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  1. FB miles expired despite May transaction (from car rental)
  2. UX some kind of mutual association or co-operative?
  3. AMEX -> Flying Blue
  4. Should AF-KL have a formal cooling off period?
  5. Error reports and suggestions for OLCI/mobile CKI
  6. Qualifying One-Way segments
  7. Earning Possibilities?
  8. FB award questions
  9. FB silver to gold during a trip
  10. New benefit: Qualifying flights for French residents from 2013 (Abonnes holders)
  11. Possible to book DL J with AF miles?
  12. Upgrade with miles on Award ticket
  13. Transfer at CAN with CZ?
  14. An Even Bigger Bunch of Bananas
  15. FB award ticket rules
  16. I know why AFKL feels threatened by the Gulf carriers...
  17. Flying Blue membership
  18. US Multi-leg itinerary
  19. China Eastern Class Q
  20. Two tickets, is checking in luggage through possible in this scenario
  21. Classic vs Flex Award Ticket inventory
  22. OT: Lufthansa to transfer all shorthaul routes (except to MUC and FRA) to new LCC
  23. how is it possible ???
  24. City Jet?
  25. What miles to expect?
  26. gesture on Amex AF Gold annual membership fee ?
  27. Booking EC / Exit row combined AF/KL itinerary
  28. Missing Miles in KLM FB for an AF flight
  29. Upgrade [with miles] to La Premiere, CDG-JFK
  30. AF/KL boarding pass
  31. When does AF release O?
  32. Upgrade to Business on AMS-AUA
  33. AF/FlyBe Online Check In
  34. Voyageur Premier/Business Lounge Access
  35. Earning with Accor Le Club
  36. The AF/KL/FB customer service frustration thread
  37. Multi journey more then 6 hours delayed, eu 261?
  38. Roll over miles - am I correct?
  39. ZRH Fast Track for FB Elite+?
  40. Online form
  41. check in problems
  42. FB Cancelled my Ticket
  43. Matching Elite Status with BA Gold
  44. Problem Booking Open-Jaw on airfrance.us
  45. customer service: KLM vs AF
  46. Rules for Award Miles
  47. Hong Kong - my skyteam dilema!! Shall I go back to AF / KL??
  48. Level miles question
  49. Flying Blue Gold/Platinum (ST E+) banned from using Aeroflot Lounges?
  50. Moving to earlier connection at CDG? [on an award ticket]
  51. Soon possible to spend FB miles on onboard extra's
  52. Question regarding level/award miles on Delta
  53. Different number of miles KLM - Air France
  54. Aerolineas Argentinas today in Skyteam
  55. China Southern / China Eastern eligible for miles?
  56. Up to quadruple Miles with Hertz
  57. O.T Article from IATA about FFP's
  58. open jaw crisis
  59. Not using half of ticket- will miles post?
  60. Converting Flying Blue Miles
  61. Purchase bonus
  62. Miles for KE GMP-USN in T?
  63. Should I switch from Skymiles to FB?
  64. KLM only releasing biz seat to own Flying blue
  65. Need help to find "R" class availability online
  66. Seat awards to Flying Blue members but not Skyteam partners
  67. Flying Blue Miles are expiring on Aug 31, 2012
  68. How to spend 55000 Flying Blue miles (from the US)
  69. Combining different booking classes on AF and KL flights
  70. Booking on Skyteam....advice please!
  71. Does FB Customer Service exist?
  72. Promoawards Sep/Oct 12 (also in Europe)
  73. business class AF or KL
  74. Air Cemac chooses Air France/KLM as strategic partner
  75. Air Europa - Music on PA Inflight
  76. ARN Fast Track and Lounge?
  77. Platinum for Two : Soft landing ?
  78. AF changed fees after booking DL award
  79. Sky team versus flying blue
  80. China Southern experience?!
  81. One-Way Awards & Booking Korean Airlines (and non-skyteam) Awards
  82. ongoing open jaw issues
  83. No lounge access with SU for Plat
  84. Hartman: Air France/KLM to focus on Eastern Europe
  85. China Southern report -
  86. No mileage accrual on KE flights opp. by SB (booking class M)
  87. Last day for travel to save expiring miles?
  88. Convert Delta Skymiles into Flying Blue miles
  89. Air France/KLM takes major loss in Q2
  90. Upgrade with miles
  91. Athens frequencies melting...
  92. Award availability
  93. Manage my booking
  94. Award booking tool out of date............
  95. Flying Blue will not apply old rules for [intra-European] award after 31st July 2012
  96. No 'e-ticket receipt' tab on Check My Trip = Air Europa flight not ticketed?
  97. Incomprehensible incompetence and horrible service on a trivial (mileage) issue
  98. No lounge access with Delta
  99. Air Europa - miles and flight segments
  100. Do flights bought with miles contribute to status
  101. release of extra promomiles award ?
  102. Upgrading to business
  103. FB points on U6 (Ural)
  104. Renting Car with FB voucher
  105. Redeeming with AF/KL and G3 or AR
  106. AF/FB Skyteam Fligths to KAB
  107. Why is it so hard to use FB miles
  108. Forgotten password, Flying Blue account locked
  109. Not a SINGLE USA->Europe Y promo for summer? Thanks Air France/KLM!
  110. FB and the mysteries of geographical asymmetry
  111. Are there ANY Skyteam connections at Heathrow???
  112. Minutes of the meeting June 2012 FB Programme Rules Manager, Jouy31 & Gajan
  113. Sky Priority for companion?
  114. Expired FB miles - any hope to recover them?
  115. And there it is: Award levels for ICA also go up...
  116. Transavia.com (KL Codeshare) - What to expect?
  117. Immediate miles credit when rebooking award flight?
  118. Miles from Club Carlson to Flying Blue
  119. Bol.com vouchers for using FB AmEx on petrol
  120. Less miles posted than advertised and now 173 miles short of Gold - thoughts?
  121. Belavia - Flying Blue
  122. Problem with uncredited miles
  123. Connecting two award tickets?
  124. New long-haul Eco award booking class introduced today & Increase Premium Voyageur
  125. Summer promotion: 50% discount for upgrade in First Class
  126. Help, made a big mistake booking tix
  127. Standby (or SDC) on affaires award ticket?
  128. FB Lounge in TBS
  129. Share and Fly - Too good to be true?
  130. KLM or Air France - premium economy
  131. V class on KLM
  132. Do we get any miles for AF bus trip Ottawa-YUL ?
  133. Upgrade to La Premiere Possible?
  134. AF/KL PNRs interchangable?
  135. UK to PER Australia - Maximize Points ?
  136. Air France or KLM for Asian flights in Y?
  137. R1000 off for Air France / KLM
  138. Award Ticket Stopover - a baggage question
  139. collect others miles
  140. [Flying Blue accounts] Merger
  141. Cancel Flying Blue account due to double account
  142. Claiming missing flying blue miles - exclusive only to person travelling?
  143. Garuda Indonesia, Aerolineas Argentina and Xiamen Airlines to join Skyteam
  144. Best time to book?
  145. Award booking open jaw question
  146. Keeping Flying Blue Miles Alive
  147. Air France/KLM to start trial with WiFi on board in 2013
  148. Website problems - trying to book award !
  149. Do I get qualifying segment for Thalys leg?
  150. New check-in system installed at airports in Oslo and Torp
  151. Lounge at Euroairport
  152. Taxes on FB award ticket on DL flights has gone up after May 22
  153. newbie question Air France
  154. Email from FB leads to server process crash
  155. No AF availability - CDG/VCE 2 week period?
  156. FB silver status for free in Italy
  157. New award structure for intra-European/intra-Caribbean flights
  158. Lounge options at Zurich airport
  159. Point Calculation Oddity
  160. Minor changes to EQM on AZ and OK
  161. Strikes in Norway
  162. Bangkok airways
  163. 7500 miles for fees&taxes on intra Europe awards
  164. Flying Blue requests your assistance with (possible) new long-haul award scheme
  165. SV (Saudia) New Flying Blue Partner
  166. Quick Question: FB Miles on AMS-ZYR
  167. Excuse me Sir, but Have you Boarded?
  168. Can't Change Multi-City Booking In MMB?
  169. Strategy update presentation from AFKLM
  170. No YQ on DL awards? How to book?
  171. [Up again]"Booking engine is down due to maintenance" & updates to engine
  172. Aeroflot considerations
  173. How to spend FB 16,000 miles
  174. coupons
  175. forcing class in the AF booking engine
  176. Promo awards July/August 2012
  177. Middle Seat - Pointy elbows = who has the right of the arm rest?
  178. Combining/transferring points in two accounts
  179. New earning classes on AM and KE
  180. How to book PRG-AMS KLM O fare
  181. Long Haul EQM?
  182. Flyertalk Seattle CS "Thank You" Do (Also: Discount Travel available)
  183. AF Gold
  184. Flying Blue - Rewards in UK/USA?
  185. Which FB zone is Wallis island?
  186. Is there a Business Case for using Points.com?
  187. Miles expired, time to close account?
  188. FlyerTalk members visiting AF?
  189. Vanishing "O" class?
  190. Superfly goes international (sort of and probably ex AMS only)
  191. Flying Blue & "Partner" Airlines a Joke?!
  192. Convert Flying Blue miles
  193. Alaska Airlines mIles problems
  194. Fuel Surcharge Refund Air France - KLM
  195. New to Flying Blue and disappointed
  196. fare class O not always available for upgrade?
  197. Complain --- who to
  198. retro miles credit from KLM to flying blue account
  199. Increase in costs for changing tickets
  200. FFP awards
  201. Adding Flying Blue number to Korean Air booking?
  202. westjet yes or westjet no?
  203. flyingbluenews.com redesign - including new store
  204. Infant ticket for economy premium award priced at economy
  205. New to Flying Blue
  206. Using FB Miles on Skyteam
  207. BEY Lounge With Flying Blue / AZ fly
  208. Validity of miles
  209. New earning Booking classes on Czech Airlines
  210. upgrade from business class to First class on AF?
  211. Back dating air mile points.
  212. TAROM A310 business class
  213. New problems FB website relating to "share and fly" (see details of other members)
  214. TLS Blagnac Visitors Centre & Airbus Factory Tour
  215. May/Jun Promo Awards
  216. Help please :/
  217. dreaming for an upgrade
  218. Selecting Seats on Multiple Bookings
  219. Moving to France question
  220. Award seats online but not via direct call?
  221. [Newbie question] Getting started with FB this summer
  222. Trans-atlantic fuel surcharge different for same flight depending on origin.
  223. Flying Blue Car Rental Credit equivalent to FRAUD
  224. Crazy Transatlantic Fares
  225. Flying Blue Foize
  226. Booking C class award TLV-SFO
  227. Same route, 1200 miles differance
  228. The amazing world of award tickets...
  229. Air Europe vs AF/KL C class
  230. Great Call Center Service
  231. The Avis Accumulator is back
  232. Change in baggage allowance for golf bags, bicycles and surfboards
  233. Air France and KLM website
  234. Reward booking assistance.... NYC > CPT/JNB
  235. Accounting summary of the past years?
  236. Air France - KLM: Shareholders’ Club
  237. Platinum Status & Preferred Seats
  238. Problems in miles crediting to KLM FB?
  239. Booking the correct fare class for upgrade
  240. KQ IRROPS
  241. Qualifying flights on non-ST member with KL code?
  242. Lounge access? KL coded Transavia operated
  243. Flying Blue Miles Upgrade On Korean Air
  244. AF/KL to increase fares from NL (only?) as per 30 March 2012
  245. Upgrades impossible... as usual !!
  246. Rebound Campaign
  247. Status change in the middle of an itinerary
  248. Air Europa Domestic "P" Class
  249. [No] Silver now has free lounge access?
  250. AF/FB Member : Relocating - Searching new flight tips/habits