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  1. El Al Website is Insane
  2. LY315 emergency landing at TLV
  3. US call center - 1 big mess
  4. Good job LY, a pleasant surprise.
  5. LY Business Meals
  6. another phony "fantastic" matmid promotion
  7. F on HKG route
  8. When will the last 2 757s go?
  9. Now we know why LY's 747 has technical problems every second week :)
  10. LY Premium Eco to launch in two weeks...
  11. Need help converting miles
  12. LY 317 to LHR operated by a 738 today!
  13. Business Class Deal + Join Matmid "Deal" - From EL AL's Facebook Page
  14. The first time you flew El Al...
  15. First time - Opup
  16. OLCI (On Line Check In) issues
  17. Strange Seatmap for one of LY's 747
  18. Expedia.co.uk stopped selling LY tickets
  19. EL AL too expensive for Shimon Peres
  20. TLV-JNB-CPT - Does ElAL issue both boarding passes?
  21. Encounter with El Al CEO
  22. Row 24 left side first row on 747
  23. When did LY's contract with Carmel Forest Spa end?
  24. I want to fly LHR-(TLV)-HKG, LY does not have such a ticket
  25. connecting in TLV to Eilat
  26. Left mobile phone in LHR KD Lounge
  27. ELAL may split into two separate companies...
  28. Re: EL AL Reps on FT
  29. Long Term Parking at TLV
  30. Upgrade
  31. El Al cheapest non low-cost carrier to Europe, North America
  32. Is business class worth it?
  33. 777 seat in Y
  34. Name Change
  35. More competition TLV->USA or Less?
  36. Connection Time at JFK
  37. ELAL boeing upgrade 747
  38. Canceling an award ticket
  39. Two major delay incidents in last 24 hours
  40. 747 Seat Maps
  41. Is security stricter on LY (domestic) flights?
  42. Boarding process
  43. family traveling in multiple classes
  44. EL AL's "Celebrating in Israel" contest
  45. LY 007 on April 3
  46. Expedited security for OLCI
  47. Points Expiring Soon - Recommendations?
  48. Advert - EL AL has been nominated for the best Frequent Flyer programme
  49. segregation between men and women on El Al flight BRU-TLV
  50. Time for urgent action ELAL!
  51. Independence Day Flyby not happening this year...
  52. Shower at KDL TLV
  53. EL-AL's Premium Economy - How Bad?
  54. EL-AL's TOP Platinum Spouse gets automatically Platinum level
  55. which seat should I go for on the 763 in Economy?
  56. Help Compile Master Thread: LY Security, What to Expect?
  57. Lounge access for 60 points?
  58. Histadrut Calls work dispute due to more competition
  59. LY75 Sunday - when does it return
  60. ELAL to start charging for transportation of bikes.
  61. LY-coded AA-operated flight: seat reservations
  62. Luggage Transfer LX TXL ZRH TLV -> LY ETH
  63. LY CEO: Can't Join Alliance Because We're Jewish
  64. Clara from Newark
  65. "No way is this First Class new..."
  66. Sun D'Or to BCN - What to Expect?
  67. Place to nod in TLV
  68. Flight cancelled=good news
  69. Hand luggage silliness
  70. El Al fleet update
  71. Connections from Eilat
  72. LY routes operated by 747?
  73. Due to expected strike: Many flights rescheduled for tomorrow
  74. Latous EL AL (song) !! found !! Enjoy
  75. Matmid and status: how does it compare to what it used to be?
  76. Business Class with Infant
  77. LY long haul biz class
  78. ELAL raises the price for preferred seating
  79. Luggage Allowance - ON BOARD?
  80. does LY accept interlined bags at LHR?
  81. Miles to expire...
  82. best website for booking multi city LY trip?
  83. EL AL Special seating requests...
  84. When are the B739's due to be delivered?
  85. What's with the 744s?
  86. 4X-EAL (763) doesn't fly anymore
  87. Kudos to Elal
  88. LY316 delayed nearly 20 hours arriving minutes before shabbas, anybody know why?
  89. Delayed luggage
  90. LY's site is down - hacker attack
  91. LY to add seats to the 738s...
  92. Long-haul Y - Beverage availability
  93. Cancelling trip with Matmid points
  94. 747-400 In seat power Economy class?
  95. Value of El Al Points
  96. ELAL Sale kicks off today
  97. purchase El Al economy>business upgrade: possible and cost?
  98. El Al raises fares for 3rd time in year
  99. cheap business class RTW fares ex-TLV?
  100. 2011/5772 Chanuka candle lighting at El Al gates and checkin at LHR
  101. El al first class routes in europe?
  102. tv not working - nice solution
  103. Upper deck on EL AL 747
  104. ROW 23 on 737-800: windowless?
  105. Matmid points expiry
  106. Price comparison between BA and LY on LHR-TLV route
  107. Changing seats on the El Al website
  108. Transport ministry allows ELAL 4th daily flight to Eilat
  109. J class to replace W ?
  110. PLUSGRADE - upgrade auction
  111. HUMOR:Now, that's thinkin' Israel’s new ‘Cutting Edge’ Airport Security device…
  112. El Al collision avoided in Zurich
  113. Faxing credit cards
  114. FlyerTalk Awards: El Al Matmid Club (ME/Asia/Oceania) benefits nominations
  115. Intresting Article about ELAL
  116. Jet fuel price hikes halve airline's profit
  117. El Al website - list of gripes
  118. Refund process
  119. Seat selection within 72 hours of flight
  120. Connecting from AA to LY in JFK
  121. tlv to madrid business what can i expect?
  122. El Al Food Service
  123. Last minute upgrade on TLV-LAX
  124. Voluntary Downgrade - will LY give Lounge Access?
  125. ELAL considers to buy 787 ...again
  126. what to expect FCO-TLV (business)
  127. What can I expect in business FCO-TLV?
  128. 20% Bonus on US AMEX Transfers plus 400 point discount
  129. Any chance we can get a flight from TLV at 22:00 when Shabbos goes out at 20:13?
  130. Elal un-official industrial action!
  131. Luton almost gone from November
  132. LY042 in Rome???
  133. LY and Jerusalem marathon promotion
  134. Dnepropetrovsk and Odesa
  135. General Strike? Will it impact TLV?
  136. Connecting in Madrid - What happens to baggage?
  137. Minimum check in time at TLV, with no bags to check in.
  138. Elal MD11
  139. F class on HKG route
  140. Flights operated by codesharing partners are NOT available on LY's website. WHY??!
  141. Boycott of Elal on Facebook
  142. Finally, a good fleet exit! El Al retires a 767
  143. Ex-Singapore 744
  144. Ex-TLV, should we go to PEK or HKG?
  145. LY to offer espressos/cappuccinos for purchase in Economy...
  146. ELAL to Uman travellers/passengers
  147. KDL: little trays now? Nice touch
  148. EL AL and WestJet (Canada) Sign Interline Agreement
  149. Confirmed: Change in EL AL Luggage Allowance
  150. LY Website - Airport Codes
  151. El Al flight crews enlisted for Israeli PR work in North America
  152. How to book P class?
  153. LY Business to YYZ
  154. Business class r/t from JFK or EWR
  155. JFK-TLV R/T LY Buisness or BA First Class?
  156. Lower fares for LY
  157. Comparing status levels on LY to other airlines
  158. Taking liquids INTO the US - prohibited from 19/9/11
  159. TLV-GRU route was uncancelled
  160. LY LHR check in and security move to their own zone - good news!
  161. EL-AL Reshape ticket classes
  162. ELAL voted world's best airline!
  163. Article in Maariv about the ELH
  164. Checking Flight Status on EL AL's Website
  165. 6C on 744 any good?
  166. Canceled Flight - No Room Till Thursday
  167. LAX - Admiral Club Access when arrive on LY Business?
  168. EL AL First Class Has Best White Wine
  169. Sad News
  170. Why was an El Al plane at DUB?
  171. LY and the ETH route
  172. First and Middle names transposed
  173. What was wrong with 4X-ECC (772)?
  174. Good bye, leaving El Al
  175. First time I didn't fly LY to TLV...
  176. A single economy seat...
  177. iPad on El Al Duty Free
  178. EL AL funny traffic out of UK ?
  179. Baggage Allowance Question
  180. BKK - Lounge Invites for Business Class on LY
  181. BKK (Bangkok) - El Al Check-in / Immigration (Business class)
  182. HKG Airpoprt express checkin
  183. Elal you tube channel, nice new video
  184. LHR-TLV on Nov 17th
  185. LY: "Platinum class" vs "Business Class" - what's the difference?
  186. LY Plat to OW Emerald?
  187. Discussion on the BAEC Board about LY...
  188. R class / commercial upgrade
  189. Iphone checkin
  190. can matmid points get free tickets?
  191. 767 in C
  192. What do you want for LY?
  193. TLV-GRU ending Nov 10th
  194. Borenstein KSML Y meals
  195. What is this delicious bread served on EL AL called
  196. LY luggage tags
  197. LY/AA
  198. Will EL AL Finish Painting Their Planes?
  199. 4X-ELH "new" 744 seat configuration
  200. Flying/flown in for a wedding in Israel?
  201. 3 Frequent Flyer Numbers
  202. Does 4X-EAL (763) have now winglets?
  203. Mazel tov: ELAL forum to get it's own moderator!
  204. Bonus ticket change
  205. Why was LY318 cancelled?
  206. 4X-ELH finally flying!
  207. Update on the investigation of the 772 emergency landing
  208. Preferred seats
  209. LY ticket stock no.
  210. Restriction on KDL
  211. GRU-TLV - no seats on Sep 4th/6th
  212. In-flight Internet Access?
  213. El Al will no longer hold flights for tardy passengers
  214. ELAL Flifo Phone number is outdated
  215. LY Flight 393 TLV-BCN returns an hour after take off...
  216. New ELAL iPhone app - out now!
  217. 747-400 business class tlv-ewr elal
  218. What I do like about LY...
  219. Special Business Class Companion Fare from London to Tel Aviv
  220. 10% Additional Free Points for Converting Credit Card Points!!!
  221. Elal ticket packs
  222. LY Premium Eco and cabin overhaul?
  223. Car seat and carriage?
  224. El Al or Lufthansa to TLV?
  225. El Al YYZ office stike?
  226. FAA lists Israel with poor aviation safety
  227. A few questions about our LY EWR-TLY flight
  228. Malaysia Airlines to join oneworld. Does this signal that EL AL will NOT join OW?
  229. PROMOTION: Buy Business Class, Sit in First Class
  230. Full Fare F - TLV Ground Service
  231. "U" fare and points earning - very odd...
  232. EL AL 'Private Terminal'
  233. Well done El Al!
  234. Dissapointed: No seats opened at OLCI!
  235. Passenger dies en-route from Brazil
  236. 737-700 vs. 737-800
  237. KOSHER MEAL plus iberia el al
  238. Luggage for Matmid peasants flying Economy to Europe
  239. Travelling with LY on an LX ticket - can I use my PL benefits?
  240. LY DOES need more 777s
  241. OT- Status match LY SL to LH FTL
  242. Flying ELAL
  243. Why was the Elal night flight from LHR moved to LTN tonight 24th May
  244. Asian Business Class Meals
  245. The EL-AL tax strikes again
  246. Did anyone noticed the Upgrade List screens in KDL?
  247. El Al Plane Plans Emergency Landing
  248. Finding Reward Availability When Switching Date of Flight
  249. Flying Bus can I take my 32 kg in 2 bags?
  250. Weird seat map - LY082 29/7 operated by B744 - Economy class