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  1. South/SE China; Where to Go for 2-3 Weeks?
  2. Best undiscovered restaurants in Shanghai
  3. Chengdu to Xian High Speed Rail?
  4. How Many Days to Allot to Shanghai and Hong Kong?
  5. Connecting in an PEK Int'l airport w/o entering the country (TWOV)
  6. Halloween 2014 Shangahai
  7. Flying from Beijing to Mumbai on Dec 11
  8. Best Airline Miles & Hotels Points/Deals/Offers for Expats & Living in China
  9. ORD to PEK and back
  10. Transfer for 5, Airport to downtown Beijing & back
  11. Bumped Flights on USA vs. Asia Carriers
  12. day pass accessible airport lounge in beijing?
  13. Yiwu
  14. Running buddies in China
  15. Any disadvantage of Italian Dual Citizenship for Children who are Half-Chinese by eth
  16. Uber in Shenzhen
  17. Bring traditional Chinese medicine to Germany
  18. Hotel close to PVG?
  19. Family accommodation in Beijing....
  20. My experience with 50 kgs of carry-on luggage today at SZX
  21. express lane in PEK for J arrival?
  22. Changsha (Hunan Province) Hotel suggestions
  23. Looking for english-speaking Shanghai schools for cybersafety tour
  24. China Unicom 4G
  25. Visa Issue
  26. When things go wrong in China......
  27. tipping
  28. Any FT meet up in SH?
  29. Language or lack thereof
  30. chengdu questions
  31. Traveler's Check / Money Order / Checks Accepted at Banks? Fees?
  32. How can train tickets be delivered to hotel with new ID policy?
  33. CRH (China Rail High Speed) questions
  34. 【News】Temple of Heaven is to close on 9/30 and 10/1, 2014
  35. Shanghai lovely - thanks for your help!
  36. Beijing hotel suggestions
  37. 11 hour layover in PEK - do I need a visa to leave airport?
  38. Chengdu Excursion Advice
  39. Reputable Tibet Tour
  40. Buying train ticket at PVG?
  41. Arrive 2 hours Early to Shanghai Train Station?
  42. Stay overnight in Beijing or buy flight to Xi'an?
  43. Water Goblets in Jewelry Cases
  44. China Customs RMB20,000
  45. Nanchang-Changsha high speed railway opens!
  46. Beijing, Tuanjiehu subway station to flight departure, how long?
  47. Any recent TWOV via PVG Experiences?
  48. 【News】Forbidden City Half Day Tickets 30CNY from 9/12-9/14, 2014
  49. Possible to enter/exit China from different points on visa free entry?
  50. Shanghai cocktail?
  51. most expensive restaurants in Beijing
  52. Taobao marketplace
  53. Hotel Chain Discount Codes
  54. 5-7 day 'fresh air' suggestion in October?
  55. Mooncake etiquette?
  56. Wine tasting course in BJ
  57. Anyone Tried Nanjing Metro New Lines?
  58. Need help planning a Qinghai and Gansu trip
  59. How much Baby Milk Powder am I allowed to bring to China
  60. PVG to hotel and back.
  61. Day trip from Tianjin
  62. Seeking unique experience in Beijing
  63. Where to get SIM card in PEK airport?
  64. Leaving US and arriving China on "HK & Macau return card"
  65. PVG downtown?
  66. Help me choose a hotel in Shanghai please
  67. Self Drive Rental Cars
  68. Order of acquisition for visa required international (PVG) travel
  69. Best lounges PVG T2, any airline?
  70. Trey Ratcliff’s Beijing Drone Video
  71. Jogging in Beijing, clean air -- Summer Palace?
  72. Using miles or points to pay for MagLev PEK-PVG
  73. Certificate of Entitlement
  74. Is this doable
  75. chinacarservice.com -- Has anyone used them?
  76. My lowdown on this country
  77. New CAAC external battery charger restrictions - 2 chgs, 100wh max, no use in flight
  78. Which hotel in Beijing?
  79. Few questions about teaching in China
  80. Language Translator App for Iphone?
  81. How to access Hongqiao V4 Lounge
  82. Baggage Through-Check at PVG flying in with LH then connecting with TG
  83. US Citizen + HK passport traveling to China
  84. Google (mail/calendar) in China
  85. Tour / Tour guide recommendations in Beijing
  86. Laundry Serivce in Shanghai
  87. CA PVG F Lounge
  88. Beer sign translation?
  89. Hotel recommendations in Shanghai
  90. Beijing subway - some stations now have TSA-like security measures
  91. CNN: Hundreds of flights canceled at China airports, more to come [as of July 2014]
  92. Does anyone know what local calls from landlines cost?
  93. Urumqi
  94. Chromebook VPN in China
  95. Uber Beijing experience?
  96. Reading list thread
  97. Maglev PVG station to PVG - 33 min walk?
  98. Indulgent Sunday Brunch or Dim Sum Recommendations - Shanghai
  99. Anyone tried USGoBuy before, please suggest!
  100. Football World Cup Finale in Beijing
  101. Transit Tour to Great Wall
  102. Beijing & Shanghai Family Shows?
  103. SHA T1/T2 left luggage?
  104. Trip in first half of August
  105. Double Tree Beijing to Hilton Beijing
  106. Sat 6:45AM Flight - PEK to ZRH - check in time? where to stay?
  107. Accessing My Money In China
  108. LINE app blocked in China
  109. Lockers or luggage storage service inside Beijing
  110. Left luggage in Beijing Airport
  111. Hospital recommendation in China
  112. Long layover
  113. Chengdu Airport Hotel
  114. Changsha, Zhangjiajie & Fenghuang ancient town
  115. China Taxi Book
  116. week in chengdu
  117. Mutianyu questions
  118. 24h Layover in Beijing
  119. Buying OnePlus One in Beijing
  120. VISA Concern on China Transit
  121. PEK Airport Hotel
  122. Long Transit in PVG without Visa
  123. China's First Museum in Airport Opens in Shanghai
  124. Sparing passport pages from stamps?
  125. Is this doable? good idea??
  126. What would be the best order to visit these cities?
  127. Shenzen Visa on Arrival - Non US Passport
  128. Sudden ~24h Layover at PVG
  129. flight insurance (and delays)
  130. Best ways to get to Nanning?
  131. Requesting Tips/Advice for Flights to Guangzhou and Shantou
  132. Should I still visit Beijing during APEC?
  133. Where to check-in at PVG for China Southern ticket endorsed for China Eastern flight?
  134. Does anyone know which airport Putin is flying into tomorrow?
  135. new Air China lounge Shanghai Pudong
  136. PER -> HKG -> PEK -> SFO (~72 hours in PEK question)
  137. the "my flight is delayed" thread
  138. abandoning your flight (because you can't handle the delay any longer)
  139. Beijing - Xi'an - Shangai - Pangulasian Island Itinerary Help
  140. Android Phone in Beijing
  141. Beijing Private Tour
  142. Tropical pit stop on way home from PEK to SFO
  143. Beijing - Non-chain hotels?
  144. Bringing Gold out of China
  145. the China hotel VIP card thread
  146. Suzhou May 8
  147. Shanghai versus Taipei in early September?
  148. Correct Tip For Driver
  149. Order Pre-Paid SIM in Advance
  150. PEK today (2014-05-01)
  151. Cab Cost [Beijing taxi]
  152. How many days needed to visit Xi'an?
  153. Bus from CTU to Zigong
  154. Flying Tokyo to Beijing via Shanghai on continuing flight...immigration??
  155. Beijing to TEDA via Train?
  156. Bus options for HKG to Guangzhou
  157. Taxi from PEK to Mutianyu Great Wall - Simon - Leave bags in car?
  158. China Car Service Reviews?
  159. Shanghai (Pudong) Metro on a Sunday afternoon
  160. Moving from China
  161. Wuhan airport 5.5 hours
  162. Getting from Hong Kong to Shenzhen
  163. Ctrip Car Service for Airport Transfer
  164. "finally found moondog on the web!!!"
  165. SIM card with data roaming?
  166. Great Wall/driver trip questions
  167. Excel training in Shanghai
  168. A weekend in Shanghai (2 days) - where / what should i be doing?
  169. Mutianyu on May 3rd
  170. Travelling in Bhutan as a Chinese citizen - who to turn to in the event ?
  171. Mainland Chinese millionaires preferred domestic luxury travel destinations
  172. strange ? on changing $ in China
  173. Denver/West Coast to Beijing: Premium Economy???
  174. Jiuzhaigou May 1 weekend?
  175. Trains during Qing Ming Holiday
  176. Trip planning
  177. Contemporary Architecture - Tours?
  178. 飞常准 "Very Zhun" Awesome App for China flyers!
  179. Spam SMS while in China
  180. Trip planning help please
  181. China’s High-Speed Rail is So Popular, It’s Hurting the Domestic Airline Industry
  182. Kunming,China
  183. Stranded at Mutianyu - how worried should I be?
  184. 6-7 hour layovers at PVG Shanghai
  185. Beijing Capital Airlines
  186. Layover in Shanghai help
  187. Beijing - high end cooking ingredients? (Not too far from tourist trail)
  188. Beijing - Orange Juice availability?
  189. 9 hours in PEK.... enough time to leave airport?
  190. Things Not to Say to Airport Security: There's a Bomb in My Bottom
  191. Is PEK meet and greet worth the $$
  192. Chengdu to Shenzhen flight?
  193. Zhuhai Hotels
  194. guangzhou airport to shenzhen and back
  195. Schwab Debit Card - ATM Access?
  196. Best way to get to Tianamen Square from airport?
  197. Any hotels in China (esp. Beijing) have pollution filters installed?
  198. Learning Mandarin online
  199. Hosed by Agoda
  200. economy hotel thread
  201. Booking intra-China flights.
  202. MH370 and PEK security
  203. Tiger Leaping Gorge Master Thread & Trip Reviews
  204. Which SIM card/company to use in Beijing for more data and less talking minutes?
  205. How and where can I get a sim card in China?
  206. Advice for Chinese train booking
  207. one year visas and one way tickets
  208. Chengdu Giant Panda holding Panda
  209. Visa question
  210. Train from Shanghai to Xi'an or Guilin Questions
  211. Chinese Name Seal
  212. Bengay for my headache
  213. Yichang -> Wuhan train ticket
  214. PEK airport lounge
  215. Guangzhou or Shenzen
  216. Advice on must see in Beijing
  217. Shanghai Taxis and Taxi SmartPhone Apps
  218. Terrible news--Kunming mass stabbing
  219. Train: 4 berth sleeper, 2 passengers....?
  220. Mutianyu Wall - weather ?
  221. Vancouver-Beijing, Beijing-Guangzhou
  222. Beijing or Shanghai on day layover?
  223. Guangzhou to Hong Kong
  224. Which area to stay in Shanghai?
  225. two quick question about Maglev train in Shanghai
  226. Chinese Currency
  227. Visa required for Connecting flights?
  228. Enjoy Airplane Food at China’s A380 Theme Restaurant
  229. Conrad beijing vs grand Hyatt beijing
  230. Need Help in planning my China trip
  231. 4 days in Beijing - want to go outside of Beijing
  232. Visa free to China
  233. Badaling great Wall
  234. The Terrific Wall
  235. 72 hour transit visa for Shanghai or Beijing! Important notice
  236. shenzhen sez 5 day visa available at airport ?
  237. Using Chinese F (Business) Visa for leisure travel
  238. Worth to buy a folding bike in china?
  239. Sofitel Shanghai Hyland Or Grand Hyatt Shanghai
  240. Happy CNY 2014
  241. Question about Layover and Visa for PEK
  242. Hotel check-in time in PEK
  243. 72 hour free transit at PEK
  244. Only 10 hours in Beijing.....
  245. West China in Easter - thoughts on itinary?
  246. Public golf course near shanghai airport?
  247. July rain in various places
  248. Long term luggage storage in PEK?
  249. Ctrip fares for PRC citizen only?
  250. Flight Attendants Surprise Passengers with Dance Routine