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  1. missing luggage YYZ-CDG-MRU AF/MK codeshare - how to claim?
  2. How to find flights on Air France metal? (IND-LHR)
  3. Flying Blue: discount on baggage fees on light fares?
  4. AFKL’s buying part of Virgin Atlantic receives OK from EU Commission
  5. Value of FB Miles down the drain and impossible to get information anymore?
  6. missed connection compensation root cause
  7. Retroclaiming issues
  8. MU Booking showing up in KLM app but not AF app?
  9. Fluctuating prices
  10. FB says: Mileage earning only when ticket issued on Skyteam airline paper
  11. Can I book multi city and split cabin itin on AF website"
  12. Best routes to Australia?
  13. Cancellation or Date change on Promo award ticket
  14. corresponce lax
  15. Seat Plus size on Boeing 777-200 AF 0321?
  16. Promo Rewards Feb.
  17. A380 JFK-CDG OLCI Upgrade - Worth it?
  18. Petroleum Benefits for Companions
  19. Selling Flying Blue points
  20. Hidden City Ticketing + Award Flight Question
  21. Advice on flying / upgrading on KQ?
  22. Fee when cancelling redemption with very low tax
  23. FB awarded 2 XP for domestic DL J
  24. Lounge access in BOM connecting to 9W
  25. Flying Blue mile credits for 9W flights
  26. Milestones calculations
  27. Award Booking on China Southern
  28. AF Flying Blue Contact Help
  29. Is Flying Blue worth it?
  30. Log in problems today?
  31. Can you convert Flying Blue Miles to Accor
  32. Number of years plat
  33. Flying Blue XP with KE (Korean Air)
  34. Definiton of “Europe” for promo awards?
  35. XP points for Aeromexico AM plus
  36. XP for China to Hong Kong / Macau Flights
  37. Cost to upgrade with FB miles, experience appreciated!
  38. Check-in upgrades and earning miles
  39. Trick to Upgrade AF flights when wanting to credit DL?
  40. YR taxes for group fare same or different
  41. Seattle transfer from AF to Delta
  42. AMEX Concierge Service
  43. Mad Miles Thread
  44. Changing (or not) pillow covers at outstations!
  45. Promo awards January 2019
  46. CSA / OK metal, KL code : Seat allocation experience?
  47. Promo awards
  48. Should I swith from FB to Delta's SkyMiles
  49. Impossible to pay for miles / award flight
  50. Illness
  51. Not flown Skyteam for 15yrs...Advice?
  52. Save by buying ticket WITHOUT signing in?
  53. Disappointing (and bizarre) baggage experience with KL->AF
  54. BlueBiz and Flying Blue XP
  55. Crediting domestic DL to FB
  56. SkyTeam Elite+ - AF no longer opening up seat maps?
  57. Miles forfeited
  58. possible to book AF flight with Delta voucher???
  59. Help with KQ schedule changes
  60. Worsening of AY code share experience for FB Elite
  61. Miles due to expire
  62. AF interline : single PNR, separate tickets
  63. Anyway to fly CDG to LAX in Biz for 50k points?
  64. Status benefits instantly after flight
  65. FB online shopping portals.
  66. Flying Blue Platinum - No Welcome Pack 10 Weeks In
  67. Booking an extra leg due to the new Flying Blue award pricing
  68. Ukraine International Airlines (PS) Ending FB Partnership 1/1/2019
  69. A special end-of-year sale to thank you for being part of Flying Blue
  70. AF Gift cards (Free 30 euro bonus)
  71. Claim missing miles flown with SU
  72. Delay compensation - repercussions by Air France/KLM?
  73. Leg of flight canceled, rebooked to next day - Flying Blue Award
  74. Part of flight canceled/rebooked
  75. Paternity holidays
  76. No-guest lounge access at CDG 2D
  77. OK flights on AF metal
  78. Huge delay announced 5 days beofre travel
  79. Is FlyingBlue the best SkyTeam FFP for my situation?
  80. Original flight canceled; new flight missed connection
  81. Promo awards December 2018
  82. I can't book a FB flight from Nashville
  83. Not sure how this works
  84. change/cancellation fee for award
  85. Trying to Understand Upgrade Availability for AF
  86. XP for CDG-GVA
  87. Booking a mixed reward and revenue ticket
  88. Modifying FQTV Programme from AR to AF/KL on Award Booking -- Possible?
  89. Suggestions for 37 XP points to get Gold status?
  90. Miles & XP for an AF flight operated with MU
  91. Airlines financial performance
  92. Entering Lounge with a guest flying on a different airline
  93. R/T PRG- AMS-MAD - KL - 1 PNR - 4 segments ? (UX FFP)
  94. Flying Blue and Air Tahiti Nui?
  95. KL/AF website only shows non-modifiable fare
  96. Flying Blue Regular Platinum
  97. China Southern leaving ST
  98. Sell "Platinum for 2"
  99. Benefits of Flying Blue Silver on Delta?
  100. Premium Economy / short haul connections
  101. XP in KLM economy comfort
  102. Operated by Flybe... Check in
  103. 1 (one) XP short of Platinum?
  104. Air France/KLM lounge access?
  105. How about another year of Gold benefits?
  106. Miles upgrades on KL-coded, AF metal long hauls
  107. JAL and Flying blue
  108. transfer Flying blu miles and staus to Skymiles
  109. How to book award tickets with forced overnights?
  110. Upgrading one leg on KLM
  111. Promo awards November 2018
  112. Problems with new Flying Blue US credit card
  113. KQ tickets, some KLM miles, FlyingBlue points
  114. Can't add SkyMiles account?
  115. KLM Day Of Departure Ticket Classes (Miles + Money)
  116. Different refund conditions for same fare?
  117. Changing FB award ticket on Delta metal
  118. Air France and code share PNR
  119. AF launch a new service : FlexFly
  120. Keeping Flying Blue points alive
  121. Quality observer
  122. Seat Selection on KQ booked via KLM site
  123. Unable to book Delta, WestJet or Jet Airways on Flying Blue website
  124. what's the easiet way to earn one extra XP point to become gold?
  125. Lounge access question in IAD
  126. FB award prices - are they on drugs?
  127. Air France or KLM for FB?
  128. Free gate upgrade - Change of booking class ?
  129. Plat for life: carry on requirements
  130. AF or KL in J
  131. Bank of America Flying Blue USA Credit Card
  132. AF/KL codeshare flights and FB Miles queries
  133. The meaning of modifying an award ticket
  134. TGV - Brussel to CDG
  135. MAN-SLC... KL, AF or VS?
  136. FB Gold benefits for family
  137. Flying Blue or Skymiles?
  138. Booking DL award flight with FB points
  139. Maintaining flying blue gold
  140. Earning miles on KQ Best Buy Fares
  141. BlueBiz - New incentive scheme (worse)
  142. O Class booking earn miles?
  143. Lounge at O'Hare closed early last night?!!?
  144. Flying Blue 800 phone down?
  145. Promo awards October 2018
  146. AF/KL Eurozone websites with a 24hr cancellation policy
  147. JFKJ>AMS
  148. PNR different from one airline to the other?
  149. Platinum status what to expect?
  150. upgrade sequence/algorithm at gate (for Gold status flyers)?
  151. Your AF flight will now be operated Air Bulgaria
  152. Reward ticket taxes amount
  153. OLCI on KQ
  154. Would you fly KLM (A330) or AF (777) to Montreal?
  155. Reversing FB miles
  156. AF Cash ticket booked into X
  157. New IST airport and transfer of AF/KL operations
  158. Upgrading from Economy to "Clase Premier" (Business) and XP Flying Blue - Aeromexico
  159. So upset. What can I do?
  160. Typhoon Mangkhut and flight cancellations
  161. Status on board
  162. Rebooking / changing AF tickets from website
  163. KIX flights: potential rerouting options?
  164. Qualification
  165. Where to put KE or MU miles - Delta or Flying Blue?
  166. Compensation for broken seat in J?
  167. How many XP will I earn?
  168. Aeromexico XP Calculation
  169. Eligible for EC 261/2004 ?
  170. Question for the experts: Miles with China Southern
  171. Is there a secret handshake to do a simple transaction on the phone?
  172. KLM "light fare", Delta operated flight - FB Elite Plus benefits
  173. Many AZ-marketed SkyTeam flights are not eligible for earning in FlyingBlue
  174. Checking status of error fare Canada > MRU
  175. TGVAir tickets subject to G30 rules?
  176. piecing together segments for one-way award
  177. Promo Awards September 2018
  178. Air Europa from JFK - Access to Delta lounge?
  179. 057 AC/AF Interline ticket, cannot add ffq for AC?
  180. FlyVLM Bankrupt Again...
  181. Alitalia leg booked with KLM: Is this business or premium eco?
  182. [Q&A] Flying Blue Platinum/C2000 Employee here / Ask your questions
  183. Should I upgrade to business for 60,000 miles? CDG to ORD
  184. TAROM - SuperSpecials fare seating together
  185. Flying Blue Mastercard in Belgium
  186. Flying blue: no award ticket from Hawaii to mainland
  187. Award flight cancelled, need help on options
  188. paid an eligible fare with Transavia, never received FB miles, FB declines to credit
  189. KLM/AF business class London/Lima
  190. Flying blue vs. Skymiles
  191. Miles for upgrade Premium economy to business - AF - AMS-BKK or alternative airlines
  192. When will Virgin Atlantic become a FB partner?
  193. Good idea to transfer points to Flying Blue?
  194. Flying Blue desk will be gone in AMS KLM lounges
  195. Business upgrade O availability on Air France
  196. Re-booking question
  197. Compensation level question
  198. Replying to customer service
  199. Award booking ATH - IAH
  200. infant in arms- upgrade economy or wait for promo awards
  201. AF marketed OS operated flight - lounge access
  202. KLM/Air France Business Plan Couple Deals
  203. Linking two separate reservations
  204. Involuntary Itinerary Change: Possibly Tricky Flying Blue Award Question
  205. Miles by euro not by distance
  206. How to know in advance the cost in miles for an upgrade?
  207. Osaka in J: KLM or AF?
  208. Promo awards August 2018
  209. Air France award booking problems
  210. flyingblue/klm login issues?
  211. Finding AF-KL SkyTeam partner airlines codeshare flights
  212. Lap infant [award] pricing?
  213. How to Force a Long Layover in CDG on Intra-Europe Air France Flight?
  214. Anyone need a flight from US to Europe with KLM to be booked in the next two days?
  215. Awards on non Skyteam airlines
  216. FB's not so dynamic, dynamic pricing
  217. FB mileage credit for TP-issued ticket denied
  218. Partnership FlyingBlue / LeClubAccorHotels
  219. Upgrade on KLM with Delta Miles is this possible
  220. SkyMiles Gold benefits on KLM Award flight booked with FB miles?
  221. Upgrading at Checkin (TXL-CDG) - Change of Fare Class?
  222. Upgrade with miles
  223. XP Rollovers
  224. Upgrade Award Y to J for cash on partner airline CI
  225. Best way to spend 119000 miles
  226. Cheapest single sector bookable on airfrance.us?
  227. extending FB miles other than skyteam flight?
  228. Cancellation changes & rules
  229. FB miles for Accor bookings
  230. Interview about Flying Blue in J
  231. No single promo award available?
  232. FlyingBlue award booking connection rule.
  233. FB Platinum experience on VN domestic
  234. Platinum vs. Platinum Ultimate
  235. Lounge at BOG - from excellent to awful (as of 01/JUL/2018)
  236. Promo Awards July 2018
  237. Miles & XP on Award AF ticket Upgraded on KQ
  238. Air France / KLM 'Altitude' VIP Event in San Francisco
  239. Boarding pass for award booking not showing status
  240. On-board upgrade for miles
  241. Technical Issue when trying to complete award reservation online
  242. AF ticket on Etihad, XP?
  243. Availability AMS-JRO
  244. MU miscredits FB number
  245. Office Address in Germany for Legal Reminder
  246. Air France/KLM 20K Amex Mile offer
  247. XP from non-SkyTeam flights
  248. Choosing FB airline for trip to South Africa
  249. Air France booked wrong award ticket! Confirmation email proves it
  250. Skipping Brussels One Way????