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  1. Best way to pay? ~6000 Euro from US / USD. Better bank rates?
  2. 3 Hour Layover in FRA, is it worth leaving and coming back to get passport stamps?
  3. Car/Van Shuttle: FRA to/from Heidelberg
  4. Dusseldorf Airport Help
  5. 3hr layover in MUC
  6. Best Area to Stay in Munich
  7. Frankfurt
  8. Ratskeller Munich for New Year's Eve?
  9. Debit Card use in Germany
  10. Taking Vitamins to Germany--Customs allowed??
  11. Cannstatter Volksfest Stuttgart
  12. Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof to Bonn
  13. Anybody for Oktoberfest 2011?
  14. Mainz/Cologne Trip
  15. Castle Hotel
  16. Bremen - any suggestions
  17. Parking close to Courtyard Berlin City Center
  18. Berlin to USA: Non-stop flights?
  19. 1-day drive along the Rhine???
  20. Tips for Lübeck?
  21. Munich MUC Airport Opens New Lounge
  22. Berlin 3rd Week September
  23. Best time to go to Germany from NYC?
  24. MUC for 7 hrs on a Sunday then to Dresden
  25. ATMs and currency exchange
  26. Bavaria okays Munich airport expansion
  27. Questions about Frankfurt Airport - 6 hour layover
  28. Christmas day (Sunday) in Munich
  29. 4.5 days--2 cities from Hannover--suggestions?
  30. Berlin, Germany Hotel Recommendations
  31. need a hotel convenient to the Frankfurt int airport for 11:20 AM CO departure.
  32. World Cup Final Tickets
  33. One day in Frankfurt... suggestions for this Sat 16.7.11 & Mon 18.7.11?
  34. One night - first time in Munich - hotel info request
  35. Connection w/ checked bags in FRA
  36. In/Out FRA in 5 Hours
  37. Recommendations sought: top class hotel/restaurant within 3 hours of NUE, also FRA
  38. Thoughts on a day-long ICE trip from Frankfurt?
  39. transit visa required for transfer?
  40. Car Rental Insurance Question
  41. Overnight in FRA with kids v. budget hotel or hanigng in town
  42. OT: Using BTOpenzone logins in Germany
  43. Oktoberfest Tour Inquiry
  44. Flying out of MUC with kids but without husband
  45. Hamburg metro ques.
  46. Easy public transport from TXL to Westin?
  47. 3 days (and 2 half days at FRA)
  48. fine on the Metro in Frankfurt
  49. Connecting UA to LH in FRA - 7.5 hours - advice ?
  50. 1/2 day in Dusseldorf?
  51. DUS hotels?
  52. Berlin day trips by car / autobahn
  53. Old speeding tickets in Berlin
  54. Skyy Raspberry in FRA
  55. Selling a used car in Germany
  56. Munich / Salzburg
  57. Airside transfer between terminals FRA
  58. E coli outbreak - travel?
  59. Public holiday dates
  60. 1 day and 1 night in Frankfurt
  61. 5 hours in Frankfurt on transit
  62. Romantic road itinerary request
  63. Possible to do Zugspitze and Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau Castles the same day?
  64. Berlin: Hampton, HI Express, Park Inn or Art 'otel
  65. Location of Hertz return at Munich HBF
  66. Knuffingen airport in miniature
  67. 5 days in Frankfurt/Munich
  68. Mobile SIM at Tegel TXL
  69. What's going on in DUS in mid may?
  70. Real Madrid Fan Club/Pena/Bar in Frankfurt
  71. Insurance and phone questions
  72. Lamarin products - in UA terminal duty free at MUC or buy in city?
  73. free parking in Düsseldorf
  74. FRA employee rigged women's loo with cameras
  75. What to do in FRA for six hours?
  76. Early TXL departure: taxi or car service?
  77. Please help me with this questionnarie about flight-habits in Germany and Holland
  78. How much should a German SIM card cost?
  79. Drive Munich to Bacharach & In/Around Bacharach
  80. 5-6 days in Germany, arriving Ramstein
  81. Reasonable Accomodation for FRA Overnight
  82. Arrivals facilities at MUC (Continental)
  83. Neuschwanstein tips?
  84. Rhine Day Boat tour
  85. Flying out of Munich
  86. Three days in Dus
  87. Question about German Rail Passes
  88. Hanover Hotel 4/4/11-4/8/11- Help please! :)
  89. Hamburg or Berlin?
  90. Changes to U.S. Security at FRA?
  91. Rhine River Valley Castle
  92. Berlin for a weekend ??
  93. München (Munich)... so many Biergarten
  94. Bamberg hotel advice
  95. 5-6 hrs at Frankfurt Airport
  96. FRA Airport Shooting? How is it there?
  97. Public transport to TXL
  98. 7hr layover in FRA - no access to city, stuck in Airport
  99. Connecting time from Hannover airport to Hannover hbf
  100. Weekend in Nuernberg
  101. Munich May Day..thing to do?
  102. Shopping Centre near Munich Airport
  103. ~14 Hours to Kill in FRA
  104. Transfer in Frankfurt
  105. Entering Germany on an expired passport
  106. Reservation procedure for Hotel in Germany
  107. New "airport" Knuffingen in Germany
  108. Is dual citizenship a possability?!?
  109. 8 hour Layover at Frankfurt Airport
  110. Day ticket confusion -- URGENT for 12th-13th Feb
  111. Another southern Germany itinerary critique needed
  112. Alternative suggestions around FRA -- 1.5 days Feb winter weekend
  113. Nudity in Germany's hotels wellness areas : why ?
  114. Passport Stamp Question
  115. Food and Hotel in Frankfurt
  116. MUC and things to do
  117. Dusseldorf - Flexible gates?
  118. Overnight in FRA (end of NOV)
  119. FRA - which lounge was that?
  120. Transiting FRA via JFK-LHR
  121. Best way to get to Freiburg from US?
  122. TV in English in German Hotels?
  123. Connecting Flights in Dusseldorf
  124. Layover in Munich
  125. Rental car or train? (Frankfurt to Baden Baden)
  126. Gifts for New Neighbors in Germany
  127. Superbowl 2011 in Munich, Germany
  128. best airport for Mecklenburg?
  129. Thank You Berlin Transport Authority, BVG!
  130. Porsche Museum visit during FRA Stopover
  131. Best Restaurants in Hamburg?
  132. Clearing immig, customs at FRA on US and Indian (US green card) passport
  133. Train from FRA to Essen
  134. Fruehlingsfest Munich
  135. "Custom check" fraud at the airport?
  136. Berlin-Dresden-Gorlitz-Krakow advice needed
  137. Trip to Germany
  138. Suggestions for 5 days in Western Germany in February
  139. Transfer from ORD-FRA arrival to Terminal 1B (FRA-IST) -
  140. Transfer within security at FRA?
  141. Nuremberg over Christmas
  142. Frankfurt on Christmas Day
  143. taxi from FRA to DUS
  144. Travel from Nuremberg to Paris help..
  145. Hotels in Darmstadt
  146. New heavy snow falls
  147. 9hr Connection in MUC
  148. MUC to Hbf minimum connection time
  149. Frankfurt room with Jacuzzi
  150. Please recommend a Christmas market
  151. Getting to Hilton Munich City
  152. Exchanging old DM for Euro--cash or check to the USA?
  153. Cologne Any info please, travel, places to go, eat etc
  154. Location of LH Worldshop at MUC?
  155. How to Run from FRA Airport to Downtown Frankfurt and Back
  156. Customs and connecting flights at MUC
  157. Two hours in Munich
  158. 16+ hrs transit in Frankfurt. Pls help make my stay comfortable.
  159. Buying Dresden Stollen in Dresden
  160. Day trip to Neuschwanstein Hohengau castles or Deusches Museum?
  161. Priority Pass and Frankfurt
  162. Suggestions for Germany/Austria
  163. best way to spend 24 hours in Germany?
  164. Early Munich trip questions
  165. Berlin Hostel / B&B?
  166. Berlin questions
  167. SW Germany
  168. hotel.de Is this a reputable reservation service
  169. Rail ticket valid on DUS skytrain?
  170. Taxis in Stuttgart? (easy to get?)
  171. MUNICH HOTEL Near Center or Marienplatz
  172. Hotels in frankfurt under $150 us dollars
  173. Ice sprinter train from fra to munich
  174. Buying a mifi at the Frankfurt airport
  175. Transfer time at FRA - Question!
  176. Train from FRA
  177. First time flying (LIS->VIE) with the need of connecting at MUC - HELP
  178. Berlin during Christmas
  179. Correct form of greeting
  180. Duty-Free Cigars at FRA?
  181. 5 h layover in DUS - what to do (?)
  182. transit in Frankfurt airport
  183. 2hr connection in FRA (AC) to MAD (LH). Shower Possible?
  184. Frankfurt transit
  185. First time in Germany since the Wall fell: Frankfurt or Munich?
  186. Germany city guide book.....
  187. Need a decent hotel in FRA right near the airport. Any recommendations? $100-150.
  188. Upcoming trip to Germany! Any advice welcome :)
  189. Waiting in Munich
  190. Munich for 24 hours during a trade fair
  191. Nuremberg beer
  192. FRA half day tour
  193. What to see in Dresden
  194. 7 hours in Frankfurt on a Sunday
  195. Gate Passport Checks at FRA
  196. [Tax Raise] Germany imposes flight tax
  197. german customs and valuation
  198. Connection time at FRA. Is 1 hr 25 min enough?
  199. Gifts for our German hosts
  200. rail and fly
  201. 2 weeks in Germany; car hotel food musts?
  202. Wifi in Frankfurt
  203. Munich in November
  204. Danke to all
  205. if I don't speak German, how do I drive around in Germany? (and advice on Autobahn)
  206. Oktoberfest question(s)
  207. Inexpensive lodging in Berlin
  208. do we need to update the current forum description?
  209. No more need of Lounges and Goldcards etc @FRA [H1 opens restaurant]
  210. Visa requirement question
  211. Need day-pass lounge in MUC / T2 during US transit
  212. Kaiserslautern, anyone?
  213. 1 Day in Berlin: Anything worth doing/seeing THX
  214. Driving in Germany: Refueling
  215. munich day trips
  216. German employer - keep business related miles?
  217. where to meet up after arriving at FRA on different UA flights
  218. Left luggage facility at HAM
  219. Help a newbie transit German airports?
  220. Dresden: Bulow Palais vs. Taschenbergpalais; Neustadt vs. Alstadt
  221. Best German Credit Card?
  222. First Time Traveller to MUC; Questions About Lounges and Hotels
  223. Mainz, where to stay, what to do, see on a short stay?
  224. Short city tours from Frankfurt Airport
  225. Difficulties in finding a room for 4 adults in Munich
  226. Restaurants in Heilbronn
  227. Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten Munich
  228. 3 people in a hotel room?
  229. Quickest way from Stuttgart airport to Heilbronn
  230. FRA Intercontinental
  231. Nordwalde?
  232. Help - where to cash VISA travellers checks
  233. Public Showers at Frankfurt Airport
  234. Frankfurt to Munich
  235. Where Can I Buy an Unlocked Cell Phone in Dresden?
  236. Phrase translation, please
  237. "No Children Policy" in a Munich Hotel?
  238. 18 hours in FRA - July
  239. What to do in FRA during a 2-day stopover?
  240. Frankfurt suggestions
  241. Long stopover in Munich and reentry
  242. Smoking Rules
  243. Moving Car to Germany
  244. Frankfurt Airport food question
  245. Late dinner in Cologne
  246. Dusseldorf Airport to Cologne
  247. Renting a Car in Germany
  248. Dresden: Hotel Bülow Palais
  249. Connecting to Train in CGN
  250. One night in Fankfurt, which hotel?