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  1. Milan to Rome, plane or train?
  2. private transfer from naples train station to sorrento
  3. I know everyone knocks Milan...but what places/sights do you actually recommend?
  4. sorrento in end of Nov
  5. Visiting Pompeii on 24-AUG (eruption date in 79 AD)
  6. Florence (Firenze) T2 opening
  7. Real luxury in the Cinque Terre, Italy?
  8. Venice in Spring or Fall?
  9. Milan: Where to stay and getting to Monza for Italian GP
  10. Verona Opera dress code suggestions
  11. Where to stay in Milan?
  12. Teatro alla Scala Opera @ Milan advices
  13. Rome beginning of December
  14. IC De la Ville Rome ?
  15. Rapallo to Barcelona
  16. Opera at Caracalla, strike?
  17. Layover in Pisa... enough time for a quick tour?
  18. Sordevolo Passion Play
  19. Which train station in Milan?
  20. Nothern Italy/Tuscany in October - where to go.
  21. Train change time at Rome Tiburtina - 15 mins sufficient with luggage?
  22. MXP to city center
  23. Will my planned flight connection times at Milan (MXP) be adequate?
  24. Anyone ever tried daytripping to Rome from London?
  25. Siena - San Gimignano
  26. Rick Steves Tours to Italy
  27. Marca di bollo for passport
  28. Late Night Arrival Transportation - VCE to Westin
  29. Alitalia's Le Navi Lounge available to Air
  30. Is it a good idea to apply schengen visa after denial of study visa
  31. Private Guide Recommendations For Rome, Florence, Venice?
  32. From EWR to london then Rome
  33. Visiting a village in Campobasso
  34. Florence (Firenze), Italy Self-Guided Walking Tour
  35. Tax refund at LIN
  36. Hotel Recommendations
  37. Flying into MXP, flying out to BOD same day - too risky?
  38. Suggestions for one day in Torino
  39. Best airlines to use traveling from Paris to Venice
  40. Genoa / Genova airport (GOA)
  41. NYE in Venice
  42. VAT refund at Milan Centrale?
  43. Car Rental from Florence to Rome
  44. Northern Italy Itinerary Advice
  45. Place to Stay Between Geneva and Maranello?
  46. Parking safely in Pompeii??
  47. A few days in Northern Italy
  48. Flights Cancelled Ahead of Strike By Ground Handlers in Italy [May 30]
  49. Milan - 2 top hotel bars l REVIEW
  50. ciampino - rome bus transfers?
  51. Meeting Place at Milan Malpensa?
  52. A good biography for ancient italy/greece?
  53. TripAdvisor Investigated Over 'Fake Reviews' in Italy
  54. Milan Duty free
  55. Any good limo company at milan mxp airport
  56. Help with Italy Itinerary
  57. Getting from VCE to Milan (final four)
  58. cell phon in italy
  59. Venice hotel suggestion-
  60. Sticky threads for MXP to Milan and FCO to Rome city centers?
  61. Planning panic
  62. Travelling Car-Train to Venice
  63. milan central train stat to mxp
  64. Places to Stay in Rimini?
  65. Milan Airport to Lucca
  66. MXP to Lake Como
  67. Milan Central Train Station
  68. MXP Car Rentals
  69. MXP Airport Hotels- Sheraton/Hilton Garden Inn
  70. Umbria & Tuscany in August
  71. current best prepaid sim deal TIM
  72. Best way to get downtown from MXP.
  73. FCO Rome Fiumicino Airport [Merged thread]
  74. Milan Hotels- Hyatt; SPG; Marriott; Hilton
  75. Flights to Italy
  76. Bologna Restaurant Recommendations
  77. Itinerary Advice
  78. Food allergies
  79. Train Questions - Ancona - Bologna - Venice
  80. Naples
  81. Trains around Italy
  82. Italy for 9 days?
  83. Showers At FCO After Arrival From U.S.?
  84. Visit Pisa or Naples (from Rome)?
  85. Milan to Bari or Brindisi
  86. Visiting prada store in Milan/ best places to shop for clothes
  87. Short Rome Visit - What To See?
  88. Quick MR to Naples. Ground transport and pizza?
  89. Milan transit map/app
  90. MXP airport transfers?
  91. Tour at the Vatican
  92. FCO airport connection
  93. Best Hotel Milan 15-18 april, not more than 250 Euro/night.
  94. Cinque Terra -> Rome -> Positano -> Venice -> Milan (17 days)
  95. Obama runied my day in Rome
  96. Rome, Florence, Venice
  97. Discount shopping near Milan
  98. Train tickets Venice to Rome
  99. Brenner pass early April: snow tires?
  100. Taking a backpack in pompei?
  101. Itinerary Help: 16 days Rome - Siena - Cinque Terre - Florence - Venice - Munich
  102. NAP Lead Time
  103. Seeking feedback for my Venice travel blog
  104. bologna to milan
  105. American Palace Hotel in Rome(sneaking a person in the room)
  106. cost of snow chains in Italy
  107. How long would it take at Rome (FCO) to .....
  108. Data Sim card for Italy
  109. Venice Transportation
  110. Legitimate Luxury Villa Rentals Italy?
  111. Tuscany with Kids
  112. Milan Car Rental
  113. Naples & vicinity using public transport
  114. Transfer from T1 to T2 at MXP?
  115. Luggage ticket for Milan subway?
  116. Florence/Tuscany Car and Driver
  117. Frecciarossa Executive Class Seat Question
  118. Need 2 week rental in Tuscany advice
  119. 18/19 Days in Italy and Greece - Help in planning
  120. Ravenna, Sep '14
  121. Milan to Sardinia
  122. Venice - Boscolo Venezia AC (Marriott) vs. The Westin Europa (SPG)
  123. Must See, Must Do and Must Eat in Sorrento and Rome??
  124. Malpensa Express Online Tickets
  125. Sicily Tour Recommendations
  126. Florence (Dining + Gelateria)
  127. Tickets for football match?
  128. reservations for train Rome to Firenze
  129. FLR Airport + Florence Dining Recs?
  130. 8 days in Italy (Rome to Venice)
  131. Landside transit through Italy- Indian passport
  132. The Mall outside Florence
  133. Florence airport
  134. Villa recommendation for Tuscany or the lakes
  135. 5.5 Days in Italy
  136. Italy Pre Cruise
  137. Milan hotel advice
  138. Day trip from Milan to rome to see Vatican and at peters
  139. Hotel in Florence and Rome
  140. Venice, Florence, Rome (via train)
  141. FCO to Rome transportation options
  142. New Year's Eve 2014 in Italy
  143. OT Beware MXP travellers of those sneaky Italians
  144. 13 hour layover at MXP, what do do/where to go?
  145. Short Trip to Milan/Tuscany
  146. Venice, Italy
  147. things to do in Sicily
  148. Rome and Milan hotels already full for mid-April?
  149. Snow chains/winter tires
  150. Taormina after Etna eruption
  151. Italian Culture week 2014 - best guess for dates?
  152. Best hotels, dining & to do economically Feb 2014 in Rome??
  153. Best take-away food at MXP?
  154. A Few Days in Milan
  155. Hotel near FLR
  156. MKE/ORD to Italy - advice welcome
  157. Discovercard acceptance in Italy
  158. Got another traffic ticket from Italy! After 2 years! Help!
  159. Train to Amalfi Coast
  160. Alighting the train early in Vicenza or Padua
  161. Bringing truffles from Italy to the U.S.
  162. Le Volpi E L'Uva
  163. Golden View Open Bar & Restaurant, Florence, Italy
  164. Lost passports
  165. good lunch near last supper!
  166. Palermo
  167. Using ATMs- 2nd bank?
  168. Does anyone know the location of the TIM Store at FCO?
  169. help with special lunch in lake Como area
  170. Whoops. Parma public holiday help needed...
  171. Where should we go?
  172. Amalfi Coast off season?
  173. recommendations for a nice hotel in/near Venice and/or Rome
  174. GPS App vs Google/Apple Maps
  175. Using cash in Italy
  176. Fusion Bar & Restaurant @ The Gallery Hotel Art, Florence, Italy
  177. Currency Exchange at Bologna Airport
  178. General Strike Oct 17-18, 2013
  179. Credit cards and italian trains.
  180. Venezia - use luggage porters or water taxi?
  181. What is current (2013) cost for postcard to USA (from Italia)?
  182. Positano Dining Help
  183. MXP - how much time needed for intl connecting flight
  184. How early to FCO Terminal 3 for Vueling flight?
  185. Restaurant Taverna Trilussa (Rome)
  186. Villa rental in Italy
  187. Airport to Rome city center
  188. Use for a "Via Milano" card?
  189. Car service recommendation in Verona needed
  190. train and data sim advice please
  191. Lounge access for FCO?
  192. Italy Trip Itinerary Advice (Venice to Florence to Rome)
  193. ravenna
  194. Last minute honeymoon to Rome
  195. Connection time FCO
  196. 24 hours in Rome
  197. Any experience with unlocking iPhone 4 for extended stay in Italy
  198. Help with Rome Trip
  199. $$$ to euros
  200. Four day trip (Rome)
  201. The Lakes in Mid/Late October
  202. Rome at Christmas
  203. Going to Verona- any suggestions?
  204. Uber in Rome
  205. Paris to Florence by air
  206. Best restaurants in Florence?
  207. Royal Hotel in San Remo
  208. Monument in Tivoli, Italy
  209. FCO to BCN via Iberia - how early should we arrive?
  210. Sardinia: tell me about it
  211. Le Cinque Terre trails Up-to-date advice needed.
  212. Driving from Rome to Venice
  213. Travel around Italy on weekends, 3 months
  214. Milan to Venice By Train
  215. Venice floods?
  216. JFK-FCO-FLR? [Transit procedures connecting at FCO]
  217. Car Rental insurance in Italy
  218. Rental Car in Venice
  219. Fares, booking tix, transport...!
  220. Cinque Terre or Amalfi Coast
  221. 3 Days in Rome...what are the must sees?
  222. 1st Time in Italy
  223. Boscolo Venezia
  224. Various photos from a recent trip to Capri/Amalfi Coast/Naples
  225. FCO to Amalfi
  226. Palermo to Sardinia
  227. Gluten Free Cannoli in Taormina?
  228. Taormina Hotel
  229. Good wi-fi hotel
  230. Looking for advice on several practical issues
  231. auto insurance in Italy
  232. Car Service From Viareggio to Naples
  233. Summer Weather
  234. Help with planning few days in Amalfi Coast in September
  235. Options from FCO to Roma Ostiense Train Late Night?
  236. Venice Hotel (Danieli) to VCE travel time?
  237. Wiring Money to Italy
  238. Day trip to Como from Milan
  239. Travel Options
  240. 4-5 Days in Tuscany - suggestions?
  241. Car service from Rome airport to Florence hotel?
  242. Where is the cheapest exchange for euros?
  243. Why must pay in cash instead?
  244. CC instead of cash to pay for cab or car service from airport to apartment?
  245. BLQ airport: Avis or Hertz?
  246. Are Italians Rude?
  247. 500 euro bill in Italy
  248. First time trip to Italy - suggestions
  249. Naples & the Amalfi Coast - looking for itin advice
  250. Firenze at Christmas