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  1. Which Intra-China Airlines Earn US Bonus Miles?
  2. Exchange Guangzhou-Hung Hom train ticket?
  3. Best time of year for PEK-MSP RT?
  4. CES to Decide on Airline Alliance by End of April
  5. Best business class to PEK for very tall person
  6. Ascott Guangzhou Anyone?
  7. Line 2 Subway now from PVG to SHA
  8. Shanghai in June - seeking a "good" hotel < $150
  9. Overnight at Shanghai. Visa Info?
  10. Beijing Airport Transit Hotel
  11. Suggestions for Long Term Stay in Guangzhou
  12. Summer Asia Cruise ?
  13. Shanghai rental apartment available 4/8-7/8
  14. Development Boom Spurs Hainan Island's Growth as a Tourist Destination
  15. making the PEK airport train work for you
  16. using TSN as alternate to PEK/NAY
  17. Day trips in China- how to book?
  18. Shanghai day tours- good website?
  19. China closes Tibet again!!
  20. Air China Gains Control of Shenzhen Airlines
  21. Honqiao T2
  22. Cell phones in China
  23. using miles for intra-China travel
  24. Guangzhou - Worth Visiting?
  25. Train ticket service between Shanghai and Beijing
  26. Average Fares US-China
  27. Two overnight layovers worth the hassle?
  28. Business Class ORD-PEK-PEK for around $3000?
  29. planning to travel in China - need advice
  30. possible workaround to close in full fare problem
  31. Yue Hotel Shanghai
  32. ISO Guangzhou guide
  33. China train schedule for iPhone and iPod touch
  34. PEK to Hotel: Taxi? Pre-reserved transfer service?
  35. Guilin - Li River Cruise and on to Hong Kong (help!)
  36. Advice requested re collect calls from China
  37. My newest English speaking SH cabbie
  38. Xian Airport, luggage locker/deposit?
  39. Kangding airport
  40. Hotels in China (Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai)
  41. What to do in Hangzhou (West Lake)?
  42. Suggestions & Recommendations for Huangshan
  43. Dalian Aiport
  44. 7 days in China - rapid assistance needed please!
  45. A few hours to kill in Beijing
  46. China visa expiration date
  47. Hiring a driver for Mutianyu and the airport
  48. Study abroad in China
  49. Provide credit card authorization to local hotel to purchase non-hotel items
  50. Advice Needed: Xiamen to Yongding (visit tulou "earth buildings")
  51. Yushu
  52. Tourism bus within Xian?
  53. Do I need a visa to visit Hangzhou?
  54. Shanghai Expo 2010
  55. Photographs allowed at SP?
  56. Credit cards at places
  57. Tour Operators
  58. PVG left luggage charges
  59. Bus to Terracotta Warriors
  60. Famen Temple at Xian
  61. What to see and do in Shanghai?
  62. Visa and Travel Info Nansha, China and Hong Kong
  63. 5 hours in Shanghai (PVG) airport to kill
  64. when is the best time to book far east travel with multiple legs?
  65. One week in Beijing
  66. Entering China on different passports
  67. Driver recommendations for one day - Chengdu airport to Ya'an and back
  68. Terra Cotta Warriors VIP Tour?
  69. Suggestions for a day in Beijing with a Family of 5
  70. Cheap flights for travel within China/Hong Kong
  71. How is the weather in Beijing and/or Shanghai in June?
  72. Cheap tickets Beijing - Hong Kong?
  73. China tourist visa
  74. 48 hours in Beijing...need suggestions.
  75. Hotel recommendation, near KMG for 1 night
  76. Train ticket
  77. Skiing in China?
  78. Recommended Great Wall sections
  79. Lost my Departure card in China
  80. Moving to China
  81. Shanghai airports
  82. A380 coming to China (compliments of Emirates)
  83. A good agency? (web)
  84. Help with hotel in Shanghai, Zhongshan area
  85. Visiting Beijing over May Day?
  86. Shanghai Tour Guide
  87. Charging more for foreigners
  88. Canadian passport: Chinese Visa $$
  89. Beijing Aviation Museum
  90. New direct KLM flight from AMS to HGH (Hangzhou) starting May 2010
  91. Using Credit Cards in China - The Great CC Rip Off (dynamic currency conversion)
  92. Air China PEK-HKG Business class questions
  93. National Day in China (10/1) and Golden Week - How bad is it?
  94. Lounges in Kunming?
  95. Does slingboxes work in China?
  96. Buying a ticket on Airchina.cn?
  97. New Years Eve in Shanghai?
  98. Best Bar Scene at Beijing Marriott
  99. Five days in China on my own -- what to do?
  100. PVG to CAN Connection Times
  101. getting from Chongqing to Pearl River Delta
  102. Tailor made leather bags
  103. What is the name of the 4th Ring Road in Beijing?
  104. Problems with getting a china visa
  105. Connecting from China Southern to AirAsia in Guangzhou (CAN)
  106. Getting from Yangshou/Guilin to Shanghai
  107. MR Lunch at MCI on Dec 20...recommendations?
  108. Need Help Selecting Tour to China
  109. Some questions about online travel booking
  110. Domestic flights: connections and reliability?
  111. Changing money at Shanghai airport rip off
  112. Shanghai Opthamologist Referral
  113. Shenzhen-Beijing in F
  114. Tongli
  115. Free wifi in Starbucks in Shanghai?
  116. Yet another visa question
  117. shortest flight from LA to Guangzhou?
  118. Peninsula Shanghai...any reviews?
  119. Seeking advice from the FT community
  120. Hotel recommendations in Shanghai & Yixing (Jiangsu)
  121. Well I managed to get into China without a visa.
  122. Hangzhou hotels?
  123. Where to buy designer clothes (e.g. La Martina) in Shanghai?
  124. Logistics Part 2: Inexpensive Hotels recommendation for Bejing and Shanghai
  125. Transfering from PVG to SHA in Shanghai
  126. STRANDED - UA 5419 AirChina PVG-PEK Nov 9
  127. Suzhou on your own?
  128. Lijiang
  129. White Swan Hotel - Guangzhou?
  130. taking cameras to china
  131. Da Zha Xie in Shanghai
  132. Yiwu
  133. Recommendation for Chinese visa
  134. Translation help
  135. Shanghai-Nanjing Direct Flight Relaunched (MU)
  136. Shopping in Shenzhen
  137. Regarding taking meds into China.
  138. LAX-SFO-PVG-SFO-LAX MRun: 11/4 to 11/10 - Questions about Shanghai
  139. Choosing Shanghai Hotel Location
  140. Airport ATMs PEK and NKG?
  141. trip to thailand from beijing for the holidays
  142. Shandong Airlines
  143. Ruijin Park Constructing works
  144. EDI to PEK
  145. chinese domestic arrivals
  146. US to Guangzhou China, shortest flight?
  147. China Visa Question
  148. China Trip Question & Answer
  149. Suzhou, Hangzhou & Nanjing
  150. My big return!
  151. Expats in Wenzhou in search of other expats
  152. Rent Camping Gear in Beijing
  153. How to find hotel in Shanghai?
  154. Please recommend weekend activites in Shanghai
  155. Wenzhou
  156. Trains in China?
  157. Hutong Tour Advice
  158. Any idea of a good place to stay around Xmas time in Shanghai?
  159. Western Union-Pudong
  160. Experience of Shanghai Airlines and baggage & excess baggage - international economy
  161. Shanghai Expo - How much disruption will it cause?
  162. A few final logistical questions. (Shanghai/Shenzhen)
  163. Is it going to be too cold?
  164. Hertz starts airport car+driver one way service
  165. Shanghai'ed in Shanghai, in broad daylight!
  166. Area around Hilton Wangfujing
  167. Visa for China, good for how long?
  168. Train rides to Beijing, Shanghai and back to HK
  169. ID this hotel / room? (presumably expensive)
  170. Urgent: Lockers at SZX?
  171. Input on my 2 week China (and a little Hong Kong) Itinerary
  172. PVG transfer (NW to MU) 2 hours enough?
  173. Shanghai to Hong Kong
  174. Bag checks on Beijing subway
  175. China-Immunizations
  176. guide book and map
  177. In Kansas City... Need A Visa By next Tuesday.
  178. Fake / counterfeit RMB100 notes - ATM - action you can take
  179. Luxury Tours to China?
  180. RV Camping Vacation in China- looking for ideas
  181. Is this Forbidden City area sightseeing strategy doable?
  182. Best flight/airline PEK-SHA in F? Is There Any Difference (around 5-6pm)?
  183. SZX - Shekou Ferry Terminal options?
  184. Visa for China -Dual Citizenship
  185. Help with Beijing itinerary please
  186. share my travel in Xingjiang
  187. Help w/ Beijing Trip
  188. Review on 3 Novotels in HK and Beijing
  189. Luxury Car to Simatai
  190. Looking for a guide in Shanghai (Mods, feel free to move to appropriate..)
  191. Looking for a guide in Shanghai (Mods, feel free to move to appropriate..)
  192. Beijing / PEK Hotels - suggestions: Discussion from 2009 onwards
  193. How easy to connect in Shanghai?
  194. Temp Checks in HKG?
  195. Sell my extrar BlackBerry 8310 on eBay or on the streets in China
  196. Beijing Hotels - Westin Financial St Vs Intercontinental Financial St
  197. Ningbo
  198. HK or Shanghai for tailored suits
  199. Lounge facilities on KTT, Guangzhou to Hung Hom
  200. OT: Chinese Visa
  201. Any info on PVG "Airport Hotel?"
  202. Palliative care for foreigners in China
  203. Shuttle bus from Shanghai Pudong to People's Square
  204. Visa-free intl transit in PEK possible without ticket?
  205. Hongqiao (SHA) taxi
  206. Shenzhen Hotel Advice
  207. Chinese Visa on old Passport
  208. Are there any vaccines needed for going to Shanghai/Beijing?
  209. Help: Chengdu to Zhongdian (Shangri-la) overland
  210. help getting to china, death in the family
  211. How to book this trip to China?
  212. Visa to stay in Shanghai for 1 day (Canadian)
  213. 1 October 2009. 60th Anniversary PRC. ?
  214. Calling all those with infinite Shanghai wisdom
  215. Hotel in Beijing, Tongzhou District
  216. Cheese plates in China
  217. HKG-PVG-TSA on FM (Shanghai) Checked bags overnight in PVG
  218. PVG to shanghai: MAGLEV or taxi ?
  219. Backpacking in Tibet
  220. Any Recent PVG Transit Experiences??
  221. Pre booked transfer PEK - hotel - advice please
  222. Things to do in Dalian for a 5 hour layover
  223. Buying Tickets on Singapore Air Website in China
  224. PEK airport to Beijing advice
  225. Gift of liquor for a Chinese VIP?
  226. MLB All-Star Game in Beijing
  227. Beijing Hotel Choice: Swissotel or Sheraton Great Wall
  228. Question regarding costs for simultaneous translation
  229. Getting a Visa for China without having a flight booked?
  230. Question Regarding Chinese Visa
  231. Using credit cards at atms in china
  232. Star-Spangled Banner sang by a Canadian in Chinese
  233. OT: China and swine flu
  234. International transfer through Narita or Seoul
  235. How to interpret the visa given to US citizens?
  236. Size of suitcase?
  237. Traveling from Dalian to Qingdao
  238. Shanzhai (Fake) Police Station
  239. Long Layover in PEK
  240. 190 A380s in China in 20 years
  241. First China-Assembled Airbus...
  242. Transit through PVG? Forgeddiboutit
  243. Beijing Dongcheng District
  244. Pudong 8 hour layover - time killer plz
  245. Shanghai: Airport City Terminal Info Needed
  246. One week in Dalian, what to do...
  247. Panda Preserve near Xian?
  248. Nanjing daytrip from Shanghai?
  249. How safe is the Airbus A340?
  250. Getting to Fudan University (in Shanghai) cost-effectively