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  1. OLCI: Only middle seats availibale, any chance at the airport?
  2. Seating advice: LY 744: row 34 or 21?
  3. ELAL independence day flyover
  4. short security line (just with a carry-on)
  5. Join Matmid for Free
  6. EL AL Matmid Members Write Letters in a Torah Scroll
  7. Haaretz: ELAL flights cancelled and delayed, as all refuelling in TLV stopped
  8. credit card gold status
  9. TLV-LIS
  10. i got 2 questions
  11. Which meal is better Regular ELAL or the extra Kosher?!
  12. Booking last minute travel on El Al's website
  13. Why isn't 4X-ELH ("new" 744) flying yet?
  14. extend your soon to expire points
  15. LY april newsletter
  16. ELAL UK
  17. Flight Cancellation Fee (schedule change)
  18. Change in carry-on limitations?
  19. Top Platinum can now access First Class Lounge
  20. how strict with dimensions of bag?
  21. LY to AF Interline at CDG
  22. BKK > TLV LY 763 vs 747
  23. Apparently one of the 744s is grounded at the moment...
  24. Best/Worst Seats on LY 747-400?
  25. Elal TLV-ETH Business class ?
  26. New Sales Promotion Starting Tuesday for 3 Days...
  27. 4X-ELE (Ex-Singapore) Gets Refurbished
  28. EWR-TLV next week
  29. Bump on a sold out flight before Passover.
  30. How does one redeem for upgrade on LY?
  31. Flying blue ststus match
  32. Sun d'Or to lose license
  33. Rumor: LY is considering MCO
  34. Slightly OT - LY Inflight Entertainment
  35. Choosing an F seat
  36. The Crooks running the show...
  37. MA Governor Deval Patrick seeks direct Boston-Israel flight
  38. Mass. Governor Patrick & NE Patriots owner Kraft lobby El Al for BOS-TLV
  39. best deal london or paris to tel aviv
  40. Total Economy vs Semi Flexible - what’s the difference in flexibility?
  41. Is the 763 any better than the 762 in Economy?
  42. LY to Up TLV-GRU to 4 x Week
  43. ELAL new home page
  44. LY price increase again...
  45. 744 Upder deck question...
  46. EL-AL Economy Pros and Cons
  47. TPL Renew at 9500 or 10,000 Basic Points?
  48. New (2nd hand) 744 for LY?
  49. El Al 777 business class legroom
  50. What is best seat in the 767-200 coach?
  51. EL AL 747 in JFK
  52. Fast track at BKK airport
  53. EL-AL to Buy 4 to 6 new 737-900...
  54. Is M class higher than Y/S
  55. upgrading business class award ticket?
  56. Offer for London based customers
  57. ELAL/Leumi Card Promotion is back for Tomorrow for one additional day!
  58. Vidibox booking for Eco still possible?
  59. Q/B Upgrade promotion for February/March
  60. candidates for upgrades
  61. Will i make it?
  62. Changing/Cancelling Restricted Tickets
  63. LY Winter sale to/from the UK
  64. security check Queue in TLV for F passengers
  65. 50% on Upgrade Vouchers...
  66. Why 767 to LHR on Mondays?
  67. Matmid Launch new business program - not in Israel
  68. F at LHR
  69. Installments
  70. Any good reason why I should fly ELAL?
  71. Paid KD ;embership vs Plat or Gold Status
  72. 737-700 biz seat
  73. Comparision of LY and SN
  74. Winter Snow Storms Continue to Affect El Al (And Other Airlines Serving TLV)
  75. Court decision: Elal to refund flight change charges
  76. Shower in Elal lounge Bangkok ?
  77. elal CHAT
  78. Weird "present" from LY
  79. ELAL KD Lounges/Lounge Access across the world
  80. KD access (Gold Member) in TLV if flying diff carrier?
  81. I think I'll be flying much less with LY
  82. Channel 10 news - LY's old fleet
  83. elal multicity search
  84. LY001 still not left this morning...
  85. Preferred Seats registration
  86. I can earn points on tickets paid with points?
  87. What 777-200 is going from LAX-TLV tomorrow Jan 2, 2011?
  88. Prices
  89. Where to purchase reasonably price LY one way tickets?
  90. Amazing Service for 027/001 on Dec 27
  91. Today's program comparing to years ago
  92. Fuel surcharge to rise!
  93. Free EL AL Matmid enrollment!
  94. EL-AL The UK Collection
  95. El Al First vs Continental Business/First
  96. 12 hours!!
  97. @TLV can you check in early for LY (say 6 hours before flight)?
  98. To whoever stuck in europe due to snow (Sorry in hebrew)...
  99. booking award flight in advance
  100. booking LY F with AA Miles?
  101. Very impressed with LY Economy...
  102. 3 gossips & Facts.....
  103. First Class seats as Business to HKG
  104. Configuration of 747
  105. LY misses the point of 'Premium' in Premium Travel
  106. TLV KD Lounge Massage chair room - What's it used for now?
  107. Baggage weight maximum in LY coach?
  108. 8KG Hand Luggage Limits
  109. 4X-EKT - new 738 to El Al
  110. Booking LY Codeshares
  111. MR in LY
  112. Using AA/Other Miles to Upgrade on LY
  113. Departing TLV with carry-on only
  114. El Al triples its third-quarter net income to $42.5 million
  115. Again! Near fatal colision between Elal & AB, 2 Elal planes collide while being towed
  116. ELAL's food to improve
  117. 12/11 EL-AL Departure Time Shift due to Supreme Court Order...
  118. El Al signs code share agreement with S7 Airlines
  119. LY222 CDG-VDA no longer operated?!
  120. Attn MSY Spotters: El Al incoming from TLV-MSY by tomorrow morning
  121. Online check-in LUT and TLV
  122. How much is Platinum worth?
  123. Involuntary Bump compensation
  124. 744 in Y: does the front cabin still have more legroom?
  125. Visiting American Professor Subjected to Intense Security Screening
  126. 4X-ELD on strike?
  127. Matmid Account Password Madness
  128. Could ELAL's website be any worse?
  129. ELAL's Join Quick Connect initiative @ JFK
  130. Iberia cancel my flight with LY (again)
  131. EL AL Flight Info
  132. Points amount needed
  133. EL AL new gate at LHR ??
  134. El Al / JetBlue
  135. Tr bgn-eth-bgn
  136. need some help please
  137. Which Program to Focus On/Join
  138. Shkedi's head is in politics!
  139. Elal has lost 19% of the market share of travel to Israel
  140. Special meals
  141. Connecting reservations
  142. JFK - TLV trip report in F (with a few pics)
  143. seat availability tonight
  144. TLV-LAX trip report in JPost
  145. El Al fined for violating baggage-liability rules
  146. Boeing 777 Preffered seating Row 25 ?
  147. 100 point (Last Minute) Upgrade Question
  148. For all those complaining about El Al's food
  149. Standby on earlier flight JFK-TLV
  150. New route?
  151. EL AL Airshow Map/IFE
  152. How can I use my Matmid points?
  153. Elal Plane nearly loaded with military equipment
  154. Delayed luggage
  155. No J class on LY381 Nov 28 or Dec. 5th?
  156. How to upgrade to Business?
  157. Help this forum come alive
  158. Changing a reservation date...
  159. Now Easier to become a premium member of the Matmid Club...
  160. Is Unipass dead?
  161. Gagalatz on EL AL
  162. Eilat flight
  163. Ly222 cdg-vda-tlv
  164. Silver Status - Worthless?
  165. Expertflyer showing me one thing and LY another - any ideas why?
  166. Gold Status
  167. quickest way to SHanghai from Tel Aviv?
  168. Elal forgot about clock change?
  169. family members in my matmid profile on elal.co.il
  170. !st timer checking in for a flight to TLV
  171. LY to cancel upgrade/bonus vouchers system
  172. 4X-ELE Economy Seating
  173. New plane name idea
  174. Auomated arrival announcements
  175. SYD -> BKK -> TLV, Possible Connection?
  176. EL AL LAX-TLV Y Class
  177. Shana Tova :)
  178. EL AL Y Class
  179. Low season arrives...where will the 777s go?
  180. LHR KD Lounge: any age restrictions?
  181. New iPhone app from ELAl
  182. Question on Israeli Passport & KL
  183. LY744, BKK questions
  184. Why did LY fly CDG-JFK today?
  185. Passenger movement in flight?
  186. 777-200 Seats EWR-TLV?
  187. Availability in LY flights
  188. Infant baggage
  189. Media on EL-AL flight's
  190. ELAL to form an alliance...?
  191. Point value
  192. Why does LY send 777s to PRG every Tuesday?
  193. Bonus ticket (un)availablity
  194. LY signs codeshare deal with B6
  195. 4X-EAK?
  196. Chechia :-)
  197. Special voucher upgrade offer - points and cash combination.
  198. check in in "C", art and lounge...
  199. Another shortcut to PL-hood: buy a Lexus
  200. An Opportunity for EL AL
  201. LY to Luton
  202. Update regarding the 23/04 meeting with EL-AL CEO
  203. What a Service...!
  204. Preferred Seating in First with Business Class Ticket
  205. Why so many delays today at TLV?
  206. Guest Lounge access at LAX
  207. Vegetarian lacto-ovo meal?
  208. Accumulating miles with partners?
  209. Saturday question
  210. London lounges
  211. JetBlue and El Al Announce Interline Agreement
  212. Free Et AL Matmaid enrollment.
  213. New to Matmid, A Few Questions
  214. New to this forum - compare Matmid to BA's Executive Club
  215. 19 years onRegila flying
  216. Save the Date! 15/07 - Ebzed does Economy (And a letter to Shkedi...)
  217. F class upgrade on TLV-LHR tomorrow
  218. LY318 17th October ?
  219. Who do you know who work in EL-AL London ?
  220. LY may end GRU. ETH may be operate only for a short, trail period
  221. Contact Detail's for Head Office.
  222. Change fees for each class ?
  223. Does Elal need to compensate you in any way,if they cancel your flight?
  224. Finally, EL-AL Starts to fly to Eilat on 01/08
  225. New EL-AL Status Match program begins...
  226. Connections in Reward Travel
  227. Are points converted from a CC supposed to expire?
  228. baggage question
  229. LY reservation on AA metal - will I get my seats?
  230. She'll look good in LY colors...
  231. Advice on which airport/plane out of NY
  232. Maybe Elal can stop using Turkish water?
  233. Traveling with 13-month old
  234. elal prices , next passover
  235. CAI-TLV
  236. Entrance kiosk to KDL?
  237. Shkedy visits Russia's chief rabbi
  238. Yet Another SQ to TLV Speculation Thread....
  239. Why so many delays today?
  240. LY vice-president: Paris: second busiest route for LY
  241. Professional camera gear in carry-on?
  242. Status match
  243. Signing for MATMID on board - free?
  244. new plat question about u-grades
  245. El Al 747 Business class
  246. Should I do an onboard upgrade Y-F for $1000 on TLV-LHR?
  247. Which aircraft?
  248. Why all the delays ex-NYC today?
  249. Israir's New Safety Video..
  250. Are Matmid members without any status entitled to to the extra 5kg of luggage?