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  1. Award booking not confirmed?
  2. EL AL Flies to all 5 (sic) Continents??
  3. Breakfast in F class?
  4. Meal from Lhr
  5. Can I get a Regular Meal even if SPML was ordered?
  6. Lower number of points needed for status
  7. Rumor: LY or UA will start direct flight ORD-TLV
  8. Ben Gurion Airport Concourse E
  9. Special notice to travelers to Uman
  10. Qantas unlocks business, first class reward flights on El Al
  11. Arkia on-line check in
  12. On shabbes to the aiport
  13. Checked Baggage Allowances
  14. UP and terminals
  15. Reservation Code?
  16. Will El-Al Allow Boarding with KSA VISA
  17. LY312 Luton- Tel Aviv
  18. Liquids through security and then in cabin to Europe
  19. seat selection on LY booked as an AA codeshare
  20. Advice for First Time Arriving at TLV
  21. TLV voted one of top 10 airports in the world
  22. Confusing Cancellation Policy
  23. How to Use Matmid Point for Best Value
  24. Points for re-routed flight
  25. Air Space Restrictions Yesterday and Today
  26. EL AL Management as Dumb and Arrogant as Ever
  27. VIPs on the flight deck for take off and landing
  28. NAP - TLV | Pet in-cabin only allowed @ seat 35F?
  29. Sundor benefits with LY status
  30. Lost and Found
  31. El Al is LHR’s dirtiest & nosiest airline
  32. What lounge in London (LHR T4)?
  33. Good riddence EX SQ 744 (ELH)
  34. Does El Al interline baggage with Qantas to SYD via BKK?
  35. Arkia pilots' woes
  36. Bloomberg: LY is #1
  37. LY Flying Around Italian Mainland
  38. Terminal 1 closed for 2 days due to Trump!!
  39. No lounge at T1 for UP and Sundor flights
  40. Leased SQ plane?
  41. Wamos to operate BCN and BKK flights this summer
  42. Can I crochet on LY from USA to TLV?
  43. Renovations at TLV KDL
  44. market share plummets by 11%
  45. Israeli Passport Question
  46. 5 Hours and 15 Minute Wait Time
  47. Air India Can't Get Overflight Rights to TLV
  48. How will EL AL cope with reduced capacity versus slots?
  49. Travel document information on website not correct
  50. El al considering eliminating first class
  51. New Catering at LHR Lounge
  52. Strike to include Ben Gurion Airport ? or not ?
  53. How to apply for Compensation ?
  54. Iceland's WOWair starts TLV flights
  55. LY pilots
  56. EL AL 787 Master Thread
  57. Blankets
  58. Newspaper coupons
  59. LY Full Year and 4Q results
  60. Wifi at Ben Gurion
  61. El Al cuts Hong Kong fares to counter Cathay
  62. Does LY and NH has an interlining agreement?
  63. Ben Gurion now charging for (what they call) baggage trolleys
  64. Snow
  65. Seat blockage in J
  66. travel agent's view of El Al
  67. Alaska Airlines 737 at TLV?!
  68. UP Seating
  69. Huh? Why did you answer the LY customer service phone?
  70. El Al / Israir merger nearing agreement
  71. OT changes to TLV T1
  72. New Bus Route Jerusalem-Ben Gurion
  73. Flying LY under AA number - will I get points?
  74. "Tibi law" question (general Israeli question)
  75. ECD (B772) out of service a whole month already
  76. Silly question re TLV JFK flight times and JFK v EWR
  77. Open Skies Bring Lower Prices to TLV
  78. 777 to Sofia
  79. TLV-HNL
  80. Does El Al allow bidding for upgrades for award tickets?
  81. I filed a Complaint with DOT against EL AL
  82. what is best use of points? upgrade? first class free ticket? most value?
  83. Flight delay due to airplane running late
  84. Pilot Disruptions - Here We Go Again
  85. What happened to LY flights from TLV to Eilat?
  86. Any rumors or speculation on what's in store for the 787 premium cabins?
  87. Looking for Tips Flying El Al for the First Time
  88. T1 closed from Jan to May
  89. EU compensation - LY not paying Israelis
  90. Strange phone call from LY
  91. LY-804 from Budapest (Hungary) to TLV -main deck fire indication
  92. Getting Status
  93. LY030 to Tel Aviv diverted back to Toronto after issuing mayday call
  94. el al refund
  95. UP Israel vs. LH or OS J Connection?
  96. Less points for status because of strike
  97. New Screens at Departure Hall
  98. Compensation
  99. El Al is in 2nd place!
  100. B6 to LY connection at Logan
  101. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 El Al Matmid Club benefits nominations
  102. Class action against "lengthened" El Al flights
  103. OT: OS858 passes 30 Kms from Beirut
  104. End of wet leases near?
  105. Sundor flights using matmid points
  106. Canceling ticket after security
  107. lounges at TLV
  108. Help finding an old thread
  109. Bid2Fly flight auctions at El Al
  110. 2016 EL AL Pilots labor dispute
  111. Can E Class Award Ticket Be Sold?
  112. Birthday present (Special offer) from LY
  113. Flight cancelled and I am POed.
  114. LY start charging for seating, effective immediately
  115. LY Forum Mini DO - December 20, 2016
  116. German court rules El Al Airlines must compensate an Israeli passenger
  117. Israel Railways to TLV rant
  118. Hope you had a meaningful Yom Kippur
  119. Toronto flights- Continue to be leased- to Privilege Style, S.A
  120. We always criticize LY but at least...
  121. Rope madness and worse - F at TLV
  122. If I get to Silver in December, when will I lose it?
  123. What does UP Smart fare give?
  124. LY reinstated nonstop Miami to Tel Aviv
  125. LY 5/6
  126. Will LY receive their 1st 787 for Summer 2017?
  127. Recommended seat at C on 744
  128. Hi Fly for EL AL?
  129. nearest Airport hotel to TLV
  130. Transiting / Connecting at TLV
  131. Car tries to breach security at Ben Gurion airport
  132. OT: Selling and Buying LY Miles through a third party
  133. Effect of Arkia long haul on El Al
  134. Passport control times thread
  135. No bassinet available
  136. Luggage on flights to Eilat
  137. El Al Meals during Nine Days (Bein Hametzarim)
  138. New point accrual for Matmid - Sep 1, 2017
  139. Any way of upgrading to Biz??
  140. Munich "no lounge"?
  141. LY317 operated by Wamos today - AWFUL!
  142. Tus Airways
  143. LY Luton promo to switch from EasyJet?
  144. New E-Passport Machines
  145. Elal Matmid Promotions
  146. connecting to Eilat
  147. LLBG Security Flaws Exposed
  148. 763 Lie-Flat configs
  149. 777-200 configurations
  150. Shower in KDL-JFK
  151. Swiss Airforce jets scrambled to escort ElAl flight...
  152. Air Sinai
  153. Towing into gate at TLV
  154. A bit of chutzpah
  155. Flying El Al on Friday
  156. Israel Joining Eurocontrol
  157. Open V Configuration at TLV
  158. what tips/tricks should I be aware of?
  159. considering El Al for first time...?? please
  160. Using my EL Al credit on partner airlines?
  161. Crib on Elal flights
  162. Ovda airport
  163. KD Lounge at LHR T4 now open.
  164. Meet Marvin Goldman, ELAL's biggest fan
  165. Fire at TLV
  166. El Al checking both passports
  167. The last 737-700 has left the building...
  168. EL AL 777 Business Class - Best Seat
  169. latest check in time
  170. OT: Ramon airport is being built in the Negev
  171. Freddies 2016
  172. computers still confiscated for days at TLV ?
  173. Direct flights TLV to LIS?
  174. Status match from El Al's Matmid?
  175. Round Trip: DFW to TLV - Cheaper than One Way TLV to DFW?
  176. LY facilities at LTN (London Luton airport)
  177. OT: Bus gates in TLV (not LY specific)
  178. booking INS ticket type (infant in seat) on LY website?
  179. Flying El Al after visiting Gaza
  180. 225 million shekel Class action against LY, for being unclear about ticket rules.
  181. Simple fix needed on ElAl checkin
  182. El Al Turns in Record Profits for Q4
  183. Why does the ELAL website not accept my MATMID number?
  184. OT: Flowers in Israel
  185. LY staffing reduction for Business Class
  186. EL AL business class
  187. Passenger name error
  188. KDL TLV renovation
  189. Further ELAL shambles as pilot-management dispute gets uglier
  190. 3 more wet leases
  191. She Was Asked to Switch Seats. Now She's Charging El Al With Sexism
  192. Haredi man riots on El Al flight over ‘immodest’ movie
  193. Jetblue / El Al codeshare flight
  194. Where is LY Lounge in Madrid
  195. 6th 737-900 (EHF) first flights
  196. Is there any reason to fly with El Al if you are not Jewish?
  197. Potential New US Destinations
  198. Return Trip - No Show Inbound Leg
  199. "My Bookings" on the LY Website is Broken
  200. Checkin time (no luggage) for Up flights
  201. Luggage voucher no longer transferable?
  202. OT - TLV to North America
  203. Terminal 1
  204. Top Platinum - What to expect
  205. Yyz-tlv ife
  206. Does LY sends New Matmid card when status changes?
  207. Does LY Pre-Board Pax with Infants?
  208. 767 New Business Class to JNB
  209. ElAl reveals some of the plans for the Dreamliners.
  210. ELAL (San D'or) and Israir to merge
  211. LHR Lounge
  212. General Strike (TLV Affected)
  213. Pilot's unofficial industrial action - Beijing flight cancelled
  214. LY getting rid of 73G?
  215. 10 hour delay - LY Denying Comp
  216. FlyerTalk Awards 2016 El Al Matmid Club benefits nominations
  217. The "costs" of flying through Turkey
  218. elal points
  219. The mystery of the missing screens
  220. LY338 AMS TLV delayed due to terror scare
  221. El Al timetable (and fares) from 1968
  222. Matmid New Website
  223. Checking bags in TLV via Elal and onward
  224. LY Posts 3Q Results: record profit!
  225. Opportunity for LY to serve MIA
  226. My LY Sega - Explains Again Why LY Is The Most Hated Airline
  227. Preferred Seat in Row 44 (737-800)
  228. TLV Experiences
  229. Excellent reward flight sale
  230. EL AL flights earning miles in other program
  231. Is he admissible?
  232. Refund for wrong phone booking fee
  233. LY considers starting PTY
  234. New signage at customs
  235. El Al flies over Ukraine
  236. Would El Al Sell Tickets To Kuwaitis?
  237. Dozens of TLV Flights Delayed
  238. Guesting into Dan lounges
  239. Which other airlines' FF programs can you credit an El Al flight?
  240. Mobile BP at TLV
  241. Terminal 1 flights in Terminal 3 9/9 to 9/13
  242. Do NYC Departure Times Hurt LY?
  243. Recent Experience of F 777 LHR-TLV
  244. TLV Wildcat Strike August 31, 2015
  245. New agreement btw AA/LY?
  246. New (19 year old) 767
  247. PHL > TLV: Opportunity?
  248. Ultra Orthodox Woman to Become El Al Pilot
  249. LY385 This coming sunday
  250. New VIP terminal to be built on top of terminal 1