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  1. Price changes for economy comfort during purchase
  2. Air Europa (UX) Not Showing or Avail?
  3. west jet or delta
  4. Miles credited to AF Flying Blue instead of DL Skymiles. Help!
  5. Air France Amex points
  6. Alitalia flight operated by Etihad eligible for XP?
  7. Flying Blue Miles & XPs using JAL?
  8. Need 90 XP before end of year
  9. China Southern Business Class AMS - PEK - ok or avoid?
  10. Flying Blue Newbie Question
  11. Help with a flying blue award quote
  12. KLM bag fees for SkyTeam Elite+ (Delta Platinum) in Economy L/V?
  13. Flying Blue Petroleum - Lounge Access Query
  14. Boosting my xp from Singapore
  15. Question About Earning Gold from Silver
  16. Miles credited from Air Europa O class
  17. compensation for missing meal in intra-EU C class?
  18. 9 000 Miles for a broken IFE on a 10 hours flight
  19. china southern baggage allowance
  20. 8 XP short of Platinum - what's the cheapest way of getting there
  21. Flying Blue Award Ticket ?
  22. Seat selection on MU marketed, AF/KL operated flights
  23. AF award availability to partners
  24. 787 AF vs KL in business
  25. Testing the limits of miles expiration
  26. Longer flights on AF site
  27. Flight cancellation
  28. Garuda flight booked with FlyingBlue cancelled - new flight doesn't work
  29. Upgrade to business - O/CS availability, check-in upgrade
  30. Transfer Partners
  31. purchasing economy & using reward points for an upgrade to business
  32. Award trip cancel and retaining points
  33. HELP : Large carry-on : will it fit?
  34. Upgrading from Economy to Business at check-in
  35. Upgrade to J when having an exit seat in eco ?
  36. Should I join Flying Blue?
  37. Barcelona strike
  38. Upgrading KQ Flight
  39. Mileage upgrade on KQ
  40. Short-haul economy connecting onto long-haul business - do I have lounge access?
  41. Upgrading employer / Amex booking online
  42. AF issued eVoucher usage
  43. Arrivals Lounge or a shower at KIX
  44. FlyingBlue AMEX bonus XP: How long did it take to get yours?
  45. KLM or AF 787 J seat??
  46. Fraudulent pax onboard AF/KL - your stories
  47. Worth the risk first time booking with FB?
  48. Kenya Airways - tight transit at NBO
  49. Identity Theft or Clerical Error? What is the downside to just saying nothing?
  50. Promo Awards
  51. Europe Business Class Airfrance Menus - Dissapearing/ Change on the KLM menus
  52. Lounge Access Query (Operated by KLM/Marketed by XIAMEN), mixed class (Y/O)
  53. Privium blocked that's linked to AMEX Plat
  54. Codes next to PAX names
  55. Flyingblue.us Website Issue
  56. Question about AF/KLM Croatia/interline partners
  57. Flying Blue starts to take away elite perks
  58. UIA codeshare - what to expect?
  59. Fully Flexible ticket changem new PNR?
  60. Flying Blue account of minor - online booking not possible?
  61. Business Class Seat Selection Options: AF CDG-SEA Flight on A330-20
  62. 2 Flying Blue Petroleum questions
  63. booking change, it is worth arguing your case..
  64. Cork airport direct turnaround?
  65. Air France-Klm lounge access YUL flying Aeromexico
  66. Any options in UK for boosting XPs?
  67. Trying to book award, being told to visit office
  68. FlyingBlue Program : Worthless ?
  69. KQ over AF for Madagascar - are they okay?
  70. Able to book seats on Economy Light codeshare flight? (Air France)
  71. Normal upgrade milage on KQ
  72. Canít book a C award if one segment only offers a Y cabin?
  73. FB RT Award Ticket and Cash
  74. Also possible to earn XP on select non-SkyTeam partner airlines
  75. Award search shows disabled on AF/KL site
  76. Medical devices and carry-on allowance
  77. Miles for AF marketed but non-FB-partner operated flight?
  78. When am I safe from a "fraud" problem with FB?
  79. Special Assistance Question
  80. AF compensation for Platinum / Biz class delayed luggage
  81. Earning Points / MQDs On Belavia Airlines Operated Flight on Air France Ticket?
  82. Air Europa - O Class
  83. Moving from Delta to Flying Blue -- using AMEX points!
  84. Flying Blue AF/KL Facebook Group (English)
  85. FB and Accor 'Miles+Points'
  86. Great experience at JFK last week
  87. Flex transatlantic
  88. Any place to check FlyingBlue upgrades with miles, besides calling every time??
  89. Why is it so much easier to gain SkyTeam Gold compared to Star Alliance Gold?
  90. Voucher IDB Compensation?
  91. Lounge access is ARN before SU flight
  92. Flying with KLM to GOA (Air Inda - last leg)
  93. KL SLC-AMS upgrades to J
  94. XP's from Air Croatia part of journey?
  95. Booking Air France / KLM direct or via ebookers
  96. AMEX MR Not Transferring to FB?
  97. How many XP for that long flight ?
  98. Air France and KLM Flight on Same Itinerary
  99. Best Recourse for a Refund on a ticket
  100. Best Business Class Strategy (JFK -> CDG)
  101. Flying Blue Award tickets for Air Europa
  102. Same-day flight change fee waiver on DL for FB elites?
  103. Crediting Delta Flights
  104. OK marketed flights, QS operating
  105. DUS Check-in- rude, ignorant, agressive
  106. Upgrade Booking
  107. Flight loading for today!
  108. Lounge access when flying CityJet?
  109. Direct turnarounds on AF/KL
  110. Tomato Crackers?
  111. Flying Blue Bank of America card advice
  112. Using FlyingBlue Miles at OLCI? Or only at airport?
  113. Flying from AMS to CDG - what to expect (first intraEU flight)
  114. Hkg - ams pay upgrade
  115. Flying Blue Bank of America credit card -- how to best put to use?
  116. FB Plat vs Gold for paid upgrades
  117. My accompany who has no FB status?
  118. Promo Awards Special Edition
  119. Promo codes for new members?
  120. Where to start ? beginners tips & solutions?
  121. Air France and KLM introduce Light fares globally - cut hold luggage
  122. Flying Blue Silver vs. Gold
  123. AF or UA in W or Y?
  124. Seat Assignment Doesn't match Air France and Delta Websites/Apps
  125. scl-ams, cdg, cph
  126. W class on Delta and XP Points
  127. Is the FB Award Calculator Realistic?
  128. AFKL loss of Ä303M in Q1 2019
  129. Upgrading an AF-ticketed DL flight from Y to J with Miles
  130. Booking DL domestic flights with FB miles
  131. Did ai book too late?
  132. Worth a short connection to avoid AF A330 business class?
  133. Qualification period vs re-qualification
  134. XP on award tickets?
  135. Transfer Miles ó How long?
  136. Using Delta miles for la Premiere.
  137. New Facebook Group for Flying Blue members
  138. Air France issued tickets has Jet Airlines flight in July 2019
  139. Denied Entry - AF Lounge JFK T1 - SkyTeam Elite Plus
  140. Air France vs Norwegian from Paris to SFO
  141. FB Platinum & Hertz
  142. Possible to book an award ticket seat online for a child UNDER TWO?
  143. Upgrade disappear and check-in "locked"
  144. Upgrade at check in or jfk
  145. DL Z class now only 100% earning
  146. Flying Blue Hotels (Points Hound) Miles earnings
  147. Use fly blue miles to upgrade in China airlines
  148. Flying Blue Award Flight Cancelled - Rebooked on Much Worse Itinerary - Best Options
  149. How many BlueCredits for CDG-TLV on KL-issued ticket
  150. Upgrading AF online
  151. Upgrading Flights Between CDG and Asia Using Miles
  152. selecting flights to JFK
  153. Desktop site vs app difference in airports list
  154. Business Class: Best use of my points
  155. Whats with the huge price increase for award travel
  156. Booking an FB Award using Delta
  157. FB AMEX XP credit date
  158. AF or KQ?
  159. XP Runs Over Easter?
  160. UM surcharge for award tickets?
  161. La PremiŤre Award Pricing
  162. FC - AF 777-300ER or LH 747-8
  163. Can't book legs in business when TATL is in first
  164. Impact on AF/KL Stock Tickets with 9W Segments Should Jet Airways Cease Operations
  165. Transit Abidjan / check-in
  166. KLM- Air Malta shared code and status
  167. Silver to Gold (Flying Blue)
  168. X class fare code KLM
  169. Flying blue status question
  170. Miles from my AF MC from Bank of America not posting- what to do?
  171. Transferring to earlier flight in order to make connection more likely
  172. Air France/KLM - Can you earn XPs when rerouted ?
  173. Promo awards April 2019
  174. Does KLM and Air France can't check Elite status with Skyteam?
  175. Does Flying Blue Match Status With AAdvantage?
  176. Whatís a UXP?
  177. DL metal KL marketed flight
  178. Why doesn't AFKL offer booking guarantee on short/medium haul flights, why only in Y?
  179. Flyingblue point expiration
  180. Which air miles scheme - skyteam
  181. Connecting at CDG (AF metal + TGV) - 1 PNR ? - 2F Lounge access STE+?
  182. Flying Blue card for 2019
  183. Air France/FB says my 317,000+ MR transfer is FRAUD! Help!
  184. Question on seating with Aeroflot
  185. Skymiles on AF? upgrade
  186. Too complex of a booking - error
  187. Questionnaire about Flying Blue program
  188. Vietnam airlines additional luggage Flying blue Silver
  189. Buy FB miles at up to 75% bonus
  190. Shop till you drop - Flying Blue web shop promotion
  191. Please HELP! My flight to St Lucia (PHX -> UVF) not available!
  192. Where to clear customs (JFK -> MAN -> CDG)?
  193. domestic Fcl travel on DL for credit to FBlue
  194. Flex only for coterminal/multicity on AF website?
  195. What is the point of miles?
  196. Flying Blue Expiration Policy
  197. Lounge Option in Seattle
  198. How to search for award tickets on SkyTeam partner airlines
  199. Do I credit Skymiles or Flying Blue?
  200. Long holds time calling Air France Award Booking?
  201. Fare Trouble
  202. cheap biz RT flight
  203. Virgin Atlantic, Air France and KLM launch codeshare partnership
  204. Flying Blue Contact #
  205. Can I turn a OW award into a RT award?
  206. Is a $535 upgrade offer good for SEA-CDG?
  207. Flying AF Metal on a Delta flight number: Are miles rev based, or mileage based?
  208. real cash price for award tickets
  209. Anyone for selling me Plat for 2 benefits ?
  210. Promo awards March 2018
  211. Is this enough compensation for 72 hour delayed luggage?
  212. TATL awards
  213. Dutch State raises stake from 5.9% to near 13%
  214. AF have downgraded flybe food & drink voucher
  215. Best Seat Business Class AF 777-300
  216. Pieter Elbers likely to be reappointed
  217. AFKL big drop in 2018 operating results.
  218. Using miles to book Vietnam Airlines domestic flights
  219. Award ticket flight cancelled - how to handle overnight layover
  220. missing luggage YYZ-CDG-MRU AF/MK codeshare - how to claim?
  221. How to find flights on Air France metal? (IND-LHR)
  222. Flying Blue: discount on baggage fees on light fares?
  223. AFKLís buying part of Virgin Atlantic receives OK from EU Commission
  224. Value of FB Miles down the drain and impossible to get information anymore?
  225. missed connection compensation root cause
  226. Retroclaiming issues
  227. MU Booking showing up in KLM app but not AF app?
  228. Fluctuating prices
  229. FB says: Mileage earning only when ticket issued on Skyteam airline paper
  230. Can I book multi city and split cabin itin on AF website"
  231. Best routes to Australia?
  232. Cancellation or Date change on Promo award ticket
  233. corresponce lax
  234. Seat Plus size on Boeing 777-200 AF 0321?
  235. Promo Rewards Feb.
  236. A380 JFK-CDG OLCI Upgrade - Worth it?
  237. Petroleum Benefits for Companions
  238. Selling Flying Blue points
  239. Hidden City Ticketing + Award Flight Question
  240. Advice on flying / upgrading on KQ?
  241. Fee when cancelling redemption with very low tax
  242. FB awarded 2 XP for domestic DL J
  243. Lounge access in BOM connecting to 9W
  244. Flying Blue mile credits for 9W flights
  245. Milestones calculations
  246. Award Booking on China Southern
  247. AF Flying Blue Contact Help
  248. Is Flying Blue worth it?
  249. Log in problems today?
  250. Can you convert Flying Blue Miles to Accor