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  1. Looking for any LAX/SNA OR LGB to NYC
  2. Multi Destination Search Tool / Website for UA
  3. [FARE GONE] US: SFO-BWI from $135+ RT
  4. [FARE GONE] UA: BWI-PHX Starting @ ~$154ai (BUF-PHX still avail.)
  5. [fare gone] ua: Atl-sjc $157
  6. CPM question
  7. Why are SFO-MEL flights so expensive in winter???
  8. MR from AA (Oneworld) on weekends out of NYC/RDU?
  9. Voucher assistance
  10. MR ~ Denver
  11. [FARE GONE] DL: DFW-PHX/LAS Starting @ ~$127ai
  12. TK Comfort Class Premium Economy. I discussion. O
  13. MR Date Changes - Help
  14. [FARE GONE] UA: DFW-DUB, $618 a/i
  15. Request: Solo Traveler Trip Ideas
  16. [FARE GONE] MS: BRU-KUL in C 1300 ai RT
  17. MR from BUF/YYZ?
  18. AA New York to London: building in some cheap stopovers?
  19. DL: new route ewr/cdg direct seeing any MRs?
  20. Brainstorming Leisure Airports
  21. TK Comfort Class Premium Economy. Discussion moved from PE Good Deals thread.
  22. can I rebook a delta ticket on klm?
  23. How can i improve this?
  24. Mileage run out of Las Vegas with United
  25. MR cancelled, options?
  26. is there anyway to get email notification when a new thread is posted in the MR deals
  27. Mileage Run out of RDU
  28. [FARE GONE] UA: ATL-SIN RT from $828 all in
  29. [FARE GONE] WY: FRA-KUL 471 C November 0,365 cpm wo COS
  30. [FARE ONE] DL/UA: EWR-SIN $828 rt ai Thanksgiving run
  31. DTW-PHX RT $167.90 rt a.i. 3.13cpm
  32. UA Mileage Run From IAH
  33. Need a UA MR for Apr 6-8 timeframe
  34. Need some direction on where to look
  35. MR from lax/sna on UA?
  36. MR out of SLC
  37. Any good mileage runs to CVG
  38. ORD - TPE
  39. Need help on AA run: Apr 19
  40. any MR LHR-PVG on BA in April
  41. Assistance Needed: MR on US Air out of SEA
  42. Planning Segment Runs
  43. Booking 6+ segment Journeys on-line
  44. Help with MR from ORD on US in May
  45. N fares on UA are gone 2 min after the booking
  46. Any MR from SFO/SJC on UA in April?
  47. how to do a mileage run
  48. Newbie questions about MR lingo & codes
  49. [FARE GONE] DL: LAX/SFO-MKE ~$153-161 ai RT
  50. Need help RDU-SFO in May 14th/15th to 17th/18th
  51. [FARE GONE] UA: SEA/PDX-BOS Starting @ ~$188 AI RT
  52. Help needed on DL MR out of ORD, MDW or SBN
  53. Anyone have the fare rules from ORY - PTP error fare last year?
  54. ALB to FLL MR help for newbie for Mom's 85th
  55. '14 MR worthy fares?
  56. Help needed with MR on UA, AA or US - ATL to DAR
  57. All's quiet on the MR front!
  58. Advice on a DL MR out of BNA, MEM or LIT
  59. Help needed with MR on UA/US ex-SEA
  60. DL MR out of NYC
  61. Cheapest fares with no advance purchase
  62. IAH runs on *A
  63. Help with MR/cheap flight from OMA or MCI on UA
  64. MR out of LHR to LAX or SFO only on AA
  65. [FARE GONE] Oneworld: BCN-AKL 540+ RT
  66. *a cmh/cle/cak/pit mr?
  67. [FARE GONE] AA: MSP-MAO (Manaus, Brazil) $359 rt ai
  68. [FARE GONE] DL: MIA-POA $352 ai RT (3cpm; less via routing)
  69. Best EQP-earning MR on AA?
  70. [FARE GONE] US: SFO-BWI $81 o/w
  71. MR Out of DCA IAD or BWI on UA
  72. *A MR from TLV
  73. [FARE GONE] UA: MIA-SFO $170 a.i.
  74. [FARE GONE] AA: LGA-ORD $150 ai RT April-May
  75. Is my math wrong? [aside from a universal .25 class figure]
  76. Mileage run/award travel on the Concorde - Was it done?
  77. [FARE GONE] UA: AUS-BWI-SAN-AUS $254; 3.7cpm
  78. Why can't I get T fare for same day turnaround?
  79. MRs/TWOV to Brazil
  80. [FARE GONE] UA: EWR-HNL $415 ai (x4. 4.1 CPM; 39,616 miles)
  81. [FARE GONE] UA: LAS-SFO-BWI (+others) $83 o/w
  82. need help with AA run out of LHR
  83. Coming up short on AA for challenge
  84. [FARE GONE] UA: BWI-SFO-SAN RT from $196 ai (3.4c/mi)
  85. Recommended City Pairs to use in ITA
  86. DFW-LIMA, seems like a good deal, what do you think
  87. need help with aa run out of boston
  88. Need suggestions to maximize DL miles CMH > SAT
  89. 2 x MR's @ 8k EQM's or a jumbo MR at 17k EQM?
  90. Is SFO a tough airport to do MR's out of for UA/*A elite qualification?
  91. How to find MR
  92. Good MRs in the Summer?
  93. [FARE GONE] IAH-DXB $647 on KLM
  94. Is this DL run any good? OMA/LAX/MCO/OMA
  95. [FARE GONE] UA: LAX-FLL ~$160ai and SFO/LAS-MIA ~$171ai
  96. U.S. > Canada > U.S. MR Question?
  97. Don't MR through Home Airport
  98. Looking for a MR on AA from WAS or NYC area
  99. SFO mileage run on US
  100. [DL]Mileage run from IAH or HOU
  101. Has anybody used this method of putting together an MR?
  102. Creative routes from Europe to NYC
  103. [FARE GONE] JJ: CDG-LIM-LHR 238 ai RT (2.0 cpm)
  104. Turning a trip to China into an MR
  105. arrival/departure gate tr-r SFO question
  106. IAH based mileage runners??
  107. ORD UA MR's?
  108. Ex ORD on A metal
  109. Kayak EY phantom fare: AUH-JFK-AUH USD 47
  110. Any other MRers based in the SBA area? Need travel buddies
  111. Any good recent ONT or SNA runs?
  112. Help much appreciated to max BA Tier Points
  113. Now that we all booked SJU/STT fares, let's talk about it?
  114. What is Autopricing?
  115. ORD LHR BAH DOH and back in 2 days
  116. Maintaining status with a desk job that requires little travel
  117. [FARE GONE] UA: DFW-XXX (Many Domestic US cities) starting @ ~$153ai
  118. Need help with MR from Florida to Northern NY State
  119. Star Alliance Mileage Run
  120. AUS/DFW Mileage Run Friends
  121. Need Help finding best AA WashDC deals (any DCA BWI IAD depart)
  122. UA (via *A partner Air China): SFO-SIN
  123. UA Mileage run for 1K challenge
  124. Discussion of posting consolidated airfares
  125. Need help from the experts! CX Marco Polo Question
  126. Suggestions for UA mileage run in March/April?
  127. Delayed flight in MR, domino effect
  128. AA DFW-MIA-EZE roundtrip biz $922
  129. [FARE GONE] AA: NYC-SCL $902 RT AI business class/J (books into A/I), 6.8 cpm for J
  130. [FARE GONE] Business: DFW-EZE non-stop $915.22 on LAN operated by AA 9 cpm
  131. What's Best Destinations For MR's on AA?
  132. Anything on DL from DTW or FNT?
  133. IAH - Anything out of this place?
  134. US Segment run from BOS
  135. UA NYC-HNL pricing thoughts 3/13 & beyond
  136. Presented with an AA EXP Challenge
  137. [FARE GONE] AF: BUD-SCL in Premium Economy 590, 3.4 cpm
  138. Asking experts for help!
  139. Asking experts for help-DEN/AA EXP
  140. [FARE GONE] AA: BOS-GIG $559 RT AI, 4.1 cpm possible
  141. Mileage run out of MKE or ORD on UA
  142. [FARE GONE] DL: SAN-DTW-SEA $190 ai RT (7767 MQM Very Limited Dates)
  143. MR from DAY/CMH with UA?
  144. Forfeiting 2nd segment of an OW flight & fly back from stop 1 with another OW ticket?
  145. mileage runs from KWI
  146. WN: MKE->DTW?
  147. DL/UA NYC MR to SIN?
  148. [FARE GONE] AA: Germany-Rio <$700, ~3.3cpm
  149. [FARE GONE] DL: BOS-PHX starting @ ~$192ai
  150. Status run ex ANC for QFF
  151. Any MR deals for *A ever happening from SIN?
  152. Blizzard coming? Messing with anyones MR this week?
  153. Mileage run on aa this weekend from msp
  154. How to handle changed reservation (EWR-SJC Mileage Run)
  155. Need Help with BOS-DTW on UA
  156. Help: NYC-DXB on DL, maximize?
  157. TK Promo - really bookable?
  158. Does anyone else do MR on the way to work each week?
  159. [FARE GONE] DL/US/AA/UA: LAX/SFO-JFK-SJU from $303 ai RT 3.87cpm
  160. Question about MR (DEN to ??)
  161. [FARE GONE] UA: BOS-SEA (and reverse) $242-260 RT AI, 3.7 cpm possible
  162. need help: AA- PHX to SFO February
  163. [FARE GONE] US: SFO-EWR, $218 a/i, 4.3/mile, same day turn
  164. [FARE GONE] UA: SMF-MIA ~$202 ai RT
  165. First MR tomorrow - Quick question about agent check-in
  166. [FARE GONE] TK: WAW-IST-KUL-IST-WAW in business J for ~$900
  167. Understanding Fare Rules
  168. newcomer looking for some insight
  169. Advice Needed on Mileage Run out of IAH
  170. There must be an easier way?
  171. [FARE GONE] EK: HK-DXB-LIS-FNC $352 ai RT
  172. Extending a layover past 24 hours?
  173. ITA matrix not showing YQ anymore?
  174. SU (Aeroflot): JFK-SVO $469 ai [R fare; nil earning on SU/DL]
  175. UA Lowest OW Fare For Any City Pair 2013
  176. Matched to UA 1K, Need 35k from ORD
  177. when to start planning Mileage Runs
  178. AA- need 12,000 miles from Phoenix
  179. Anyone heard of a MR out of AMS?
  180. [FARE GONE] AA,DL: SFO-PBI $242 ai (4.2-4.7 cpm)
  181. HELP! Got a credit and need to use it!!
  182. Newbie Mileage Run advice on AA from NYC to LAX
  183. Help with *A mileage jog SFO-AUS
  184. Looking for MR on Feb 24 / ITA newbie
  185. US or UA book MR for flight tomorrow? Possible?
  186. UA MR out oof RDU impossible?
  187. Any one know of any United mileage runs from SAN or LAX
  188. Longest Single Day mileage run in US?
  189. 15% off Austrian - a MR?
  190. No change to first fare component
  191. Looking for MR on UA from MSN
  192. MRs on US
  193. UA or US: WAS-Miami Area. Is a Mileage Run Possible?
  194. How come no Mileage Runs from Asia?
  195. Maximize SFO to MUC
  196. Vancouver immigration officers know us and love us.
  197. A Mileage Run from Savannah (SAV)?
  198. Search tips?
  199. AA: Need 6800 EQP by 3/31/13 from DFW
  200. [FARE GONE] EK/QF: DUS/HAM-PER/BNE/Australian cities from 707 April-June 2013
  201. [FARE GONE] US: EWR-SFO $157ai (Limited Availability)
  202. [FARE GONE] UA: BOS-LAS as low as $144 RT AI, 2.6 cpm possible
  203. UA PE Challenge : Another 6903 PQM ex-SFO!
  204. Need a 3400-point mile run out of NYC before Apr 16 to achieve Plat challenge
  205. [FARE GONE] BA: BCN-AKL 550 / 25110 total miles
  206. MR and the New DL Requirements...
  208. Help me understand MR
  209. Moscow and Istanbul help
  210. DL mileage run out of RDU
  211. (Non miles?) Air Seychelles/EY/AF: MUC-HKG $404 RT AI
  212. Same day turn to LAX
  213. Help maximizing cpm on UA
  214. UA: SEA - DUB Feb 7-11 Vacation! 12k 5.2CPU $690
  215. [FARE GONE] UA: SEA/LAS-MIA starting @ ~$174ai
  216. Need 680 TPs on BA flying AA First in US
  217. UA MR with 25 minute turnaround?
  218. help with MR on United from ORD using $500 ecertificate?
  219. same day run on AA from SJU
  220. Same day turn in HNL suggestions
  221. [FARE GONE] DL: SFO-ATL/JFK-NRT-SIN $1,232.30 ai RT (25,318 mi; 4.9 cpm)
  222. [FARE GONE] UA: LIH-YEG $245ai
  223. "Mileage Runs" from YYC - Is it possible to get under 6 cpm?
  224. Ideas for a new run out of LA area on United?
  225. Reverse Itineraries
  226. Week long trip from LAX - CHI - JFK - LAX
  227. Get out of SIN during Chinese New Year?
  228. Early MR Ideas?
  229. MR starting and ending in BGI (On AA)
  230. Help finding AA 10K MR for under $600
  231. SFO to YOW on UA
  232. Your worst anti-MR
  233. Feedback on 1st MR
  234. MR run with same day turn itinerary question
  235. UA Status Challege MR
  236. Are couched bookings allowed [A - B [B-C-B] - A]
  237. MU (China eastern) FRA-PVG sub-$900 (in Z; nov-dec 2013): Cancel since it's Economy?
  238. What Year did FT become to big to post Deals?
  239. CLE or CAK to SFO on UA
  240. Newbee has question: finding deals from Europe
  241. Wanting a great W class fare for lots of DL miles
  242. [FARE GONE] UA: MIA-SEA $239 ai RT (3.8 CPM)
  243. MR same day turn to SVO
  244. YYZ Help Please
  245. EF ?? Business Class London Jamaika = 1.230 Euro
  246. ex-CMB to LAX; pricing with stopovers?
  247. New member, needing help
  248. Anyone can help to optimize the route for YYZ-SYD?
  249. [Not a MR] AT/SW: LGA-ATL-LAS rt ai $198 4.0 cpm; $204 to LAX
  250. AA: (TX OK LA AR residents) How do you construct MR?