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  1. Urgently Need Printable Maps of Shanghai and Taipei
  2. Shanghai Pudong's new satellite terminal
  3. Hainan Island Stopover
  4. Microsoft surface retailers in Beijing
  5. Any Wechat experts
  6. Strategies for managing cash?
  7. No Local Mobile Number = Can't Do Much in China?
  8. Suggestions for a good gift from the USA for a host in China?
  9. Need cash - Urgent
  10. Shanghai MCT between Hongqiao & Pu Dong airports
  11. Escorted tours
  12. No tickets for high-speed trains - implementation
  13. Some kind of guide / best practices for booking Chinese bullet train trips?
  14. Lanzhou + Xian worth it from PEK in November
  15. Google maps not workingfor public transit ? - urgent
  16. Chinese Yuan to USD
  17. First time on holiday in China.... Questions
  18. Thai national layover in Wuhan, China
  19. Meeting point at PEK
  20. Are tourists supposed to carry Passports or other documents with them at all times?
  21. What are nice gifts for young people, aged 18 to 30?
  22. Are lighter allowed flying into Beijing Capital Intl.
  23. Are fewer westerners traveling in China now?
  24. Best way to find cheap Australia-Europe-Australia flights via China?
  25. Question re. Lhasa and AMS
  26. Which Skyteam program to redeem from for intra-China flight?
  27. Chinese visa help?
  28. No entry stamp in passport
  29. Fingerprinting: Is Once Enough?
  30. Connecting at XIY
  31. Connecting from MU to LH F/Transit in Shanghai (PVG) next week
  32. US Passports Expired in 2018, but Chinese Visas valid until 2025
  33. How to get a large amount of money out of China
  34. China Exit Ban
  35. China/HK Dual Number SIM Cards
  36. PEK layover - CN lounge/TWOV questions
  37. Shanghai Metro - Line 2 Direct
  38. 6 hour layover at PVG
  39. National Holiday Week impact on tourist spots
  40. For how much longer will foreigners be second class technological citizens in China?
  41. Hangzhou silk
  42. no more petty theft now with cashless payments
  43. overnight layover in XIY
  44. VPN Routers
  45. Mosquitoes in Shanghai?
  46. Cheapest way to go to hotel after landing in Nanjing at 22:30?
  47. 6-8 hour layover in PEK enough for me to do anything in Beijing?
  48. Beijing(PEK) Lounge options
  49. Zhangye, Zhangjiajie, Zhaoxing - Itinerary Recommendations for this April
  50. Providing Spending Money to a Minor Abroad in Shanghai?
  51. Shanghai airport (PVG) luggage storage ?
  52. Train connection
  53. Can you recommend a place for drinks in the Bund, Shanghai?
  54. Air China Question
  55. "Connecting" in KMG (HNL-PEK-KMG-SGN) using 2 one-way tickets - security/boarding?
  56. Connecting flight at KMG
  57. China Hotspot
  58. 144 Hour TWOV - Risk it with Turkey Visa from 2012 in passport??
  59. No luck with ExpressVPN
  60. Translation of China Bumper Stickers
  61. Transit without visa (TWOV) to enter Shenzhen from HK
  62. UPS lost my passport, can I get a new Chinese visa while at SFO
  63. The Daxing (Beijing) airport thread
  64. Taxi2Airport.com from PVG to Hotel????????
  65. How to find flights to PEK with STOPOVER - not layover ?? LAX-PEK-ICN
  66. Applying for Mainland Resident Taiwan Travel Permit (Lu Bao Zheng) abroad?
  67. Connection time at PVG?
  68. No more departure cards?
  69. PVG meet & greet/ Fast track service?
  70. Shenzhen for the cinema (no really) [from Hong Kong]
  71. Wrongly indicating that Taipai is the capital of Taiwan, and not China, sends plane N
  72. Wrongly indicating that Taipai is the capital of Taiwan, and not China, sends plane N
  73. Are Return Tickets Required for HKSAR -> China Travel?
  74. CNY spending
  75. USA PrePaid UnionPay Card now available.
  76. International-domestic transit at CAN
  77. Beijing Transfer
  78. Chengdu Panda Picture Program
  79. Carrying 2 US Passports to China - 1 has the China Visa (but it is out of pages)
  80. Extra step when departing via Shenzhen Bay checkpoint via private car
  81. Need to travel with prescriptions from US into China
  82. China visa photo questions
  83. Int to int at NKG
  84. Beijing Hilton and left cell phone I need
  85. Transiting via Shanghai
  86. Chengdu advice
  87. Beijing advice
  89. Shanghai during Chinese New Year
  90. Lucky Air, customer service from the US
  91. Private rooms for security patdowns at Chinese airports?
  92. Will we run into visa trouble?
  93. US Department of State Issues - Travel Advisory for China
  94. Chinese Visa Issue?
  95. How can I find serviced apartments for a family?
  96. From HK to Guangzhou...train or plane?
  97. SFO-CTU then CTU-SIN Do we have to change terminals at CTU
  98. Peking transfer El Al.
  99. PEK Checked Baggage Air China Intl - Domes. & return
  100. Didi app on our iphone - having trouble accessing english app
  101. Beijing - How many nights and hotel suggestions?
  102. Official Taxi vs "Black Taxi" vs DIdi?
  103. Recommendations for private drivers in Beijing and Shanghai
  104. Tipping in China - what is best practice?
  105. How Should Westerners avoid trouble when in China
  106. 2-3 days in CAN - where to stay?
  107. Permanent residence in china, it is a good business?
  108. transit through China with Pakistani passport.
  109. PEK Transfer
  110. Flying XIY-PEK-US on MU and UA, separate tickets. Connection time in PEK?
  111. 24 hour TWOV requirement
  112. New Year Eve in Shanghai - Countdown?
  113. Summer trip to China - airlines?
  114. Visa On Arrival (HKG --> Shenzhen) - no flights included
  115. Chinese Visa for 6 Year Old
  116. Mileage run: 2 hours in PVG enough to go through customs?
  117. Preference of airlines between HKG and PVG?
  118. Chengdu or Chongqing
  119. Traveling to China with a peanut allergy
  120. Airfare to China
  121. 4 hours transfer in PVG enough
  122. Wechat Payment Summary
  123. Beijing to Judge Every Resident Based on Behavior by End of 2020
  124. Bank account in china for alipay/wechat
  125. HKG - Guangzhou - HKG: do I need a visa?
  126. 2 Hour Transfer CZ -> AC at PEK Doable?
  127. Useful mobile apps for China
  128. TWOV in Dalian (DLC)
  129. High Speed Trains in China
  130. Recommendations?: Xmas Eve Dinner in Beijing and New Year Eve Dinner in Shanghai
  131. Same day standby for an earlier flight
  132. PVG to Nanjing
  133. Restaurant recommendations
  134. request for information
  135. PVG 144 TWOV Escort...
  136. Is a 50 minute transfer at PEK possible?
  137. Connection at PEK (Beijing)
  138. 12 hour layover in PVG!
  139. Connecting time of 90 min in Beijing
  140. International Transit Thru Chengdu
  141. Transit Beijing without Boarding Pass
  142. Tongli Town from Shanghai
  143. Booking train tickets in China?
  144. One week in Shanghai. Advice?
  145. 24hr TWOV still available for flights stopping in Changsha then CAN Ghanguzou
  146. International transit via Pek on different airlines. Visa?
  147. Star Alliance Lounge when transiting through PEK on a domestic flight
  148. Shanghai Four Seasons to Hongqiao in rush hour
  149. Wedding in SHA
  150. Chengdu travel advice
  151. Restaurant Suggestions
  152. China Tourist Visa (San Francisco Consulate Office)
  153. Shanghai ground transportation thread
  154. Referral Request - luxury private tour guide in Beijing
  155. Where to buy inexpensive North Face jackets.
  156. Guangzhou to Macau
  157. Suggestion for Getting Around Cities for Newbies
  158. Are my children potentially Chinese Citizens?
  159. Health Insurance for Chinese Citizen Visiting the US
  160. Custom Suit Made While In China?
  161. Transit visas
  162. Transit Visa for dual citizen USA/EU?
  163. PVG to Hang Zhou
  164. PEK Same Day Turnaround
  165. CAN Airport Thread?
  166. which ATM for Schwab debit card in Shanghai?
  167. Zhangjiajie direct flights in November
  168. How did Jing'an absorb Zhabei (Shanghai)?
  169. Weekend getaway ideas ex-Kunming (KMG)
  170. Huazhu Hacked
  171. Is the Lhasa - Kathmandu route the only route which overflies the Himalaya?
  172. What is best PVG lounge for *A J/F traveler?
  173. CTU airport hotel + lounge situation for business class?
  174. PEK overnight layover questions!
  175. Shanghai Marriott city centre or Le Royal Meridien hotel
  176. Baked goods and Chinese Customs
  177. First Trip to China - how much time to spend in each city?
  178. One day in Shanghai
  179. China work/residence permit master thread
  180. Second trip to China - Less regimented planning?
  181. Rejected for China visa, does it hurt/indicate my chance for TWOV?
  182. Tourist visa shot down because of Turkish/Jordan Stamps?
  183. What's your favorite bike share company?
  184. Bejing Trip Recommendations
  185. Xian Private Driver
  186. Security check time at T2 Capital Airport
  187. social credit monitoring system for foreigners?
  188. choosing on-time flights?
  189. PVG to SHA transit please help!
  190. Cheap rooms in Shanghai?
  191. Visit Sanya in Summer
  192. Applying for a Chinese Visa from the 'wrong' consulate?
  193. New 5-year visa for ethnic Chinese?
  194. Airport meet and greet
  195. multi country layover plan..suggestions needed!
  196. SFO to NRT via PVG (on Air China) - 2 hour layover enough?
  197. Hotels in China....what is a good website to book/search?
  198. Domestic China to International Transfer @ PVG?
  199. Proof of Address for Global Entry Application
  200. Chengdu Travel Advice-Summer
  201. Do I Need a Tour Guide?
  202. Seeking advice: Brit visiting China
  203. Travelling in China
  204. Question about norms
  205. British Citizen - China L Tourist Visa
  206. Is an in-person visit to a consulate required for a China?
  207. I'm on LH, they're on AA - where can we meet?
  208. Good nightlife spot in shanghai
  209. Resource for finding interpreter
  210. What to do huangshan or villages
  211. Opening a Chinese Bank Account: In US vs China
  212. 2.5 Week Itinerary in July - Is Zhangjiajie worth it?
  213. Transit Visa Shanghai PVG
  214. Toronto or Montreal to Chengdu
  215. Providing a Phone Number to eLong
  216. Using didi
  217. Hong Kong Money in Mainland China
  218. Sim cards at PVG
  219. Travel time to PEK for Saturday a.m. flight
  220. M visa invitation letter for 10 year visa
  221. Guide is Shanghai?
  222. Bus Nanjing to Tangkou
  223. Best VPN for use around Shanghai?
  224. New 30-Day Visa-Free Visit to Hainan: Caution!
  225. Help needed - Pingyao trip
  226. Place to buy smartphone and accessories in Shanghai
  227. Leshan Buddha from Chengdu: car or high-speed train?
  228. Is this location for Nanjing ok?
  229. Possible China Itinerary August
  230. Flash Trip to Shangai and Local Police Register
  231. Chinese Business Visa Application Difficulties (Australian applicants)
  232. China Airlines PE vs Air China Biz
  233. Vancouver -> Taiwan -> China -> Vancouver
  234. Hongyagu Scenic Area glass bridge
  235. Question regarding a Visa for China
  236. CAN transit
  237. Chengdu: St. Regis or Ritz Carlton?
  238. Possible China itinerary
  239. August&September mean expensive flights US to China
  240. How many days for Xi'an and Luoyang?
  241. Ctrip first/business oddity
  242. Some Shanghai restaurant questions
  243. Chinese SIM purchase at CAN
  244. Best airports for affordable China to Japan flights
  245. Strange announcements at PVG T2
  246. MAGLEV question
  247. Carry-on limits on domestic flights
  248. Xiamen (XMN) travel advice
  249. Didi payment methods
  250. Withdrawing USD in a China Merchant Bank branch