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  1. EL-AL Contacts list...
  2. Platinum lounge access question?
  3. Trade chief lashes out at El Al over $150 flight change fee
  4. Rental car location at TLV
  5. LY Route Due To Volcanic Ash 5/9-10
  6. Does this make sense? Western Europe
  7. Amadeos problems
  8. Chance of my flight being "downgraded" to 777
  9. Fruit platter in Business?
  10. F class fares CDG vs LHR
  11. Matmid questions - status match, free signup
  12. Newark
  13. LY315: Breakfast or Lunch?
  14. Additional TPL Benefit...
  15. El Al employees complain of religious discrimination
  16. business class on 738 vs. 772 / finding award seats
  17. Instead of the canceled 4 x 777, EL-AL negotiate on 4 x 787....
  18. Buying Duty Free with someone else's Matmid card, on board
  19. Is El Al the world’s most bike-friendly airline?
  20. Web site comments
  21. First LY 744F joins the fleet!
  22. Meeting Friday with the CEO
  23. Agreement means more flights between US and Israel
  24. New English Blog From Elal
  25. NO Award availability
  26. Special fares or discounts?
  27. No 002 on May 6th???
  28. El Al / BA and Interline Luggage
  29. expiring points
  30. Multi-City booking on ELAL website
  31. ELAL and the Volcano (merged)
  32. 767 names after Druze city
  33. Gift Points
  34. Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv (TLV): The Discussion Thread
  35. LY Safety video has changed!
  36. Why is LY323 TLV-CDG cancelled tomorrow?
  37. Anyone comes to the 23.4 ELAL N. America FT Meeting with Shkedi ?
  38. El Al to compensate 2 Arab passengers
  39. Long Connection at TLV
  40. Top Platinum members !
  41. King David F lounge
  42. No passover gifts from EL-AL for PL/TPLS This year?
  43. OT: Arkia Express low cost: what is it?
  44. EL AL 747-400 Upper Deck
  45. El Al Lost $76M on 2009
  46. 9 hour delay for LY0315 and LY027: why?
  47. What should LY change?
  48. Business Class meal downgraded?
  49. New! Bonus Spontany Deals for money and points
  50. LY's brief to their staff in preparation for Passover season
  51. LY internal memo about customer "service"
  52. F seat with C service
  53. Why do you choose to fly ELAL?
  54. EL-AL mid boarding prensentation and music ?
  55. LY Biz Class Seat
  56. Excellent service from EL AL
  57. Booked My Flights, Now Some Questions
  58. Points on connecting flights
  59. Want to speak to TLV call centre? call 2 days in advance!
  60. Matmid/AAdvantage
  61. New to Matmid...So many questions!
  62. Cost of on-board upgrades - was I almost scammed?
  63. The EL AL FAQ (Newbie Questions Welcome - Flame Free)
  64. 5 day LY sale started today.
  65. A piece of LY safety demo (good quality)
  66. Start an El Al FAQ!!
  67. Competition from GVA, Easy Jet starts GVA-TLV in August
  68. Codeshared flights operated by partner airlines do not appear on LY's website. Why?
  69. Pilot accidentally takes sleeping pill during flight: ??!
  70. The OLCI is not working
  71. Meeting in New York With El Al CEO
  72. Check in Counter at JFK
  73. Redeeming AA miles for LY Biz Upgrade
  74. Official El Al Facebook page
  75. Flying from LHR motzei shabbat in the summer??
  76. Upgrades on El Al
  77. El Al adds additionnal flight to CDG
  78. El Al Discounts
  79. EL-AL Israel Airlines Boeing 747-458 1/50 scale model ?
  80. Following the BMI offer, LY are offering OA status match...
  81. New routes / extra frequencies to and from TLV - all airlines
  82. LY salesperson to meet me to offer status match
  83. Connecting AA to LY at BCN
  84. EL-AL Business Night Menu "Review"
  85. Israel Knesset decides Knesset members to fly business only...
  86. Macabi TLV vs Effes Pilzen 11/02 for TPLs
  87. front row U/D - extra leg room?
  88. LY to fly to Eilat but no Matmid benefits
  89. New configuration for 767 ?
  90. The Unipass Experience...
  91. ELAL was sent to Haiti
  92. Lounge Service JFK
  93. 4X-ELE interior
  94. LY C-Class AVOD, Lie Flats?
  95. OT: Looking for EL AL contact / Event sponsoring
  96. 757 Business Class - How bad is it...?
  97. ELAL offering a “double status” match to BMI members
  98. Please help me understand the Matmid program
  99. Urgent: Trying to go Standby on LY on an AA Award Ticket
  100. ElAL status match to star alliance
  101. high prices to HKG
  102. using AA miles to fly LY F?
  103. OT: CNN interview discussing ELAL/Israeli security
  104. El Al to change livery+ orders 77W?
  105. Normal loads for JFK-TLV
  106. 03/01 TLV->LAX F Class
  107. Business Customer
  108. TLV to start an experiment with biometric "security screening"
  109. First Class Check-In for TPL on Business as Well?
  110. Security related or simply unprofessional?
  111. ELAL escorted by police and fire truck
  112. Romano: 1)Shkedi don't listen to anybody! 2)B787 presently not on the table
  113. JPOST: El Al, Air France planes nearly crash in mid air!
  114. Hundreds of El Al passengers spent 7 hours on tarmac in U.S.
  115. Will LY retrofit its 737s with winglets
  116. Anyone saw The Marker (This month) stupid Upgrade article?
  117. Are the 11 New Unidentified 787 Orders for LY?
  118. LY324, 24/12 - F Class Report
  119. LY offer extra baggage allowance with points...from paris!
  120. Diminishing Amenities in Business!?
  121. row 22 - economy on 777
  122. Info on Lounge @ EWR
  123. upgrade probability - TLV-HKG, BKK-TLV
  124. In-seat power in economy on 744?
  125. LY May Cancel All Flights TO JNB
  126. Another near miss at Ben Gurion!
  127. Express check-in not working for me
  128. Austrian manager claims that cancelling codeshare with ELAL caused prices to rise
  129. El Al in BKK does it up for Chanukka
  130. Kol Hakavod to ebzed
  131. New codeshare partner ... AtlasJet
  132. Lets Say... A Very Theoratical Question :)
  133. Best way to get to Israel?
  134. 777 AVOD upgrade status
  135. Inflight / airport upgrades
  136. LY still advertising the 777 at CDG but...
  137. Passover holidays: CDG-TLV: 921 Euros/ AMS-TLV: 488 Euros
  138. exchanging voucher
  139. Expiring Points
  140. El Al in negotiations to add two or three new partners for domestic US?
  141. Why no Luton flight today?
  142. ELAL lost olim contract
  143. Earned double points, Is this standard?
  144. LY adds flights to LHR/LTN
  145. BD cancelled TLV - will that lead to new codeshare agreements
  146. Bad news for us - BD stopping to fly to TLV
  147. My post in another thread was censored
  148. Lounge Access Rule Change
  149. Will LY give a BP for a connecting flight?
  150. LAX to Eilat -- connection ideas?
  151. Trip report in F
  152. TLV-MAD and connecting flights
  153. There are still honest people around ...
  154. Matmid vs. AA
  155. Seat counter Vs. Ifly
  156. ELD in special colors
  157. Ever wondered why you couldn't get a good business class seat?
  158. So what is the business and first class allowance transatlantic?
  159. New Matmid Acct Password Requirements
  160. How is Easy Jet influencing the TLV-LON market?
  161. 20% More Matmid points from Membership Rewards
  162. getting upgraded
  163. Upgrade from V
  164. You think you pay too much for your flights ?
  165. TLV infrastructure upgrades
  166. R class instead of Z for vouchers
  167. Globes story on LY "Basic Business class"
  168. lhr flights 767
  169. No more ZPROMO + ZSPCL fare basis
  170. My LY002 expirence this sunday...
  171. Fuel surcharge being raised again
  172. South African alleges El Al a Mossad front
  173. ELAL get's a new CEO.
  174. el al 777 first class
  175. Using points to upgrade via site?
  176. Elal at the Amadeus e-commerce conference this month
  177. LY vs. RJ to BKK in Business
  178. New codeshare agreement with CSA
  179. Upgrade on LY at CDG for 80 Euros
  180. OUTRAGEOUS - $10 Charge for Matmid Activity by Phone!!!!
  181. GRU upgraded to 744
  182. A bug in Elal website
  183. Last minute upgrade from Z?
  184. King David Club
  185. Matmid vs AA
  186. Downloading Matmid statement to Excel
  187. Some wize people in the business desk
  188. ElAl Negociations/ Customer Rep.
  189. "Amazing" benefit for LY pax in London ...
  190. Price negotiations
  191. El Al Boeing 767-300ER seating config
  192. LAX to TLV - VOD question
  193. Intresting interview
  194. Will they bump us up to F?
  195. flying busines class lon-tlv rtn next week with infant
  196. 200 to 300 TPLs in EL-AL
  197. EL-AL's Book as Rosh-Hashana present?
  198. Should LY have trusted her?
  199. American Express on LY website
  200. Currency of El Al website
  201. OT: Interesting article about TLV
  202. LY Lounges in Europe
  203. Points to upgrade
  204. New booking classes for upgrades and bonus tickets
  205. Unaccompanied minors LHR-TLV
  206. Booking Class for LY Reward using AA Miles
  207. LY323 to Paris equipment change
  208. Business seats on 777
  209. Best Phone/in Person Contact in EWR on Sun AM
  210. Pet (Cat) in Business Class
  211. El Al 744 Business class and schedule question
  212. Gold members upgrades
  213. Another great LY service example
  214. 747 seat map
  215. Do El Al Flights to Cairo Have even more strict security?& Do domestic have less?
  216. El Al flight to New York makes emergency stop in Iceland
  217. Haim Romano leaving El Al
  218. El Al to fly TLV-ETH
  219. Where to put my miles?
  220. upgrades on EWR-TLV
  221. Connection at FRA, LY to AA
  222. Concierge Service - anyone used it
  223. deals to usa and caneda
  224. Elal / Sundor Family2u membership - what a joke
  225. Video on 747
  226. LCA-TLV
  227. J Class & Taxes - Something strange i noticed...
  228. LTN downgraded to 757 for winter schedule...
  229. Why so many delays this evening at TLV?
  230. EL-AL/Brussels Airlines Code Share to be end on 26/10/09
  231. Early morning flight from TLV
  232. El Al passengers survive six hours without bathrooms
  233. TLV-YYZ in C - LY? LH? None of the above?
  234. Richard Branson in collaboration talks with El Al
  235. 10-pack for Business Class?
  236. LY 214 ltn-tlv 17/08
  237. Amazing service yet again
  238. LY fleet: how big can it get?
  239. Does El Al sell single use lounge passes?
  240. Moving from C seat to F seat
  241. A woman buys all C for her and her dog
  242. In-seat power on 747?
  243. Anybody recently get an award flight LAX-TLV in C or F
  244. 4th weekly flight to GRU will be announced within two months
  245. what is your best upgrade strategy
  246. UPGRD.com podcast on El Al
  247. El Al Cargo
  248. LY: more capacity to London or to Paris?
  249. Laufer Aviation
  250. Luton looks a success