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  1. Seat selection on Flybe with AF ticket
  2. I don't get how they calculate award levels and taxes
  3. Air France upgrade award availability
  4. Xiamenair MF812 [AMS > XMN]
  5. Promo Awards March
  6. Changed itinerary and ticket never issued
  7. KL ticket, MF metal - miles not posting
  8. Dropping a one-way award segment: consequences?
  9. Use/gain Miles effectively queries
  10. Air France/KLM 2016 financial results
  11. Can I mix/match business with economy on award?
  12. Payment & ticketing issue
  13. Help me make a choice
  14. Phanton VN Availability
  15. Booking Domestic Delta through AirFrance.us (AmEx Offer!)
  16. Seat options on Air France vs KLM site
  17. Do "O" business class fares open closer to departure?
  18. how to combine points?
  19. Booking flights with combination of points and cash?
  20. Am I looking for a unicorn?
  21. EU OPS with KLM/AF
  22. Advise on Using FlyingBlue for DL flights
  23. 52K miles expiring soon
  24. can you change FFP after you take the first leg of your itinerary?
  25. Platinum Service Line: 30min wait time already and going
  26. Lounge access for ST E+ in TLV
  27. How to get flying blue miles by converting from other programs?
  28. 6000+ miles expiring in May 2017 - what would you do?
  29. Air France and Flybe
  30. Can'ta check in on line
  31. Promo Awards February 2017
  32. Transferring Hilton points to FB no longer possible
  33. Flying blue questions
  34. Flying within Europe - Skyteam status question
  35. Elite Plus bagge on AF domestic basic fare?
  36. Quick questions
  37. Help determining which flights can be upgraded with miles - before purchasing
  38. New Flying Blue Feedback Community?
  39. Security on new account - call center unable to escalate
  40. Problem booking award ticket
  41. Learned something new: awards and UMs
  42. Award ticket on Alitalia Business Class
  43. Do train legs count as qualifying leg?
  44. Need inventory information? Ask here
  45. Flying Blue Platinum Ultimate Status
  46. DL flight to South America: no Y+ "upgrade"
  47. Cancelled flight for travel in June
  48. Skyteam/AF/KL lounge Tokyo Haneda
  49. Delayed flight caused me to re-ticketed with EY
  50. Early entry into Sky team lounge at Dubai DXB?
  51. Curious what to do in case something goes wrong, KLM, AF, Delta ticket
  52. Oversold flight need to upgrade with Miles
  53. Retroactive claim and expired miles
  54. Entertainment system not working
  55. Inheriting status after booking ticket with airmiles
  56. Extra bag price as Elite on new EU fares
  57. Cancel award ticket booked prior to miles expiration?
  58. KL/HV vs AF/AF?
  59. Delayed mileage ticket flight 21 hours ex-Canada/ compensation?
  60. Status match or best SkyTeam FFP?
  61. KL vs AF in J: JNB-ZRH
  62. YVR lounge
  63. Air France/KLM promo award booking class codes?
  64. Infant on lap Booking
  65. Additional platinum benefit: children in AMS lounge (not as additional guest)
  66. Flying Blue Award - How to add US Domestic Delta Leg
  67. IAD - South Africa - What's the Best Strategy?
  68. Are OLCI upgrade prices normally this low??
  69. KLM flight operated by CityHopper or CityJet
  70. UK to Australia on FlyingBlue - Business
  71. Passenger access to the cockpit while flying (for pictures?)
  72. Booking award ticket using Chase points transferred to new FB account
  73. Booking ticket with miles in my FB account for myself and girlfriend
  74. Special Offers for French Polynesia, PPT, Tahiti
  75. FB Miles for Partners First Class (Korean, Saudia, etc.)
  76. Need help with an FB reservation
  77. Access China Eastern (MU) lounge FB Gold
  78. Award ticket too complex? Told to go to airport/ticket office to issue
  79. Daytime CPT flights
  80. Delta Waitlisted
  81. Accumulate miles with Skymiles, but use FB for lounges access
  82. AFKL lounge access JAL flight
  83. Changing FF number on reward booking?
  84. Lounge access in Colombo (CMB)
  85. Qualifying flights carry-over
  86. Classic award available for individual segments, but not entire trip PRG-LAX
  87. Classic Award Ticket no longer changeable after reissue due to schedule change
  88. Promo Awards January 2017
  89. First experience at CDG as Silver/Skyteam Elite
  90. Transfer miles to achieve Silver?
  91. Air France / KLM - why the price difference and you still get segments?
  92. AF Upgrades with miles
  93. FB by AF or KLM: Does it make any difference?
  94. New FB mileage earning on AF/KL EU flights
  95. RT MIA>AMS>DBX a few KLM and Airport specific questions
  96. Award flight downgraded
  97. Codeshare Flights
  98. Potential Problems in China (Guangzhou)
  99. was there any promo awards for business class lax-cdg or lax-ams ever available???
  100. SFO to AMS: Y or Y+, AF or KLM?
  101. From Vancouver with the new business class?
  102. Delta Silver Medalion on KLM flight
  103. Skyteam Elite (Plus) benefits on AF mini/light fare
  104. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 TAROM Flying Blue benefits nominations
  105. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 Kenya Airways Flying Blue benefits nominations
  106. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 Air France / KLM Flying Blue benefits nominations
  107. Crediting miles
  108. Promo Awards December 2016
  109. Pilot welcome/briefing from cabin
  110. How Long For Partner (Delta) miles to post?
  111. Denied access to HKG sky team lounge
  112. Time to get bonus qualifying flights after amex AF Platinum subscription
  113. AF Website: My Account: "Profile is 90% Complete"
  114. Go to Platinum or Stick to Gold?
  115. Air Europa lounge access and fast track with domestic flights
  116. Trying to book using flying blue miles. Won't show any flights
  117. RO flight operated by Aegean - miles?
  118. award ticket Germany-AMS/CDG-TLV
  119. Problems with the Flying Blue systems?
  120. Airfrance UK shows availability but US does not
  121. Flying Blue benefits and earnings on Delta
  122. FB pricing issue?
  123. Mr Miles
  124. O class availability question
  125. MR on SV
  126. Linking Amex to FB account?
  127. Award Booking: AF Website Not Finding Entire Routing
  128. Compensation for flight delay
  129. This should be easy, but...
  130. LOT Scam with fares >>> AVOID THIS AIRLINE
  131. Promo Awards November 2016
  132. Hilton how quick to credit FB?
  133. Vanishing O Class Availability
  134. DTW Carry On Weight
  135. Light Standard and Flex fares
  136. Platinum line is great... (irony warning)
  137. For the science, study of the propagation time of a new status
  138. Miles did not post - KLM to Alaska
  139. Lounges at PVG
  140. F. Gagey no longer CEO of Air France, now group CFO
  141. Book YCA Through Delta on AF Metal - Upgradeable?
  142. FB Silver benefits on existing bookings?
  143. Flying Blue Silver benefits on SU
  144. Re-routed via OneWorld - how to get lounge access?
  145. Icn - cdg questions
  146. Austrian court rules against expiration of miles
  147. Award Booking Change
  148. Issues with flying blue
  149. FB Miles not being credited
  150. Best way to book CityJet/Air France Itinerary?
  151. Name on air ticket
  152. Checked baggage for STE+ on 'hand baggage only' fare
  153. Ticket for spouse
  154. AMS - SFO - LAX (or LGB), connection in SFO
  155. 10 more qualifyng flights needed to reach platinum by the end of the year
  156. FB gold member, but ticket still display silver
  157. Air France - Check Bags on 2 PNRs?
  158. Refer a friend? Whats the best way to join?
  159. Booking award ticket with stopover?
  160. Delta status on KL boarding pass
  161. Flying Blue Elite plus benefits on Aeromexico
  162. 1 hour connection time in Amsterdam enough?
  163. Would FB be amenable to this?
  164. Status benefits - AF operated by CityJet
  165. AF 777, KL 787, DL 767 best transatlantic J product?
  166. DOD/OLCI upgrades KLM flight with Delta metal
  167. Flying Blue Family Account?
  168. Air France paid upgrade options?
  169. Seat selection on AZ metal
  170. More than one partner on a single trip
  171. Standby fo r earlier flight on KLM ex-AMS?
  172. "Qualifying" flight ?
  173. Codeshared KL flight (MU code) available for OLCI and pre-paid seat assignment?
  174. Credit card verification - required?
  175. Promo Awards October 2016
  176. Flying Flybe out of UK to US via Paris
  177. Delta schedule change violates MCT. What to do now?
  178. Earning miles on Malaysia Airlines
  179. Etihad apartment? Flying blue
  180. Qualifying flights
  181. Dfw-anc-hnl-dfw
  182. Cheap sector run for gold ex-NCL
  183. KLM Direct Flight Cancelled, Transfered to AF with layover in Paris - Compensation?
  184. Platinum for Life & change of address
  185. Should I go Platinum?
  186. AF or KLM in J from Edinburgh to Dubai
  187. Mileage crediting question
  188. Earn Flying Blue points from Air Tahiti Nui flight?
  189. KLM or Air France out of Panama in J
  190. Miles for AZ/EY codeshare
  191. KLM not giving miles
  192. FB awards booking tips
  193. Best way to use FB miles
  194. Skipping a train segment
  195. China Eastern flight not counting towards FB status
  196. Schedule change rights (paid ticket)
  197. AF/KL classic (saver) award available for FlyingBlue booking,but not partner booking?
  198. Change Date of Return while Mid-Trip on Award
  199. Quick Award Question
  200. Throwaway ticketing from Europe to USA.
  201. Deciding between Skymiles and FB
  202. Booking on kenya-airways.com
  203. Sky Prority Elite with AF
  204. KLM - not receiving Skyteam Elite plus benefits
  205. Award Carrier Choice
  206. Alaska award availability?
  207. Proof of no-show for travel insurance?
  208. New Flying Blue T&C as from July 1st ?!
  209. Promo Awards September
  210. Status Renewal.
  211. Which American Express Platinum?
  212. Flying Blue Platinum vs. Gold
  213. 3rd segment of my flight changed to landing 55 minutes later. any rights
  214. What's happening with KE ?
  215. High Delta award taxes via Call Center
  216. $450 roundtrip deal from NY to Milan: Need flying partner
  217. Seat buying upgrade question
  218. China Eastern
  219. FB Award on KE/CI in C class?
  220. ESTA Required When Dropping Luggage?
  221. Business Class Seating Question
  222. Upgrading on Delta with Flying Blue
  223. long haul business classic award available on flyingblue but not on partners
  224. Award tickets - is there a pattern?
  225. Same day return flight
  226. Flying Blue Partner Redemptions
  227. Upgrading J to F with Miles on AF
  228. Flying to Japan in Business with FB Miles
  229. Earning FB miles for online shopping?
  230. Easier to get Status through Legs or miles flown long haul?
  231. collect on different Frequent Flyer programmes on same booking (not same flights)
  232. The riddle of being Elite no longer when flying with non-Elites...
  233. Flybe and Air France Interlining Baggage issue
  234. Upgrade to J with a baby
  235. Harm Kreulen on FB
  236. How to reserve a seat on AF? [flights booked with AZ flight numbers]
  237. How to book Air Seychelles
  238. Award options from SIN
  239. Lounge on Transcon with Delta
  240. Booking class O
  241. Mileage expiration time
  242. Mini Fare Elite Plus Bagage
  243. Promo Awards August
  244. Depart Award/Return Paid
  245. How to improve/enhance Platinum status?
  246. How to add Flying Blue Card to Apple Wallet
  247. Flying Premium Economy next June, how was your experience this year.
  248. Why don't KLM give extra miles if you are upgraded?
  249. Award Miles Without Flying?
  250. Can't use these 21,000 KLM points