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  1. Hotels on the Bund with view of Financial District
  2. Sending a gift to a friend in China?
  3. Cruise to Shanghai
  4. Problem with visa via Houston for Semester at Sea program
  5. China 24, 72, and 144 hour Transit Without Visa ("TWOV") rules master thread
  6. Anybody Flying back from China to EWR on Jan 2?
  7. Hotels in Beijing Airport
  8. Best iPhone apps for travel in China?
  9. low cost airline in China?
  10. Shenzhen to Shanghai by train in 2014?
  11. Visa free transit in Guangzhou
  12. Tianluo TuLou
  13. Yoga Retreat
  14. 5.5 hr stopover in PEK - too short for trip into Beijing???
  15. Qingdao travel tips
  16. Beijing Airport Hotel with Reliable Transfers
  17. DL and MU's new "seamless transfer" at PVG?
  18. 9 hour layover at PVG
  19. Shanghai or hkg?
  20. Red Headscarves
  21. where to find flight deals to/from china?
  22. Advice about Int'l air tickets and transiting in PEK
  23. Checking in at PVG for Delta / DL - what time is counter open?
  24. transportation, beijing . first time visitor
  25. How to order yoshinoya for delivery?
  26. Shanghai Pudong's new terminal!
  27. Preventing laptop theft
  28. Shower at PVG?
  29. The Random Questions About China Thread
  30. Golden Week - How Bad Did I Screw Up?
  31. getting to Dongguan
  32. International transit at Guangzhou (CAN) very easy
  33. Is there such a thing as Personal Income Tax for China?
  34. 9 hr layover at PEK, Mutianyu + Forbidden City?
  35. Western Food in Shenzhen
  36. Shanghai: Night or day?
  37. Help with itinerary
  38. More Chinese airport lounges in Priority Pass
  39. So, we really screwed up (China during CNY 2014)
  40. SHA to Hangzhou by train and metro
  41. Guangzhou - HK train: Booking in advance
  42. Power outlet adaptors in hotels?
  43. High Speed Rail Passes
  44. Tour company in Beijing
  45. Beijing: from airport to hotel (JW Marriott)
  46. <24 Hours in PEK; Badaling/Great Wall?
  47. 2 Full days in Guangzhou - are my plans doable?
  48. Tipping:Hot Button I know. Other suggestions?
  49. Commercial stock in luggage
  50. Interesting elevator conversation
  51. Xiamen - Shenzhen Railway: Opening around when I travel - can I plan on using
  52. Overnight layover in PEK, suggestions?
  53. Mastercard, Capital One 360, and Chinese ATM Fees
  54. Shanghai Free Trade Zone
  55. PEK overnight layover - possible to stay in airport?
  56. Fire in the terminal building of CAN
  57. PVG / Shanghai advice
  58. Is there going to be a T3 at PVG?
  59. How do you (try) to beat the chronic delays when flying in China?
  60. HowToChina is on!
  61. Hangzhou Location & Hotel Recommendations
  62. 2.5 hour layover in Beijing but?
  63. Transportation between Shanghai and Yancheng?
  64. 15% Service Charge in some Hotels
  65. Any comments on duty free prices in PEK?
  66. Baggage Interlining TK/CA IST-PEK-CAN
  67. Semi-OT: What Should I Do My Chinese Pop Culture Project on?
  68. Domestic to Intl at PVG
  69. Shanghai hotels
  70. UPS, DHL, FedEx, SF etc....
  71. Know before you go
  72. Ctrip is getting pricier
  73. 5 days in Beijing, what to do?
  74. National Day is finally here!
  75. Same day trip to Beijing.
  76. 5 hour layover pvg
  77. Feedback requested on our latest project (China concierge service)
  78. Trip report - Tibet - Friendship hwy
  79. Baggage XRAY NKG
  80. I booked a train ticket on Ctrip today
  81. 72 hour visa free - check itinerary
  82. GFW opening up in Shanghai FTZ
  83. Tours out of Beijing 3-8 days
  84. Jan 2014 entry. Feb 2014 visa expire. Ok?
  85. Looking for help from FT'ers in Beijing
  86. Nanchang-Fuzhou high speed railway opens!
  87. VPN & GFW question
  88. 24 Hours in Shanghai - first time - what to do?
  89. the internet here simply blows
  90. 72 hrs TWOV in Shanghai; hotel etc. suggestions?
  91. Xiaomi Handphones
  92. Laundry near Hilton wangfujing
  93. 9 nights - Chongqing (CKG)-Lijiang (LJG)-Jiuzhaigou (JZH)-Chengdu (CTU)
  94. consolidate all of these visa threads?
  95. Storing/Forwarding luggage?
  96. Renew passport after obtaining Chinese Visa
  97. China Unicom in Shanghai Pudong Airport?
  98. China Express Visa agency recommendations in the UK?
  99. Craziest Things Witnessed in China
  100. Chinese VISA Question?!
  101. ctrip domestic china bookings - ETicket numbers, record locators?
  102. Shenyang private car with driver
  103. Beijing duck. Vacuum packed through US customs
  104. Train cancellation got dearer!
  105. Alert: Yunnan Earthquake Aug 31 2013
  106. Shanghai restaurants
  107. Deadly chemical accident in Shanghai?
  108. Chengdu to offer 72-hour visa-free policy on Sept 1
  109. Visa for China Dual passports
  110. what happened to the "free trip to China" thread?
  111. water supply sometime is luxurious
  112. Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong for Parents' Trip?
  113. Visa-on-arrival in China
  114. Last prep for 3-week trip to China
  115. Planning visit to China - please assist
  116. Thanks!
  117. Who can bring a laptop screen from US to China?
  118. duck sauce
  119. best way intra China
  120. Want to visit Yunnan, China. Have UR/UA points
  121. China Eastern long transit, visa doubt
  122. Opening Ceremony for Asian Youth Games Nanjing 2013 Begins tonight(August 16,2013)
  123. "Singing Bowls" in Shanghai
  124. Anyone layover in Pek now or soon ?
  125. Shower water in Shanghai. Toxic?
  126. Opening a RMB business account
  127. A particular Beijing snack
  128. Hiring of a private guide in China
  129. Baiyun International Airport
  130. your city visa/ visa special offers?
  131. Slow internet in China - A fact of life?
  132. guangzhou airport: how to check in for cebu pacifc flight after nippon airway flight?
  133. domestic china flight on ctrip
  134. Question about hotel deposit
  135. Feedback on 2-week Beijing -> Xi'an Itinerary
  136. High speed train Beijing to Xuzhou
  137. YYZ to SIN via PEK and a Dual CAN/HK citizen. Which passport?
  138. Bomb at T3 Beijing [10 Jul 2013]
  139. Advice needed on trip to China
  140. Restaurants in/near Wangfujing
  141. BBC: "China's major airports have the worst flight delays in the world"
  142. Trying to Book a Flight to China in December
  143. Marriott in China
  144. Good 2 Day Plan for Beijing?
  145. Police residence registration fine raised to 2000
  146. RIP Chinese passengers Asiana flight 214
  147. A Street food question in Beijing
  148. Best Chinese input method for Windows?
  149. Renewal of residence permit : 3 weeks
  150. Good price for internal flights?
  151. Hainan for a few days (and how to order tickets on Ctrip)
  152. 9hrs 55m transit at PEK - enough time to see Great Wall?
  153. Chase Debit Card Not Accepted in China, Due to High Fraud Risk?
  154. What a mess it is today at PEK (2013-06-30)
  155. China Visa / Visas Master Thread (all you need to know)
  156. Is it possible Travel within China using only Avios BA miles?-
  157. Recommendations for Shanghai Private Tour
  158. How to access money in Chinese account when in America?
  159. Any Good Happy Hours in Shanghai?
  160. PEK Question re: Walking in Terminal
  161. Where can I take a shower landside at PEK?
  162. Entry into China - Passport Validity Requirement
  163. Late Nite PVG Arrival
  164. Shanghai to Xian--plane or train?
  165. my charity idea
  166. Olympic Village Worth Seeing During 23-Hr Stopover?
  167. Help! When does my wife come back?
  168. 端午節快乐! / Duanwu Jie Kuai le / Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
  169. Does China require thast you have a departing tix ?
  170. Google maps or Mapquest for Shanghai?
  171. Chinaspree 9 day tour - Thanksgiving 2013..
  172. Safety in China
  173. Shipping Packages to China
  174. PVG terminal question
  175. new BJ taxi tarifs announced
  176. Question about 1st class and 2nd class on trains
  177. China Construction Bank ATMs
  178. PEK or PVG airport to the city for sightseeing?
  179. mobile rental at PEK airport
  180. Information security when traveling in China
  181. Using Western Union to send money to China
  182. Second China Trip Planning Help!
  183. UA bullying Chinese passengers
  184. Bespoke Tailoring in Shanghai
  185. China enacts law against tourists
  186. Help: problem registering temporary visitor
  187. I want to buy a used car in Shanghai
  188. Using Paypal To Pay for Expenses in China
  189. first trip to China
  190. Jogging in China? (pollution)
  191. Nanning
  192. Activities for 12 Year-old Boy in Wuhan
  193. 3 week itinerary in china
  194. Mogao Caves
  195. looking for jiejie
  196. Longest 'direct' flight from China ?
  197. First time long term work assignment in China - NEED HELP :)
  198. an extra day between Enshi and Shanghai
  199. Guangzhou, Baiyun (CAN) - China
  200. PVG - PRG in August
  201. Fast Track Immigration at PEK
  202. How to Find Official Taxi Line at Maglev Station
  203. The Shanghai Aquarium
  204. Hangzhou to SFO -- connect through PEK or train to PVG?
  205. Shanghai/Beijing Trip Report!
  206. Beijing pollen
  207. Good Sunday Brunch splurge?
  208. OT - Visa for Shanghai from HK
  209. April 2013 Earthquake in Sichuan
  210. Is it easy to get a taxi at 4am in Beijing?
  211. Hangzhou private driver
  212. China Construction Bank ATM at PEK
  213. BB Z10 An unmitigated disaster---what can I do?
  214. 24 hour visa free entry
  215. Beijing, China arriving on may [email protected] & departing Beijing on may 31 @pm
  216. Renters ombudsmen
  217. Shanghai High Tea Recommendations?
  218. Shanghai shopping
  219. China Ticket Counter Fight
  220. Shanghai metro, Hongqiao and inter-terminal transfer
  221. Question about VISA [transiting PRC]
  222. First time in Shenzhen, any tips?
  223. 1 week in Beijing - assistance requested
  224. Special (Yutuclub on Nanbin Road) Restaurant in Chongqing - comments?
  225. Pacific Coffee in China
  226. Bringing gifts for Chinese supplier
  227. Let me tell you about an awesome phone
  228. April 2013 - new H7N9 strain of avian (bird) flu in - Shanghai (PVG-SHA) region again
  229. D gates now in use at PEK-T3
  230. pek to hilton wangfujing
  231. Cheapest connections Europe-China
  232. Best way PVG -> Nanjing -> PVG
  233. Shanghai (PVG). 72 hour Visa waiver. Itin work?
  234. Nongfu spring selling polluted mineral water?
  235. Not allowed on flight to Shanghai by American because had no visa
  236. China Itinerary (PEK-CKG-HKG-?) Advice Requested
  237. Private guide for 1 day in Beijing?
  238. Ipad and iPhone questions
  239. Help! CTrip sends out "Flight Confirmation" then cancels my booking
  240. Looking for "cheap" one-way business class ticket for this Friday....
  241. Getting an English speaking doctor to he hotel in Beijing?
  242. The Wenzhou model.....
  243. things to do in Shanghai
  244. What time of year would you travel (Shanghai / Beijing) ?
  245. Don't do what I did: UA to OZ @ PVG with 1:35
  246. More than 2,800 dead pigs found in Chinese river
  247. Guilin Airport tips?
  248. Booking Chinese hotels?
  249. Booking China domestic tickets
  250. China Travel service reliable ?