View Full Version : Town Hall - Official TalkBoard Voting Decisions

  1. Motion Passed: Other Air Travel inc. Private and Non-Airline Aviation Forum
  2. Motion Passed - Changing the LAN Forum Name to LATAM
  3. Motion Passed - Changing the Avianca Forum Name
  4. Motion Passed - Amendment to TB Guidelines
  5. Motion Passed - Creation of South African Airways | Voyager Forum
  6. Motion Passed - Creation of Copa | ConnectMiles forum
  7. Motion Passed - Creation of a Smoking Section
  8. Motion Passed - Add a Minor Amendment Process
  9. Motion Passed - Return Budget Airline Forums Back to Respective Other Airlines Forums
  10. Motion Passed: Renaming Car Rental Programs/Partners & adding forum
  11. Motion Failed: Formalizing a Friendly Amendment process
  12. Motion passed: Restructuring of the Car Rental Forums
  13. Motion Passed: Amend the TalkBoard guidelines for timelag
  14. Election of TalkBoard leaders for 2014-15
  15. Motion passed: Creation of a Premium Fare Deals subforum
  16. Motion Passed: Create a Citibank | ThankYou Rewards forum
  17. Motion Failed: Changing Post Threshold Titles & Postcounts
  18. Motion Passed: Create a USA Forum
  19. Motion passed: Talkboard recommends closing the Event & Travel Planning forum
  20. Election of Talkboard leaders for 2013-14
  21. Motion Passed: Removal of HansGolden from Talkboard
  22. Motion Passed: Renaming Airline & Hotel Forums
  23. Motion Passed: Create a Trusted Traveler Forum
  24. Motion Passed: Create an Information Desk Forum
  25. Motion Passed: Create Four Budget Airlines Forums
  26. Motion Failed: Close the Travel News Forum
  27. Motion Passed: Create a Points & Miles Blogs Forum
  28. Motion Passed: Create a Chase Ultimate Rewards Forum
  29. Motion Failed: Create an Airlines of Mainland China Forum
  30. Motion Passed: Create an Aer Lingus Gold Circle Club Forum
  31. Talkboard Leaders for 2012-2013
  32. Motion Passed: Create a Korea Forum
  33. Motion Passed: Create a Spain/Portugal/Gibraltar Forum
  34. Motion Passed: Create a Peru Forum
  35. Motion Passed: Create an Airlines of Russia and the CIS forum
  36. Motion Passed: Images Be Turned On for All Current & New Forums on FT
  37. Motion Passed: Create a Frequent Travel Tools & Services Forum
  38. Motion Failed: Require Login to View Mileage Run Forum
  39. Motion Failed: Create a Spirit Airline Forum
  40. Motion Passed: Amend Talkboard Guidelines Voting Results Disclosure
  41. Motion Passed: Create Group & Event Travel Planning Forum
  42. Motion Passed: Close Toronto Subforum
  43. Motion Passed: Non-counting of Posts in a Games Forum
  44. Motion Passed: Create a Games Forum under Omni
  45. Motion Passed: All Posts Posted on Flyertalk Count
  46. Motion Passed: Creation of Air Berlin Forum
  47. Motion Passed: TalkBoard Term Limits
  48. Motion Passed: Texas Forum
  49. Talkboard Leaders Elected for 2011-2012
  50. Motion Passed: Forum for Aegean Airlines (A3)
  51. Motion Passed: Forum for Etihad (EY)
  52. Motion Passed: SIXT Car Rental forum
  53. Motion Passed: Create LAN LANPASS Forum
  54. Motion Failed: Restore Post Count Credit for Omni
  55. Motion Passed: Amend TalkBoard Guidelines on Requirements for Motions to Pass
  56. Motion Passed: Create Iberia Forum
  57. Motion Passed: Allow Images in both OMNI and OMNI/PR
  58. Motion Passed: Create Virgin Australia Velocity Forum
  59. Motion Passed: Public Notice Procedures
  60. Motion passed: Change Coupon Connection Access Requirements
  61. Motion Passed: Rename Radisson goldpoints plus to Club Carlson
  62. Motion Passed: Filling Vacancies of Elected TalkBoard
  63. Motion Passed: Restrict Access to OMNI and OMNI/PR
  64. nsx elected TalkBoard Vice-President/Secretary for remainder of the 2010-2011 TB term
  65. Motion Passed: Travel Health & Fitness forum
  66. Motion Failed: TalkBoard Officer Platforms and TalkBoard Election Officer
  67. Motion passed: Amend TalkBoard Guidelines, Winning TalkBoard President Election Min
  68. Motion failed: Abstentions
  69. Motion passed: Brazil Forum
  70. Spiff elected TalkBoard Vice-President/Secretary for 2010-2011
  71. gleff re-elected TalkBoard President for 2010-2011
  72. Vote Passed: Rename Flying Blue Forum (Vote #2)
  73. Vote Failed: Amend name of Flying Blue Forum
  74. Vote Failed: Access Restriction for Mileage Run Discussion forum
  75. Vote Passed: Rescind Recent Vote Restricting Access to "Mileage Run" Forum
  76. Vote Passed: Combine Frontier and Midwest Forums
  77. Vote Passed: Removal of Radioman from TalkBoard
  78. Motion Passed: TalkBoard Statement on Criteria for Forum Changes
  79. Motion Passed: Mileage Run Access for Logged-in Members as Only Restriction
  80. Motion Passed: Sense of TalkBoard on Mileage Run forum content access restrictions
  81. Motion Passed: Ambassador Program Test - Flame-free thread
  82. Motion Passed: Amend TalkBoard Guidelines - Technical Corrections
  83. Motion Passed: Change Name of WestJet Forum
  84. Motion Passed: Move LatinPass/GlobalPass to Discontinued Programs
  85. Motion Passed: Create Accor A-Club Forum
  86. Motion Passed: Support for Haitian Relief
  87. lucky9876coins elected TalkBoard Vice President/Secretary
  88. gleff re-elected TalkBoard President
  89. Motion Adopted: Rename 'Latin/Central America' 'Central America'
  90. Motion Adopted: Close Itineraries: Details
  91. Motion Failed: Create a LAN forum
  92. Motion Adopted: Should a Fairmont Presidents Club Forum Be Created?
  93. Motion Adopted: Future Merger of DL/NW Forums
  94. Motion Adopted: to allow embedded images in many forums
  95. Motion failed: allow static images in all FT forums except OMNIs
  96. Motion Adopted: to close the Senior Travel forum.
  97. Motion Adopted: to recommend the creation of a European Rail forum
  98. kokonutz elected TalkBoard Vice President/Secretary
  99. gleff re-elected TalkBoard President
  100. Motion Passed: New TalkBoard Guidelines
  101. Motion failed: New TalkBoard Guidelines
  102. Motion Failed: Travel Health & Fitness forum
  103. Motion Failed: Restrict access to Mileage Run Deals to logged-in members
  104. Motion failed: Eliminate FlyertalkCares: Our Member Efforts
  105. Motion failed: Rescind all previous FT Cares approvals
  106. Motion Passed: Rescind Mission to the World Charity Approval
  107. Motion Passed: Charity request - Mission to the World
  108. Motion Passed: Charitable Request - Dreamflight
  109. Motion Passed: Gaming Loyalty Program forum
  110. Motion Passed: Charity Request - Kiva
  111. Motion Failed: Flyertalk Ambassador Proposal
  112. Motion Passed: Permit Test of Photos in 4 Forums
  113. Motion Failed: Close Religious Travelers Forum
  114. Motion Passed: Rename TripRewards to Wyndham Rewards (formerly TripRewards)
  115. Motion Passed: Remove Flyertalk Reviews
  116. Motion Passed: Publish TalkBoardDO Meeting Summary
  117. Motion Failed: Publish TalkBoardDO Agenda
  118. Motion Passed: Travel with Pets
  119. Motion Passed: Seniors Travel Forum
  120. Motion Passed: Charity - Medicin Sans Frontieres
  121. Motion Passed: Pan-Mass Challenge Charity
  122. Motion Passed: FlyertalkCares Guidelines
  123. Motion Passed: Charity - Race for Life
  124. Motion Passed: Make Hotel Deals a Standalone Forum
  125. Motion Passed: Qatar Airways Forum
  126. Motion Passed - Virgin America Forum
  127. Motion Passed - Turkish Airlines Forum
  128. Motion Passed - FlyerTalk Cares: Inveneo
  129. Motion Failed: Include OMNI posts in Post Counts
  130. Motion Passed: FlyerTalk Cares, Susan G Komen
  131. Motion Passed: FlyertalkCares - American Cancer Society
  132. Motion Passed: Choice Privileges Forum
  133. Motion Passed: Travel Photography Forum
  134. Motion Passed: Travel Products Forum
  135. Motion Passed: Approve Irish Sri Lankan Orphanage Fund
  136. Motion Falied: Virgin America eleVAte Forum
  137. Spiff Re-elected TalkBoard Vice President
  138. gleff re-elected TalkBoard President 2007-2008
  139. Motion Failed: Virgin America Forum
  140. Motion Passed: Change Wyndham forum to TripRewards
  141. Motion Failed: Consolidate GlobalPass into Other North/South American
  142. Motion Passed: Indian-based airlines forum
  143. Motion Passed: Change Travel Bidding to Online Travel Booking & Bidding Agencies
  144. Motion Passed: FlyertalkCares: Approve Russ21Atl's AIDS Walk
  145. Motion Passed: Merge Varig into Other N/S America
  146. Motion Passed: Table SPAM forum discussion
  147. Motion Passed: FlyerTalk Cares
  148. Motion Failed: Emergencies Forum
  149. Motion Passed: Combine London and UK/Ireland forum
  150. Motion Passed: Create Finnair Forum
  151. Motion Passed: Reorganize Travel:Destinations:The World
  152. Motion Passed: Change name of Paris forum to include all of France
  153. Motion Passed: Create Italy Forum
  154. Motion Passed: Create Alitalia Forum
  155. Motion Failed: modify disability forum description
  156. Motion Failed: Change Description of Disability Forum to include alcoholism and addic
  157. Motion Passed: Travel Photography Forum
  158. Motion Failed: Don't Count OMNI Posts In Member Post Counts
  159. Motion Passed: Restructure LH Forum to Include Swiss
  160. Vote: Restructure Mileage Run Forum
  161. Motion Passed: Public Posting of TB Motions
  162. Motion Passed: Germany Forum
  163. Motion Failed: Motions to be posted for TB member debate in TB Topics Forum
  164. Motion Passed: New Sticky for TalkBoard Issues Forum
  165. Motion Failed:Unique Interests Forum to Replace Religious and Disability Travel Forum
  166. Motion passed - Spiff re-elected TalkBoard Vice-President
  167. Motion Passed: FT Admin Have Discretion to Make Technical Changes in Member Handles
  168. Motion Passed - gleff Reelected TalkBoard President
  169. Motion Passed: Create a Thailand Sub-forum
  170. Motion Passed: create a separate Korean Air forum.
  171. Motion Passed: creation of an Argentina sub-forum
  172. Motion Failed: Creation of a Mens Travel Forum
  173. Motion Passed:No Members Registering after Sept. 9th Eligible to Vote in TB Election
  174. Motion Passed: Recommendations for TB Election
  175. Motion Passed: Charitable Solicitations Must Be Approved By Randy
  176. Motion Failed: Create Government Traveler Forum
  177. Motion Passed: Close down (merge) Alamo forum
  178. Motion Failed: Travel with Pets Forum
  179. Motion Failed: Rail Travel Category with new rail forums
  180. Motion Passed: Special Interest Travel Category
  181. Motion Passed: reorder (and edit some names in) Travel & Dining: the World forums
  182. Motion Passed: Create an Asiana Forum
  183. Motion passed: Create a China Forum
  184. Motion passed: Combine USAirways and America West forums
  185. Motion failed: Don't Count OMNI Posts towards Post Count Going Forward
  186. Motion failed: table discussion on post counts
  187. Motion failed: remove post counts
  188. Motion failed: Create an Alitalia forum
  189. Vote Passed: Discontinue Phone Programs/Partners forum
  190. Vote passed: Create an El Al forum
  191. Vote passed: Table the motion to create a Spirit Air forum
  192. New TalkBoard Vice President
  193. Motion passed: Close Flyertalk Reviews
  194. Motion passed: change name of Hawaii airlines forum
  195. Motion rejected: Open Private Talkboard Forum for All Members in Read-Only Format
  196. Motion passed: Change Grace Period for Editing Posts from 2 Minutes to 5 Minutes
  197. Motion passed: Name Changes
  198. Motion rejected: Secret Ballot and Nondisclosure for Votes for/against TalkBoard mbrs
  199. Motion passed: Approve Updated Flyertalk Guidelines and Rules as Presented
  200. Motion passed: Forbid TalkBoard members from changing their votes once cast
  201. Motion passed: Recommend against a singles forum
  202. Motion passed: Move FlyI iClub forum to Discontinued Programs
  203. Motion rejected: Create a separate Mattress Run forum
  204. Motion passed: Hotel Deals Subforum
  205. Motion passed: Reorganize Featured Destinations and Rename Tokyo to Japan
  206. Motion passed: Create Washington DC travel forum
  207. Motion passed: Name conflicts
  208. Purpose of this new sub-forum