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  1. Clarification regarding my (non) participation in the Talkboard election debates...
  2. Question 18: What's your favorite joke?
  3. Question 17: What is your opinion on the current policy about the ownership of posts?
  4. Question 16: What mistakes have you made on FT?
  5. Question 15: OK to be member of TalkBoard and moderator, or not?
  6. Question 14: Opinion on individual forum communities & collective FT community
  7. Question 13: Describe concepts from other boards that could enhance FT
  8. Question 12: Describe yourself in one word
  9. Question 11: Rename Your Platform of Specific Ideas
  10. Question 10: Describe Your Skiils/Qualities
  11. Question 9: How Will You Seek Input?
  12. Question 8: Shared Views?
  13. Question 7: What will FlyerTalk look like in three years?
  14. Question 6: Your views on OMNI
  15. Question 5: Name the single most important thing in FlyerTalk's future
  16. The Open Forum for Candidates
  17. Question 4: Opinion of psuedo-handles
  18. Question 3: Your Views on Moderation for FlyerTalk
  19. Question 2: What is your opinion concerning the establishment of new forums?
  20. Question 1: What are your key substantive contributions to helping members learn...
  21. TalkBoard Elections Trivia