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  1. OZ *G but only recognized as *S when flying AC
  2. Award availability days out
  3. Business Suite Experience - as of Sept 1 2019
  4. Airport blocked seats
  5. Invited to business lounge with economy seat - Is this some mistake?
  6. Transiting in Seoul (Priority pass lounge then free airport tour?)
  7. Cannot find one-way LAX-ICN award
  8. OZ miles been credited to UA - AKL lounge visit
  9. AC "Fare basis A" on Asiana
  10. Crediting UA econ fares to Asiana?
  11. Incheon Airport
  12. Manage my booking
  13. Premier Silver on UA flight as OZ Diamond?
  14. Asiana doesn't honor USDOT 24hr cancel policy?
  15. Does business class ever go on sale?
  16. ICN-FRA business availability
  17. Credit AC econ fares to Asiana
  18. Problem with Asiana Miles & Go program
  19. Asiana icn to kix: lie flat seats?
  20. OZ J class review ICN - BKK A380
  21. Asiana adds 2nd daily to JFK
  22. Asiana business class upgrade using United miles
  23. A330 - the 275 seat version. Which economy seats have 33" and 34" pitch?
  24. Upgraded to Gold with less than 20k miles
  25. Got 80K miles; how should I book this flight?
  26. Credit my UA N-class to Asiana?
  27. OZ578 to DMZ tour in 3 hours?
  28. Asiana Cancellation Fees and Rules
  29. Asiana Club miles on other *A carriers
  30. Who are Asiana's miles transfer partners
  31. OZ Maintening Tier
  32. Shenzhen Airlines - P Class
  33. Asiana suspends Chicago (ORD) - Seoul / Incheon (ICN) OZ236/235 (effective 27Oct2019)
  34. Advice on A380 F fare
  35. Swiss A class credit
  36. no more F availability at all
  37. Best way to extend the points expiration?
  38. Elite Qualifying - Mileage Credit questions
  39. can you put car seat in ottomon in first class LAX to ICN on A380?
  40. OZ release unsold F seats in what day?
  41. Qatar R class credit
  42. Asiana Business class SFO-ICN. Can I use SFO's Polaris lounge?
  43. Help with seat selection ... PLEASE :)
  44. Last minute downgrade. What to do?
  45. Standby upgrade
  46. Questions about stopover at Incheon
  47. Ticket Change allowed Past Validity
  48. Catering ex-ICN in C has Improved
  49. Award taxes, fees, surcharges on LX
  50. Lost Voucher 50 USD
  51. How many miles earned if crediting CA flight to OZ?
  52. Crediting AC Basic Fares and Domestic AC Flights to OZ
  53. Customer Service Email
  54. Need help understanding the evaluation period
  55. Credit AC flight to Asiana that contains segments with CA?
  56. Share trading halted [Asiana financial troubles]
  57. Full OZ A380 F Query
  58. Flying lax to icn (or icn to lax) with baby
  59. Instant Star Alliance Silver?
  60. How much cancel fee should be collected? 'Most Restrictive Rule'
  61. Booking United multi-segment award
  62. Separate ticket pseudo-interlining question
  63. How to book infant ticket for *A
  64. Overnight Check-In at ICN
  65. Asiana affiliate card records
  66. Baggage Issue
  67. Need help understanding how to achieve *G with Asiana
  68. Use US credit card?
  69. F Availability on Aeroplan to LAX
  70. Does Anyone in Biz get Tired of Bibimbap?
  71. No longer 5 Star
  72. Free stopover hotel at ICN when mobility assistance is needed
  73. TSA Pre✓ comes to Asiana
  74. 2019 Asiana Fleet Plan
  75. Two Accounts with Same Personal Infos?
  76. Asiana Class Action redemption ending June PSA
  77. Earning class on UA codeshare different from airline flown
  78. Worth changing over to Asiana Club?
  79. Asiana reduces connection
  80. OZ C VGML
  81. travelimg w/ a year old puppy
  82. Overnight at ICN recommendation
  83. United miles transferrable to Asiana?
  84. Redeeming Hong Kong Airlines flight with Asia Club mileage points
  85. Fuel charges if miles used on Swiss Air?
  86. Farewell to Los Angeles Ticketing Counter!
  87. renewing status after a long hiatus
  88. Seoul to Seattle jan.8 screaming & bracing turbulence
  89. Upgraded my flight, will I still receive miles?
  90. Asiana A380 Business class seats very uncomfortable
  91. Asiana and Air China in Cambodia (PNH)
  92. New Business "East" Lounge at ICN
  93. Missing miles from Olympic flight?
  94. Convert miles from other partners to status miles
  95. Special meals (NLML) in Asiana business class
  96. Earning miles on Olympic Air (A3)
  97. Trouble Finding Asiana Booking with Space in Last Name?
  98. *Warning* if you book *A awards online
  99. Booking connecting award flights thru ICN on separate ticket
  100. OZ222 A380 or A359?
  101. Unbelievably high *A award fee...
  102. OZ222 in April
  103. Best mileage run options from Zurich or Munich
  104. Factors that affect jetbridge vs. bus
  105. Tashkent - TAS-ICN
  106. amex points
  107. Question about miles redemption
  108. A330 refit??
  109. Question about status and miles redemption
  110. online retroclaim *A flights to Asiana Club
  111. Making/checking Special Meal Requests Online
  112. Link LH flight to Asiania Club
  113. HKG - ICN Business Smartium availability
  114. JFK-ICN plane swap
  115. ICN F Lounge - Initial Thoughts...
  116. 24 hr layover in Incheon, airline comp?
  117. Current interline agreement
  118. Can Asiana miles be bought?
  119. Do I need to check in at LAX?
  120. Best way to get business class (one way) using points
  121. Asiana not crediting miles for AC
  122. Checked bag on long ICN connection
  123. Aircraft change
  124. CAPSE: Have you tasted Asiana’s own craft beer “Asiana” at ICN?
  125. Redemption of Credit Card Miles - into SQ or OZ?
  126. two FF numbers 1 booking?
  127. Is Asiana J worthwhile vs. EVA...??
  128. *G preferred seating on OZ
  129. Reach 40k with two trips?
  130. OZ 221 Changed to A350, F Downgraded to J?
  131. Meal Service on Flight #211 from SFO to ICN
  132. Membership Holiday / Change of Base Date
  133. asiana customer service - non existant
  134. New OZ Elite Membership Qualifying/Maintenance Standard
  135. New Checkin Counters & Lounge OZ ICN T1
  136. Asiana Club Bonus Miles Rules
  137. Is Diamond Plus worth anything these days?
  138. Asiana fast track pass
  139. Asiana Shifts Locations at ICN
  140. Intl baggage allowance (BKK-LAX) in Business for *G?
  141. Asiana 777s future?
  142. OZ Earnings on SQ Premium Economy (R) Fares
  143. Catering Issue - Reimbursement
  144. ICN to BKK A380?
  145. Through checking baggage
  146. OZ A380 Y restroom layout problem
  147. OZ (& LH) Biz or CA 1st
  148. OZ748 delays
  149. lap infant ticket for OZ award on Star Alliance partners
  150. Would OZ do better flying to EWR instead of JFK
  151. Ease of booking award tickets KE vs OZ? (J or F)
  152. How To Retroactively Credit Asiana Miles Without Boarding Pass or PDF of E-Ticket
  153. OZ J vs F
  154. OZ mileage credit on AC flights
  155. Understanding OZ EQM
  156. Asiana flight reschedule and possible recourse
  157. First time longish transit at ICN recommendations
  158. Air Seoul - Asiana Interlining
  159. Flight does not exist on airline website!
  160. Can't make sense of *A award availability
  161. Can Asiana Lounge Vouchers from Gold Status be transferred?
  162. ticketing an infant on asiana/thai with ua reward ticket
  163. Someone took my luggage at ICN
  164. HNL-ICN Aircraft downgrade, possibly some flights cxed?
  165. Turkish *G Switching to Asiana?
  166. First Class to Copenhagen via Luf
  167. 50% miles on UA Y/K ticket?
  168. Retreive reservation when city doesn't exist as a destination
  169. electronic boarding pass?
  170. No business awards on OZ232 ICN HNL next year?
  171. Use Asiana miles on Etihad
  172. OZ 204 Diverted Back to ICN 7/8/2018?
  173. Account Deleted?
  174. Asiana PEK Transfer & A321 Business Class
  175. food in J on ORD-ICN (midnight departure)?
  176. ICN delays due to catering issue
  177. OZ Website Re-Design
  178. Late flight coming in - sim card counter
  179. Asiana A330 clips KAL 777 at GMP
  180. Asiana Club
  181. Standby Options (booked wrong date)
  182. Mileage accrual table for *A with Asiana
  183. Baggage allowance - US routes *Gold
  184. Lounge @ CEB
  185. Sat On Plane For 6.5 Hours Before Pushback
  186. Upgrading with cash / transfer partners??
  187. ICN at 4am
  188. Asiana dose not allow guest in lounge for paid biz class?
  189. How fast does Asiana credit LH miles and upgrade tier status?
  190. Asiana A380 Business vs First Class?
  191. Schedule change (delay) one week in advance - how reliable?
  192. Air Seoul seat selection
  193. Oops - Asiana A330 cuts tail of Turkish A321 at IST
  194. Asiana A380 [Economy Passenger choosing Business Seat]
  195. Question about qualifying period
  196. Vegetarian meals in J on Asiana
  197. Air Seoul Baggage Allowance
  198. Intra Asia first class routes
  199. Earning miles on LX in booking class K and L
  200. Reward fare London-Pusan
  201. don't sit here
  202. Asiana Seoul City Terminal check-in AREX
  203. 50% peak season apply to Star Alliance tickets
  204. Confused about OZ metal award using OZ miles
  205. Change/Cancel Star Alliance award online?
  206. Experience with redeeming 10k cert from BoFA Asiana Credit Card
  207. Destination Mileage?
  208. Asiana arrival lounge?
  209. Accumulation on Thai Smile flights
  210. I Can Guest into OZ F Lounge @ ICN (10APR & 20APR)
  211. Asiana Award Availability using Star Alliance Partners (United, Aeroplan, Avianca)
  212. No duvets in long-haul business class?
  213. Lounge access at ICN in transfer
  214. Award tickets on OZ
  215. Lap Infant Ticket Pricing with Award Seat
  216. 2019 HNL Award Space
  217. 3 months and SPG points still haven't transferred
  218. Correct mileage for award ICN-FRA-LHR
  219. Reissue/Cancel Ticket for better fare class
  220. Asiana Seats
  221. A fruity upgrade?
  222. Can Family miles be combined?
  223. Current STPC hotel choice
  224. How to add *A FFP (not OZ) number to booking?
  225. Booking a return and not using the return
  226. Question about booking class and miles
  227. Incheon Business Lounge and Priority Pass
  228. Good price for CAN-KIX RT?
  229. Does Award ticket get star alliance gold benefits?
  230. J Menu and Meals (2018)
  231. OZ741 - Aircraft Swap from A330 to A380
  232. Lay over and pet
  233. Asiana Club Diamond Plus questions
  234. Asiana vs Air China in F
  235. Etymology of "Smartium"?
  236. The best routes for FFP milage run?
  237. Lifetime Diamond Plus Lounge Use Changed
  238. Asiana First seats with Business service on 747
  239. OZ601 ICN to SYD Flight Path and Turbulence
  240. Things changed after the opening of Terminal 2 ICN
  241. Transit/Lounge Questions: Thanks for your Help
  242. *A Award Pricing
  243. Asiana restricts lounge access for Priority Pass members finally
  244. Asiana airlines
  245. Asiana swaps A350 for A380 for OZ 203/204, LAX <--> ICN After 4/30/2018
  246. Asiana Non Refundable Ticket Refund [Family member ill]
  247. How strict is Asiana on carry on luggage size?
  248. Is a Transit Tour ending at 13:00 too tight for a 14:10 departure?
  249. Asiana Star Alliance Award Segment Rules
  250. Asiana ICN Layover - Transit Tour Protocol?