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  1. What to do with Flying Blue Points?
  2. Soft landing question
  3. Burned by FB. What to do now?
  4. PEK-CDG-IAD upgrade from E to PE at 75k miles: worth it?
  5. Buy-Up from PE to Business Class
  6. Carry-over of XP
  7. How many FB miles do you burn each year ...?
  8. PVG - lounge
  9. Ideas for spending 28K miles sensibly (expiring in Aug)
  10. Air France FB Miles Upgrade 'on hold' - any ideas?
  11. Booking Air Mauritius with FB
  12. Using my parent's Platinum Card
  13. Is there a way to buy US domestic flights via KLM/AF (Cash booking, not points)?
  14. New Mileage Scheme: 1+1 = 3?
  15. Award booking - calendar view (month view)
  16. Booking seats
  17. Buying FlyingBlue Miles with AMEX Card and MR Transfer Questions
  18. How to know whether old or new 777-300ER business class seats?
  19. Is there anything wrong with FB CS recently?
  20. Short layover at SXB
  21. KLM can't seem to get my booking right...
  22. Newbie Question: Flying Blue vs Skymiles
  23. How to pay for an award ticket that is on hold
  24. Combine Business and Economy on a single booking from Air France website
  25. FYI: AmEx-AFKL Promo
  26. Login Problem on Airfrance.us
  27. La Première award seats now available to non elites??
  28. Redeeming FB miles on Delta
  29. Why I quit flying with KLM-AF
  30. June Promos
  31. Claiming missing FB miles - currently impossible
  32. American Ignorance is Bliss for KLM and AF
  33. Can I book a Flying Blue ticket with Skymiles?
  34. IAD to CDG: What Hall does AF0027 arrive at June 5, 2018?
  35. Hotel during IROPS
  36. Flying Blue introduces Miles & Cash
  37. Question about refund
  38. Credit segments on the same itinerary to different Sky Team frequent flyer programs?
  39. BIZ award return flight suggestions?
  40. Earning Flying Blue XP on Delta
  41. Getting free upgrades on Air France/KLM
  42. travelling/booking under 18 (AF/KL)
  43. Booking flight for unborn lap infant (int'l)
  44. Delta metal: FB air miles compensation
  45. Luggage allowance on separate tickets?
  46. Need advice: Slight problem with what Flying Blue has for my name
  47. Involuntary award flight change - agent states flight cannot be changed to rev flight
  48. Is the 30k to New Caledonia "trick" dead?
  49. Which J Seat on the route to HKG
  50. question on this strange KQ flight: NBO-LVI
  51. Skymiles with flyingblue upgraded ticket
  52. Comfort class on Aeroflot counts as Premium Economy?
  53. AF staff vote down pay deal. Janaillac resigns. Benjamin Smith new CEO
  54. Q1 financial results: Big loss
  55. The new FB works differently with retroclaim/redirecting miles
  56. Can I book an AF flight + TGV Air connection via Delta?
  57. XP from Discount Passes
  58. Easiest Points Upgrade KLM or Air France
  59. Delayed flight/skipped last segment
  60. Where can I see my XP balance?
  61. How would you have handled this AF strike situation [to maximize mileage earning]
  62. My miles are going to expire
  63. Promo Rewards May 2018
  64. XP after upgrade
  65. Award ticket booked in R Class
  66. Unable to join Flying Blue
  67. AF award bookings during strikes
  68. Problem crediting AM miles to FB account
  69. Risky itinerary
  70. WS Award Booking
  71. KLM/ Skyteam to New Zealand
  72. How does other Skyteam airlines see my status?
  73. Elite member sponsoring award - status no longer given to passenger?
  74. Flying in Canada and earning XP’s
  75. Does Platinum for Life still exist? [YES]
  76. Are flights taking longer than usual to post?
  77. Air France / Flying Blue - Flying with pets
  78. FB webform 500 char. limit?!
  79. No more "Extra baggage allowance on SkyTeam flights" for Gold?
  80. The Coming Hand Baggage Apocalypse?
  81. Create a poll
  82. First and Last Name Transposed on Ticket
  83. FlyingBlue Amex for foreigner?
  84. AF Flight Cancelled and they booked me on BA - will I still get miles/ XP points?
  85. Business class one way only? KL/AF
  86. Miles credit when dropping last leg/segment
  87. Registering for Flying Blue
  88. Mileage credit for AFKL flights ticketed on other stock
  89. Mew KLM/AF FB Website - Rubbish!
  90. Claiming missing miles flown with AM
  91. Promo Awards April 2018
  92. 2018 FB Card - have you got yours?
  93. Need to print boarding pass?
  94. AX Platinum card
  95. 3 April Strike Flight Changes - Air France/Air Mauritius
  96. Mobile app, passports and checking in
  97. Lounge access via miles?
  98. FB charging YQ now for SU flights within Europe?
  99. Upgrading to La Premiére
  100. Fri Mar 23 - KL624 cx - reason?
  101. Remove Flight Incorrectly Posted to FlyingBlue
  102. Information when upgrading app
  103. Negative mileage balance?
  104. Purchase Tixs on KLM or AirFrance?
  105. Trying to requalify for Gold
  106. SkyPriority in Y fare class
  107. Cancellation fee - Euro 45 - each way?
  108. AF/KL could bid to buy Air India with Jet Airways and DL
  109. 5873 in stead of 6054 level miles?
  110. Further changes: Origin and destination pricing as of June 2018
  111. Others see the same bug: zero miles, status PFL >> Ivory
  112. Air France 1 of 2 flights is codeshare, what is additional luggage price?
  113. Mile Miglia FF number and MR added to name, how to get benefits?
  114. Question about Delays
  115. Worth grinding a FB status from scratch ?
  116. US domestic flights: award tickets no longer available??
  117. Compensation for overbooking ?
  118. Interline Bags/Connecting on Separate Tickets (KQ->AF/KL)?
  119. Booking via Amex Travel - Upgrade / Miles earning
  120. Promo Awards March
  121. Lounge access @ AMS [using DL or KL miles]
  122. Ticket reissued in Y, can it upgrade?
  123. Go Show with EcoFlex and Connecting Flight
  124. Moving to AMS - FlyingBlue vs. SkyMiles
  125. China-based: considering switch from Flying Blue to Delta Skymiles
  126. Light, standard and standard + option to US
  127. No free luggage for Skyteam Elite?
  128. Air France-KLM / FB USA Card Coming?
  129. Change Booking: ICN -> JFK
  130. Worth a punt for some "recompense"
  131. Views on AFKL 2017 financial results
  132. Buy upgrade on board - really ?
  133. Why am I charged a fee for standard seat selection as a Silver?
  134. Free cancellation in Europe before 24h?
  135. flying blue platinum for life mileage rollover.. what now??
  136. Upgrade with miles - availbility
  137. Upgrade With Miles - Upgrade Someone Else's Ticket With My Miles?
  138. SkyTeam Elite Plus Benefits: Booked on AF, AF flight no., BE metal
  139. Avis Miles Booking
  140. Transit in Khartoum KRT (KQ-MS)
  141. Points Hound
  142. LAX - PPT - FB miles on Air Tahiti Nui?
  143. FB Miles calculator missing Delta First Class
  144. Claim tax back for missed flight?
  145. Strange Situation, Help Wanted
  146. Promo Awards - Europe->XXX
  147. Surcharges on Kenya Airways
  148. Ideas on spending miles before 1st April?
  149. 1.000 bonus miles? :O
  150. Downgrade or not
  151. AF vs KL apps
  152. Air France and KLM now participating in TSA Pre!
  153. Flying Blue: Gifting / buying miles...
  154. Well Done Flying Blue on posting missing miles ^
  155. stopover on award RT no longer allowed?
  156. What's up with flyingblue.com?
  157. FB miles
  158. Award ticket mixup - reservation lines?
  159. Promo Awards January 2018
  160. Booking award ticket online for minor not possible?
  161. FB seems to now consider intra-CN/HK/TW flights domestic
  162. CDG to Mongolia - is it possible with FB partners?
  163. flying blue to virgin islands
  164. Transatlantic Delta Comfort+ as FB Platinum
  165. Upgrade with Miles - Two Segments
  166. which Hall in 2E?
  167. Need advice to prevent mile expiry
  168. Alitalia Coded and Marketed Flights on Etihad Metal... Do I get any AF miles credit ?
  169. Do Platinum members have to wait until business class passengers get on board?
  170. Why is AF so expensive ex BKK?
  171. AF codeshare on Etihad
  172. KL Ticketed, DL Comfort+ With Plat?
  173. How to find exact FB mileage expiration date?
  174. AMEX + Delta = ?
  175. SkyPriority vs Immigration
  176. AF or KL to DXB in J?
  177. It is worth checking both AF and KL websites for the same trip
  178. Did Flying Blue rules for Silver members change recently?
  179. Country switch. Should I switch to Flying Blue
  180. Extra luggage allowance with DL Platinum question
  181. Change in FB benefits with Le Club Accorhotels status ?
  182. Companion and Sky Priority
  183. Advice for frequent traveler in TATL Y — AF, DL, or elsewhere?
  184. Checkin Upgrade and Ticket Conditions
  185. When will status change ?
  186. Promo awards January 2018
  187. Hand Baggage Only fares on Air France
  188. Two hour connection time between DL and KM flights?
  189. Double check on Delta Basic Economy tickets
  190. Upgrade priority on AF (FB vs SM)
  191. SkyTeam Elite Plus Benefits - AF metal, BE-issued ticket
  192. Unused ticket with KQ
  193. Is boarding pass enough for a qualifying flight or should I really travel?
  194. Lounge access if a ST airline present
  195. [FB Gold] Lounge access with miles on non-Skyteam flight
  196. How do upgrades work with FB Gold?
  197. Using Flying Blue for Points/Travel between Brasil/USA on AF's partners (Gol/DL?)
  198. Cancelled ticket... "mistake fare"
  199. Promo RTW -15%
  200. Using Flying Blue Points on Jet Airways
  201. Air Tahiti Nui Award Ticket via Flying Blue
  202. Ivory to Silver status reflecting
  203. Award Delta flight no longer available for FB partner?
  204. Random Sky Priority on BP
  205. Award tickets - TGV Air
  206. Upgraded with miles then downgraded 2 days later
  207. Retaining Gold Next Year
  208. skypriority on arrival in del
  209. Appeal for qualifying segments possible?
  210. Flying Blue status miles
  211. Quick question: When does AMEX Air France ticket purchases post
  212. Lowest fare Delta award not showing up on KLM
  213. Does status qualification follow calendar year or include 1st Quarter?
  214. Blauwmunt
  215. Upgrade Married Segments
  216. Upgrade DL Coded AF Flight
  217. AF/KL/DL to also introduce new fare structure for Trans-Atlantic flights
  218. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 TAROM Flying Blue benefits nominations
  219. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Air France / KLM Flying Blue benefits nominations
  220. Prolonging Miles Validity - Ivory FB and Silver FB Amex
  221. Annual check and flights close to 31DEC
  222. Miles not awarded
  223. 8 Flights to Gold - planning help
  224. Best alternative to Flying Blue change ...
  225. Pro-rata refund of Flying Blue American Express membership fee?
  226. Seoul: AF Platinum Gala on 9 Dec 17
  227. Promo Awards December
  228. Odd FB status discrepancy between Air France and Delta
  229. FB gold, CDG & AUH lounge
  230. FB booking - am I booked in domestic F on DL?
  231. China Eastern Delta partnership
  232. Help me understand expatriation rule, please ??
  233. Will I qualify for Gold with the upcoming XP system
  234. 4000 miles to Platinum
  235. Z fare class: fully refundable?
  236. New FB Mastercards for the Belgian market
  237. Don't buy as FB member !!
  238. FB miles anomaly
  239. Transfer to Flying Blue vs. Pay with Points?
  240. Clarify Award and Level Miles
  241. Passenger name change
  242. Plat - will it be enough
  243. Paid upgrade at OLCI
  244. Klm award ticket value
  245. Allowance for a Bike
  246. Booking a KLM flight with Chase Ultimate Rewards
  247. Mileage requirement increased for CDG-SXM?
  248. Award ticket on Air Mauritius
  249. Changing flyer name on classic award flight - is it possible?
  250. 2018 Changes: Benefits from Amex AF-KLM Platinum card when FB Plat