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  1. How Does MH Codeshare flight work with KL
  2. Have questions about baggage compensation? Ask an exAir France/KLM compensation agent
  3. Pricing on award tickets
  4. "SkyPriority" Never Shown on 2nd BP
  5. Which airline for a BIZ refundable? AF/KLM/DL
  6. China Eastern
  7. Promo Awards cancellation
  8. AF + KLM: Combine accounts?
  9. Miles After an Upgrade
  10. FB status match to Gold (UK residents only)
  11. Up to 7000 FB Bonus Miles Promotion
  12. want to book on airfrance.com but earn sskymiles; how?
  13. New FB card
  14. New: Flyingblue.com
  15. Lounge Access in Delhi
  16. Award question: Can fly USA-CDG-TLV on a single "O" award?
  17. Delta v Air France
  18. FB Gold on Jet Airways
  19. Lounge access with incorrect status on BP
  20. Flying Blue Platinum - no Recognition with Korean Air
  21. problem with Delta one-way ticket: 12.5K on search page but 25K on confirmation page
  22. Cancelled flight on KQ. What are my rights?
  23. What to do with expiring miles?
  24. Ticketing as FB but earning on Delta
  25. Best use of AF/FB miles
  26. lounge access---have I always been lucky?
  27. Booking Delta ticket as FB Gold
  28. Earning miles shopping online
  29. Giving up on FB
  30. AMS-LIM in C which airline?
  31. Air France A330-200 Seat 1A
  32. Hint about Seat Selection
  33. Booking outside of the 10 Month Rule.
  34. Wife is worried about MIL's booking: TIA
  35. Help RE: Award ticket on AF/DL
  36. KLM flight booked with DL miles in O shows Premium Economy on KL's website
  37. How to contact Air France on a mobile phone while in France
  38. Standby on AF?
  39. AF-KL net loss widens
  40. Never any O availability CDG/AMS-MEX
  41. Lifetime Platinum - do you see this under threat too?
  42. Two prices for Classic Award NYC-BOM?
  43. Flights with China Eastern not posting?
  44. So some of my miles are about to expire
  45. Air France/KLM "Flat Tire" Rule
  46. Car Rental Offer for New Gold Member
  47. Award taxes (much) higher on C tickets
  48. Flying with KLM for the 1st time : Flying Blue Options.
  49. Layover longer for multi-city booking?
  50. AF/KL Op-ups. Booking class or status?
  51. Using KLM/Air France lounge - Gold but not flying KLM/Air France
  52. Aeroflot N booking class zero miles?
  53. Kenya Airways CDG-NBO
  54. Anyone tried booking La Premiere awards recently on airfrance.com?
  55. Customer Support Email
  56. Mini, Hop, or KLM, vote for the most idiotic system so far
  57. Why not non-stop?
  58. March - April Promo Awards
  59. Requesting upgrade on DL flight, but booked ticket on KLM site
  60. Award ticket changes/refunds - Complicated question....
  61. Booking on AF as a DL GM?
  62. Award Query
  63. transfering miles Skypass to FB
  64. Award booking - alternative timings to those shown online
  65. Earning miles on codeshare
  66. Lounge access in Jeddah
  67. Computers are now almighty for awards
  68. Update on New MH earning rates
  69. Triple AF miles promo on French FB Gold Amex
  70. Introduce a friend Amex NL: 25K Amex platinum/FB card promotion
  71. Missing Flight
  72. Missed Segment and New Award Booking
  73. help needed middle name missing
  74. Complicated AF/Alitalia Problem: Looking for Ideas!
  75. Through check in on separate tickets
  76. 24 Hour Layover in AMS - Can I Access My Checked Luggage?
  77. No miles for domestic AZ business class!
  78. Extending miles expiration
  79. Award Ticket booking - non-stop DTW-AMS
  80. Paying bags checkin fee using miles
  81. KLM EC Upgrade Question
  82. Is it possible to buy an extra seat on kl/af?
  83. Skyteam Elite Plus (DL Platinum) - Can I get Shuttle Pass from CDG to Orly for free?
  84. Free Vodafone NL recharge voucher
  85. Transavia Pilot falls asleep alone in cockpit
  86. Price per mile
  87. New SU booking classes - what do they earn in FB?
  88. "O" class gone?
  89. Worth joining for limited travel?
  90. How to email KLM about crediting miles
  91. Platinum benefits with a companion
  92. Access to AF award ticket bought by someone else
  93. Air France/KLM (UK) Geographic Number Alternatives
  94. Miles when rebooked on another carrier
  95. Alitalia booking classes
  96. How soon does a DL flight post to FB?
  97. Impossible to change dates on promo awards?
  98. Amex and e+ status
  99. Status Match again (Nordic countries only)
  100. Air France/KLM - Where do I put my known traveler #?
  101. Flying Blue Miles needed
  102. Help needed in routing
  103. Check in time in Doha
  104. Earning on CZ J class
  105. Baggage on mixed itinerary/mixed status
  106. LUX-YUL in C: AF, AC, KLM, LX, LH, BA?
  107. Delta not reconciling fb plat for lounge access in oz
  108. KLM online checkin not recognising FB status
  109. Domestic Australia on QF
  110. Experience In Air France Business
  111. Earning miles CDG-SEA
  112. Award Booking Trouble
  113. Help Finding AF Flight
  114. Promo Award Booking AF/KLM Premium Voyageur AMS-CDG-HKG Return
  115. 2 flights off FB Gold Renewal
  116. Delta Lounge Access for FB Gold Partner
  117. Flying to Oz on China Southern
  118. AFKL may take over Alitalia in next 7 months
  119. What are our options?
  120. FB or Delta?
  121. Miles
  122. List of KL and AF codeshares?
  123. Mileage expiry perk (new policy?)
  124. Requesting help for paid F trip DUS-SIN
  125. Paid upgrade to businessclass c-ticket, but economy points earning?
  126. FB customer service freezing cold
  127. FB Earning Rates On SkyTeam Partners
  128. 2012 : FB Highs and Lows and inbetween's...
  129. FFP that Accommodates AF, CX and AZ
  130. What are your 2012 FB Stats?
  131. Upgrading with Gold Medallion Status
  132. Involuntarily rescheduled FB ticket
  133. Menu in AF affaires
  134. FB Award booking with partner flights
  135. Change in AF KL ticketing in 2013 european flights
  136. miles expire soon
  137. Throw-away ticketing on TGV+AF?
  138. "Dear Sir [lastname]"
  139. Lounge Access at SVO (At Night)
  140. Fare rule experts: can I downgrade?
  141. No miles for upgrade award ticket?
  142. Optiontown upgrades on UX?
  143. Award booking for child?
  144. Modification to FB Amex NL insurances
  145. Pay with a combination of miles and cash?
  146. Business class from LAX-PPT
  147. Extra luggage on VN flights
  148. FlyingBlue miles expiring - suggestions?
  149. FlyBE Codeshare - Hard Block or Freeflow?
  150. AF and KL testing self service boarding at CDG and AMS
  151. DL JV with VS = Future FB Partner?
  152. Cheapest way to generate 1 status mile
  153. FB Miles on code-share
  154. Earning miles in KL V class
  155. 5000-Mile sign-up bonus (after 1 qual. Flight) for Canadian residents
  156. Discount on annual Amex fee 2012?
  157. Good experience with retro-claim
  158. How many miles for this award?
  159. Same class, different miles
  160. Amex - Flying Blue Platinum credit card... a bad deal
  161. Any idea when FB promo's for Jan will post?
  162. FB Platinum vs Gold
  163. KLM flight posted to FB - have I made a terrible mistake?
  164. change award booked with nearly expired miles
  165. Book and pay in C, fly in Y
  166. OT: Kenya Airways suggests merger with Ethiopian and SAA
  167. FB Award Taxes
  168. 2013 FlyerTalk Awards: TAROM Flying Blue benefits nominations
  169. Compare KLM & Air France Biz Class
  170. Can I upgrade on Delta using FB miles?
  171. FB level miles question
  172. Buggy AF and KL sites this morning (nov 22)
  173. Can we use FB miles to book Malaysian yet?
  174. 2013 FlyerTalk Awards: Air France/KLM (and partners) Flying Blue benefits nominations
  175. AF/KL seems to be blocking seats for partner redemtions
  176. Refer someone to Flying Blue and get 2000 miles per person!
  177. No more Aeromexico online bookings?
  178. Cheapest way to get 100 FB miles
  179. When does a new KL route appear in the FB award booking tool?
  180. Soft landing question
  181. Best credit card for FB Members - Norway
  182. is an award flight a level miles qualifying flight?
  183. Booked via Ebookers, one letter missing on my KLM/Czech airline ticket
  184. HKG club access -- arrival
  185. accrue FB miles if ticket is paid for with Award Points from credit card?
  186. Air Corsica: EQM
  187. FB online contact form
  188. Got a post card from FB...
  189. Trip to Madagascar
  190. Implications on Skipping the Return Leg of a Booking
  191. Increased Miles for low fares?
  192. Promo Awards for Jan/Feb 2013?
  193. Petroleum Club Rules
  194. Upgrade costs when checking in with KLM and AF
  195. How to find the cheapest Bus class seats
  196. French AMEX FB Platinum
  197. Flying Blue benefits when accruing on another airline?
  198. Flying Blue vs. to other FF programs . an overview...
  199. Routing Tips Skyteam CDG to IAD (BWI,DCA)
  200. [Kenya Airways] Transfer in Nairobi / Visas
  201. Air France Fine [by US DOT for non upfront disclosure of fees on award tickets]
  202. Domestic N
  203. AF/KL better Q3 earnings than expected
  204. Cheapest way to keep FB miles alive
  205. New FB partner: Air Mauritius
  206. How should I spent 55,000 miles? I have Ivory status
  207. Air Europa?
  208. aborted bookings appear in my AF account ?
  209. Getting miles? too late?
  210. Frankenstorm forced rerouting
  211. Only 25% of mileage on Econ. Ticket
  212. Thinking about switching from FB to DL SM
  213. Bluebiz - can only book one passenger
  214. Can award ticket with stopovers be redeemed online?
  215. Champagne Heathrow T4?
  216. Advice on business class ticket to USA july2013
  217. About to go from Plat to Ivory :(
  218. Lounge Access flying Delta from MAN
  219. Bonus miles when Purchasing FB Miles
  220. Classic award change where there is no further availability?
  221. Flying Blue Hotel Award
  222. Looking for your help for a SkyTeam Route/advice departing from VIENNA (VIE)
  223. Flying Blue miles transfer options?
  224. Lounge access with Domestic flights? (+)
  225. FB miles booster in 2012?
  226. how many miles to enjoy a good trip ?
  227. A380 Business Class worth the taxes on award redemption
  228. Carryover Miles confusion
  229. Flying Blue redemption on Jet
  230. Very exciting news???
  231. AF First class not available anymore [?]
  232. Air Europa website
  233. PromoAwards for November/December is out!
  234. Aggravation With Flying Blue
  235. How lucky can one get during an award trip?
  236. FlyingBlue bonus miles
  237. Advice for FF when living in Nairobi
  238. Very disappointed with Flying Blue's upgrade policies
  239. Routing Check
  240. Tour Code
  241. Full mile earnings for Elite/Elite+ ?
  242. FB miles expired despite May transaction (from car rental)
  243. UX some kind of mutual association or co-operative?
  244. AMEX -> Flying Blue
  245. Should AF-KL have a formal cooling off period?
  246. Error reports and suggestions for OLCI/mobile CKI
  247. Qualifying One-Way segments
  248. Earning Possibilities?
  249. FB award questions
  250. FB silver to gold during a trip