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  1. Bonus Points - are there any?
  2. 2 Accounts
  3. FB miles flying Alitalia in N class for long haul
  4. NW World Club or Air France Club at SFO ?
  5. OT London to Paris
  6. AF: Triple miles to Scandinavia?
  7. What on earth is going on with Flying Blue?
  8. Upcoming AF Amex FB Gold = FB Gold w/o Amex ?
  9. Elite census
  10. How many elites on a given flight
  11. Careful with Online Award Bookings - open miles deducted for skyteam scheme booking
  12. ways to ask for an upgrade
  13. Flying Blue Gold rights on NWA
  14. Qualifying flights
  15. Switching from Flying Blue to Worldperks Update
  16. [email protected] are back!
  17. AF and Malev: Earning Miles?
  18. Denied access again to CO Presidents club; and I really was authorized this time.
  19. China Southern has anyone got some miles from them??
  20. Miles on KL "V" Class
  21. You can earn up to 11,000 bonus miles
  22. Silver status requests access to sfo &cdg lounge
  23. Miles on codeshare (Shanghai Airlines / Korean Air)
  24. OMDFG FB doesn't suck!
  25. How far in advance do SkyTeam partners open award space for AF?
  26. Open Miles - Trick or Treat?
  27. 1000 miles posted for online statement
  28. Is there any real point to Platinum?
  29. 2006 level status on FB
  30. fast upgrade received my platinum today valid through 03/07 !!!
  31. Finding fare classes on flights from Australia
  32. New Rules for Pax Flying to US Destinations
  33. L class Ticket on AF
  34. Changing domicile to obtain gold
  35. Does Z fare on Continental qualify for 150% credit on FB?
  36. A plea - can we separate this program into AF and KLM
  37. Booked 'business' got Economy
  38. Flying Blue:how to discourage customers to fly Air France
  39. Why would Air Malaysia refuse to give miles for flight?
  40. Tariff structure harmonization
  41. "Exclusive" Reservation Service
  42. Status Match
  43. Reminder - Change in Check-in Baggage Allowance for travel ex-India
  44. Bizarre award routing
  45. Mileage Credit Hell
  46. Unbelivable WEB AWARDS are back
  47. AmEx FB gold card - should I expect a new card ?
  48. selling mile
  49. I still haven't received my memebership card!!!
  50. Cdg-beg
  51. Status match for NW WP Members in Asia
  52. Earn miles at Accor hotels
  53. Mileage Issues - Advice needed
  54. How many files for intra-Europe
  55. Miles flying on Song?
  56. How long for new FB PIN?
  57. award ticket collection airside
  58. When is an N/V fare not an N/V fare?
  59. Web Awards!!!!!!
  60. What's Alitalia like?
  61. Woohooo! Got the card!
  62. flying blue award Ticket booking online sucks
  63. Air France Flying Club Very Disorganized
  64. Delta files for chpt 11
  65. NW files Chapter 11
  66. Around the world
  67. KQ seat maps
  68. Are upgrades possible on Korean Air?
  69. Help, how to contact Flying Blue Sweden/Scandinavia
  70. Rhaa ! 187 miles only for Euro flights ? What the...?
  71. Refund of Taxes on KLM Award Tickets
  72. Question about earning miles on KE
  73. Upgrades for Gold/Platinum members on CO and KL
  74. Loose Lipped Lounge Lizard: Uber-Platinum ?
  75. See buy fly credit posting
  76. FB Gold -- what benefits with partners?
  77. another blooper
  78. Elite Boarding ...
  79. The chance of new members and customers
  80. FB Plat: No more free lounge access
  81. Award in First with FB....
  82. Miles on Virgin?
  83. AF/KL "cheap" business class fares (longhaul), post them here
  84. M class ??? miles or not
  85. award ticketing multiple pax in one pnr FQTV error
  86. How many flights have you NOT taken since FP
  87. Lounge Access Policy under FB
  88. August 2005 Traffic
  89. Seat assignment...or "rapid chat" phone sex?
  90. UK American Express and FB
  91. Status Match anybody???
  92. Missing miles???
  93. Sorry...another positive FB experience
  94. AF Award Seats (Fare/Booking Class)
  95. Is status level change automatic?
  96. 100% FB EQMs on Continental?
  97. I received new official rules, etc. from FB
  98. Purchasing miles for an award from FB ?
  99. Strange "TEST 1 TEST 2" displayed on my mileage summary...
  100. E-Class and reclaiming miles
  101. mileage question
  102. Lounge Access Flying MH
  103. 69 miles without flying?
  104. KLM/AF Flying Blue Complaint
  105. Changes to mileage gained on N Class?
  106. KLM Cityhopper mileage mistake?
  107. DUS lounge - any good?
  108. Air France KLM profits rising - thank you for your fuel surcharges!
  109. FB's latest blunder
  110. First attempt at Gold - Suggestions
  111. 7 different kinds of FB cards?
  112. Feedback KLM research results [email protected]
  113. Any Perspective on Mileage Earning for these Delta Flights operated by Air France
  114. Double miles and other offers on KLM (DXB-AUH)
  115. Upgrading an economy ticket?
  116. Where to find out how many miles a flight is worth?
  117. List of ticket classes?
  118. KLM & NW "V" class tickets
  119. Q Class ticket?
  120. Continental classes and FB earinings
  121. Oneway award booking
  122. First to Australia or New Zealand?
  123. First FB encounter: No OLCI for me
  124. Alitalia business class?
  125. FB benefits on other Sky Team Carriers.
  126. AF&KL merger and effects on KL
  127. milage thievery
  128. FB miles for JAL domestic flights?
  129. 4000 Mile Return Journey - Any Suggestions?
  130. Mileage run recommendations?
  131. Transfer from Worldperks to FB - a nightmare
  132. L Class !!! bluddy hell
  133. Did the marketing people sign off on "Flying Blue" as a name?
  134. Double miles for online booking still exists?
  135. KLM C vs AF J MAN - BKK
  136. If you're mad about FB, write to SkyTrax...
  137. Miles / Points for flight not showing in my FB statement online...
  138. Flying Blue personal can not read and act stupid
  139. Level miles to Australia?
  140. DENIED lounge access for FB Plat!
  141. Newsletter - E-statement
  142. How do Korean Air flights count?
  143. AF transfers desk service at CDG when flying on a FD award ticket
  144. Malaysia Airlines Lounges
  145. Status date
  146. Flying on Virgin with a Continental Flight #
  147. Platinum not listed on Boarding Pass
  148. Award Ticket from CDG to Australia by AF
  149. FB Award Travel Internet Check-In
  150. How do you upgrade Q Class on KLM?
  151. Back to the fold, and I'm so far rather impressed...
  152. Day of deparure upgrade success - Detroit to Amsterdam
  153. 1st Positive FB Helpdesk Experience
  154. Promotions?
  155. Is it still possible to transfer to NWA?
  156. Flying Blue - very nearly a (total) disappointment!
  157. Changes in KLM customer service after "french marriage".
  158. Autumn FB benefits (August news)
  159. I got one!
  160. level upgrades, anyone?
  161. LAX WorldClub Lounge T2 Closing 5:00PM?
  162. FlyingBlue Amex Card -2.5 months and counting
  163. T-class on KLM?
  164. FB points flying CSA?
  165. Lost Membership
  166. warning for those with NW segments in the next weeks
  167. 1000 Bonus Miles for e-Statement?
  168. Priority boarding for Skyteam Elite???
  169. No miles on KL metal?!
  170. Status rollover come 01/01/06
  171. Amazingly Quick FB email response
  172. Maintaining status for 2006
  173. Gold or plat US based FB get 25% bonus ?
  174. Dream Sales
  175. Fast track program - anyone heard anything yet?
  176. Airport taxes and award tickets
  177. Is it possible to book KLM awards online?
  178. AF/KL: July 2005 excellent traffic figures!
  179. Points in C on a RTW ticket
  180. an unhappy new customer of KLM
  181. KQ 767 best seat in C
  182. Well done FB!
  183. Can anyone explain FB award ticket taxes?
  184. Cape Town Lounge
  185. First FB award booking
  186. I'm off
  187. Aeromexico Lounge in MEX
  188. Positive Note - NW/CO benefits for Elite FB members
  189. 16 level flights but still Ivory????
  190. FD Miles Domestic USA
  191. Up to 20000 bonus miles for Japanese FB on AF
  192. FB miles on Skyteam RTW tickets
  193. Malaysia Airlines Partnership downgraded
  194. KLM reveals how they truly value its customers
  195. Troubles searching for award flight
  196. As an Elite, did you ever pay for excess baggage on KL/NW ?
  197. Any long-haul F awards at normal mileage levels?
  198. At least Nigel is happy.... (FB call centre blues)
  199. Turning Platinum
  200. DTW-CDG 10K Promotion in IF?
  201. Anything Positive with FB ?
  202. Can someone explain the award mileages?
  203. Lifetime Platinum status
  204. DUO offers loaded (Europe only)
  205. "null, null, null"
  206. Lounge access and kids...
  207. Upgrade experience with KLM
  208. just hang up...
  209. Status change
  210. Flying with Malev - lounge access in Budapest
  211. 1000 miles compensation fro terminal E???
  212. Any heads-up on DUOs (August was the reported roll-out)
  213. FBlue is a JOKE!
  214. GIG-AMS KL C class or AF J class?
  215. They reponded, but.....
  216. For those who want to say hi !
  217. Spam from Flying Poo ?
  218. What is the mileage bonus for Bus & FFECONOMY?
  219. Thumbs up for Kenya Airways Domestic Business Class
  220. IAH Presidents Club lounge access for FB Gold Members
  221. FB Plat op-ups on AF? CDG? LAX?
  222. Did I get this right? - buy through AF or Delta
  223. You are not authorized to reserve an award ticket on this site.
  224. skyteam lounge in jfk
  225. Dumb questions about FB and Northwest
  226. Will they ever answer?
  227. free award ticket procedure e-ticket when delivered?
  228. Flying blue: misleading information ?
  229. Are "off-peak Bonus (bonus heures creuses)" gone ??
  230. AIR FRANCE KLM - One year after
  231. If I have to fly coach
  232. Award Mileages Via Amsterdam?
  233. Fast track to Gold/Plat. ?
  234. What is the award seat fare code for KLM?
  235. Are your hotel miles regularly posted on your FB account?
  236. any helpdesk open on sunday
  237. Wrong mileage credit for KLM flights in May 2005
  238. Awards availabilities in the coming days: post them here
  239. When does KLM typically release award seats???
  240. Generous by nature? No way! (another example)
  241. Award for 10 Million miles!
  242. Which one? KLM C or AF J from MEX to Europe
  243. SFO - which lounge, NWA or AF?
  244. Award availability: Online tool vs. Call Center
  245. Business Award booked in Economy
  246. Upgrades on KLM with B class fare
  247. Fees for Flying Blue Award Paper Ticket
  248. Taxes Oneway Award ticket on KLM
  249. infos on FB lifetime plat
  250. Miles Posting to FB from Continental