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  1. NK opens up internet for foreigners. China next?
  2. Chinese visa on Dual Citizenship
  3. How to get from PVG to the waldorf on the Bund
  4. Han's Royal Garden Hotel?
  5. Airfare: Shanghai - Xi'an
  6. China Life Hacks (Kaiser Kuo response to Quora inquiry)
  7. fapiao itemised?
  8. Reserving flights to obtain chinese visa
  9. Beijing hotel for a short layover
  10. multiple visa
  11. Chinese Visa valid on entry, expired on exit, ok?
  12. impact of Qing Ming on Beijing plans
  13. Volunteering in China 5 week trip
  14. Pizza Hut management probably thought this was a joke...
  15. National day and Business travel
  16. My Beijing phone is on loan to you guys
  17. Wild China Tour Company
  18. Happy Chinese New Year 年节
  19. Itenerary Critique
  20. High level plans for September '13 China holiday
  21. Does Chinese Visa Work For Hong Kong
  22. Most expensive trains in China
  23. Is Pepper spray okay?
  24. Shanghai to Chengdu D train - still running?
  25. Ha Long Bay cruise / ferry from Hainan
  26. English speaking driver from JW Marriott Beijing to Mutianyu Great Wall
  27. Acrobat show- Beijing vs Shanghai?
  28. Night markets in Shanghai
  29. Chinese tablets
  30. same day connection Xian to PEK- OK?
  31. Questions about my itinerary!
  32. Ticket Prices Doubled Compared To Last Year?
  33. Beijing - Hong Kong Deluxe Soft Sleeper Train
  34. wechat(微信)
  35. Power adapter
  36. Welcoming the year of Snake! (And traveling during the CNY...)
  37. Flight Aggregators - USA to China
  38. HK to Foshan with small children and big luggage
  39. UA to PVG
  40. Forbidden city. Options for those not able to walk long distances
  41. Shanghai taxis and car services
  42. Shanghai - shopping advise
  43. China issued credit/debit card
  44. Beijing Hutong Rickshaw Rides in March
  45. Help Wanted-Train Booking Verification
  46. Smartphone rental in China?
  47. PVG Hotels
  48. Yunnan Trip - Logistics advice needed
  49. Another visa question
  50. Today I was fed ... jelly
  51. What to expect when arriving at PEK? Total newbie here.
  52. Beijing Capital Airport question
  53. 16 nights - Beijing, Xian, Chengdu Guilin\Longji Shanghai F1
  54. PVG to French Concession?
  55. Chinese language immersion school recommendation?
  56. Traveling with adult products
  57. Visa question re: invitation letter/"media"
  58. advice please on Chinese visa application
  59. Chinese visa on EU passport for Dual EU/US Citizen
  60. all of my electronics needs solved in one stop
  61. Shenzhen 5 Day Visa on Arrival at Lowu Border for Indian Passport Holder
  62. Happy New Year (2013)!
  63. Complicated Travel Arrangements for Children in trip to China
  64. Peak Period of Chinese New Year 2013 ?
  65. 12 nights - Beijing, Xian and Guilin
  66. return visit to China - itinerary timing
  67. HK, Guangzhou, Foshan, and where else?
  68. Travel with an a new and canceled (but not expired) US Passport with valid visa?
  69. How long in Yangshuo
  70. Beijing-Guangzhou HSR line open
  71. 聖誕快樂 China Forum- Merry Christmas!
  72. Courier @ PVG?
  73. best way to leave and enter china immediately
  74. Shui yngru or boiled mutton in PEK
  75. New problems with VPNs
  76. visa needed to connect in Beijing?
  77. 1 night in Shanghai
  78. Another first-timer to China (PEK)
  79. Itinerary Input: First Trip to China!
  80. Guangzhou Hotels
  81. New Starwood Hotel in Shanghai
  82. Foshan hotel recommendations?
  83. Strange Jan. 1st holiday/work days, 2013
  84. Which Great Wall?
  85. Shanghai & Beijing Hotel Recommendations
  86. High Speed South Manchuria Railway
  87. Protecting myself in a hotel catfight
  88. Time to Plan: A College Student's Week in China
  89. Beijing Airport to Tianjin
  90. Best Cellular Service in Shanghai/Beijing?
  91. Iphone to China
  92. Tourists being charged taxes when flying into china?
  93. Input for Airlines of China forum
  94. 2 layovers in PVG - what to do?
  95. China using Holiday Inn Express as a 'black jail?'
  96. Help! Layover PVG 15hrs.
  97. any advice using priceline bidding in puxi
  98. Bringing prescriptions for family to China?
  99. VISA problem..Help!
  100. Beijing tennis and dim sum
  101. Shanghai: Tip for hotel upgrade at counter?
  102. 2 days around Shanghai, where to go?
  103. The Shanghai Monday Club (LI)
  104. Father/Son Trip: 3 full days in Beijing
  105. Beijing - national congress - sites closed?
  106. PVG airport free wifi
  107. Update PVG Onsite Hotel
  108. PVG Questions
  109. Yangtze River Cruise
  110. is it my computer? (internet problems in Beijing)
  111. Any Way to Avoid Foreign Credit Card Fee?
  112. Rreecommendations for massage near Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao
  113. Train Ticket Purchase at PEK
  114. Half/full day tour of Shanghai
  115. Hiring a driver for a day out of PVG -- recommendations?
  116. Beijing - custom suits? (Silk Market?)
  117. auckland to china
  118. Hotels near Great Wall (close to PEK)
  119. Beijing transit visas in the runup to the Party Congress
  120. Hilton reward night for others
  121. Guangzhou luxury hotel/sightseeing recommendations?
  122. Good spot for relaxation
  123. May be moving to China . . .
  124. Beijing and Xian - help
  125. Guilin-Yangshuo-Longji in 3 days?
  126. Int-Dom-Int Transfer:
  127. Which hotel would you take in Shanghai (out of these 2 choices)
  128. CZ CAN-LAX A380 Super Jumbo
  129. China visa - worried about 4.7 territories infected by infectious diseases
  130. Transfer Time from Shanghai Hongqiao to Central Train Station
  131. Zhuji Hotel Recommendations?
  132. the 小龙包 (soup dumplings) thread
  133. Beijing and beyond - Nov/early Dec
  134. US and Chinese Passports - How to travel
  135. Getting a Chinese Drivers License
  136. How to spend time in Guilin/Yangshou area
  137. Possibly moving to Shanghai...a few questions
  138. Jingguang HSR
  139. 12 - 14 hours in Shanghai
  140. ATM Networks
  141. two and a half days in PEK - help!
  142. Yiwu December 2012
  143. Shanghai: go or not?
  144. best option for PEK to Taiwan?
  145. 12 hours at CAN (Quangzhou airport)
  146. Mifi rental in Shanghai
  147. Cheapest entry point to China from SFO
  148. China- Shanghai and Hong Kong- or someplace else?
  149. Chengdu guide / driver service
  150. 13 Hours in Beijing?
  151. Checked Bag - easy question
  152. Seeing China beyond Beijing -- in five days!
  153. PVG Baggage lockers
  154. China - Japan tensions over Diaoyu / Senkaku Islands affecting China travel?
  155. Shanghai must see???
  156. 5 hours to kill at PEK
  157. Hiring a van at PEK for airport transfer
  158. Chinese tourist visa denied beacuse of media
  159. Over the phone intepreter service in China - Recommendations?
  160. How about these Shanghai "budget" hotels?
  161. Help with hotels in Beijing (Marriott/Hilton)
  162. Lockers/luggage storage at PVG
  163. Tibet Travel Permit
  164. China visa add-on fee $55 = typical?
  165. Beijing promotional film
  166. First trip to China - transportation question
  167. SFO-PEK-HGK Immigration question
  168. Air China conf. # (booked on Travelzen)
  169. "Big Shot" bound photo albums
  170. Closest Carrefour to Nanjing Rd
  171. china southern first class booking code
  172. Shanghai Ikea vs. other place?
  173. Overnight Qingdao - Visa rules?
  174. Nanjing - Here's a challenging question
  175. Should I take a tour package?
  176. 30 days in China itinerary
  177. Good hotel near Beijing central railway station
  178. China-Hong Kong Border Crossing - Dual Passports
  179. Visa on arrival at Guangzhou-CAN
  180. A UK expat personal experience with life in PRC
  181. 5.5 hours at Hangzhou airport - what to do there?
  182. Changing visa from double entry to multiple entry for Australian citizen
  183. Chinese Visa question - using US passport
  184. Beijing to ??? Xian or Chengdu?? 1 week
  185. China visas - new requirement
  186. best time to buy tickets, KWL-PEK late March
  187. airfare alert sites in China?
  188. New PRC tourist visa requirements w.e.f. Aug 12?
  189. swimming in beijing?
  190. Depositing money to a US bank from China
  191. 2 tickets, lax-pvg, pvg-kwl, how much time?
  192. 24 hours in PVG with wife, what should we see?
  193. How long to get a visa?
  194. Beijing - weekend trips from there?
  195. hotels with robust internet connectivity
  196. MC priceless beijing
  197. Lijiang it Guilin in late march?
  198. ///URGENT/// need help to get out of XIY
  199. Shanghai Typhoon Hakui
  200. communication focused electronics market primer
  201. Jiejies Adventures on the Silk Road
  202. why the crazy high air fares between China and the US?
  203. Help: inside overpriced intercity taxi.
  204. Cyclone to hit Qingdao?
  205. Hiring a Translator in Dongguan
  206. Ctrip Flight Reservations: Need to Verify with Airline?
  207. PEK (Beijing) Stopover Permit Allowed?
  208. Sheraton Dongcheng
  209. Flying into Shenzhen, Going to HK
  210. Beijing and Shanghai with kids
  211. Portman Ritz carlton or JW Marriott in shanghai
  212. shanghai hotel
  213. BJ Airport departure, delays due to flood water?
  214. use bank card (Maestro) to pay for hotels in HK and China?
  215. 22 July 2012 Heaviest Rain in Bejing in 60+ years
  216. What is there to do at Beijing Capital Airport?
  217. Western Union Shanghai
  218. Shipping to China
  219. Banned TV & checking email?
  220. Planning trip to China in October, draft itinerary
  221. Chase bank in China?
  222. Itinerary help for north/west sichuan
  223. China HSR in California
  224. Travel Question Yunnan
  225. Xinjiang Restaurants/Uighur Neighborhood in Beijing
  226. dandong
  227. Freeway signs in China
  228. First time in Beijing, Critique my Itinerary
  229. Visit to Liu Yang or Bei Hai
  230. Solo and independent travel itniery wanted
  231. Food Allergies!
  232. 4 note alert in PEK?
  233. my building's security system cracked by yitongka
  234. China to develop tourism in southeastern Tibet
  235. Beijing, Shanghai, +???
  236. Emei (Ermei) Shen hotel and itin recommendations
  237. Fuzhou hotels: recommendations?
  238. Any discount airlines Beijing Shanghai to Bangkok ?
  239. registering visitors staying at private residence
  240. Couples trip to China - suggestions sought
  241. one day only in Bejing - great wall?
  242. Passing through Customer with items to declare
  243. Wrong Birth Date on China Visa
  244. Shanghai Nightclub?
  245. Comparing Beijing vs. Chinese cities from the perspective of living there
  246. Sky City: China plans world's tallest building
  247. Sleeping in airport - PEK or PVG?
  248. How to search for a missing American in Bejing
  249. Cybersecurity: what precautions in China?
  250. What is the best phone card to call from Beijing to the United States?