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  1. Sleeping in airport - PEK or PVG?
  2. How to search for a missing American in Bejing
  3. Cybersecurity: what precautions in China?
  4. What is the best phone card to call from Beijing to the United States?
  5. 3 weeks august/september 2012 (hike)
  6. China-SEA itinerary help
  7. Transfer - Visa question
  8. All China visas require round trip evidence?
  9. buying bullet train tickets concierge vs satellite office
  10. China visa in Macau?
  11. Cheapest flight from China to Detroit
  12. Sina Weibo
  13. ***Most comfortable airline to China in COACH- recommendations please
  14. Beijing, Xi'an, and ?? - Calling China Travel Experts
  15. Shanghai Hotel Advice
  16. Kunming to Mandalay
  17. ~airlines w/ flexibility in changing return dates
  18. ~International Virgin-flying to China..RT for a year? MANY questions. HELP, please!
  19. Dear Motorola...
  20. China: Operation against illegal foreign travellers, expatriates in Beijing to entail
  21. Beijing Artists - Looking to copy and oil painting
  22. "Z" Train: Beijing to Xian
  23. Shanghai Travel Agency
  24. Shanxi Provence (Pingyao and Datong)
  25. TWOV in PEK can someone please confirm
  26. Shanghai Hotels, Grand Central, JC Mandarin, Hua Ting Towers
  27. sight seeing class on high speed trains
  28. Beijing subway questions
  29. Shorts in China
  30. iPhones from abroad, yes we want them!
  31. By train: Beijing to Hangzhou
  32. newbie question: shenzen to kowloon
  33. Clear Chinese immigration at Cheng-Du or Shang-Hai
  34. Bejing -> Xian -> Chendu -> Lijang --- need advice
  35. Harbin itinerary for a 3 day visit.
  36. China Eastern (domestic) carry-on bags
  37. Guangzhou (CAN) airport to city center
  38. Cheapest way to deal with excess baggage on Chinese flights?
  39. China Eastern Airlines train tickets?
  40. Need some reassurance on TWOV in Shanghai & Kunming
  41. Safety of net banking in China.
  42. Article- 'The service sucks': Chinese airlines under fire
  43. April 29-May 6 - Itinerary Recommendation
  44. Shanghai limo
  45. Internet in China
  46. Receipts in China
  47. Advice on 7.5 hr PEK layover
  48. New IHG Promo for China
  49. Guangzhou, Ritz Carlton or China marriot hotel?
  50. Help Me Please Enter Before
  51. Longsheng in October
  52. CZ Sky Pearl club gifted status
  53. Xi'an Hotels
  54. Young FDTers going out nights in Beijing?
  55. Nature Reserves in Sichuan
  56. limo from SZX to HKG
  57. PVG to HKG or SZX?
  58. outside internet cut off today
  59. Best First Class Option From LAX To Shanghai?
  60. Ulaanbaatar to Western China
  61. Gifts and charity
  62. China Car Service- Has anybody used them?
  63. Border control when transiting international to domestic.
  64. Which Hotel Near Beijing West Station
  65. Chinese New Year 2013 - Shanghai or Hong Kong?
  66. Tune-in latest victim of GFW?
  67. Shanghai-Lijiang 1st China Eastern or Shanghai Airlines?
  68. Anyone Going to the Canton Fair in Guangzhou
  69. Hotel for Small Group Sightseeing in Shanghai?
  70. Transiting International to domestic at Guangzhou
  71. Any Resources for a Summer Internship in Shanghai
  72. Terminal 3D at PEK?
  73. Driving Into China
  74. Tibet tour August 9th-August13th
  75. Buying train tickets from outside of China
  76. Air China Business Lounge
  77. TWOV still in effect?
  78. Water and ice consumption
  79. Moondog's Claim to Fame?
  80. Domestic Travel for family of 7
  81. IAD-PVG: Need some advice.
  82. Beijing vs. Xian
  83. Ctrip vs Travelzen
  84. What's with the expensive Chinese cigarettes?
  85. Fog/Smog grounds PEK flights Mar 17
  86. Getting-by Mandarin in two weeks and <30min daily?
  87. Train from Shanghai to Xian
  88. 2+ days in Beijing
  89. 3-17 in BJ with my 2 sons.
  90. Eurobonus (*A) status match for China/HongKong residents
  91. Advice on Choice of Shanghai Hotel?
  92. Shanghai Copy Malls
  93. HELP: Best Man for wedding denied entry to China (PRC)
  94. One Day in Beijing
  95. Experienced Traveller's First Trip to China-Need Advice
  96. Beijing to the Beach
  97. Do I need to purchase a return ticket before departure?
  98. Shanghai China trip, 7 days and 6 nights for $49
  99. Shambhala Source hotel near Tidrum/Drigung in Tibet?
  100. CTU transit hotel?
  101. Best connection at Beijing / PEK from AA [onward to NKG]
  102. Hotel near PVG (Shanghai) or Go into town?
  103. need advice on my china trip
  104. CA PEK-(HLD)-HTA Is this an international flight or domestic and then international?
  105. "Old" Beijing
  106. Beijing to Moscow - Trans Siberia Train
  107. Health Insurance for Chinese Citizen
  108. "Old Beijing" accented Mandarin
  109. China Visa - US Citizen Outside of USA
  110. what's up with fapiao [invoice / tax recepit] in Beijing?
  111. Acupuncture in Pudong
  112. Where to buy the AAA replicas in Beijing?
  113. Shanghai Private Tour Guides
  114. Seating advice - PEK-CTU and CTU-PVG
  115. China for a week
  116. Shanghai and Beijing Hotel recommendations please
  117. Best option for 2 week "tour" of China - Independent, Group or Agency
  118. Superbowl l
  119. US Citizen Question: Is Shenzhen Visa Still Required for Stays Under 6 Days?
  120. Entry immigration with domestic connection: pek
  121. Accessing FT from China new weirdness
  122. BJ subway expansion discussion
  123. CZ MEL-CAN-CDG transit questions
  124. Nanjing by rail?
  125. Help with Planning ex- PEK
  126. Aeroflot for Beijing
  127. Hotel Massenet-Shanghai
  128. Suggestions for itinerary - first time in China + August + 3y.o. daughter
  129. 3rd time in China - time for the Western part!
  130. opinion about travel itinerary
  131. Instructions from Airports to Hotels?
  132. Train ride during CNY, how bad?
  133. Shangri-La & facebook
  134. I have 4 days, shall I visit Shanghai or Beijing?
  135. coming out in SH?
  136. Bullet train tickets Beijing to Qingdao question
  137. Cru brunch for special occasion?
  138. "L" tourist versus "F" business visa
  139. Dim Sum and Souvenirs in Guangzhou?
  140. Guangzhou Hotel suggestions April 13-18
  141. Comnect in Chengdu or Xian?
  142. CNY 2012
  143. Xian Mercure Hotel to XYI
  144. Classical Music in China
  145. Man in southern China dies from bird flu
  146. qunar.com sanya deals
  147. bonsai (penjing) in beijing -- to buy
  148. Where to meet in PVG?
  149. Export personal use car from China
  150. Expedia is now offering discount intra-China tix
  151. Filter mask for Child - Beijing?
  152. Shipment ex UK
  153. Fitness coaches - going rate?
  154. Shanghai to Ning Hai train problems
  155. Foshan Furniture Centers
  156. China Visa Applications - Need Help
  157. Hot Pot Master, Jan 12
  158. Qingdao?
  159. Shooting LA Chinese Consulate
  160. Sunday Morning Market Beijing
  161. Shopping in Beijing
  162. Beijing in January
  163. International transfer involving domestic segment
  164. Transiting China, need a visa?
  165. Scammed in China: An Experience
  166. Jiejie's Fujian Adventure
  167. PC Hotel Bonus
  168. Taxi to Airport
  169. Airport to City Transfer Time & Fares for Various Chinese Cities
  170. Beijing Nightlife?
  171. Paper Coffee Filters
  172. Pek-pvg-syd (ca)
  173. internet in China
  174. Newbie in Beijing
  175. the random tidbits thread
  176. Addressing a waitress
  177. Beijing over Lunar New Year
  178. Translation recommendation
  179. The number of greeters at retail stores in Shanghai
  180. Sneak peek: First MU aircraft with PTVs in all seats
  181. Christmas in Beijing: What's up in this town
  182. Beijing for 6 days - any last minute tips or side trips
  183. Where to stay in Shanghai?
  184. Wind damages roof of Beijing airport
  185. Beijing Thanksgiving
  186. Question about arriving China for a Canadian (also HKSAR passport/HRP holder)
  187. mduell goes to Beijing
  188. Overnite in PEK
  189. Jiejie's Excellent Sichuan and Yunnan Adventure
  190. My First Trip (Beijing and Xian)
  191. Yuan to USD
  192. Proper Use of the Taxi Driver Tip
  193. (retired?) east-west subway line in BJ?
  194. New ST Carrier MF
  195. Sanya Visa Waiver (for US citizens)
  196. Lost US Passport w/ Chinese Visa (Urgent!)
  197. Renting a Wireless Hotspot from www.3gsolutions.com.cn
  198. Jewish sites in Shanghai
  199. Beware of false tour operators for Great Wall
  200. Prepaid simcard for US ipad
  201. First trip to China in a week
  202. Smoking in Chinese train
  203. expressvpn conga
  204. Siguniangshan Master Thread & Trip Reviews
  205. Where to go in december?
  206. Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Transportation
  207. 10/30 Quick MiniDO in Chengdu?
  208. China East Airlines - trying to PAY for a ticket that is being booked online
  209. questions about the 183 day rule + tangent
  210. CZ (YVR-LAX-CAN-REP), seat assignment & visa issues
  211. The Official Beijing Meet Up Thread
  212. The Official Shanghai Meet Up Thread
  213. the English China Daily
  214. Happy Birthday Moondog
  215. VISIT USA Act -Chinese immigration and visa reform
  216. Beijing Recommendations for Barbershop and Massage
  217. A380 Super Jumbo Domestic China Flights
  218. China 3.0; let's kick it up a notch
  219. Great Leap Harvest Festival this Saturday
  220. First visit to China - Hongkong to Shenzhen ?
  221. Shanghai 20 person dinner location suggestions?
  222. Nov 11-14 2011 Shanghai Meetup
  223. HKG-ICN with layover at Nanjing
  224. Xmas/New Year in Beijing
  225. One night in PEK
  226. How to specify non-visa transit entry stamp in PEK
  227. Changing airport in Shanghai
  228. R.I.P. Steve Jobs--From Beijingers
  229. The 16 day China trip is about to begin
  230. Problems with printing visa app?
  231. Expat websites/forums
  232. if I only go to one market in Beijing, which one?
  233. Guangzhou CAN over-midnight transfer - visa needed?
  234. What is up with the pepper? (Barnyard Smell)
  235. CZ Has Paypal Refund
  236. Beijing Dongcheng Hutong Recommendations
  237. Chengdu- Where to stay
  238. Beijing (PEK) through travel. Transit entry stamp question.
  239. Oh Dear, Shanghai Subway Accident
  240. Beijing Trip end of October 2011
  241. trip to Datong: advice sought
  242. Grateful for e regarding shortlist oif Beijing hotels:
  243. Shenyang Cn. Hotels
  244. Hubei airport police take pity on penniless American, fly him to Beijing
  245. Arriving in PEK with Lots of Luggage
  246. Chrome is forcing me to use google.com.hk
  247. Shanghai Executive Car servic?
  248. chengdu transportation
  249. Shipping Package from China
  250. Can US citizen get China visa in Netherlands?