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  1. Matmid vs AA
  2. Downloading Matmid statement to Excel
  3. Some wize people in the business desk
  4. ElAl Negociations/ Customer Rep.
  5. "Amazing" benefit for LY pax in London ...
  6. Price negotiations
  7. El Al Boeing 767-300ER seating config
  8. LAX to TLV - VOD question
  9. Intresting interview
  10. Will they bump us up to F?
  11. flying busines class lon-tlv rtn next week with infant
  12. 200 to 300 TPLs in EL-AL
  13. EL-AL's Book as Rosh-Hashana present?
  14. Should LY have trusted her?
  15. American Express on LY website
  16. Currency of El Al website
  17. OT: Interesting article about TLV
  18. LY Lounges in Europe
  19. Points to upgrade
  20. New booking classes for upgrades and bonus tickets
  21. Unaccompanied minors LHR-TLV
  22. Booking Class for LY Reward using AA Miles
  23. LY323 to Paris equipment change
  24. Business seats on 777
  25. Best Phone/in Person Contact in EWR on Sun AM
  26. Pet (Cat) in Business Class
  27. El Al 744 Business class and schedule question
  28. Gold members upgrades
  29. Another great LY service example
  30. 747 seat map
  31. Do El Al Flights to Cairo Have even more strict security?& Do domestic have less?
  32. El Al flight to New York makes emergency stop in Iceland
  33. Haim Romano leaving El Al
  34. El Al to fly TLV-ETH
  35. Where to put my miles?
  36. upgrades on EWR-TLV
  37. Connection at FRA, LY to AA
  38. Concierge Service - anyone used it
  39. deals to usa and caneda
  40. Elal / Sundor Family2u membership - what a joke
  41. Video on 747
  42. LCA-TLV
  43. J Class & Taxes - Something strange i noticed...
  44. LTN downgraded to 757 for winter schedule...
  45. Why so many delays this evening at TLV?
  46. EL-AL/Brussels Airlines Code Share to be end on 26/10/09
  47. Early morning flight from TLV
  48. El Al passengers survive six hours without bathrooms
  49. TLV-YYZ in C - LY? LH? None of the above?
  50. Richard Branson in collaboration talks with El Al
  51. 10-pack for Business Class?
  52. LY 214 ltn-tlv 17/08
  53. Amazing service yet again
  54. LY fleet: how big can it get?
  55. Does El Al sell single use lounge passes?
  56. Moving from C seat to F seat
  57. A woman buys all C for her and her dog
  58. In-seat power on 747?
  59. Anybody recently get an award flight LAX-TLV in C or F
  60. 4th weekly flight to GRU will be announced within two months
  61. what is your best upgrade strategy
  62. UPGRD.com podcast on El Al
  63. El Al Cargo
  64. LY: more capacity to London or to Paris?
  65. Laufer Aviation
  66. Luton looks a success
  67. please join Facebook group of EL-AL Matmid
  68. Warning - possible LY strike soon
  69. El Al baggage question
  70. Taking pictures onboard
  71. TLV-FRA (LY)-DFW (AA) - thru baggage?
  72. Which registration?
  73. LAX-TLV 777 C -- what to expect?
  74. Another world first - "Low Cost class"!!!
  75. From tomorrow, Special counter for EL-AL Cheap flights in TLV
  76. OT: can i fly with nargila and enter CDG and MIA?
  77. 4X-EBS now flying for Sun d'Or?
  78. 1st in 747 or 777?
  79. some fun
  80. How Early Can I Check In at TLV?
  81. Best seat in F on 772
  82. Easy Jet to TLV?
  83. ELAL changes fuel surcharge (NYC-TLV) redemption amounts
  84. Bonus tickets gas/tax surcharge at $344 for NYC-TLV
  85. What is "Matmid?"
  86. Damaged bags
  87. Dilemma in Israel: Freeze Settlements, Fly over arab states.
  88. No more Z class to the far east?!
  89. King David Club - EWR
  90. 4x-ele seems stuck in newark, causing delays
  91. Luton to Paddington
  92. What Time Should We be at TLV for a 06:00 AM Flight?
  93. Seating Service on ElAl
  94. Ben Gurion airport and duty-free liquor and TSA
  95. LY websites: is it possible to pay tickets with Amercian Express?
  96. 738 business class
  97. El Al Change Fees
  98. Earning Miles w other airlines for El Al Flight
  99. EL-AL to cut 5% of planned flights to NYC in August/Juy
  100. Amenity kits
  101. Best seat on C-Class on 4X-ELE
  102. For the Summer season, EL-AL give sunglasses for business classes travelers...
  103. Rumor - EL AL 787 SOON!
  104. BKK-TLV Best Business Class Options One World
  105. Elal tickets and boarding cards going to be available by sms
  106. How many Matmid members
  107. Swine Flu on 002 Last Thursday
  108. EL-AL saftey video
  109. EL AL adding four F seats?
  110. ELAL TLV-CAIRO Is it worth it??
  111. Newbe Matmid Earning question
  112. Jerusalem Early Luggage Checkin?
  113. matmid question
  114. LY 777s vs LY 744s
  115. ELAL London yet again
  116. Reservations not shown on my Matmid account
  117. 326 CDG->TLV cancelled today?
  118. Typical elal!
  119. "Seating" Service in Higher Classes and OB Upgrades...
  120. Ly ft banners - bad english!!!!
  121. Matmid offer: Upgrade with points from almost any fare class!
  122. Luggage Transfer from SQ?
  123. OT: what is the equivalent to Ambien in IL?
  124. LY considering to returns nonstop for MIA-TLV
  125. ELAL London
  126. ELAL Paris
  127. You'll have to pay for 3 seats!
  128. El Al returning to Miami with the 777?
  129. ELAL's 24 Hours "crazy" deals...
  130. Last Minutes EL-AL flights on "Daka 90" web site...
  131. Last two weeks for the Economic Crises FF Level extension
  132. LY 757s withdrawal
  133. Some "Headlines" from the London FF meeting with Romano...
  134. Best C Seat on 744
  135. Help with a decision
  136. Which aircraft did Netanyahu use? [Merged threads]
  137. Z class not available on all routes?
  138. Flights to Luton
  139. Again, LY027 delayed...
  140. What has become to this?
  141. Rental Car Discounts
  142. El Al will cancel London Over night For FA
  143. TLV to Asia with AA Miles
  144. 22/05/09 London's FFs meeting with Romano
  145. Economy+ on LY?
  146. 2U'S flights are now sold on LY website
  147. F award availability
  148. Inaugural LY0009 on 02.05.2009
  149. EL-AL to offer free "Trom Tisa" from home to business class to Luton
  150. Passengers in FA seat
  151. Why does LY dedicate ECF for the GRU route?
  152. TPL Worth It?
  153. Regular Advanced Upgrades on Q Class
  154. rules for upgarde in the a/c
  155. on the map
  156. Why can't I see BKK as a destination on ly.com?
  157. Best First seat on 747-400
  158. Independence Day Flyby
  159. Happy Yom Haatzmaut חג שמח !
  160. Dip/Chew tobacco
  161. Customs at JFK
  162. Why did LY choose RR for its 777s?
  163. El Al: from awful to great service
  164. LY318 last week - excellent service!
  165. Promotion for the 1st week of LTN flights
  166. Ly003 today
  167. New Boeing 737-800 4X-EKH has arrived today!
  168. "Fare-Class Grabbing" on LY
  169. Problems with Website
  170. Moving to TA - Which FF Program?
  171. EL AL to buy third of Montenegro Airlines?
  172. EL AL's new Flickr account
  173. Cheapest place to fly to in europe from TLV on reglular basis
  174. El Al doesn't use anymore its mood lights?
  175. Will Sun D'or become the second biggest airline in TLV in 2009-2010???
  176. Boeing 747 4x-ela
  177. El Al to ETH
  178. Why more and more 767s to NY?
  179. El Al receives landing rights in SIN and HND (April 1)
  180. Ly011 and ly315 delayd
  181. LAX Connection and Lugage....
  182. Return ticket expiring
  183. El Al to start flights to New Dehli?
  184. Why did LY0002 divert to London today?
  185. After adding flights to Stansted - Stansted is cancelled; flight to luton are added
  186. EL-AL's FamiLY Matmid Club...
  187. Vidibox
  188. OT: why does IZ fly TLV-VDA-ETH?
  189. AA awards on LY, searching for R/X class
  190. Arrivals lounge at JNB
  191. is it possible to buy El Al tickets with American Express card?
  192. OT: Tandem Aero Operates TLV-Entebbe; Why?
  193. LY adds flights to STN and BA adds flights to LHR
  194. Why is ELAL not part of any alliance?
  195. In-town Check-in - hong kong
  196. ElAl attempts to poach other airlines' FF members
  197. Sundor to start direct service to Düsseldorf?
  198. Demand for seats high on El Al's new direct flight to Brazil
  199. LY 317 on 16 March
  200. Seating advice
  201. Passover fares from CDG to TLV: AF and LY
  202. TLV King David availble for [email protected] (Who pays...)
  203. Voucher and weight allowed on board
  204. easy jet to TLV?!
  205. Rate El Al Matmid Club
  206. El Al to double weekly Tel Aviv-Cairo flights
  207. Ly103 tlv to yvz 16/3
  208. Upgrade to "C" class for 100$ ?
  209. LY Event for Far East Travellers
  210. Flying ELAL
  211. ELAL trying to prevent BMI from going twice daily on the LHR-TLV route
  212. any deals on "S" class fares to NY?
  213. El Al pilot jettisons passenger luggage to let airline employees fly
  214. B744 4x-elb, not in service?
  215. Israeli airlines to be banned?
  216. Biz Z Class, Upgrade and AMEX Transfer
  217. Booking Codes for Youth Tickets?
  218. Missed flight
  219. Value of LY Points
  220. VIDIBOX on 747 business class
  221. El Al horror in Tel Aviv
  222. How Late Can I Arrive?
  223. Business Class on 777-200
  224. LAX-TLV-LAX Biz "Z" fare, LHR Stopover?
  225. Which aircraft
  226. 2nd daily service to Brussels
  227. why some flights diverted to Larnaca?
  228. EL AL Aircraft used bus. class seats for sale on eBay - proceeds for charity
  229. El Al Status Match
  230. disgrace!!! swiss you've lost your good name
  231. EL AL might need to rethink their premium products
  232. El Al back to ETH!
  233. why are "S" class fares so high?
  234. OT: BMI launches 2x a day LHR-TLV
  235. 4X-EAP
  236. El Al plane nearly crashed close to Jerusalem hills
  237. Feb 09: Transfer LY Matmid points between accounts
  238. first on B744
  239. EL AL Staff learn the rules of codeshare partner airlines!!!
  240. ELAL / iFLY - Matmid Number - 6 digits ???
  241. OT: is Arkia getting mad? Sending E195 to CDG!
  242. Total FF Points at EL-AL estimated in 110m shekels..
  243. OT: Arkia's E-195
  244. TLV-CDG -- F experience
  245. Missing flight
  246. 4X-EKI and 4X-EKC: funny fact
  247. LY New Pricing System - Very Bad for High Tech Travellers
  248. Elal aircraft
  249. Does row 74 on 747 upper deck have limited recline?
  250. Expiry of matmid points