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  1. China Visa Service in HongKong
  2. Quick question: who is the moderator of the China subforum?
  3. First Trip to China
  4. "ticket failed to issue" - Shanghai Airlines
  5. where to go in china for Dec?
  6. dandong
  7. Public holiday late Sept/early Oct?
  8. Beijing 15th of November
  9. foreigners getting beat up
  10. pre Zhong Qiu Jie restaurant inspections
  11. Guangzhou 20th of November
  12. Train Travel Over Chinese New Year
  13. Beijing-Hong Kong: to shimmy a shuffle or not ....
  14. train from Ning Hai to Shanghai cancelled this afternoon
  15. 6 hours lay-over in Kunming
  16. Airport lounges in T3 International Beijing - food
  17. China Do - coming soon?
  18. Bringing your own wifi router for WIRED China hotels?
  19. Typhoon Nanmadol
  20. Anyone in Shanghai this week? (8/29/11)
  21. What a Miserable Night!
  22. Beijing Airport transfer
  23. Lowest Cost Beijing - Bangkok flights
  24. The Jinghu (Beijing-Shanghai) High Speed Rail thread
  25. Transferring through CAN
  26. Why are officials against street food?
  27. What do electrical outlets in China look like?
  28. China Eastern Miles - Points Expiration Question
  29. Overnight in Xian, China where to stay?
  30. Musty smells
  31. Train: Shanghai to Guilin, safe and enough time?
  32. Eight hours in CAN
  33. FUJIAN this December
  34. Taking luggage on the trains
  35. 1 Day in Shanghai
  36. How to get to Nepal.
  37. National week - too busy/expensive?
  38. Le Royal Meridien vs JW Marriott @ Tomorrow Square
  39. Le Meridien vs. St Regis - Shanghai
  40. Health Insurance
  41. Typhoon Mufia
  42. Will I need any cash?
  43. 10 Hr Connection in PVG
  44. How hot is Shanghai now a days?
  45. Bumped by the St Regis Beijing
  46. China Eastern Airlines Shanghai PVG layover
  47. 4 nts - relaxing but close to PVG?
  48. Shipping personal items to China without duty?
  49. moving to BJ -- furniture questions
  50. Chi-tinerary suggestions, please
  51. Moving to China for 1 year. How hard is it to find clothing in Western sizes?
  52. 2 days in Hangzhou-hotel and sighseeing advice
  53. Fake Apple Stores Fall Out?
  54. Looking for tour company recommendations for the Great Wall - 5th Sept
  55. China FT Forum Ads
  56. Suzhou in 2 days-hotel and sightseeing advice
  57. bullet train accident
  58. Help understanding etiquette in China
  59. Beijing Transfer - International to International.
  60. question re HSR cancellation policy?
  61. Terrible Experience with Air China
  62. A little business advice?
  63. Quick Visa ?
  64. Nanjing in 2 days-hotel and sightseeing advice
  65. 1 day in Beijing
  66. First time in China / Beijing. Hire a guide or not ?
  67. Shanghai 2010 Expo Passports - Did I get ripped off...
  68. You might not want to use those airline blankets
  69. Guilin tours
  70. Seeking feedback on my travel plans
  71. Xian - Has any one stayed at the former Hyatt after July 1?
  72. 10 Nights in Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai
  73. Cheapest way to get a Lhasa, Tibet permit
  74. Interesting experiences - corruption in Beijing
  75. shoppping for art supplies in China
  76. Onboard the first train on the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Rail
  77. Transferring flights in Beijing without a visum
  78. will US tv set work in China?
  79. 2011 Goose and Duck Music Festival (July 29 BJ)
  80. wufantuan.com (mostly) Shanghai restaurant deals
  81. How Expensive is China To Visit?
  82. Measurement of train passengers
  83. Hunan Hotel Goes Green??
  84. 10 hours in Shanghai this sunday - any advice for day spa?
  85. "Hidden Hutongs" (from June Time Out Beijing)
  86. Is there wireless internet at the Bejing airport?
  87. Beijing -Shanghai Bullet Train starts June 30
  88. Daytrip advice from Shanghai to Suzhou/Hangzhou
  89. Dalian tips
  90. Restaurant suggestions in Hangzhou
  91. Train Question - Deluxe Two-Berth sleeper car worth it?
  92. swimming season is here!
  93. my last PEK-SHA flight (ever)?
  94. Inner Mongolia ?'s
  95. 29 Hour Stopover in PVG...What to do, what to see
  96. the BEIJING-SHANGHAI G train interior
  97. Great Leap Brewery, Beijing... and how to combine it with FC
  98. Itinerary Advice
  99. Report: Air force set to ease delays for civil aviation
  100. Best value on Mega Show hotel?
  101. Telephony Internet options for six month shanghai stay
  102. travel time for PVG to Hongqiao rail station?
  103. Shanghai Pu Dong overnight stay and procedures (UK passport holder)
  104. PRC Airport Fees
  105. PEK T3 to Hyatt Regency Jing Jin City Resort and Spa
  106. Multiple Entry Visa for Canadian Citizen
  107. Is a day trip to Disneyland possible from Guangzhou?
  108. travel agent "Tibetdiscovery"
  109. SNAFU: ID Required for Train Ticket Purchase
  110. Sofitel Wanda Hotel Beijing
  111. Qiandaohu
  112. BJ v. SH
  113. Sim Cards/Services that work in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, AND Macau?
  114. Day Room in Shanghai
  115. Planning trip to Beijing
  116. Adapter for China?
  117. Vexing questions from recent visit to Beijing
  118. PEK>XIY>KWL>HKG First post ever! Help!
  119. What style ethernet cord to have?
  120. Suggested Itinerary - soliciting feedback
  121. Unreliable Chinese airlines
  122. bringing new iPad2 through China on the way to Thailand
  123. China Master Transportation Thread
  124. the pollution thread
  125. WiFi at Pekin airport
  126. Pekin airport - long layover - what to do?
  127. Hotel in Suzhou and Hangzhou: area to stay and specific recommendations?
  128. Gift Suggestions -- Beijing
  129. Bringing food products to China
  130. Trivia: BJ free standing decent restaurants, 2001
  131. Data SIM Card
  132. Dumb duty free question
  133. Shanghai: Need a limo day tour with English speaking guide
  134. What is going to surprise me most?
  135. Transfer at PVG (T1)
  136. Cab from airport - address?
  137. Moving to hong Kong atm/cc question
  138. PVG: Duty free liquor & AA
  139. Beijing "gathering" soon
  140. Liqour Limit PEK T3 Exit
  141. Bed & breakfast in Shanghai instead of hotel?
  142. Bus Rental in Shanghai or Beijing
  143. Beijing weekend side trip suggestions
  144. China Eastern's close shave
  145. transfer from LX to Dragonair at PVG
  146. US to Shenzhen-through HKG or PEK?
  147. Customs issues w/wood model??
  148. Hotel suggestions in Yangshuo for Susiesan's trip
  149. CX roundtrip pricing vastly different CN-US versus US-CN
  150. Changzhi (CIH)
  151. Visiting Shanghai - what Liquor/Wine/Alcohol should I buy to take back home?
  152. First time visitor to Beijing and China
  153. Best Skyteam FF programme for intra-China award tickets
  154. hk-guangzhou airport
  155. primer: how to locate venues in China
  156. Shanghai: Jinmao Tower OR World Financial Centre Observation?
  157. Can consolidators save you money on flights to China?
  158. ChinaSouthern online purchase
  159. Booking flights which require payment through Tenpay (Tencent)
  160. Bringing disks to China
  161. PLEASE READ FIRST: China Board FAQ/Most Important Threads
  162. BJ taxi fuel surcharge increased two days ago
  163. Grand Prix tix on offer
  164. Internet access with my netbook while traveling in China
  165. a plug for JTz
  166. Medical Costs in China/Travel Insurance
  167. TV in China: still tape-delayed?
  168. taxi to Beijing airport at 5 am on a Saturday
  169. travelagent in Chengdu for Tibet
  170. Leaving for Shanghai in a week...Going for the Grand Prix...any advice?
  171. Best Chinese tour guide ever! Peter Zhao
  172. My stay in Shanghai and X'ian hotels...
  173. Car Rental Advice?
  174. PVG private transfers
  175. Anyone with experience travelling to Hailar/Hulunbeir Grassland?
  176. 2 Silk Road Itineraries: 9 day and 12 day
  177. Car transportation from PEK and XIY
  178. Best way to bring excess baggage on SHA-CAN
  179. Advantages of *G in China
  180. Help! Booked an accidental 23hr layover in Guangzhou
  181. how to cope with the fact that PEK-SHA is expensive now?
  182. Need Help with Booking Flights
  183. Thanks to all the China forum regulars!
  184. Nobu, Beijing
  185. Shanghai Security outbound to US
  186. Good idea to rent a Beijing guide for a day or two?
  187. Ripped off in Shanghai, what are my options?
  188. China blocking gmail?
  189. Chinese Canadians working in China
  190. Shanghai in a Wheelchair, Questions?
  191. china trip...could japans nukes be a factor?
  192. Japan Quake Causes Panic in China?
  193. Beijing now second-busiest airport
  194. Hotel Car or Taxi from Beijing Airport
  195. Apple products in Beijing
  196. Ipad w3g in China AT&T vs Verizon
  197. One Day In Beijing, China - what sights should I see beyond the main ones?
  198. Getting to Shanghai?
  199. SZX airside food?
  200. First time in China: trying a tight 1 week itinerary
  201. 3 people in room in China
  202. Layover in China without Visa?
  203. 12th 5 year plan
  204. PVG...Term2 to Term1 question
  205. Has anyone used these guides?
  206. Shanghai to Hefei. Options?
  207. Chinese Visa Expeditor/Agent & Chinese Hostels
  208. Visa Question
  209. Beijing taxis and car services
  210. Beijing Airport Express at night?
  211. How to deal with the smell of Chinese food and tap water?
  212. Transit through Beijing
  213. getting to great wall from beijing
  214. Good hotel in Beijing?
  215. What's the best way to call the US from China?
  216. sanya hotels
  217. Sleeper train from Beijing to Xi'an?
  218. Delta No Longer Program for Asia Flyers
  219. Using FF Miles to travel to China
  220. New Non stop Delta to China
  221. Two US Carriers Los Angeles - Shanghai N/S
  222. New Security at Hongqiao and Shenzhen
  223. 10% of rice on Chinese market contains cadmium in excess
  224. Transfer in Beijing to Xian: help?
  225. Return Trip Vancouver - Shanghai in April
  226. shanghai/hong kong/macau all with no visa ?
  227. Transmongolia train from beijing - entry to russia
  228. Guangzhou anniverary
  229. Juneyao / Spring Airlines: PVG - HKG
  230. Would this short Beijing trip itinerary work time-wise?
  231. Interline MU to AA via PVG
  232. Best FFP Credit Card in China?
  233. TPE to Shanghai
  234. Serviced Apartments in Pu Dong Shanghai?
  235. Traditional Chinese Gifts
  236. Superbowl BJ
  237. Advice Needed on Tight Transfer
  238. Post Chinese New Year
  239. duty free on arrival, which airports?
  240. using qunar.com for bookings
  241. Transit Visa Issue - PEK
  242. Need Yunnan and Shanghai hotels recommendations
  243. Junyao Airlines
  244. Petty gripe: airport names, city names
  245. Mutianyu Great Wall & Longqing Ice Festival
  246. Clearing customs and organizing a truck
  247. PVG D0?
  248. Chinese visa expirations
  249. Transferring with alcohol
  250. Shenzhen visa for Canadian and British passport holders?