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  1. QR ticket on RO flight, fare booking Q. Any FB miles?
  2. 26,649 FlyingBlue what to do with them?
  3. Booking Aeromexico award with Flying Blue
  4. Tiny amount of miles expiring
  5. lounge access Etihad codeshare Air France operated by Etihad
  6. Garuda Airlines, new FB partner
  7. Flying Blue Expiraton
  8. Profit Implosion: down 50%!
  9. Carrying over flights from one year to another?
  10. FB mileage incorrectly shown on KLM FB, but not AF
  11. Booking trip from London to LAS April 2014 - options?
  12. 777 becomes a 380 on the SFO-CDG route
  13. KLM Premium Economy Refund?
  14. Using my miles for family member
  15. SkyTeam/KQ lounge in NBO since fire?
  16. Award availability and related questions
  17. Flying Blue and MEA : impossible to book awards even if O/X available
  18. additional piece of luggage for FB Elite on Vietnam Airlines ?
  19. What to do with 8,750 FB miles?
  20. Be prepared to yell & threaten or how to book an award RTW ticket with Flying Blue
  21. Booking China Southern Airlines through third-party website
  22. DL upgrades by FB status?
  23. Rome-Tunis on Alitalia
  24. New Flying Blue Promo awards winter 2013/2014
  25. Operating carrier MAD LIS
  26. Promo Awards Nov-Dec 2013
  27. Advice welcome - mileage run 14 segments
  28. Same Day UGs on DL Award Tix?
  29. Can flying miles be donated to one card holder
  30. Can someone confirm availability
  31. AFKL's Quality Observers (FFers perform onboard evaluation)
  32. Which FF program for crediting cheap Air France/KLM fares ?
  33. Maximum segments for one-way award
  34. Which Lounge in SIN
  35. Get dressed by Flying Blue & Oger
  36. Cargo News
  37. Do I have benefits flying code share non Sky-Team?
  38. Miles at KL2976 from ZWE
  39. Booking award travel on Vietnam Airlines
  40. WARNING: Phishing attempt for FB accounts
  41. Advice needed on missing miles
  42. Get 25,000 Flying Blue miles and HHonors Gold promo
  43. KLM + Transavia vs Air France in economy
  44. ATC Strike on Thursday 10th (?)
  45. Good customer care after mistakenly booking mini fare
  46. Flying Blue website new design
  47. STUPID QUESTION: Levels miles
  48. Pointshound now offering Flying Blue miles
  49. retroclaim on bluebiz
  50. KLM Business Upgrade on Expertflyer no longer searchable?
  51. Listen to French Radio in the Air
  52. Mailing about my possible future status
  53. Miles expiring - Can I do this?
  54. How to remove frequent flyer number from booking
  55. General Questions from a Newbie
  56. US Domestic flights qualifying flights or not?
  57. KLM new onboard upgrade with miles
  58. If others can, why can't they...
  59. Lifetime platinum changed!....
  60. In case of a membership downgrade to ivory...(mileage expiry)
  61. X booking class Air France
  62. Booking a RT ticket and not taking return?
  63. Guesting into ST or AF lounges
  64. 25% earnings at KLM but 100% at Delta
  65. Which partner awards can be booked online?
  66. had to apologize for boarding as an Elite member....
  67. KLM-Ticket, KLM flight number, Delta-operated, Booking Class "N" - miles earned?
  68. Ticket Expiration Workaround?
  69. Airline Schedule Change help
  70. Upgrading economy seats on open jaw with Air France & KLM
  71. Where Can I Find Chart of Miles Needed for Upgrades?
  72. If I join FB, can I still use my Delta Silver benefits?
  73. Elite Plus,baggage allowance =None
  74. Trade miles across alliance
  75. Round the world itinerary... of Skyteam websites
  76. Best option CDG-LHR to earn miles on AF/KL
  77. Sky Priority check in HAM
  78. CDG-HAV: No availability in X and O classes in Aug '14?
  79. EU 261/2004 (semi-urgent) advice needed
  80. Award booking engine down?
  81. Should dropping a segment really cost me $400??
  82. Redemption on JAL
  83. Promo awards for september and october
  84. Managing multi-city multiple carrier booking on Flying Blue pages
  85. Lounge access on Chinese domestics
  86. Enrollment promotion codes and December deals
  87. How is Air Europa?
  88. Upgrading economy award fligh
  89. Short of 862 level miles
  90. 5,475 Flying Blue miles, home airport is DTW - what to do?
  91. [Rumour] Lounge Access: Exciting changes for Star Gold Members
  92. Lowest FlyingBlue Miles/Surcharges from SFO-FCO?
  93. How is Kenya Airways?
  94. drivingblue reliable ?
  95. Can SkyTeam partners credit FB miles for flight disruptions? Yes they can!
  96. Lounge Access with Award Flight Ticket
  97. Free Lounge access - via KLM
  98. Etihad code share
  99. FB removed miles and segments from my account
  100. AF/KL release half year results 2013
  101. "Flying Blue – the ultimate customer loyalty programme"
  102. Can't input DL Skymiles number on existing AF itinerary
  103. Booking a Reward Flight in Friends Name
  104. no access to third-party lounges for FB Elites when flying DL
  105. What is my baggage allowence.. pls help
  106. Having Troubles Booking Open Jaws on www.airfrance.us
  107. Question on www.airfrance.us
  108. Air France-KLM poised to announce new savings
  109. wild upgrades
  110. A recent and very positive experience from FB
  111. Bonus Miles?
  112. Making changes to Flying Blue award tickets
  113. Kenya Airways
  114. FB AMEX Platinum price increase
  115. How to spend 26k miles
  116. Buy Miles + 50% bonus Good deal or not?
  117. DL Flights in "V" Class Not Posting Correctly to FlyingBlue
  118. Platinum vs Gold benefits. Worth 13,000 miles?
  119. Of miles and miles...
  120. Euclaim alternative: Refund.me?
  121. BC class award ticket: which class ?
  122. RO connections in OTP
  123. Booking Air France F awards with partners
  124. FR Amex: travel insurance with award tickets ?
  125. Mile upgrade to Business/Elite on Delta flights
  126. Triple miles with Accor
  127. two KLM airline programs ?
  128. FB La Première [awards] (non status)
  129. Award Phone Booking Issue with Stopover Flight
  130. can the call center fee be waived for gold members?
  131. Missing Miles Help
  132. SU to quit SkyTeam?
  133. AF/KL to sell CityJet
  134. Interline Luggage Allowance
  135. AR redemption with three segments possible?
  136. Spending KLM Awards Miles: Tips & Concerns
  137. Does elite plus still have benefits with Alitalia?
  138. The merger between KL and AF "is ready to burst"
  139. Newbie help - using FB miles
  140. Immediate Status upgrades?
  141. Acts of kindness and generosity
  142. NZ and Aus.
  143. Earn of miles
  144. Co-branded American Express cards: France and the Netherlands
  145. Pondering switch from Delta SkyMiles to Flying Blue
  146. So I moved to Belgium, and I get a lunch invite ...
  147. Skytrax World Airline Awards 2013 - results for AFKL and main Euro competitors
  148. Taxes Issues on Delta Award Within United States
  149. Driving Blue
  150. Air France / KLM confirm 787 and A350 orders
  151. Passbook finally! New iPhone update for Air France & KLM apps
  152. Vietnam Air - business class to CDG - lounge on arrival?
  153. Baggage policy for a KLM booking including 1 leg with HOP
  154. Flying Blue Account Mileage Posting Trouble for AMEX, others?
  155. FB launches Mr Miles Game
  156. OLCI asking for KL corporate password
  157. Flying Blue account trouble
  158. French Domestic Segments now displayed as qualifying for Abonnés card holders
  159. Delayed baggege - Responsible carrier?
  160. Where are the promo awards in Business and Economy?
  161. newbie question: how to check for award availability
  162. Air France/KLM's Flying Blue, Emirates' Skywards or LH's Miles&More?
  163. New Classic Awards
  164. IS Flying Blue becoming the worst rewarding Airline program?
  165. FB Statement help
  166. missing miles
  167. [Award from] St Petersburg (LED) to CDG
  168. Father died - Help with Flying Blue Miles?
  169. What is FlyingBlue's FFP airline code
  170. Who to believe?!: Baggage and Miles
  171. Upgrade KE ticket on AF flight
  172. What to Do with 8,500 miles?
  173. Fare discrepancies between AF and KL websites
  174. Compensation voucher for IFE not working
  175. Air Europa and online check-in ?
  176. Website weirdness
  177. What happened to the promo awards?!
  178. Award promotion on AF First class
  179. Pay upgrades out of ATL?
  180. Manchester Terminal 2 - Lounge Access
  181. HOP! Basic+250 miles, which miles are they?
  182. where have all the promo awards gone ???
  183. check in baggage questions
  184. Which lounge for me at SFO?
  185. Seat selection question: AF vs. KLM website.
  186. Can partners book AF award tickets earlier than Flying Blue?
  187. intra-NA award
  188. Another thread about Miles not posted!!!
  189. Open Jaw Awards on Copa?
  190. Question about Air France / KLM Baggage delays
  191. Booked in J AND Y on the same flight
  192. FlyBe
  193. 20 months is up again...
  194. A generous bonus awaits you when buy Award Miles
  195. Best Way to Recover Elite w FB or Other
  196. Vive Les Rewards - Bonus for Amex Transfers?
  197. how flying blue communicates: need help for research project - thank you
  198. VXZ fares by DL, E by SU, W by OK and many others -- call for action
  199. KLM and Delta
  200. Delta V fares on FB
  201. Delta Z fares
  202. AF & KL Global Meetings (pricing)
  203. Platinum for Life
  204. MSP-AMS-UK on two tickets... luggage allowance?
  205. FB miles on Etihad tickets?
  206. Do KLM and AF websites compete?
  207. Mileage observations based on travel this year
  208. Freddie Awards for UE/Africa [merged]
  209. Is the KL-MH JV still valid?
  210. Changes to long-haul awards
  211. Delta one way award quoted roundtrip miles!
  212. FB GOLD 75% bonus miles on Malaysia Airlines?
  213. Where have my miles gone?!
  214. Receiving AA miles for flying Air France?
  215. AF & KL Websites Down?
  216. How long for gold card to arrive?
  217. Modify online reservation by phone?
  218. Making the most of 22.500 miles
  219. Odd results from FB award booking tool
  220. Protection from being bumped with FB Plat card - also on other Skyteam airlines?
  221. upgrading from Premium economy CDG-SIN
  222. Argentina domestic awards
  223. Salzburg
  224. Do qualifying segments carry over?
  225. Flying Blue Miles Expired
  226. AirFrance.co.uk rip off credit card charges surely are now unlawful ?
  227. Dumping one leg for award leg the other way
  228. Promo Awards May/June
  229. Booking award ticket for flight after expiry date
  230. Why do AF and KL have lounges next to each other in DXB?
  231. Alitalia flights posting to FB account: Is this correct?
  232. How to spend FB Miles?
  233. Flying Blue Elite+ on Delta will be refused lounge access in BRU
  234. why didn't i get miles
  235. Booked FB award on Delta, poss upgrade to Y+?
  236. Carryon weight limits and had to buy an upgrade!
  237. A way of cutting the cost of regular trips?
  238. FB Miles for Delta Flights
  239. MEA (AF codeshare) on 2C
  240. The Fast Lane Master Thread
  241. Skyteam Lounge access
  242. Using Delta compensation voucher
  243. What does carrier surcharge code YR stand for?
  244. Op-upped to Business on MAN-AMS flight. Will I get more miles?
  245. V class on DL
  246. Earning on KE operated, JL codeshare
  247. Spinetta to leave AFKL (finally)
  248. AMEX card travel insurance and miles
  249. Amex Platinum for two : downgrade ?
  250. Global airline profits set to rise (not European ones however)