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  1. Email contact without being member of Flying Blue
  2. increase to 90,000 miles for C-class award trip to US/CA/MEX
  3. FB points on OK in new classes (like U and N)
  4. Welcome to the world of Delta!
  5. Award booking tool vs calling Flying Blue
  6. Tax!
  7. Europe Select 200%????
  8. preferred seating
  9. FB award blackout from june 17?
  10. Finally awards easier to find!
  11. About time (International)
  12. op ups/bumps on af 11 tonight
  13. Query on AF "Z" fare (discount business) mileage earning?
  14. The April 2007 Flying Blue Newsletter has arrived!
  15. Flying Blue: another dissapointment
  16. Flying Blue News
  17. double miles and COS bonus from Germany to the US (NW) and Asia (KL/AF)
  18. Confused: Miles required for award?
  19. Anyone spotted a good "Segment Run"?
  20. How do you do with AlItalia
  21. what's KL or AF's cheapest flight?
  22. Baggage Tags
  23. NWA flight operated by Alaska -- Miles?
  24. Flight segments on AF in France
  25. Calendar year or Joining year
  26. Are e-tickets being phased out in favour of paper tickets?
  27. Ivory to Silver
  28. Which Flying Blue site to trust?
  29. Alitalia flight cancelled, how would I get FB miles for it?
  30. Keeping AF Miles Alive - Will This Work?
  31. Best SkyTeam MP to post AF H/L transatlantic to?
  32. Award on Continental
  33. Canada-CDG Earn 3,000 Bonus Miles
  34. New (reduced) award levels to/from TLV
  35. Q: Elite bonus miles on AF codeshare flight?
  36. Flights for miles - Affaires or Premiere?
  37. Accruing FB Level Flights through Delta
  38. Double Miles to Africa
  39. Using miles to CDG
  40. Help! Need email contact of CS !
  41. What can I do with 13992 FB miles?
  42. NW upgrade with Flying Blue plat
  43. FB and car rental
  44. Credit for "New Communication Medium Choice"
  45. flying DL. how do I credit my FB miles
  46. NW domestic upgrades with Gold/Platinum
  47. Using miles to book NWA flight
  48. Fare Class To Use Miles - LAX - PPT
  49. Is there a FD hotel promo?
  50. AZ C-class: 50% or 100%
  51. Is it possible to book award flights containing two zones?
  52. luggage weight: very strictly enforced
  53. is it worth to join the program with this flight?
  54. Any tips on getting 6k miles on FB without flying ?
  55. kingfisher partner of flying Blue
  56. Blackout at FB Customer Service
  57. AF/KL - matching status
  58. Account reset, and I flew as a Foetus
  59. Skyteam Y-UP fares Class of Service bonus
  60. Lost luggage and European airline performance statistics
  61. Expedia Special Fares - Miles?
  62. Frequence PLus years not valid for Life-Time Flying Blue
  63. Status Segments on Air Europa?
  64. FB miles for NWA ticket with AA codeshare
  65. Flying Blue points with Finnair?
  66. Upgrade on Alitalia
  67. Flight upgrades for FB Elite +
  68. Is this a good (non-flying) way to acquire FB miles?
  69. PrivatAir to IAH?
  70. Upgrading on CO being FB Plat? H Fare.
  71. AF Tix - NW Cut EQM & Banked Miles - Where to Write to Complain
  72. Invitation to a film screening. A LLGFF movie!
  73. Upgrade&Miles
  74. Business Class tix on eBay
  75. X class on Alitalia....FB benefits?
  76. Earning FB Miles best Credit/Debit Card in the UK
  77. Which Skyteam partner to get the most level miles on AMS-WAW
  78. RTW in 2.5 weeks
  79. COPA - Where to Credit Miles?
  80. Mile-posting for NW flights
  81. AF & KL Intra Europe Seat Assignments
  82. If in doubt... use random boiler plate!
  83. Fb G >>>> Fb P
  84. No FB miles on new AF flights from LCY
  85. FB Platinum + Amex in the UK
  86. Of the uselessness of AF award booking site
  87. Sofitel room upgrade for Gold Elite
  88. AF/KL Reservation System integration: Amadeus Altea from 18MAR2007
  89. Upgrade from Business to First
  90. How many FB miles do you have and how many did you already spend?
  91. One Way Awards on NW for US based FB members
  92. FCO controllers strike, cancellations galore into AMS...
  93. FB number on CO booking site
  94. Two Skyteam Bookings, One Day. Am I heading for trouble?
  95. moved to us - status change
  96. New to Blue
  97. Did I miss something?
  98. 3x offer: what does it really mean?
  99. OT: travelocity
  100. Confused. Miles on Continental 100 % on all fares ????
  101. Continental Domestic F
  102. Best Lounge in IAH?
  103. Upgrade Help!!
  104. Booking code for upgrades?
  105. Value of fb miles
  106. elite benefits - best strategy to get a lower fare?
  107. Earning miles with JAL & Malev once they're in oneworld?
  108. Contact for FB status match?
  109. Award ticket routing limitations: Open jaws & One ways
  110. Received new FB card today
  111. Seat selection at check in
  112. Skyteam to Porto
  113. Not enough miles to book an award
  114. Screwed on miles!!
  115. Preferred seating - Elite Benefits
  116. Award booking, award regions and required award miles
  117. Singapore/Jakarta in Business
  118. NW EUA platinum companion for FB?
  119. Waiting for FB Gold Card for over two months
  120. Number of FB members around the world
  121. Q: When is a business class ticket not a business class ticket?
  122. UX is joining, received email to transfer account
  123. New Cards
  124. klm and alitalia
  125. Do I get FB level miles for AMS-SAO-BSB...
  126. booking by phone, paying with DBC voucher - need to fax???
  127. AF Flying Blue downgrade from Gold to Silver
  128. advice - AF or KLM to ATH?
  129. URGENT! FB Canada number
  130. Is there a problem with the price? CDG-AMS
  131. Amex points and flying blue
  132. I have used FB customer service in Schipol Schengen Lounge
  133. Possibly Switching to Flying Blue- some questions
  134. Planning A Honeymoon to Bora Bora
  135. SEA - CDG nonstop
  136. FB Award Booking Tool
  137. FB revamping points required???
  138. AF Award Ticket - 50% increase in taxes and fees
  139. Osaka In Business
  140. an idea to maximize the award experience
  141. DL upgrade policies for FB Gold?
  142. Business Class Awards booking success
  143. 25% miles
  144. GVA - CDG in N class on AF
  145. Continental and FB
  146. MLH/BSL parking lot
  147. Safety video
  148. Newbie just made silver - is it good for anything?
  149. Unpublished Webawards?
  150. finding award seats - question
  151. Opodo x1,4 FB miles with Amex
  152. discount for UK Amex card holders
  153. Air France bookings on KLM.ie
  154. Changing Status During An Itinerary on FB
  155. FB - Millemiglia
  156. Alitalia: booking classes
  157. Why the changing availability?
  158. Surprise: FB opened an O seat for me
  159. Flying Blue Platinum & TAM
  160. FB Level Miles question
  161. NEW: 90.000 miles for C to N.A.!!
  162. How fast is Elite status updated?
  163. Experiences flying with Kenya Airways
  164. Fortune Sticks Promotion
  165. miles when booking on orbitz?
  166. KBP-CDG-NCE sleeping in lounge?
  167. help wanted: advoiding trips in Y
  168. thalys brussels-cdg train / codeshare ending in april!?
  169. Flying Blue Level Miles from Other Skyteam Members?
  170. Awards: CDG-SYD
  171. Flying Alaska Metal - Miles on AF Flying Blue
  172. Miles for A-Class
  173. Trying to book award flight transpac
  174. Elite qualifying FB miles for flights on MH
  175. Not old enough to book a seat.
  176. The positive aspects of Flying Blue
  177. Class availability for award bookings.
  178. which is the class to upg from Eco to Biz
  179. Statistics about FB miles on account
  180. Any experience with Aeromexico - Skyteam partner ?
  181. Experience(s) with SU and FB
  182. 25%, 50%... I'm lost
  183. Question regarding welcome bonus for ex Flying Dutchman member
  184. award ticket and class of service
  185. Air Europa joining ST & FB
  186. Contacting Flying Blue
  187. Delta Shuttle Mileage?
  188. NWA Upgrades on Transborder Flights?
  189. Maximum segments allowed for FB award
  190. Triple miles to/from TLV
  191. Question about awards
  192. New Membership Card delayed?
  193. Release of business class award seats for ATH
  194. Accident of a F100 from Regional at Pau
  195. Continental/Virgin lounge access
  196. KLM Bonus Miles offer ex-NZ
  197. Transfer at LHR to Terminal 2 logistics advice
  198. FB promotions
  199. Best Business Class Italy-SFO
  200. Positive Flying Blue Experience!!!
  201. Is it possible to put an award reservation on hold while you transfer miles?
  202. Flying CityJet
  203. First/Business Class Award Inventory on Air France
  204. Is KL-MH better than AF-QF for routes between Europe and Australia?
  205. Can I buy award tickets for someone else?
  206. Air France to set up call centre in New Delhi
  207. Czech Airlines
  208. Miles booked to wrong program; how to back out?
  209. seat booking when silver
  210. Best First Class route?
  211. Carry on Restrictions
  212. AF L Fare and KLM V fare. Best program for miles?
  213. Flying Blue website and customer care
  214. Anyone had problems with FB address abroad?
  215. Award Ticket Refund
  216. FB Award Ticket Taxes
  217. SkyTeam Elite Plus (FB Gold) members and US Lounge access
  218. How much class do AF KL have?
  219. PE over 115k level miles threshold
  220. Elite Perks
  221. Choosing seats, How?
  222. Lose KLM/AF miles?
  223. CSA Earning, Beware of Possible Changes
  224. Upgrade Using Miles With Af
  225. New Weird FB experience (upgrades)
  226. Worth Flying Alaska Air to Get FB Miles?
  227. Mileage calculation wrong:- Baffled
  228. [UK] Redeeming Nectar on KL/AF
  229. Hmm, only100% for an AF Z fare....
  230. Award booking question / Asia
  231. Shoddy service from Kenya Airways
  232. Some destinations cannot be award bookings ?
  233. Working with FB to improve FB, Ideas?
  234. FB levels - calendar year?
  235. FB Sucks in all matter, lets sue
  236. AS Agent entered a weird number in the FF field?
  237. 1000 Miles for online booking on airfrance.de
  238. Help : DL ticketed flights on Skywest and Atlantic Southeast
  239. Delta Miles Post Quick
  240. Double miles
  241. What would you have done? Denied access to a lounge
  242. Does Flying Blue do status match?
  243. Earning Miles on TAM (JJ)
  244. Award ticket cancelation question
  245. I hate when that happens
  246. Dutch Flying Blue American Express question: will I stay silver?
  247. last minute change to award booking - how?
  248. Flying Blue Mileage Expiration Question?
  249. Points lost in new year?
  250. Transfering Northwest WorldPerks miles to Flying Blue