxes refund on unused ticket
  242. Schedule Change
  243. Alitalia lounge access with families
  244. How to enter MilleMiglia no. on Air Europa bookings
  245. chauffeur in AUH?
  246. Business class on a E175?
  247. LH status matching AZ elites
  248. Biz class towel scent
  249. Connection @T3 in FCO
  250. Economy Light and Skyteam benefits