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  1. Neuschwanstein Castle for elderly?
  2. Baggage cart FRA
  3. Train from FRA to Stuttgart
  4. Need advice for Frankfurt Airport
  5. Leave Munich airport on a Schengen Visa
  6. Hilton Frankfurt - A good choice for one night in August?
  7. What's the deal at Stuttgart airport?
  8. Passport question
  9. FRA - 6 hr layover with kids
  10. German brokerage for US resident?
  11. In-depth guide to Munich
  12. Mainz Romisches Theater Station
  13. Frankfurt...Will I have time?
  14. Hamburg Confederation Cup Viewing?
  15. German Work Visa from India
  16. German motorways stau
  17. Europcar rental return Munich HBF
  18. Saturday night layover in FRA - dinner/beer/logistics questions
  19. Best pay lounge on non-C/F layover?
  20. Question about a building near Morbach
  21. Travel Warning due to flooding in Southern and Eastern Germany
  22. Help me save on my month long car rental
  23. What are your favorite fine dining restaurants in Berlin?
  24. Ibis chain in Berlin
  25. Cologne Train station decent hotels
  26. Advice regarding frankfurt in 2 days
  27. Can I use US-issued ATM card that is linked to two checking accounts in Germany?
  28. Lounges for hour layover in Frankfurt?
  29. Layover in Frankfurt
  30. Free Web Stream: NY Philharmonic Performs in Dresden's "Die Gläserne Manufaktur"
  31. Frankfurt Day Trips?
  32. Trip from WAS>STR/MUC to visit AMG Factory
  33. Spreewald at the end of August
  34. Drive from Dus to Fra, sights?
  35. 5 hours in Dusseldorf sit in lounge or opportunity to see city center?
  36. 5 hours in Cologne or Frankfurt?
  37. Meeting point at TXL airport?
  38. Munich Airport T2 Smoking
  39. Frankfurt Airport Connection Time
  40. Meeting up with someone in Europe, flying back home together - need ideas!
  41. Munich layover - how much time to return to airport & clear passport control/security
  42. 10 hour layover in Frankfurt (FRA)
  43. Routing through FRA or MUC
  44. Confusion, First European Flight (MUC)
  45. How to plan trip an Oktoberfest 2013
  46. Friedrichshafen Germany
  47. 6h 30m layover in Frankfurt
  48. will a parking ticket result in a ban to enter the EU?
  49. Good Munich beer gardens near either Hilton City Center or Munchen HBF train station?
  50. Buy euros at MUC airport or home (Raleigh, NC) and train from airport to city?
  51. Buying luxury watch at FRA?
  52. Changing planes at Berlin -Tegel (TXL)
  53. Minimum Connection Time FRA
  54. Berlin, Munich or Hamburg? Student :)
  55. 8 hrs In Frankfort
  56. Long distance coach routes in Germany on the rise ...
  57. Buying a kindle at a German airport?
  58. onward ticket required in Germany
  59. Is Kägi fret sold in Germany (specifically Dusseldorf)?
  60. Black Forest - best town/city to use as a 'base'?
  61. Munich Hotels for a week long summer stay
  62. Anyone to share a day of sightseeing and food on Tue 12th March?
  63. Trip to Germany, June 2013, What is a must see for a car lover?
  64. Fitness center at FRA?
  65. Mainz vs. Frankfurt
  66. Getting from Stuttgart airport to the train station
  67. If I was detained by the DDR Stasi back in the '80s, can I still view my file?
  68. Zugspitze (Hiking)
  69. Dachau, or BMW Museum? Wed 27th (anyone else around to meet?)
  70. Written Driving License exam?
  71. Weekend Trip to Dusseldorf
  72. Flight connection in Frankfurt
  73. Quick flight from Germany - where should I visit?
  74. DriveNow Car Sharing Service in Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg
  75. One night in Frankfurt
  76. Hotels Tax?
  77. Where to stay?
  78. Hotels in Hamburg
  79. rent a car in Berlin for 1 night
  80. Munich Immigration / Baggage / Customs - How much time to clear on average?
  81. Minimum connection time through MUC, FRA?
  82. rental car "incidents" in Dusseldorf Airport
  83. Summer airfares to Germany and Austria
  84. DUS security strike?
  85. 2 weeks in Germany - start/end in Dusseldorf - Help!
  86. Nuremberg for a fair event in February . HELP !
  87. 9 Days in germany - planning help?
  88. Nonresident Euro (German?) card for foreign exchange? (DKB, ComDirect, else?)
  89. Layover in FRA for 12 Hours - What to do?
  90. 1st time overnight in Berlin
  91. Munich/Salzburg with family; planning advice?
  92. Munich - Getting from Airport to Messestadt for fair?
  93. Transit visa at FRA?
  94. Ancient Roman sites in Germany
  95. Which hotel in Munich?
  96. Buying a prepaid sim-card in Germany
  97. Early AM travel to MUC AP
  98. 12 hour layover in MUC. Need suggestions
  99. Dusseldorf at Christmas
  100. Munich just after New Years- any holiday stuff?
  101. 8 hr. layover at Frankfurt Airport
  102. Frankfurt 1 year with family
  103. Best Route to STR
  104. Berlin - TXL to Spandau Bf
  105. Berlin Customs Question
  106. 1 1/2 days in Munich
  107. Seeking good restaurant in Leipzig
  108. short term rental apartment in Munich?
  109. Help with Christmas Markets Tour
  110. Hyatt Regency or Intercontinental in Düsseldorf?
  111. FRA Z Senator Lounge
  112. LAMARIN skin care products (for men)?
  113. Stuttgart Neckarpark transport
  114. Parking at FRA for three weeks
  115. Accomodations in the Kaiserstuhl?
  116. Berlin-two days
  117. Ideas for 5 Hour Layover at FRA
  118. The right hotel in Munich…
  119. Village near STR airport
  120. Travelling for the first time
  121. New Cold War exhibit opens at Checkpoint Charlie
  122. First day of Oktoberfest without tent reservations. What's the best plan?
  123. What's the easiest way to get to Rothenburg from Nuremburg without a car?
  124. Munich and area itinerary - please critique (we might be crazy!)
  125. Traveling between Dresden and Munich - train or flight?
  126. Parking in Berlin
  127. Frankfurt with 2yo?
  128. Freiburg im Breisgau
  129. AC Elite in FRA
  130. Wuppertal and Lübeck
  131. Erlangen (or Nuremberg) this Sunday, anything to do for ~4 hours
  132. Going from Tegel to Schönefeld (quickly) with NO experience!
  133. MUC Lounge use
  134. Dec 2012 town/cities suggestion
  135. Connection in FRA
  136. Comprehensive Summary of Travel Compensation from ADAC
  137. MUC - SZG - VIE in September?
  138. Munich - June 2013
  139. Ideas on traveling thru Southern Germany
  140. Why is Expedia showing flights into Brandenburg?
  141. Marriott City Centre Munich, a good choice?
  142. Airside connections at STR
  143. Recommended Hotels in Munich
  144. MUC Airport - lockers for luggage?
  145. FRANKFURT AIRPORT - Express Customs lines?
  146. Munich (in memoriam magic111)
  147. Where to pick up rental car for southern Bavaria?
  148. Casino Bad Homburg
  149. FRA Airport Question
  150. Moving to Hamburg - HELP!
  151. How long to clear inbound customs in FRA?
  152. Bank in Berlin
  153. Munich S-Bahn Summer Weekend Construction
  154. Driving FAST! should I worry?
  155. Express line for Custom and security check FRA
  156. airfare SFO-MXP / FRA-SFO late Sept 2012
  157. UK Court case from a German Speeding ticket
  158. U/S Bahn Ticket Machines Frankfurt
  159. AMEX in Germany
  160. Train-Restaurant in Mainz
  161. First Time help needed "for dummies"
  162. Dining suggestions in FRA
  163. New Guy renting a car in Germany
  164. FRA Lounge
  165. What do you recommend for some holiday
  166. Best European Christmas markets
  167. Berlin: Hotel Concorde or Westin
  168. Karlsruhe: Things to do
  169. Showers for arriving pax in MUC
  170. Summer hat for cities
  171. Munich Day Pass, which one to choose?
  172. FRA-DUS on Christmas eve train, drive or fly?
  173. Meet Up Location at Berlin Tegel
  174. Munich residents vote against 3rd runway
  175. Long layover in FRA:what to do?
  176. commuting to Mainz from Frankfurt for a week?
  177. Suggestions for Munich + Italy trip
  178. Where can I buy a "Trachtenanzug" in Munich
  179. Car Rental STR
  180. Help/Thoughts on Braunschweig in June
  181. Insider tip to spend 1-2 hours in FRA T2
  182. Apostel-Paulus-Kirche concerts
  183. FRA-train connection
  184. ATMs imposing 50 EUR cap on visa withdrawals
  185. DUS: Anyone Familiar With the Windsor Hotel?
  186. Dresden/Berlin
  187. Germany trip - please critique
  188. Munich Airport Connection Flight
  189. Berlin Tegel, longer lines this summer?
  190. Possibly stupid question about transiting in FRA
  191. Berlin conundrum
  192. DUS bar hours
  193. Weekend in FRA
  194. Brandenburg/Tegel/Schoenfeld problem
  195. FRA connecting from International to EU
  196. 4 days in Munich: BMW, Audi or both?
  197. FRA Hilton vs. Hilton Garden Inn
  198. First time in Germany (and Belgium) - please critique my itinerary!
  199. Buying a railway ticket
  200. New Berlin Airport not opening in June - further delayed to 2014
  201. FRA Terminal Change
  202. Mosel winery recommendations
  203. Overnight layover at DUS
  204. Help on securing Olympic Park tickets for CL final
  205. BER for less than 24 hours
  206. FRA 1 hr Connection - inexperienced traveller
  207. Munich - name of boutique hotel near Holiday INN
  208. Weekend Getaway (Staying in Heidelberg)
  209. traveling to Ramstein, Germany to visit son.
  210. Stuck in Frankfurt
  211. connection in Munich
  212. Germany - No Clue on Itinerary
  213. Nov-Dec 2 weeks - itinerary suggestions
  214. BER Customs Question
  215. Colditz 'hotel' is new £20 a night tourist attraction
  216. Connection time in berlin?
  217. Condor/LH connection to USA at FRA. Not same tiicket. Will they interline baggage??
  218. Meeting others at FRA
  219. day trips ex-Hamburg?
  220. Hamburg anyone?
  221. Two days in Dresden, Two days in Hamburg
  222. Visit the Germany of 1931
  223. Short LY->BA Connection in FRA
  224. Hilton Dresden
  225. Same flight - different flight number?
  226. What do we all think about Hannover?
  227. Germany Public Strike Today
  228. Good Base in Rhineland?
  229. Plane to Train at Hamburg and IPAD Data Question
  230. Zugspitze
  231. Transportation from Brandenburg (BER)
  232. 6 hour FRA stopover: Where can I find the best German lunch?
  233. Is there anything special happening on August 24-25-26 in Munich
  234. Hotel in the "sterile zone" at FRA
  235. FRA 5-hour connection
  236. Hostels Dortmund
  237. DB Lounge(s) in Frankfurt
  238. German Beer Festivals 2012
  239. kids fun dortmund,cologne
  240. Train from Amsterdam to Munich - Take a pit stop?
  241. Transiting in Frankfurt
  242. Hotel options for Munich during Oktoberfest
  243. FRA: Restaurants/Security
  244. Therme Erding Munich water park, anyone been?
  245. Carnival in Cologne
  246. Which city for 3 nights?
  247. Enough connection time at MUC & FRA: 35 min, 65 min.?
  248. Hotel for overnight in Frankfurt, help
  249. Are there restaurant discounts in Germany?
  250. Overniting/slumberettes in FRA w LH/SQ/*A