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  1. MR out of LAX
  2. Maximizing my weekly work travel
  3. Best last minute fares?
  4. Trying to do a WAS based MR on Thnaksgiving
  5. Maximum miles on AA out of ORD for $300?
  6. Using Same Day Change to increase segments/miles flown
  7. Earning British Airways Miles on Qantas
  8. Need LAX- BKK big miles
  9. What percentage of passengers are on mileage runs?
  10. Help booking these MR convulted fares
  11. Newbie MR on AS from SEA
  12. Any DL DEN MR Deals
  13. [FARE GONE] CO/UA: SFO/California/West Coast-ICN $650-$750 a/i RT (4.3 CPM)
  14. Help me maximize $450 US voucher and Trial Preferred Status out of PHL
  15. Help! Need 7000 EQM from ORD on *A
  16. BDL to DFW with as many segments as possible
  17. New to it all -family to oz shall we join up ?
  18. NYC-CDG-CPT Suggestions
  19. Need to find best flight ticket to Los Angeles
  20. More effective MR calculation?
  21. Going for UA 1K - help with end of year MR
  22. Any DL MR out of MSP
  23. MR advice from SAN
  24. minimum time LHR for MR turnaround from US
  25. Best Bay Area airport for UA MR?
  26. seeking DL run for 27K miles ex-MSY
  27. BD Codeshare Dump
  28. MR on AA out of SFO?
  29. Cheapest UA/CO same day return from WAS
  30. pit-san...why the fare war?
  31. possible to use farecompare tool with business class?
  32. ITA search depth complaints again...
  33. 2500 Miles needed out of IAH - CO/UA
  34. SFO-ORD
  35. [FARES GONE] CO: LAX-ATL, UA: LAX-DTW $158 a/i [Merged threads]
  36. Fastest route to 10k UA EQM Ex IAD/DCA?
  37. Can I use $400 UA to partially pay for MR?
  38. Help needed for business class deal for SFO - AMS - (ZRH/CDG) - SFO for UA Mileage
  39. Is this a valid MR?
  40. Need help: Vancouver to Moscow
  41. Having trouble booking LAX-LIM flight with Taca
  42. extend trip into Mileage Run
  43. most miles for $300 on AA from AUS?
  44. Miles Consolidation
  45. UA/CO fare sale date window extension? (IAD-SJO)
  46. A little help
  47. DFW to CHA using AA
  48. MRing SAN-PIT - airport hotels?
  49. Question: DEQMs crediting to alliance programs
  50. Need help to convert TPE-MEL into a MR
  51. Need 15K on UA/CO Metal by Nov 15 from MSP
  52. Any ideas for a trip out of IAD?
  53. 18k EQM out of SAN for UA 1k
  54. Back-to-back ticketing that doesn’t violate minimum stayover?
  55. Warsaw (WAW) to Denpasar Bali (DPS)
  56. Ticketing European carriers in the US- price discrepancies?
  57. Did ITA stop carrying Insel Air?
  58. Live in CLT, Fly US... Am I SOL?
  59. (DL) MR from WAS- this weekend
  60. DFW-LIM-DFW $323 ai (Orbitz only on LAN) early Nov 2011
  61. Any good SEA (star alliance) milage runs?
  62. Do not call the airlines regarding any of these fares
  63. Good Deal Premium Fares thread wish list 2012 discussion
  64. Google Flights Just Launched
  65. Need 10k United EQM from SF Bay Area before the end of 2011
  66. (FARE GONE) UA/AA/LAN: IAD-MIA-LIMA rt. from $342 a.i.
  67. Flying OZ end of the years, would the miles credit in time to make the status?
  68. New to the forums - Basic unanswered questions
  69. Need 10K Star Alliance EQM out of BWI, DCA, or IAD before year end - any suggestions?
  70. Mileage Run Suggestions from SAT
  71. End of summer is not leading to more mileage run fares
  72. BDL/PVD MR help!
  73. What number is reasonable cpm for mileage run??
  74. keeping MR's exciting
  75. DL website MR booking failure...what am I doing wrong?
  76. Need help with MR out of SMF (or SJC, SFO, OAK) on DL
  77. Need 7000 UA EQM out of SEA
  78. Mileage Run Suggestions from ATL
  79. MR Help
  80. MRs out of JFK or LGA
  81. Need around 5k US Airways DM
  82. New Mileage Runner! 2500 AA EQPs needed! Have $300 in Vouchers!
  83. new to UA MR
  84. Need 500 mi MR by 11/4...
  85. Seeking MR help / advice
  86. (FARE GONE) DL: DTW-MIA $127-138 a/i
  87. Need additional onepass miles
  88. MR Strategies to finish out the year
  89. Maximize AA mileage on a trip from NYC/PHL to HNL
  90. Max Milage TPA->BKK
  91. Maximizing mileage help required...
  92. help for MR NYC-HKG
  93. DL (or ST) MR needed. BOS-PVG
  94. AA Mileage Runs Needed - DFW
  95. NRT - MEM mileage run?
  96. MR for 40,000 by the end of the year
  97. Good enough run? NYC-UIO
  98. mr from mia or fll
  99. [FARE GONE] CO/AU: LAX-PVG $693 ai
  100. Help needed: DC to Boston MR
  101. Ideas for BDL-DCA MR on *A
  102. Need AA SFO Run(long distance)
  103. [FARE GONE] KE: JFK-ROR $560 ai
  104. (FARE GONE) UA: SAN-MIA $146-$168 a/i RT (2.4 CPM, $28/segment)
  105. New to MRs... Question about Routing Rules
  106. DL MR Needed from BNA
  107. Why does Delta seem to have the lowest fares/craziest sales?
  108. (Phantom fare) DL BOS: AUS 133+, BUR 149+, OAK/SAT/SAN 129+, SNA 149+, SEA 13
  109. [FARE GONE] DL: LGA/JFK-LAS $ 201 ai rt
  110. Booking a milage run..
  111. Do you always run your MRs alone?
  112. AA platinum challenge in 1 weekend?
  113. How to route Asia trips (SFO -> SZX, NRT, NGO) on United to squeeze 400 more miles?
  114. BKK-PEK need Reliable Low Cost CArrier
  115. High fares at MKE; Lack of MR potential
  116. [FARE GONE] DL: EWR/WAS/IAH/ORD/SFO-BIL/ICT $159 all in
  117. Lowest cpm's seen out of ATL
  118. MR needed: 3 segments/1600 miles on UA out of Buffalo?
  119. HOW?
  120. Mileage Run Deals Dec - Jan for College Students
  121. Can I get a clarification on Mileage Run Board posting
  122. Limits on MR
  123. DL MRs scarce from SLC, but this is not to bad
  124. MR in Canada (Star Alliance)?
  125. [Gone] DL: JFK-WAW $324ai (~3.5 cpm)
  126. DL: RDU-Anywhere mileage runs
  127. DL: RDU-Anywhere mileage runs
  128. MR Help - UA/CO from DEN/COS
  129. (FARE GONE) CO/UA: SEA-PEK $405 ai
  130. Help with a MR to get ~$15K UA EQM
  131. Did AA create a new paradigm for MRs?
  132. Gettting EQM without flying
  133. > 6 legs
  134. Hidden City with a Wrinkle
  135. Cheapest Way to Go First Class to Brazil (GRU)?
  136. Noob Question Regarding Milage Runs
  137. [FARE GONE] UA/CO: ORD-LAX $139ai RT 3.98 CPM
  138. getting premier ex status
  139. Is it possible to do an MR from IAH on CO/UA???
  140. Star Alliance/UACO Mileage Run from HKG?
  141. MR Training help
  142. MSP UA/CO 22 segs or 17,500 miles-thoughts needed?
  143. Noob Hello World
  144. Cheapest way to get FirstClass tickets from North America to Australia???
  145. Nice mileage run from ewr on co for 2011
  146. Best site for Flt deals
  147. Looking for exSFO/SJC MR on UA/CO
  148. AA MIA-LAX Same Plane
  149. Have $150 CO vocuher to burn by tmr. Advice on a a chapeast/coolest destination.
  150. $700 UA Credit, How to Maximize It?
  151. What is wrong with these fares?
  152. Continental elite maximizer..a mistery
  153. Newbie question...how do you figure out which cities to combine?
  154. Living in ATL w/ DL
  155. REquire One Way YYZ to LHR Sept 15
  156. Need a MR out of YYZ for coming Midweek.
  157. AA MR Runs in the near future?
  158. Advice needed. Best AA MR from RSW/TPA/MCO in Nov
  159. Help (newbie) MR from BTV
  160. won't pay more than what for EQM?
  161. NYC to AUS?
  162. UA/CO 29k needed from NYC for EOY-Advise needed!
  163. Mileage Run for this weekend
  164. Newbie Question: Best Way to Find Mileage Runs from Houston to Anywhere
  165. [FARE GONE] AA: IAH/HOU/LAX/SFO/NYC/WAS/others-LIR $190++ RT
  166. Cannot make use of SpanAir MR ticket. Any advice on what to do?
  167. Need MR help from DFW/PHL/LAX on AA
  168. Why is a Mileage Run better than purchasing miles at 2 cents per mile?
  169. MR from ROC to BDL
  170. Help with mileage run out of Bos?
  171. Need help spending eCredit on Delta.
  172. Runs out of WAS on UA/CO
  173. Television Show Opportunity
  174. Travel Websites
  175. Help With HKG Run
  176. UA/CO Mileage Run Assistance out of AUS
  177. Maximizing miles to achieve AA Platinum
  178. Requesting help for MR on US: SEA-SJU
  179. Is this a good MR?
  180. Fare classes that are excluded from upgrades?
  181. Need Help On MIleage Run: DTW to BNA
  182. Maximize the AA miles between AUS - IND
  183. why never any deals to South America or Africa?
  184. SFO-WAS - Can I get to 1K?
  185. Same day turns on ITA matrix
  186. Maximizing miles STL-NYC (16-18 trips)
  187. Booking segment runs through Amex Business Travel Web Site
  188. Will the market decline lead to lower prices?
  189. any mileage runs out of MIA,FLL,PBI
  190. Any good DL mileage runs from msp
  191. MR Advice on INTL flight and Star Alliance standby
  192. MR out of MSP
  193. UA fares to Asai NRT,ICN went up 200-500 in 12 hrs?
  194. Cheap fare to Australia
  195. Going to Venice?
  196. Need Help With DL Mileage run from DTW to BNA
  197. Same Day changes
  198. Suggestions to maximise upcoming trip miles
  199. ITA Software Bug?
  200. Delta Mileage Runs for Amex MR
  201. Miles run on CO/UA from JFK?
  202. ITASoftware Booking Travel?
  203. Most bang for the buck
  204. Any mileage runs out of BKK or SIN in the next couple months?
  205. Best Same Day Turn Airports?
  206. Federal Taxes Reinstated
  207. Anyone flying out of EWR?
  208. Help with MR DL from LEX to YYZ?
  209. ITA: "Query Results Have Been Deleted"
  210. Any good deals ex ORD/MSN on 8/14-15
  211. Q: Best MR CPMs out of LAX?
  212. CO/UA: EWR-HKG 940ai 5.5cpm
  213. VA: Three Round-Trip Flights $427+
  214. 4K miles on UAL from SFO?
  215. Cheap flights to Asia this weekend?
  216. Help with ExpertFlyer Secondary Carrier Booking Class Table
  217. Air Canada segment run
  218. Mileage Run suggestions
  219. Time to start claiming tax refunds for mileage run tickets
  220. An embarassing admission...
  221. [Non-earning] UA/LH : MSP-ALA $751.50 a/i 15958mi 4.7cpm
  222. [CO/UA] 85 EQMs? Let's get creative!
  223. DL: Need quick, cheap MR from SMF
  224. Interpreting ExpertFlyer Fare Routing results
  225. AF - FB Trip Advice To Europe AF to LAX
  226. DL - Mileage Run ANTI-Deal NRT-PVG, MNL-NRT
  227. Looking for upgradeable UA fares to Asia
  228. MR from DFW on AA.
  229. Weird Pricing on AA on Hold Flights
  230. Is this a good deal?
  231. UA/CO Transpac fare blows up with added HNL stop
  232. Upgrade with Miles + Copay international
  233. LAX-NYC-ORD-LAX suggestions
  234. Booked First MR, but Need Help from IAD
  235. Longest Mileage from IAD
  236. Need AA Segment Mileage Runs from BNA
  237. Need a Delta mileage run from LAS or SLC
  238. Question on 2x bonus miles on UA....LAX-Chi
  239. I Need 500 MQM on delta from CHS Please!
  240. Looking for cheap *A F fare
  241. MR recommendation for a AA $565 voucher?
  242. DL $600 voucher. How best to finesse into max miles/segments?
  243. DL: PIH-MHT can't find fare
  244. Looking for a run to SEA from BOS or PVD!
  245. Segment Run from MSY on DL (8/12-8/14)
  246. Help me put together a AA mileage run from LGA/JFK on July 30-31
  247. (NO DEAL) Kingfisher (IT) fares from LHR showing incorrectly showing as First Class
  248. Taxes not being collected by UAL.com due to FAA strike
  249. Can anyone help me with a mileage run out of LGA
  250. Rearden