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  1. Status change
  2. Flying with Malev - lounge access in Budapest
  3. 1000 miles compensation fro terminal E???
  4. Any heads-up on DUOs (August was the reported roll-out)
  5. FBlue is a JOKE!
  6. GIG-AMS KL C class or AF J class?
  7. They reponded, but.....
  8. For those who want to say hi !
  9. Spam from Flying Poo ?
  10. What is the mileage bonus for Bus & FFECONOMY?
  11. Thumbs up for Kenya Airways Domestic Business Class
  12. IAH Presidents Club lounge access for FB Gold Members
  13. FB Plat op-ups on AF? CDG? LAX?
  14. Did I get this right? - buy through AF or Delta
  15. You are not authorized to reserve an award ticket on this site.
  16. skyteam lounge in jfk
  17. Dumb questions about FB and Northwest
  18. Will they ever answer?
  19. free award ticket procedure e-ticket when delivered?
  20. Flying blue: misleading information ?
  21. Are "off-peak Bonus (bonus heures creuses)" gone ??
  22. AIR FRANCE KLM - One year after
  23. If I have to fly coach
  24. Award Mileages Via Amsterdam?
  25. Fast track to Gold/Plat. ?
  26. What is the award seat fare code for KLM?
  27. Are your hotel miles regularly posted on your FB account?
  28. any helpdesk open on sunday
  29. Wrong mileage credit for KLM flights in May 2005
  30. Awards availabilities in the coming days: post them here
  31. When does KLM typically release award seats???
  32. Generous by nature? No way! (another example)
  33. Award for 10 Million miles!
  34. Which one? KLM C or AF J from MEX to Europe
  35. SFO - which lounge, NWA or AF?
  36. Award availability: Online tool vs. Call Center
  37. Business Award booked in Economy
  38. Upgrades on KLM with B class fare
  39. Fees for Flying Blue Award Paper Ticket
  40. Taxes Oneway Award ticket on KLM
  41. infos on FB lifetime plat
  42. Miles Posting to FB from Continental
  43. Celebrity spotting
  44. FD# on BC
  45. [email protected] Any news on them?
  46. One Month Later: Evaluating the New Forum
  47. Flight availability tool
  48. Extra Baggage Award Questions
  49. Starwood points transfer
  50. Will My Request for Exit Row Be Honored?
  51. Silver for 4 weeks, still no card?
  52. FB miles on Alitalia
  53. Earning miles on Bangkok Airways conflicting info
  54. I left FB, and now, whats your opinion ?
  55. Any secrets to booking an award? I give up!!!
  56. Marc Jansz's pack of lies
  57. I thought it was too good
  58. Platinum Elite for Life
  59. Compensation 2E
  60. Are they *TOTALLY* incompetent? (missing flight credit link)
  61. SkyTeam removes Cyprus from their operational map
  62. August News
  63. Phishing style emails with new PIN
  64. How to find the booking class on KLM.COM
  65. From Franceguide. Bonus offers?
  66. Flying Blue Help Desk Reaches New Level Of Customer Unsatisfaction
  67. New members waiting for PIN !!!
  68. AF Upgrade from C to F using FB Miles?
  69. Anyone still not received their FB card?
  70. Miles to compensate for delay
  71. Should I be happy, should I be sad, or should I just be mad?
  72. stopovers - are they allowed for oneway rewards?
  73. Cheap Plastic - Fading Cards
  74. For those who don't subscribe to Talkmail, Randy may have news . . .
  75. KLM or NWA metal on miles
  76. If you would like to know all the ins and outs of the Award tickets, please click
  77. flying to portland PDX and earning miles: alaskan, delta,...
  78. Well, it's been a month now . . . when will they get the old flights up?
  79. Lounge Access Changi
  80. Seat reservation
  81. fast track to Silver/Gold/Platium ended june 30 who's got their new status?
  82. Next level when downgrading.
  83. Skyteam on-line award booking
  84. Class L on long-haul flights only gives a 25%
  85. Using FB miles for US domestic open jaws
  86. "Thalys cannot be booked on an award ticket" ... but it can
  87. Mileage accrual and AF/KL booking classes - "official" info?
  88. FB / FD Number in Reservation
  89. Concorde hotels - partner or not?
  90. Is it possible to purchase FB miles?
  91. Consoldate AF-FB and KL-FB accounts experience
  92. Mileage run
  93. tax reclaim
  94. The FB elite exprience at UK airports - CWL
  95. award tickets 24 hours in advance?
  96. the KL/AF interior Dictionary (longhaul)
  97. Help
  98. FB accrual inconsistencies (weekends in Europe with AF)
  99. What is the matter with K and V classes?
  100. CO Plat: FB or MH next?
  101. FB- First Class Award
  102. Lounge Access refused in Venice!
  103. Missed connection - lost upgrade - how about the miles?
  104. Outerageous increase in Award Miles using MH
  105. LeMeridien Moments Gold
  106. Award bookings for non AF destinations online
  107. Has the "soft landing" survived the merger?
  108. AF Flying Blue login
  109. Miles or no miles - that is the question
  110. WorldPerks to Flying Blue
  111. Intra African flights by Skyteam members
  112. What are the alternatives to FB from NCL?
  113. Buying miles
  114. Upgrades restricted
  115. Status match?
  116. cannot access booking tickets on-line with miles
  117. Confusion about Extra Luggage for Platinum Elite
  118. DUO Offer
  119. Are FD miles back with booking in Take Off Fare Class
  120. What's the point in having miles if you can't spend them!?
  121. Miles from AZ on EVA metal
  122. Priority Boarding
  123. CO lounge experience as Platinum
  124. 500 bonus miles on KL
  125. Preferred Award Inventory for Plats/Golds.....Exists!
  126. Strange credit on account ?
  127. PE Run info
  128. 22 June 2005: Happy Birthday Skyteam!
  129. Hertz/Flying Blue
  130. for all you plane spotters out there
  131. Moving to USA -- can one switch to NW WorldPerks?
  132. Maybe it isn't that bad
  133. NW free USA upgrade,, are they working ?
  134. Class of Travel Bonus >> 100% for long-haul C!!??
  135. "Number invalid"
  136. Advice please - DTW - SIN
  137. Still Perplexed!
  138. New Pin Number not working
  139. How can i book a upgrade?
  140. Cost to cancel award ticket
  141. No August 2-for-1 in business class ???
  142. Had enough already
  143. FB/KL "3 days in economy" promotion,killer taxes
  144. Award booking - total confusion
  145. which classes get how many miles in the new system [AF&KL&partners]
  146. Hertz CDPs
  147. How to get a FB rep on the phone?
  148. Flying Blue?
  149. What was the actual fare class of my ticket?
  150. Bagage Allowance
  151. Is there anyway I can claim miles online using KLM FB page?
  152. UGC France and FLYING BLUE
  153. Malaysia Airlines
  154. Fax Numbers to reach FB
  155. Award Booling: Worse than I could possibly imagine!
  156. Paint jobs
  157. NEW Flying Blue forum
  158. 'No flight is available. Please modify the dates of your trip.' (moved from KL)
  159. nasty surprise: first NW F segs credited to account (moved from KL)
  160. FB v FD COS Bonus w/Award Upgrade Discrepency (moved from KL)
  161. Generous by Nature??
  162. Question about becoming Silver
  163. Welcome!
  164. Platinum Lounge Acces (moved from KL)
  165. Miles Transfer (moved from KL)
  166. NW lounge access and AS flights....... (moved from KL)
  167. Penalty for cancelling award ticket
  168. Best of Both Worlds (moved from KL)
  169. Customer service? What customer service? (moved from KL)
  170. Worried member (moved from KL)
  171. No Lounge Access for ST Elite Plus on DL ? (moved from KL)
  172. Free wifi?
  173. How many miles? (moved from KL)
  174. New program: AWARD THEFT !!! (moved from KL)
  175. Since when are you platinum?
  176. Can no longer book online award ticket?!? (moved from KL)
  177. Miles On Alitalia (moved from KL)
  178. Move from FB to WP? (moved from KL)
  179. Customer Service ? (moved from KL)
  180. Flying Blue Status Question
  181. Where are the Fd points from May???? (moved from KL)
  182. Open Miles rip-off (moved from KL)
  183. Flying Blues Print Advertising Campaign (moved from KL)
  184. E-Mail Flying Blue
  185. Seriously had it with them (moved from KL)
  186. Flying Blue FAQ
  187. Flying Blue is Launched (moved from KL)
  188. No more Indian Airlines credit in FB?
  189. about the double account (FD & F+)
  190. Confused - What % of miles do I get for economy flying now? (moved from KL)
  191. KVS Availability Tool - AF/KL
  192. The Official Flying Blue Information Thread
  193. Flying Blues Upgrade Restrictions (moved from KL)
  194. Day of departure upgrades (moved from KL)
  195. RTW ex CAI (moved from KL)
  196. Air France, KLM and Alitalia : the saga 2000 - 20?? [consolidated thread]