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  1. Double XP and Miles for 2020
  2. AMEX FR new offer: Air France [100 - 15] *4
  3. EU citizen's "returning" home via AMS on KL
  4. How much "refund" for cancelled return having already flown outbound
  5. Report: CDG-JFK on June 28 - AF3628 (DL metal)
  6. AF222 CDG-MLE showing zero availability for Jan 2021?
  7. Petroleum Club - any replacement planned
  8. KLM and Air France immediately terminats the Joint Venture with Kenya Airways
  9. US citizens OK to fly to France via Netherlands?
  10. AF rebooked me on a DL flight, not the codeshare flight
  11. AF/KL to China
  12. Phantom Inventory / How to reach FB?
  13. Air France/ KLM to GRU (and EDI/GLA)
  14. Tarom flight cancelled...in October
  15. Flying Blue Covid-19 Link to update
  16. Flying Blue to Accor conversion down ?
  17. Anyone planning to fly in June?
  18. Air France Award Cancellation
  19. What did you do with your gift card?
  20. Vouchers for Sale - Secondary Market?
  21. Redepositing miles for cancelled trip two years after earning them
  22. Schedule Question - 2021
  23. Does anyone have any old timetables? (1989 to 1993)
  24. Appreciate comments/ thoughts on AF award business class cancellation/change
  25. FYI: AFKL operating from LHR T2 until further notice
  26. Reward Cancellation Fee
  27. Help deciphering fare rule
  28. Flying Blue Award change question
  29. Jingle/Song Air France
  30. Routes for KLM Delft Houses
  31. 3 hr 25 min connection at MIA enough?
  32. New AF/KL Fare structure
  33. Downgrading French Amex AF/KL Platinum Card
  34. What's the maximum XP points I can get to open the US-BoA AF Credit Card?
  35. How much xp points to I need to maintain my Gold
  36. Ben Smith's expectations for ramping up operations
  37. Outbound flight of a return ticket canceled by KLM
  38. Return journey cancelled by Air France
  39. AF Never Offers FlyingBlue Upgrades With Miles in Advance
  40. Ticket price breakdown
  41. Af & Flybe, booked through AF
  42. Find all FB earning flights in Matrix
  43. COVID-19: refund provided as voucher (for non refundable fares)
  44. 2020 Status Maintance
  45. Coronavirus - are paid seats refunded ?
  46. AF/KL to ground almost entire fleet for next 2 months
  47. Contact with virus - 6th/8th March - CDG and AMS flights/lounges
  48. COVID-19: waivers for award tickets
  49. CDG Lounge access, CDG-BHX ticket
  50. Status amnesty due to COVID crisis?
  51. Phone number for Air France?
  52. Welcome to Scotland - KLM & Loganair Codeshare
  53. Air France flight bought thru Flybe. Am I OK?
  54. AF retrofit schedule
  55. Best miles earning partner?
  56. COVID-19: AF/KL rebooking/refund policy
  57. FB Gold: "extra bag" on Flybe
  58. ? about refund/credit
  59. Using Google Flights without an origin city help
  60. COVID-19: status extensions confirmed
  61. Additional checked bag cost?
  62. FB Gold Challenge for EUR 69, requires NL address
  63. MU: June Gatwick Flight cancelled - Time machine option offered
  64. Lounge access in Abu Dhabi with KLM/Etihad codeshare
  65. AF 772 vs KLM 781 (Economy)
  66. CDG-MIA [maximizing mileage earning]
  67. AZ codeshare on AF metal
  68. Business Class KUL-MAN
  69. XP Runs - Share your tips and flights to farm XPs
  70. Price hike for UK to SE Asia in Winter 2020?
  71. XP Run from CDG 10th to 13th April less 500$
  72. Can I use my FB points on Aeromexico partner post purchase of the ticket ?
  73. Mileage run from Budapest (BUD)
  74. When booking - Are Booking Classes selectable?
  75. Flying Blue wants to make me pay to cancel award flights to Shanghai in April
  76. La Premiere awards no longer available (IT glitch)
  77. Help with bike on KLM ticketed HV operated flight
  78. Experiences on Mileage Run Flights
  79. Spending Miles challenge summer 2020 - help?
  80. New cards
  81. Denying gold benefits
  82. What is a XP good value?
  83. KLM daughter Transavia FAKES 'no show'
  84. Luggage for ST Elite on an SQ segment
  85. FB Platinum to Silver or to Gold?
  86. Cancel second leg of award ticket?
  87. TAROM cancelling Tbilisi route - rebooking options?
  88. Does AFKL suspend flights to Mainland China?
  89. Switching to FlyingBlue from M*M, flying economy only
  90. SkyTeam - why so expensive on this occasion?
  91. Having trouble upgrading Kenya Airways flights
  92. Can I get Flying Blue miles through an Alaska Airlines flight?
  93. Any chance of requesting a FB status match from DL?
  94. XP run based out BOS
  95. Aeromexico passengers excluded from Air France lounge [in YUL]
  96. Suspension of codeshare flights with Etihad (Update 16Jan20)
  97. Will same-day standby impact connecting flight?
  98. Should I Avoid Signing Up for SkyMiles?
  99. Theft with Kenya Airways
  100. Keeping my Flying blue miles from expiring would Delta work/how?
  101. Am I able to upgrade on a reward ticket in economy from lax to Paris
  102. What to do with 14K miles.
  103. Another Reward Quirk ?
  104. KQ 886 & 887 delays and cancelations
  105. App booking acted weird
  106. Ticketing Paid tickets for Award Routings
  107. Better To Buy With Points Or Upgrade By From Economy
  108. Expert Flyer Seats on Air France
  109. Dynamic pricing miles refund?
  110. Using FB miles on Delta.
  111. Using AF miles on a DL-booked, AF-operated flight
  112. Reserved seats on award tickets
  113. Free Wifi
  114. Promo Miles January 2020
  115. Request for data points: Has Flying Blue ever reinstated your expired miles? Why?
  116. Can AF USA Reservations accept DL Gift Cards?
  117. KLM Ticket and code with Wideroe
  118. CZ domestic flight: will I earn FB miles?
  119. Joint Venture flights - whose algorithms get used?
  120. Upgrading KQ flight
  121. Flying blue lounge in Heathrow Terminal 3?
  122. EC 261 - Cancelled non EU Codeshare
  123. Change in FB XP Attribution? (Web-error)
  124. Flying Blue taking over my miles
  125. Simultaneous SkyMiles and Flying Blue accounts
  126. Air France given a run for its money: a day flight from JFK to CDG from Norwegian
  127. Air Europa First and last Impression
  128. Flying Blue Platinum/Kenya Airways
  129. Award cancellation - deadline?
  130. Class upgrade = no miles? (Aeromexico)
  131. Standard delay crediting VN flight to Flying Blue
  132. Which Skytrax program should I choose?
  133. Buying airline vouchers. Possible?
  134. Possible to delay platinum status?
  135. Transavia : new base in BRU
  136. Qantas and Flying Blue: new partnership
  137. Evaluate the strategy of a FB newbie
  138. Upgrade Kenya Airways Flight to Business (JFK-NBO) using KLM flying blue miles
  139. Dec 2019 French Transportation Strike Observations
  140. Sky priority in W but not in U on KLM
  141. Extend miles expiration date with cheap Transavia ticket & purchase miles as add-on?
  142. Using CPAP Machine on Air France flight
  143. AF/KL 35USD intra-europe baggage fee?
  144. I have a serious problem. Confirmed email that is not showing up in airline system.
  145. Promo Rewards December
  146. AF - Award availability fluctuation
  147. Is there any way to estimate an upgrade to Business at checkin chances?
  148. One way flex versus return flex with refund of return
  149. Aeroflot availability
  150. Flying Blue Black Friday Promo´s?
  151. Any way to spend 1500 miles?
  152. Award Travel Cancellation Policy
  153. KLM versus Air France in business class
  154. Extend the XP earning period?
  155. XPs and Lounge Access with partial OCI upgrades
  156. Flying Blue Gold / Elite plus benefits on Virgin
  157. KL award booking on Delta
  158. Booking domestic Delta with flying blue miles
  159. China Eastern / Shanghai airlines
  160. 2 separate bookings for a connection: risks?
  161. Delta lounge access: FB Gold + Economy ticket
  162. AF/KL Investor day presentation - take aways
  163. IB buys Air Europa
  164. Air Europa operated by SWIFTAIR?
  165. Skip last segment on award travel to save miles
  166. Which Credit Card boosts my miles?
  167. FB Amex 2nd Plat card status when main account holder is plat for life...
  168. Can I upgrade delta one with AF miles?
  169. Buy round trip but abandon return leg?
  170. Unclear on time window for me to make Gold status again
  171. Lounge Access questions - LHR - FB Plat VS/AF/KL ticket
  172. Schedule Change Flying Blue ticket with Garuda flights
  173. Upgrade KQ flight with AF FB miles
  174. Does any know what "HIPP" stands for?
  175. Using Air France Flying Blue Points to Upgrade to Business is Impossible
  176. Kenya Airways introduces new Economy Class seat
  177. Amex AF KLM Plat. card cancelled for no obvious reasons
  178. Bilbao lounge access - skyteam?
  179. FB Elite Benefits on OK?
  180. Collect luggage between two connecting flights
  181. xp calculation
  182. Recommended XP runs from Amsterdam
  183. Air France CDG-NRT 0276/0275 (777-300) [vs KLM 777-200]
  184. Codeshare Blues
  185. miles expiring in 14 days
  186. Discountinuing FFP for Climate Preservation?
  187. Flying Blue "Altitude" event in NYC in November
  188. Seat Plus
  189. Fighting AMEX Flying Blue Card for XP
  190. Cancelled Codeshare - cancel and refund?
  191. Platinum line will soon charge a service fee for all tickets they issue (even those n
  192. Priority boarding - shared tickets
  193. Not receiving any email from AF
  194. Flying Blue Petroleum not accepting new members, will close in 2021
  195. The Diminishing Returns of FB Status
  196. Can biz traveler admit a friend to AMS lounge
  197. How is AF award availability on the first day of availability?
  198. Flying Blue on Aurora Airlines
  199. Upgrading an "L" class AF ticket
  200. Which Airline to purchase from
  201. Ultimate Rewards to Flying Blue Delayed?
  202. Refused boarding [by VN] - fobbed off by [AF] Platinum line
  203. Economy basic and luggage as an elite
  204. Damaged bag on an award ticket; who is responsible?
  205. XP calculation
  206. Booking via eBookers
  207. Booking through Delta, on AF flight - Flying Blue points?
  208. Lounge access Domestic flight
  209. Flyingblue & Air Serbia
  210. Air Europa (UX) Not Showing or Avail?
  211. west jet or delta
  212. Miles credited to AF Flying Blue instead of DL Skymiles. Help!
  213. Air France Amex points
  214. Alitalia flight operated by Etihad eligible for XP?
  215. Flying Blue Miles & XPs using JAL?
  216. Need 90 XP before end of year
  217. China Southern Business Class AMS - PEK - ok or avoid?
  218. Flying Blue Newbie Question
  219. Help with a flying blue award quote
  220. KLM bag fees for SkyTeam Elite+ (Delta Platinum) in Economy L/V?
  221. Flying Blue Petroleum - Lounge Access Query
  222. Boosting my xp from Singapore
  223. Question About Earning Gold from Silver
  224. Miles credited from Air Europa O class
  225. compensation for missing meal in intra-EU C class?
  226. 9 000 Miles for a broken IFE on a 10 hours flight
  227. china southern baggage allowance
  228. 8 XP short of Platinum - what's the cheapest way of getting there
  229. Flying Blue Award Ticket ?
  230. Seat selection on MU marketed, AF/KL operated flights
  231. AF award availability to partners
  232. 787 AF vs KL in business
  233. Testing the limits of miles expiration
  234. Longer flights on AF site
  235. Flight cancellation
  236. Garuda flight booked with FlyingBlue cancelled - new flight doesn't work
  237. Upgrade to business - O/CS availability, check-in upgrade
  238. Transfer Partners
  239. purchasing economy & using reward points for an upgrade to business
  240. Award trip cancel and retaining points
  241. HELP : Large carry-on : will it fit?
  242. Upgrading from Economy to Business at check-in
  243. Upgrade to J when having an exit seat in eco ?
  244. Should I join Flying Blue?
  245. Barcelona strike
  246. Upgrading KQ Flight
  247. Mileage upgrade on KQ
  248. Short-haul economy connecting onto long-haul business - do I have lounge access?
  249. Upgrading employer / Amex booking online
  250. AF issued eVoucher usage