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  1. Hawaii to welcome Canadian tourists in September!
  2. Air Canada, WestJet Cabin Crew Unions implore Federal Government to ‘Let Us Work’...
  3. Travel Bank Expiration Math
  4. AC starting to re-open their lounges...how about WJ ?
  5. Westjet fare rules
  6. WestJet Flight Cancellation Stats
  7. Premium Service 737NGs
  8. Seat Selection Refundable?
  9. How to locate my Westjet reference number?
  10. International flying August 2020
  11. Are Exit Row Seats Still Free at 24-hour Check In These Days?? July 2020
  12. Westjet Schedule Beyond August 4?
  13. Can't Seem to Cancel My WestJet Flight - Need Help
  14. No registration possible for WestJet Rewards - scam to avoid the refund?
  15. RBC WestJet MC Offer - Double Rewards on grocery and restaurants over the summer
  16. Why doesn't WestJet offer a fully refundable fare?
  17. Flights - Indicating Max 8 Airplane
  18. Member Exclusive Fares SUSPENDED!
  19. Using Travel Bank & Westjet Dollars for Flights
  20. Booking change - no email warning
  21. A Canadian fix for Calgary weather: WS protects planes from hail with hockey boards
  22. Promo Code
  23. Not a transborder flight, but on a transborder itinerary. Cash refund possible?
  24. WestJet Travel Bank Scam
  25. WJ: Travel Bank vs Voucher
  26. Complimentary WS Inflight (and others) wifi for WS World Elite MasterCard holders
  27. Cancellation rules
  28. Weird refund questions, WS combining cash spent with WS $. Other options?
  29. The end of WS 767's?
  30. If you got a Gold upgrade offer for spend, don't call in until you're ready to fly..
  31. Westjet RBC Mastercard (First Checked Bag Free)
  32. WS mailing out copies of WestJet magazine
  33. Booking Error with Companion Voucher
  34. Anyone Notice Skyrocketing Prices?
  35. Requirement for Face Coverings
  36. Qantas award booking on WS
  37. Swoop gets a new president
  38. world elite companion voucher question
  39. #WestJetStrong: a bad idea?
  40. Westjet Schedule Change Notification - Travel Bank Credit Only - Still No Refund???
  41. Any status extension due to COVID/Coronavirus?
  42. Sad State of Affairs
  43. Humour in these challenging times
  44. WJ blocking middle seat on upcoming flights
  45. Refund of companion voucher?
  46. Extension of Expiry Dates for Companion Pass
  47. Swoop delay
  48. What about travel back to Canada...I thought WJ was being proactive.
  49. My Flight from Canada to USA on March 23 Was Not Cancelled
  50. Full Refund vs Credit to Travel Bank amid COVID crisis
  51. Flight for Wife and Mother in Law
  52. Westjet Suspending all TB and INTL (commercial) flying
  53. Domestic Flights
  54. carryon baggage, how strict are they?
  55. Has anyone not taken one of the flights on a vacation package?
  56. WestJet WS9 Cancelled
  57. Westjet Covid-19 Survey
  58. 2020-03-12 Call Centre Wait Times
  59. WestJet feeling the financial pain of COVID-19
  60. The dumb things CUN check-in staff do...
  61. Keeping Return flight when not boarding Departure
  62. Cancellation of Flight Booked Prior To March 4
  63. EU flight compensation question
  64. Westjet YYZ Business Class lounge access?
  65. How bad are US connections at YYZ T3 right now?
  66. YYZ T1 international to T3 domestic connection time?
  67. Pricing Anomaly
  68. RBC - WestJet MC - Companion voucher question
  69. Any way to see schedule of direct flights by season or month
  70. Check In Help YYZ
  71. Downgraded from 737 to Q400 - WS policy?
  72. Check-in for corporate group booking
  73. WS 003 WX delay Feb 15
  74. Airline Alliance Membership
  75. Flying WestJet on a basic fare...Help!
  76. Westjet summer 2020 schedule unveiled
  77. December 2020 YVR-LGW
  78. YVR ITD Delta to Westjet connection - Claim and Re-drop Bags?
  79. RBC WestJet World Elite companion voucher rates being enhanced
  80. WS2702 Diverted back to YYZ [because of a passenger who claimed to have coronavirus]
  81. Booking timing for November
  82. WestJet feedback?
  83. TSA Redress number
  84. Paid upgrade to premium
  85. Delta Flights Operated By Westjet Questions
  86. Qualified Spend on Upgrades
  87. Westjet Celebrity sightings.
  88. WestJet communication during delays and cancellations
  89. Plane Type M2H?
  90. WS adds seasonal YYC-YYG
  91. Swoop pre-check?
  92. Halifax to Glasgow this summer
  93. Extra legroom seats on 737-800
  94. My own Swoop nightmare
  95. Global: Swoop $2.56 surcharge to offset cost of passenger rights rule
  96. Halifax to Manchester Launches S20
  97. Call Centre Hours
  98. Possible to upfare from Basic?
  99. Worth cancelling a non-refundable ticket if I choose not to fly?
  100. Westjet Upgrade frequency now that Bid Upgrade Offers in place
  101. YYZ-YYC in J - Meal Service + YYC-LAS Premium Seating Query
  102. Can I gift someone an upgrade to Business?
  103. YYZ Transborder Question
  104. Question regarding check in times at the airport
  105. Connecting time at YYC
  106. Premium on 737-800 YYZ to MCO
  107. Trying to Fly to Barcelona on WJ using voucher help
  108. YYC-YQB Seasonal Service
  109. WestJet multi city but same flight twice anomoly
  110. When should I arrive?
  111. When will WS fix the economy food service?
  112. WestJet and companion voucher
  113. Westjet vs Air Canada 787 PY
  114. Special Meals
  115. Question on Westjet Dollars
  116. WestJet Lounges in US? (Miami?)
  117. Passengers stranded in Deer Lake get Christmas dinner from residents
  118. Any discounts for medical flights?
  119. "Regulatory requirements prevent us from completing your check-in at this time"
  120. How do I use the Guest Lounge Voucher
  121. And we're off! Let the compensation games begin...
  122. Lap infant standby for a seat
  123. Westjet dollars for seat selection?
  124. "Introducing milestone award choices"
  125. Food service on 3 hour flights
  126. WestJet 2019 christmas advert
  127. Seatmate had words with crew - Met by police upon arrival
  128. WestJet Gold on AF
  129. Domestic check bag fee question
  130. WestJet inflight WiFi needs to be better
  131. Westjet Lounge Meetup Thread
  132. Possible to use lounge passes? (WS operated, QF flight number)
  133. Question about assigned seats with Basic Ticket..
  134. Problem cancelling flexible fares within the WS app
  135. Ticketing and Baggage Allowances
  136. A traveller requested a diabetic-friendly meal. WestJet served him a box of potatoes
  137. Rude WS flight attendant YHZ-YYT
  138. WestJet and Swoop Tariff are Unreadable
  139. Do WS Silver Tier members receive bag tags?
  140. Vegas vacation ends in nightmare for London couple after Swoop cancels flight home
  141. Why is St. Lucia listed as "Vieux Fort" on WestJet's website?
  142. Leg rest with Westjet Premium Seats?
  143. Farebuzz.com
  144. Trying West Jet ..... Baggage fees
  145. Is the website down?
  146. Will Westjet face the same problems WOWair did (expanding too fast and fares too low)
  147. Meals in economy - Dreamliner to LGW
  148. Hamilton mother in ‘shock’ after her and son with disabilities kicked off Swoop...
  149. Question about booking Westjet via Delta
  150. WestJet has me converted.
  151. Ratio of passengers to lavatories in Y cabin?
  152. Test driving new uniforms
  153. Companion voucher date change request denied.
  154. Hot or Cold in PE on the 737-700"s
  155. Added Benefit for Platinum/Gold/Silver - Gate Upgrades
  156. WestJet Dreamliner announcement | October 2019
  157. Flight Cancelled Info
  158. "We Don't Overbook" Ad
  159. Companion Fares - Not flying back together
  160. Priority (?) Baggage
  161. Why I'm sticking with AC after my WS status match
  162. Why Not Count Upgrade Spend for Qualifying Spend?!?
  163. 15% seat sale with discount code; use WJ$?
  164. Stuck at YYC 10/15
  165. Q: RBC World Elite MC free bag combinability with Premium fare
  166. Changes to WestJet’s Econo & Premium fare change/cancellation fees eff. 17Oct2019
  167. Westjet Silver status - free checked bag on Delta flights?
  168. Member Exclusive fare - what fare category/can we upgrade?
  169. Westjet Robo-calls
  170. Halifax man in wheelchair blasts WestJet for mistreatment on flight from Toronto
  171. Question re: baggage being checked through - YVR - LAX - LIM
  172. redeem WJ dollars on Delta flights via Expedia?
  173. does status continue if it expires before return leg?
  174. Be Careful of Any Rewards Account Related Emails Due to Phishing Scam
  175. Dreamliner Heating Issues?
  176. New Lounge
  177. WestJet introduces "Front of Cabin" seats with dynamic seat fee pricing
  178. YYZ-MBJ Diverted
  179. Westjet fares: a lot more expensive this season?
  180. Standby on basic fare LGA-YYZ?
  181. New Marketing : We suggest where you just bought a ticket to
  182. Receive E-Mail Bonus Without Needing To Receive the E-Mail
  183. Sunwing partners with Swoop to offer customers even more travel options this winter
  184. Carrier-imposed surcharge (YQ) and eligible spend
  185. Silver status -- two people upgrade to Premium?
  186. Alcohol in Economy 787
  187. Do you get free exit row seats with WestJet Silver or gold?
  188. Buy on Board on 787?
  189. Missed your flight? Denied boarding? Be prepared to pay (CBC)
  190. Seat selection on bid upgrades: Seriously, WestJet?
  191. 789 J Class seats....
  192. WestJet suspends four Regina hot holiday routes
  193. WestJet Link approved for cross-border flights
  194. Limitations on lowest Econo Fare
  195. List of lounges....
  196. Westjet is a REAL option for Business travel!
  197. Westjet Chinook Lounge YYC
  198. Westjet more interested in almighty $ than keeping family together
  199. Silver Status and Basic fares
  200. What fare class are Member Exclusive Air France flights?
  201. Seat selection vouchers can now be used for companions
  202. WestJet Premium Plus 737-700
  203. WS applied for exemptions from Labour Code at WestJet, Swoop, and Encore
  204. WestJet denies Ont. man refund after cancer diagnosis
  205. Compensation for cancelled flight
  206. AS point accrual on KL/AF code shares
  207. customizing members exclusive fare flights
  208. WestJet Bumping Incident Raises Fears New Air Passenger Rules Are Toothless
  209. Is an empty exit row a safety issue
  210. Frequency of bonus WestJet Rewards transfer from RBC Rewards
  211. Qualifying Spend with Companion Pass
  212. Codeshare With Xiamen
  213. Paid upgrades at T-48: now for member only?
  214. New Platinum upgrade benefits
  215. Fin Swap after boarding started?
  216. Just-released schedule is already "sold out"?
  217. Earning DL miles on WJ Dollar Paid Ticket
  218. Poor connections
  219. West Jet 15 Cancelation
  220. Document check YVR-YYZ-LGA
  221. Thanked for being Westjet Platinum Member (when not!)
  222. Boarding priority question
  223. Swoop first impressions
  224. Overseas European Flight: Free Meal for only 787 Dreamliner Passengers?
  225. Seat selection fee/upgrade
  226. Cora's Breakfast On Your Next WestJet Flight
  227. West Jet rewards on flight booked through Delta
  228. New companion fare benefit for WestJet Mastercard (Non World elite)
  229. WJ dollars earning question...
  230. Same day standby
  231. Companion voucher and base fare/ATC. Am I reading this right?
  232. Swoop cancellations
  233. Best " premium " ( Plus ) Seat 767-300 (Bulkhead?)
  234. Article: Encore Q400s could take over these Delta routes
  235. Companion Pass: Outgoing North America; Return from Europe
  236. Earn AA miles on westjet flight?
  237. Why no YYZ-ORD codeshare?
  238. Swoop releases its 2019 Winter schedule, adds Los Cabos to its network
  239. KL codeshare on WestJet - what to expect?
  240. WS customer service: has something changed?
  241. Question on check in seat selection and different options for different people
  242. Why WS 716 delayed today?
  243. Making changes to member exclusive bookings?
  244. WS275 delay June 20/19
  245. Wrong Nexus number, can't change...
  246. Inaugural 787 flight Dublin
  247. Menu's at every Plus seat...but NO food service....
  248. WestJet Companion Voucher
  249. Upgrade bidding: Winning bids
  250. WestJet FlightLight