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  1. KLM's new route to Fortaleza next year only earns you 750 miles!
  2. VISA needed for KLM flights through KUL and AUH?
  3. When is AF check-in available at ORD?
  4. Historical Flight Info
  5. Kenya airways Mileage accumulation rate
  6. What value is Flying Blue to loyal customers?
  7. Could BA replace WX in ANR?
  8. BOM -AMS , AMS - FRA , terminal change?
  9. No charge!
  10. Missing luggages: what do I do?
  11. Aeroflot Business Class Unbookable on FB
  12. New policy for paid and miles upgrades (AF/KL) - sept 2017
  13. Taking off without bin closure
  14. Flying Blue Miles Credit on non-KL operated segments
  15. Air France took 10,000 miles without approval... :(
  16. Can't find any domestic flights to NAS
  17. Prompting AF to update its flight numbers credits to AS
  18. Help booking CAY-JFK using Flying Blue points: illegal itinerary?
  19. GLA to AMS not CDG
  20. ORD to Europe, Europe to LAX
  21. Why is it not possible to select seats from 2 days before the flight?
  22. Issues with FB Hotel Booking Promo via PointsHound
  23. AF O Class OW CDG-LVI via HKG+JNB ? Bookable via call center ?
  24. Where to credit my flights?
  25. MBA TYO route using FB Miles Help!
  26. is AF A380 the new La Premiere cabin?
  27. Flying Spam: cannot unsubscribe from "special offers"
  28. Amount of refund if I cancelled the half used return ticket
  29. Family of four flying from Prague to Miami - pooling; how to book?
  30. September Promo Awards Flying Blue
  31. Validity of transfered miles (FB are not following their own T&C)
  32. Baggage allowance on mixed-class, mixed-airline itinerary
  33. Kenya Airways, better avoid.
  34. Need Advice - tickets
  35. Buying a round trip ticket with cash and miles
  36. HUCA once again proves invaluable
  37. cancelation of basic / mini fare ?,
  38. Doesn't seem right - need help please
  39. A callout to FB Platinum Line
  40. Business Lounge at LAX TBIT
  41. Busiest routes/flights
  42. No more FB award flights to Hawaii?
  43. Not possible to book an award in La Premiere on 777?
  44. Flexibility in calendar year vs last 12 months for tier points
  45. Air France v Delta and new members
  46. Specific question about FlyingBlue points expiration
  47. Delta Comfort+ 125% accrual on Flying Blue?
  48. Chalair FB Qual/miles?
  49. Proper Exchange Rate for EU 261
  50. Flying Blue offering free cosmetics
  51. 24-hour layover on award ticket
  52. Aeroflot X class not bookable with FB?
  53. August Promo Awards on Flying Blue
  54. Getting an Earlier Flight with a Flex Fare and stop.
  55. Flight delayed, 4 pax, got in 6 hours late SFO->LJU
  56. Award Ticket Cancelation - Return Portion Refund - Medical Emergency
  57. Results 1H 2017 - KLM earns as much for AFKL as does AF
  58. Transavia "On track for a positive result in 2017"
  59. Choosing KLM or AF in Biz Class?
  60. DL and MU to buy 10% stake in AF/KL each, AF/KL to buy 31% stake in VS
  61. Seat preference
  62. Name Change Fee
  63. DOD upgrades on Delta
  64. Priority Boarding - how is it actually supposed to work?
  65. DEL-Europe-ICN in C for 50K miles???
  66. Paying for tickets with points & cash ?
  67. Need help for historic flight informtion
  68. China Airlines 50 Minutes Tranfer
  69. Unpublished benefits when flying with partner airlines
  70. Level increase reflected in existing bookings?
  71. Joint Dutch-French study says AF-KLM is a failure
  72. Mileage run suggestions please
  73. Booked a $17k biz class flight for 125k miles?
  74. Changing award ticket - agent claims no availability
  75. Flying Blue Complex Routings
  76. KLM Interline to Delta from CPH via AMS
  77. AF issued ticket, DL coded, AM operated!
  78. KLM/Air France FB Petroleum at AMS & CDG
  79. SFO Air France/KLM Lounge Comments
  80. Booking award segment by segment
  81. Stopovers discontinued as of July 2017?
  82. Day Of Departure Upgrades on AF/KL/DL, Using Miles
  83. DL availability on Flying Blue
  84. Million miler status at Flying blue
  85. No-show on Flex Award ticket - refund?
  86. July Promo awards
  87. Upgrade on Skyteam partners
  88. Frequent flier number won't stay attached to reservation
  89. How to handle a cancellation?
  90. Which is better in this case: stay at Gold or move to Platinum?
  91. KLM - check in online for flight with connection and the 30 hour limit?
  92. Air Baltic and Flying Blue qualifying segments
  93. LYS Flight Connections?
  94. Hidden City ticketing AirFrance and KLM
  95. Interesting boarding setup for AF/KL at MAD
  96. Domestic US flights and bag allowance and how to earn 14000 miles
  97. House swap still possible at lounge?
  98. FlyBE or AirFrance operated by FlyBe?
  99. Does Kenya Airways serve nuts as cabin snacks in economy class?
  100. Website(s) which show specific flight ticket cost/FB miles?
  101. How long does it take for Bluebiz credits to be posted?
  102. New sky priority member - how are old bookings handled?
  103. Flying blue VS Aeroflot bonus
  104. DL booked through AF into ATL, what terminal in ATL?
  105. Delta preferred seats elite benefit
  106. Cash upgrade for Delta Comfort+ booked on Flying Blue?
  107. Upgrades for Elite Members?
  108. FB Plat - base in SJC, should I switch to SkyMiles?
  109. Aircalin reward availability search?
  110. Flight and train connection, can you skip the train?
  111. Award Seat availability for Partners
  112. A sign of things to come?
  113. FB economy mielage compared to others
  114. Issues with skipping last leg and taking other SkyTeam flight?
  115. MXP/LIN Flight Update - Change Ticket for Free?
  116. Flying Blue suddenly cancels entire award ticket after a pax change
  117. Promo Awards june
  118. Help! Delta Comfort Upgrade on Flying Blue?
  119. Split miles credit between 2 FFP. (possible?)
  120. Leveraging Platinum
  121. Flying - Etihad with Alitalia flight number
  122. Flights from Chicago
  123. Flexible mileage costs for Award bookings now?!
  124. Weird price difference between Google Flights, KLM and Air France
  125. Last minute reward availability
  126. Lounge Access for Premium Economy Schengen Flights
  127. Not all KLM flights available via AF?
  128. Which business loyalty program is best for me?
  129. Pricing of OLCI upgrade PE to Business
  130. combining cash and Flying Blue Miles?
  131. Strange VipLounge Access policy at WAW airport
  132. Downgrade from W to Y compensation
  133. KLM / AF prepares for possible laptop ban
  134. Transferring expiring miles
  135. Flying Blue Finds Space for Specific Dates but not for "around these dates"
  136. Promo Award Not Pricing Correctly?
  137. Flying blue classic award business class with connection.
  138. Flying blue private sales coming up
  139. AF CDG-JNB Business Class, have a made a mistake?
  140. Unable to book a fare that is available in Matrix ITA... what gives?
  141. Stopovers / Multicity Booking Online Award Ticket
  142. Does flyingblue still shut down accounts?
  143. Promo awards May 2017
  144. Taxes refund after cancellation
  145. Flying Blue promo code for April 2017
  146. Maximum Layover time allowed at CDG or AMS ?
  147. booking with AF/KLM.. is it better to get a quote in USD, or EUR or dest currency?
  148. Timing for miles posting to FB from Skyteam Partners
  149. ATL lounge access rule during Z/Y connection
  150. Need forum experts help on involuntary rebooking
  151. AF banning Elite Plus members boarding non-AF Skyteam flights in their JFK lounge
  152. Adding an extra leg to a Flying Blue award ticket
  153. What's the best way to burn a million miles?
  154. Guest in the lounge question
  155. Checking Bag Thru on Two Tickets
  156. Equipment change, options?
  157. Air France FB redemption rookie. Best method?
  158. Award Ticket Must Be Ticketed at Airport?
  159. view reservation in checkmytrip?
  160. Can I specify checked luggage to CDG even though I have a connecting segment?
  161. China Airlines on FB Miles Calculator
  162. "Family Name" - "First Name" mixup
  163. Call Center hold times
  164. Travel Companions
  165. KLM or AF Business Class for AMS to IAH?
  166. Upgrade at airport check-in ORD-CDG on AF
  167. Flying Blue Fees & Surcharge for Award Booking
  168. Worth buying miles to lock down reward tickets?
  169. Delayed bag
  170. Rules about lithium batteries
  171. Value-based Flying Blue program?
  172. Baggage allowance when connecting to Delta on different Ticket
  173. Voucher Instead of Cash for EC261 Compensation
  174. Credit Voucher for Delay Compensation
  175. Maximising reward miles with Amex (UK)
  176. Promo Awards April 2017
  177. Attach Skymiles number to Flying Blue award reservation (on Delta)?
  178. Flying Blue not adding miles to total
  179. 'Appy days with the AF app?
  180. "'Normal' time miles post into FlyingBlue account
  181. Fly KLM or Swiss? from AMS-JFK
  182. Terminal 4 LHR lounge options
  183. Paying Tax of Award Ticket with miles
  184. Question on FB rollover miles
  185. Saphir not honoring a passenger with a disability - what to do?
  186. Switch from FlyingBlue to SkyMiles?
  187. VX metal, AS ticket...FB credit?
  188. IAH Lounge Lockers
  189. ATL to CDG premium economy with Delta C+ ?
  190. Using Flying Blue points on delta
  191. SkyTeam Round the World queries
  192. How quickly do miles post to FB after flying?
  193. Fb amex gold card award flights for partnercard?
  194. Award miles now valid for 2 years (instead of 20 months) without activity
  195. Skymiles or Flying Blue?
  196. KL: Skyteam Elite Plus benefits not applied
  197. Hertz President Circle for FB Platinum, new hidden perk?
  198. Flying Blue Award miles for Kenya Airways Flights
  199. EMD voucher -- refundable ticket?
  200. AZ no longer a SkyTeam member according to some AF staff at CDG
  201. Misleaded during booking regarding luggage allowance
  202. Platinum and no sky priority logo
  203. MAN - TFS on miles?
  204. OpUp from exit rows
  205. Upgrade offers AF/KLM on muti city flights ?
  206. TXL-AMS-TXL Cheaper as Award?
  207. Seat selection on Flybe with AF ticket
  208. I don't get how they calculate award levels and taxes
  209. Air France upgrade award availability
  210. Xiamenair MF812 [AMS > XMN]
  211. Promo Awards March
  212. Changed itinerary and ticket never issued
  213. KL ticket, MF metal - miles not posting
  214. Dropping a one-way award segment: consequences?
  215. Use/gain Miles effectively queries
  216. Air France/KLM 2016 financial results
  217. Can I mix/match business with economy on award?
  218. Payment & ticketing issue
  219. Help me make a choice
  220. Phanton VN Availability
  221. Booking Domestic Delta through AirFrance.us (AmEx Offer!)
  222. Seat options on Air France vs KLM site
  223. Do "O" business class fares open closer to departure?
  224. how to combine points?
  225. Booking flights with combination of points and cash?
  226. Am I looking for a unicorn?
  227. EU OPS with KLM/AF
  228. Advise on Using FlyingBlue for DL flights
  229. 52K miles expiring soon
  230. can you change FFP after you take the first leg of your itinerary?
  231. Platinum Service Line: 30min wait time already and going
  232. Lounge access for ST E+ in TLV
  233. How to get flying blue miles by converting from other programs?
  234. 6000+ miles expiring in May 2017 - what would you do?
  235. Air France and Flybe
  236. Can'ta check in on line
  237. Promo Awards February 2017
  238. Transferring Hilton points to FB no longer possible
  239. Flying blue questions
  240. Flying within Europe - Skyteam status question
  241. Elite Plus bagge on AF domestic basic fare?
  242. Quick questions
  243. Help determining which flights can be upgraded with miles - before purchasing
  244. New Flying Blue Feedback Community?
  245. Security on new account - call center unable to escalate
  246. Problem booking award ticket
  247. Learned something new: awards and UMs
  248. Award ticket on Alitalia Business Class
  249. Do train legs count as qualifying leg?
  250. Need inventory information? Ask here